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  1. Really... it’s over already? I don’t understand why they don’t run them for a week - are we supposed to be glued to our Switch’s the whole time? Also, I LOVE this game but it’s systems are so obscure it’s ridiculous - super sea snails how? - and the netcode / hitreg is crummy - the number of 1-hit deaths versus bullet sponge enemies is super infuriating. And the stats boosts are so purposefully and needlessly unclear. Ugh. Well... that was Splatoon 2.
  2. Got 70 fortbytes but... meh at completing them all. They were kinda annoying.
  3. Reading up on it.... turns out banks don’t check security codes on every transaction if you’ve used the card on a website before, and you also get some leniency on expiry dates. Nice.
  4. You get 4 in-game items as well but... meh.
  5. I put the cursor into the tiny boxes and typed my expiry and security code and the order went through. It did verify it with my bank first but I’m not confident.
  6. Yup https://mynintendostore.nintendo.co.uk/splatoon-2-final-fest-t-shirt-chaos.html A shame both shirts are kinda shite. I’m Team Order but Marina got shafted with that shirt.
  7. Yeah shirts and posters are up now. Managed to order some posters but the payment page was mangled so not sure it accepted my card details. Order went through anyway so fingers crossed.
  8. Ugh. No buy either. I just want the gameplay and art style of the first game. That’s the game to remake.
  9. The last episode was great. The rest of the season was patchy for me. But a xmas-themed season 4 in 2020 would be pretty sweet.
  10. Yeah it’s crazy expensive, although in the market of collectible statues, they regularly sell individual movie and gaming figures for £1000 each, so in some respects it’s a... great deal? Meanwhile, GB: Rust City first cast shot:
  11. So guys... what’s the trick so that you don’t get hammered by 12 grey rows in the first 30 seconds? Is it because I’m targeting the wrong group or something? Or pot luck?
  12. Love the look of these but they're clearly going for new customers rather than existing Switch owners, to upgrade you'd be basically swapping out for a model that loses a ton of functionality, and you wouldn't have any money left over from the exchange.
  13. Incredible. The internet delivers yet again (well not for this guy obv).
  14. Just look at these beauties*. https://chroniclecollectibles.com/products/the-real-ghostbusters-complete-set?_pos=2&_sid=8e34be4c8&_ss=r *expensive tat-pieces. But awesome.
  15. I hated the main characters. I don’t know if that was the point, but they were awful.
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