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  1. I currently have the same problem as well. I've manage to get a work around by disconnecting the internet connection in the settings (even though it shows as working "all good") and then connecting again. Quite a pain though as I'm having to do this every time I boot up the console.
  2. Would be grateful for an invite please. Gamertag: MrDark123 Someone from here has helped me before but couldn't get the preview message to come up for me. Really interested in the backwards compatibility and upcoming Windows 10 streaming shenanigans.
  3. I'd love to add the playlist, link not working for me though
  4. Any kind soul be able to give me a preview invite? (MrDark123) Really interested in the media stuff it's able to offer. Would save me setting up a computer to stream things.
  5. MrDark


    This official now? Then that means....... Rez could be true as well.
  6. I'm up for some club races to get the achievement. Tried it with a friend before but we couldn't even find a single club that would race us.
  7. Thanks! I only dropped them in and didn't put them into folders. LOL So stupid.
  8. So I've finally managed to get my game to an eboot.pbp and a keys.bin file but where do I put them? Tried both GAME150 and GAME320.
  9. Its not actually a seperate detachable map. Its in the middle page of the manual.
  10. Got a question for G6 users. So does the Pass Me card have to been in your DS all the time or do you just use it the once?
  11. So are all these HD versions leaked out or they up scaled somewhere?
  12. Don't think you can. Tried to donate fish at someone elses town and it wouldn't let me. Would have been nice to have stuff donated by other people. Only allows residents to donate.
  13. A-ha!, it was you. I thought that someone had came in but found no trace. Asked the Dog guard and he said that he didn't see anyone come in. (Must have dozed off) DS was getting low on battery so didn't want bad things to happen to people.
  14. Crazy Red is in my town today. If anyone wants an expensive Kiddie Chair for 2800bells or a Lovely Vanity mirrow for 4400bells come and splash some bells. You'll have to become one of his cousins though. (For a price)
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