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  1. Indeed. Being doing a bit of that myself. Great to explore and not mind if u die as I levelled up perfectly and only had 19 runes to “lose”.
  2. Was working fine for me yesterday. Been working today so not had a look.
  3. You can set it to quick equip so that u can select it using down on the dpad. x will use it. Just remember to hit down again to go back to that healing flask.
  4. Nice one. You can bathe in the joy of doing it the hard way!!
  5. I just equipped them so that they are accessible from down on the d-pad and then x to use. Think they need 71 FP but I had that with a samurai starter class so you should be fine.
  6. I was having a similar problem late last night with a starting katana that I hadn’t upgraded. Like you I was able to get through the first phase then it would all go wrong. 20th attempt I remembered I could summon so once I had him halfway I introduced him to a massive jellyfish, which distracted him perfectly.
  7. Looks like the Xbox day one patch is out. 1.86gb. Updating now, fingers crossed I’ll be in New Zealand an hour already at this time tomorrow.
  8. Never used that method yet. As @metallicfrodo says it should work fine. If you run in to a problem like @K did a support ticket should sort it. The digital code is pretty cheap at Shopto https://www.shopto.net/en/dwnld67662-elden-ring-standard-edition-pre-purchase-p1162625/ I used the rewards points I had built up to purchase as I’ll be taking the X to New Zealand for the launch of this one and didn’t want the hassle of waiting for keys to be sent.
  9. 6,000 points for preordering Elden Ring is on the app now. Make sure to click it if you are going digital.
  10. Anyone that’s going digital on Xbox the 6000 reward points for preorder has appeared so make sure to click it first to get £5 worth of points.
  11. Yep. Preorder def not cancelled, even though I’m after Q2.
  12. I had the same problem. Could only find the first game when I searched Dying Light 2. Searched under Stay Human and it appeared on the list about 10 down. Im all installed and just waiting on the Amazon delivery, hope you get sorted.
  13. Worked fine for me an hour ago.
  14. Well if it’s midnight release I will be taking my Xbox to New Zealand again to play on the afternoon of the 24th.
  15. Banjaxed

    Disco Elysium

    Played for an hour earlier Xbox, absolutely brilliant, so many hilarious lines already. Not sure I’m going to solve this case though, wasn’t even able to get my tie!!
  16. Banjaxed

    Disco Elysium

    £21.76 on Xbox with Deals with Gold this week.
  17. Campaign finished on Heroic. Really enjoyed it, especially the more open areas that allowed experimentation with the sandbox, could have done with less of those empty corridors and holograms chatting to each other to advance the plot. Overall Halo is now in a great place and I’m looking forward to what is next. Campaign and that amazing MP make this my game of the year. Well done 343.
  18. 1TB expansion card bought with Reward Points. Only have 14k now!!
  19. https://www.base.com/buy/product/ps5-console-covers-cosmic-red/dgc-ps5covercr.htm?awc=2694_1639608665_4bb15f35123b4fb9a82e9a9b6455ed42 £30 for the Official Sony wings @ Base.
  20. Just pick 5 GP games you already have installed and install them using the App.
  21. My method too. Space between Halo matches is the perfect time as I wait on “other players loading map”.
  22. Looks like trying to install the campaign before the 4gb is finished means you end up downloading everything at 48gb instead of just the 21gb for campaign.
  23. I never even made it to the final challenge this week. I’m logging in and only playing for an hour or so each night. Got most of the challenges sorted on my first 3 nights. Only had 10 Sword Kills and win 3 Oddball matches. Easily doable I thought!! Only got three Oddball matches over the rest of the week and didn’t win any!! Week before it was raining Oddball!!
  24. Great time trail @Boozy The Clown spent way too much time setting S, A and B times. Tempted to try for C and D but its already past my bedtime. Took that Ferrari time with a Hot Wheels car @spatularbut I’m not getting near that Beetle time!! Pushed the Ford GT as far as I could but kept hitting walls like Verstappen!!
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