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  1. Took me 7 hours 27 mins to complete. Got a main character killed at the first opportunity as they were annoying me, so it may take longer if you keep everyone alive. Story wasn’t a patch on Until Dawn and I feel no need to replay it. Glad I got the physical copy and can trade it.
  2. Think it may have been in a preview build if you are signed up. I’ve always keep mine in energy saver, then I noticed a while back it turning on without the X on the front lighting up. So nice not having the dreaded Xbox needing and update when u turn it on anymore and games being updated without the hassle.
  3. Bit cheeky having the Destiny DLC 4000 points offer the week after the dlc has released.
  4. Spent the morning getting back to the main quest line after 7 hours of wandering. Stormveil Castle Is immense. Properly lost at points and then it all clicks. Killed the boss and then had to really force myself to quit playing, just wanted to see what was down the next ladder. Amazing game.
  5. I’m useless at parrying, I usually default to dodge. Shield counter seems really good though. RT after u block an attack with a shield, must try to use it more.
  6. After my explore of the world I decided to give the Tree Sentinel at go. Found him much tougher than Margit. That feeling when he fell as I got that last hit in, out of healing and with 5 hp left.
  7. Indeed. Being doing a bit of that myself. Great to explore and not mind if u die as I levelled up perfectly and only had 19 runes to “lose”.
  8. Was working fine for me yesterday. Been working today so not had a look.
  9. You can set it to quick equip so that u can select it using down on the dpad. x will use it. Just remember to hit down again to go back to that healing flask.
  10. Nice one. You can bathe in the joy of doing it the hard way!!
  11. I just equipped them so that they are accessible from down on the d-pad and then x to use. Think they need 71 FP but I had that with a samurai starter class so you should be fine.
  12. I was having a similar problem late last night with a starting katana that I hadn’t upgraded. Like you I was able to get through the first phase then it would all go wrong. 20th attempt I remembered I could summon so once I had him halfway I introduced him to a massive jellyfish, which distracted him perfectly.
  13. Looks like the Xbox day one patch is out. 1.86gb. Updating now, fingers crossed I’ll be in New Zealand an hour already at this time tomorrow.
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