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  1. So: Is there a problem or not? If there is, then consumers should vote with their wallets and pressure the publishers / whoever. Or at least vocalise. Yet plenty of people say it isn’t a problem, business-as-usual. So good luck convincing TPC to agree to a longer dev time for the next mainline title.
  2. I’d take one of those London-exclusive Pikachu plushies .
  3. Oh so now it looks shit because it's emulated? The excuses are endless. Did it occur to you that if you stopped accusing, attacking and hand-waving proof the game looks a bit rubs in places, that I would just leave you all to it?
  4. The fogging is a weather effect but taken in combination with the other draw-in / clipping issues doesn't look great does it? And as you pointed out - the simplicity of the 3D geometry is not the standard you'd maybe expect or hope for. I think that's fair to say. And on top of that the frame rate struggles occasionally. None are game-breaking issues, but there are clearly moments where it looks flat out bad. Posters should be able to comment on that, and express their disappointment with the dev team without being told they have an agenda. But hey, it's the internet!
  5. I've used footage from the game itself. ??? Of course they are. I'm not the one who spat my dummy out at people liking it. The people liking it spat their dummy out at those criticising it. I think we're done here anyway. Enjoy the game!
  6. How about you chaps stop replying to me with insults, and I will stop biting? Information leaked about the game, which even the reviews agree is bad: cut content, poor graphics and performance. Gamefreak blamed this on creating HD assets - but then were proven to have reused assets. It's fair enough if the game still gives people fuzzy feels. But posters in this thread have accused anyone critical of leaked videos of: lying, being part of a hate mob because of the Dex cut, "nutters" who are vindictive against Game Freak for no good reason, players who don't "get" the series. How about we're just gamers who judge Game Freak and Pokemon by the same standard every other developer and big franchise is judged by? Cool.
  7. Nope. You were the one making shit up here. Evidence: But my 7 year old says it looks great, and why does it need a bigger budget anyway, and this is exactly what I want, 9/10.
  8. I’ll await further impressions but saving this and Death Stranding for Christmas I reckon. If at all. I’m not belabouring the point. The shot of the fogging and pop-in in the wild area is piss poor. No 9/10 review will make that acceptable on a PS360 level console that runs BotW and Witcher 3. It’s not being a “rabid hater” to point that out. If you love the franchise so much seeing other people rip on it for legit reasons hurts, then I’m sorry.
  9. Obviously, but the complaints made by those bad reviews echo the early impressions of those some were accusing of orchestrating a hate campaign. As opposed to just expressing their genuine opinion based on evidence.
  10. I think it can be both a game which pleases it’s core audience with a very conservative approach and simultaneously technically disappointing, with cuts corners in areas there is little justification for. To some all that matters is good character design, familiarity and basic competency. To others that is lazy. It seems to have broadly won over reviewers, but not all. And based on some of the clips posted above and on social media, you have to ask: what would a Pokemon game have to do to get a less than stellar review from Nintendolife, IGN, Gamespot etc? It’s clearly going to sell just as well as the rest, so little motivation for TPC / GF to step up next time.
  11. Oof. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-11-13-pokemon-sword-and-shield-review-a-shadow-of-a-former-great
  12. It was great. Deserved more attention.
  13. Just on this point (can’t respond to everything, we’d be here all day) - Zelda’s transition to 3D is more complete than Pokemon. Zelda actually expanded Link’s movement options for verticality, and crafted a 3D environments with those in mind. Pokemon retained the same restricted 2D movement and largely flat environments, swapping out 3D assets / buildings and changing the viewpoint. The transition is mostly aesthetic.
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