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  1. Some big titles down to £33 digitally... anyone know off-hand what that translates to on the SA store?
  2. Please don’t tell me this was last Party Crash. Oh well at least got to enjoy one.
  3. I played a lot of this weekends Party Crash and it’s made me regret not playing more of them. Once the mechanics click, the game is so much fun - and it’s incredibly satisfying playing with motion control and levelling, unlocking arms, art, badges etc. I hope they keep running the Party Crashes running for the foreseeable future. Marvellous game. One of the Switch’s best.
  4. I just want more MK8. So maybe a track editor, season passes with annual added tracks, more Nintendo characters. So MK8 but Smash Kart & a track editor.
  5. Ryo is a troubled soul who invented his fathers murder at the hands of Lan Di (his real, absent father) and proceeds to go around collecting children's toys and getting into run-ins with sailors and young, street toughs for "revenge".
  6. When an insult is a stealth-compliment. Tales of Dragon Emblem of Mana Hunter Quest XII: 100 Hour Epic of Coloured-Hair Teens and Token Anthropomorphised Animal who will Finally End the Epic Battle One Ultimate Time: Slow-Reader Edition.
  7. I hope Zelda is protagonist this time.
  8. Not enough context to truly judge the intent - is it even possible to portray a fictional cyberpunk dystopia whilst conforming to contemporary social sensibilities? I guess CDPR have lost some benefit of doubt given their shitty social media posts.
  9. Well this was truly a fallow year for E3. Guess devs are busy prepping next-gen titles for E3 2020. Should be a good one.
  10. If coasting on that market by churning out identikit RPG’s makes them coin, then great for them. But I’m sat here waiting for the next Mario Galaxy, the next Splatoon, the next Wii Sports, Mario Kart, Warioware and Zelda... and their 2018/19 1st party line-up has been sparse. I mean, they’re doing so well they put out a half-arsed, shoddy effort like Mario Tennis Aces. They’re tight as fuck with their development budgets. Like Broker says: the games they have chosen to put out this gen have been updates of recent releases, it’s getting repetitive: Another Yoshi, more Wii U ports, another Mario Maker. Animal Crossing’s gameplay looks so goddamn dated in a world with the interactivity and building of Minecraft (and oddly, Fortnite). But I console myself in the knowledge we’re probably getting Odyssey 2 and Metroid next xmas. And Luigi’s Mansion 3 looks ace.
  11. Generic Mech game. Nice art style. Bad frame rate. Zone of Enders with a dash of SOTC. Will appeal to this forum, no doubt. There are a subset of gamers who love anime, JRPG’s, Platinum, Suda for whom Nintendo are catering quite nicely with Switch. I am no longer one of those people, so it was underwhelming.
  12. 100% this. I don’t quite understand what was great about Nintendo’s E3 showing outside of a brief Zelda announcement. We knew DQ and Banjo were in Smash. We already knew about Links Awakening, Luigi’s Mansion and Animal Crossing look as expected. The latter has slipped to 2020. Witcher 3 on Switch leaked and is sub-optimal and a bad fit for the system. No Metroid or Pikmin. No SNES Online or Gamecube remasters. The rest is great if you love JRPG’s or derivative stuff like Daemon X Machina / Astral Plain. There were no big third party surprises or first party IP’s announcements outside of Zelda.
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