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  1. We’re already island chums. I’ll send you the clock and the teacups. Spotted pool, yellow phone booth and blue workman sign would be great. Let me know if you want anything else in return.
  2. Does anyone have this spotted paddling pool? I have a green one with a pink duck. Also, have a blue stripey surfboard - looking to trade for a red or flowery one? This is my nook miles catalogue - I'm after the pastel cup ride if anyone has it.
  3. I'm maybe around 60% done and progress has ground to a halt. I was on-board for the bold narrative choices, and I was wowed by certain sequences, but I just don't think the pacing has worked and reflecting on how those story beats were told I think they made mistakes. There's a conflict at the heart of this which serves to alienate and dis-engage the player. I've heard some people say the best stuff is in the final third, and that certainly was the case with the first game..hmmmm.
  4. Then why would his employer not provide information on who called him from the office? Why would the employer cease all co-operation with police? Why were the hotel conveniently unaware of his whereabouts for so long (no camera footage of him in the hotel etc)? How come some of his belongings appeared to have been added to the scene? How come some of his injuries were not consistent with the fall? How come the distance of the hole was so far away from the edges of the buildings and nobody heard anything? The weird note with masonic quote? I think a group were involved and they made that hole and his body was straight up planted there or thrown off after his murder but that wouldn't explain the horizontal travel from the edge of the building.
  5. Unsolved Mysteries is brilliant. Only watched the first 3 eps, but so far they are more like "unsolved" mysteries, in that it's obvious who the murderer is the cops just weren't willing or able to pin them for it. Ep2 takes a real turn towards the end:
  6. Super Street Fighter II for the SNES was crazy expensive and IIRC it was only available at Electronics Boutique in the UK. Maybe £59.99 or £69.99. Additionally, that guy needed a dentist.
  7. Games have been £50-60 for the last 25 years. I think it's ok for them to charge a bit more. My backlog would appreciate it.
  8. I haven’t returned to this since *spoilers*. I mean, I will, and I’m hopeful the Naughty Dog’s writing chops proves themselves, but... enthusiasm waned.
  9. I was hoping for at least Blades of Glory tier Ferrell. Sadly it’s nowhere close - a mediocre movie and not remotely funny enough. But the Eurovision bits are great and McAdams is a standout. If they’d cut it down to 90 minutes it would’ve been vastly improved. I’d watch a sequel I guess.
  10. I’m glad I bailed on this before they went to town on the MP5. RIP.
  11. I have just finished Day 3. Major spoilers:
  12. Anybody have a red lava lamp they’d be up for trading?
  13. I'm also a few hours into Day 3, and that is music to my ears. There are individual areas and buildings, which are stunning in terms of scale, detail and art direction - as though Naughty Dog have committed to realizing the concept art without compromise - in other games there'd be a handful of these at standout spectacles... but in this game, another one will be along in 5 minutes. Also, I can't put my finger on why, but it reminds me more of Half-life 1 & 2 than it's predecessor.
  14. I have 3 lazy villagers: Zucker, Biskit and Erik and I wanna add a 4th, Lucky. That’s too many Lazies. Real dilemma. Biskit is the obvious choice for the boot as he’s another dog, but he’s also one of my favourite villager designs. Zucker is part of the furniture. This is tough.
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