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  1. 5 hours ago, Eighthours said:


    Oh fuck - I was deliberately waiting until the weekend to watch it, too. :(

    If you search in the TV App two versions appear. One asks you to buy but the other is included with Prime. 

    Very weird.

    I had watched 30 mins the other night. When I tried to continue it asked me to buy or rent. Playing the new version I had scrub forward to get to where I left off but at least it’s included. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Thor said:

    To my knowledge there are only two songs, Candy Says, and Two of Everything. Is there more than one version of 2OE?

    Scene 85B. It’s a stripped down version of the song. Maria performing under the name of Christina Campbell, rewinding triggers Candy Says. 

  3. 6 hours ago, Benny said:

    Maybe it's just me, but I really hate that "two of everything" song. It's like nails down a chalkboard at some points during the lyrics. Maybe it's intentional though, it's so hard to tell with this game.


    6 hours ago, Thor said:

    Yeah, it's shit. I do think it's deliberately shit.

    Agreed though it does get into your head, found myself humming it doing the dishes!! 

    Got a clip of the acoustic version last night, I may have sang along!! ☺️


    Have most of the story based achievements now but can’t stop coming back and finding more footage. 

  4. 19 minutes ago, wullie said:

    Signed up for Premium now it gives you a week's trial. First thing I looked for was Tekken 2 which prompts me to upgrade to Premium to play it, that gives me a CE error. Have they restricted it until you actually start handing over the cash or is it just a bit broken?

     I took out the 7 day trial this morning and had no problems downloading Stray. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, Lochenvar said:

    How did you get there? Via the Manage Subscription page, like the guide suggests?


    Yeah, once I had clicked to mange gold, the option to upgrade to Game Pass took me to a new page, the only option there was to join. Clicked that and all was fine. 


    2 hours ago, Lochenvar said:


    Possibly a bit of clarification for step 5 of the guide: I just helped a friend through the upgrade and, on the page where you actually upgrade to GPU, MS have worded it very poorly.


    (This is for someone who's renewing an expired GPU - it might be different for someone doing it for the first time)


    There are two options on the page: "Manage Subscription" and "Extend Subscription £10.99/month". In order to convert the previously-added 3 years of Gold to GPU, it's the second option you need, "Extend Subscription". Not very clear at all, but we crossed our fingers and it worked. :)

    My final page only gave me the option to join, clicked on that and offered a prayer to the gaming gods and it worked fine. 

  7. Well that’s me all sorted for another 3 years. Used the 9 x 3 month method with codes from CD Keys I bought during the offer 2 weeks ago.


    Brilliant this offer still works. £60 for 3 years of first party games and all those undiscovered indie gems.


    Best deal in gaming. 

  8. Took me 7 hours 27 mins to complete. Got a main character killed at the first opportunity as they were annoying me, so it may take longer if you keep everyone alive. 
    Story wasn’t a patch on Until Dawn and I feel no need to replay it. Glad I got the physical copy and can trade it. 

  9. 43 minutes ago, deerokus said:

    It's been like that for a while I'm sure. It's a good setup.

    Think it may have been in a preview build if you are signed up. 

    I’ve always keep mine in energy saver, then I noticed a while back it turning on without the X on the front lighting up. So nice not having the dreaded Xbox needing and update when u turn it on anymore and games being updated without the hassle. 

  10. Spent the morning getting back to the main quest line after 7 hours of wandering. 

    Stormveil Castle Is immense. Properly lost at points and then it all clicks. 

    Killed the boss and then had to really force myself to quit playing, just wanted to see what was down the next ladder. Amazing game. 

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