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  1. I never even made it to the final challenge this week. I’m logging in and only playing for an hour or so each night. Got most of the challenges sorted on my first 3 nights. Only had 10 Sword Kills and win 3 Oddball matches. Easily doable I thought!! Only got three Oddball matches over the rest of the week and didn’t win any!! Week before it was raining Oddball!!
  2. Great time trail @Boozy The Clown spent way too much time setting S, A and B times. Tempted to try for C and D but its already past my bedtime. Took that Ferrari time with a Hot Wheels car @spatularbut I’m not getting near that Beetle time!! Pushed the Ford GT as far as I could but kept hitting walls like Verstappen!!
  3. A challenge sent me into ranked mode which I didn’t think would be for me. Surprised how intense and fun it was. Ended up playing 5 matches. Went 20 - 9 in one and then pretty much had that reversed in the next.
  4. Got my reply too. 3,000 points added. Well handled by MS support. Missed out on those Battlefield points though, was too late checking this thread on the day it went live!
  5. Can I be added too when u get the chance? GT: Banjaxed Cheers
  6. Server issues have been my only gripe so far. Game is stunning and has that “just one more race” quality that had me playing well past when I needed to go to bed. The location of the Baja outpost is stunning, plus the V10 adventure leads to the Koenigsegg Jesko.
  7. Campaign was fine but very much the usual COD campaign. Had a couple of excellent sessions of MP yesterday, Patrol mode in particular was a highlight for me. Thought I would be trading this early as the old MP buzz hasn’t been there for me with the past few years, now think I will be holding on to this at least until Halo releases. Great MP’s for Halo and COD, feels like it’s 2007!!
  8. I had the same issue. Full shutdown on the console sorted it.
  9. That’s how I’m feeling after coming back to biome 3 after probably a month of playing Ratchet and Miles and not gaming so much with the decent weather.
  10. Thanks for the info on this one. Been playing through this after picking it up pre-owned in Game for £20 and thoroughly enjoying it. Was getting ready to trade it back in and I’ve never noticed the upgrade option in the menu!! Well worth another £20 for more web slinging fun.
  11. Simply Games delivered early too. Just installed and updated after work. Played the first level with a massive grin on my face anytime I wasn’t staring slack jawed at the visuals. (Playing in 60 RT mode) With this and Returnal my first week of PS5 ownership has been glorious.
  12. This guy always has videos for stuff like that. Haven’t used this one myself but you should have an achievement in 5 mins.
  13. 2nd boss down. (kisses that lovely little astronaut!!)
  14. How the hell is a new PS5 owner to resist this?!! Not even had the console a week yet, I’m truly addicted to Returnal (just beat the second boss today) and now this comes along just demanding to be bought. I’ll justify the purchase by telling myself I can play it to relax in between those long stressful Returnal runs.
  15. Just got there myself for the first time. Got to phase 3 then immediately died!! Was severely hamstrung by losing my astronaut in a fight just before the boss and having parasites with 20% less protection and disabling overload. Next time, he’s mine!!
  16. At 1:08 am Phrike finally died!! Had an astronaut and a healing item so I was pretty confident going in as i’d battled him 3 times before and knew his moves. Buzzing after that, sleep may take awhile! Had a quick explore of the next biome, looks absolutely stunning. What a game!!
  17. Totally agree. Just got my PS5 yesterday. Had a quick play of Astrobot while Returnal downloaded, then straight into this truly stunning game. I made it to the first boss with low health and died on phase 2. Can’t wait to get back for some long sessions over the weekend.
  18. lol Well I have 2 cats but getting them to do anything on command is a no go!
  19. I picked one up this morning via the Amazon-smile- wish list method with zero hassle and it was a good 5 mins after the PS UKStock had posted on Twitter. Crazy that I have a PS5 coming tomorrow!! Off to get some cheap PS credit from Shopto for Returnal and work out how to upgrade the games I already own digitally.
  20. Gears 5 and the new DLC Hivebusters. Everyone can set their own difficultly level so they can play on beginner and you can set yours higher. Destiny 2 has some great 3 player content. Deep Rock Galactic if your looking to explore more and still shoot some monsters. Remnant from the Ashes is really worth a look too can be tougher in places but is excellent in 3 player co-op.
  21. @SpagMasterSwift And @Kryptonian Bit of a longwinded video but worth a look if u want that Legendary Corpo look.
  22. No refund for me. Playing on Series X. Encountered some bugs, none of them game breaking. Played it until 3 am last night.
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