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  1. For #2, it's worth pointing remembering that
  2. I like how she casually dropped this in there: Somehow, in the year 2020, someone thought this would be a great character defence.
  3. Just a heads-up: the film Three Identical Strangers will be available on Netflix UK from next week. For the uninitiated, it's a documentary about an unusual human interest story that happened across the late 70s/early 80s in which three complete strangers living in New York met each other and discovered they were identical triplets, and subsequently became minor celebrities. Do not read anything else about the film. All I can say is that it's essential viewing for anyone who loves Netflix's documentary output.
  4. I'm putting the name in a spoiler tag as you've explained almost the entire plot from the end backwards:
  5. This is a weirdly ironic situation for me, because I refuse to use Steam for petty reasons and now I'm disappointed that it's too late to change my Kickstarter order from the PS4 version to the non-Steam PC version. Frankly I just wish Kickstarter developers would commit to releasing DRM-free variants of their games.
  6. Even saying why it's offensive counts as a spoiler, so here goes:
  7. Sleepaway Camp. For the most part, it's a forgettable slasher film. Then, in the last few seconds of the film, it hits you with a plot twist that's not merely insane, but also incredibly offensive. And yet, even though I know it's regressive and has aged terribly, I still love it because it's so shocking that it actually manages to be genuinely scary.
  8. I wouldn't say Out of Blue is the worst film I've ever seen but it's certainly the most disappointing one I've seen this year so far, and I say that as someone who was pretty let down by Us. I read that Kermode review after I watched it and I couldn't believe how generous he was. In fact, calling that review "generous" is generous in itself - during my screening people walked out before the end. It should've been a visually-stunning, metaphysical, dream-like experience, but in reality it had absolutely no idea whether it wanted to be that or a detective noir, with the end result being an incoh
  9. Good Time. I smile every time someone in the Netflix thread discovers it, it deserves to be regarded as one of the decade's best thrillers.
  10. Almost all first/third-person shooters on the N64 have this problem, even when playing them natively. At the time aiming felt completely natural, now I'm completely incapable of using the left stick for anything other than movement. To add to the list: any PC game that requires manual saves.
  11. One thing that people fail to realise about Shenmue's QTEs is that they're designed in a way that corresponds with the game's logic. Have you noticed that whenever you learn a new move in Shenmue, the game initially won't tell you what the correct button sequence is? You're supposed to figure it out yourself based on the instructor's description of the physical movement. This works because the fighting system is fairly consistent - you have a punch button, a kick button and and evade button, and all the moves are based on those three actions. So if someone tells you to do a feint then an elbow
  12. The survey responses closed a month ago, they're only allowing minor edits now (i.e. change of address).
  13. Conversely, as someone with mixed feelings towards the original I actually think this version was better. It kept the artful direction and emotion-over-logic feel of the original while mostly eschewing the stupid bits like comedy blind guy and Lurch. And it actually had dancing this time! Definitely should've been shorter, though.
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