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  1. Can't wait for the final episode. Here's my prediction: first 2/3s episode, Jimmy gets caught. Flash forward a few years, he's now a prison lawyer, Shawshank style, helping fellow inmates out, elder law style. A guard shouts over gruffly - "McGill, you got a visitor!". He goes into the visitation room and sits down, adjusting his glasses, looking down at the table, camera is wide. In the foreground a figure enters frame. It's Kim. Cut to close up of Jimmy, he looks up. The End... Lol.. I still have hope!
  2. Can confirm this. My studio does the Mission Impossible vfx and he comes in regularly for dailies sessions. He's a top bloke, very friendly and open, treats everybody as an equal and makes an effort to know everybody's names, including the runners.
  3. It's the day before Rivals Rewards, I'm rinsed out with nothing to play for until tomorrow.
  4. Now is a good time to play WL if you're in the UK, servers seem to be working well. Hardly any lag, speedy gameplay.
  5. So I went with base Maradona in the end as he had a bit more pace and stamina. I can report that carlospie is correct, this card is hilariously OP. If I think back to my team last year, this card is a combination of the passing accuracy of moments Paul Scholes, combined with the nimble trickery and finishing of moments Hugo Sanchez. He's simply unstoppable. I don't do skills moves and can still weave around and get into shooting positions even against kimpembe. Played three games last night after buying him First game - two goals and an assist Second game - one goal and one assist Third game - hatrick
  6. Cheers, might take the plunge so. The gameplay the last week or so has been shocking, with player switching and pass directions going arseways, players glitching through tackles, occasional super heroic goalies saving everything, successful tackles going right back to the attacker. It makes enjoying the game difficult even though I'm still getting wins. Hopefully this last hurrah will bring back the fun factor.
  7. Has anybody used mid Maradona? I'm thinking of getting him in for the laugh but with the money involved the fifa tax would be a bit spicy if he doesn't work out.
  8. I got bashed around hard when I first made it to Elite, first game lost 8-1 lol.. I do believe I'm getting better for the experience though, qualifiers and WL are pretty mild in comparison. Spend a bit of time up there and you'll improve considerably just playing a few games a week.
  9. Jesus that's a bad ass team. You should happily exist in Elite division with that.
  10. I've used him before as a left sided midfielder in a 4-1-4-1 formation and he was quite useful drilling balls into the lone striker. Maybe that's been nerfed since the update but he can push forward with the ball into attacking positions great and handles pressure from CDM's well so yeah I've found him pretty handy in midfield. Cantona however is a revelation at CAM. Throughballs are actually useful now.
  11. This is my current team, spent most of my spare coins on Cantona and Rooney. Alongside Benzema the three of them are tearing it up in Div 2 this morning. Money well spent! I'm averaging about 150-200k a week from Rivals and WL rewards. Only have 40k left but thinking of saving up buy Prime Van Persie and moving Benzema into midfield and dropping Aouar to impact sub. I'm a United fan so the plan is to eventually get moments Scholes when he comes out.
  12. I think I replied to an invite when I searched for the club on the xbox app, but just in case can you add me please Jimmythemook74 Thanks!
  13. I'm on PC and seems very well optimised. You might be surprised what performance you can get with a 3060. Maybe run the benchmark test?
  14. Right, I'm getting back into this, is there gonna be Rllmuk race meetups like in the old days? Getting my collection of gold plated cars ready. Found the club on the app and joined but it's not showing up in the dashboard in game. Not sure what that's all about.
  15. Maybe I'm missing something but the Division Rivals rewards seem only a fraction what they were in Fifa 21? Damn, that's my whole team building method up the spout if so!
  16. Both of these are excellent, you have wonderful talent.
  17. The problem with that approach is the the cg then has a much higher level to achieve by comparison. Existing on it's own, one can suspend disbelief in the not-quite-realism of it, whether it's the lighting, fur or animation. All of that is cast in sharp relief if the previous shot had a real animal in it, or worse, in the same shot.
  18. Finally watched this. Story was pretty flimsy, but whatever, I was here for the visuals. I liked the striking comic book style, but the action sequences suffered from trying to squeeze too much business into each shot. This can happen a lot in films, the director is trying to tell as much story as possible but also has limits to overall film length and shot count costs. So the anim/mocap ends up hitting too many beats per shot and you get something that looks overly busy with a lessened sense of weight to the physicality. Still very pretty at times.
  19. If you have an issue with the black levels the Index won’t solve it. I’ve had one for about three weeks. Currently selling it on ebay.
  20. He's actually the fourth opinion I've canvased. All are consistent on the issue, I just wanted rllmuk's take. I'm sticking with oled.
  21. Thanks for that info, it's what I feared. I'm getting an Odyssey plus on loan for a month soon. Hopefully it's high Res screens combined with oled tech will be a winning combo.
  22. How are people finding the black levels and colour vibrancy on the Rift S lcd screens? Concerned about it coming from an oled headset, PSVR has spoiled me.
  23. Has anybody tried to stream the audio and visuals to tv either via facebook or otherwise? The ability to do that is fairly essential to the party aspect of this. The only thing holding me back on a purchase really, it looks fantastic and I’m ready to push the button.
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