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  1. Selecting the deluxe edition in the store and then manage game sorted it for me. Seasons 1 + 2 operators were under ready to install.
  2. Intial setup on loading the game seemed off, not allowing for correct adjustment of peak brightness. Going back into setting after starting the first mission allowed me to set peak brightness correctly and have it at its lowest for UI elements. Been very impressed after that.
  3. Cheers for that, be testing that out later as I haven’t been happy with the washed out image the last couple of nights. Think I’ve set the second setting too dark after watching the video.
  4. Just finished it today. Loved the Arthur storyline, was initially thrilled to play as John but the banaillity of most of John’s missions wore me down after the brilliant end to Arthur’s story. The decision to put Dutch on that mountain with Micha was a real mistake, take him out of that mission and the ending would be much improved. Someone at Rockstar just couldn’t resist that shock moment as the door opened. Overall I loved my 70 hours being a cowboy again. Sadie DLC please Rockstar!!
  5. Ur all making my head hurt!! I’ll just shoot stuff!!
  6. Saturday’s are usually good for me so I’ll join anytime it’s on to run new stuff or old.
  7. Sorry, didn’t realise this was starting @ 11. Stuck in Sat morning shopping hell!! Be closer to 12 for me now.
  8. Count me in if it starts anytime after 11am.
  9. Hope u saw my second post LeChuck. HDR just has to be turned on in settings. Now to play the DLC everyone is raving about!
  10. Scrap that it’s there. It’s under settings. Off by default!
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