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  1. I enjoy Gun Runner, Rust and Shoot House. Hackney Yard and Superstore can GTFO for me too. o/ How are people enjoying the new S3 maps?
  2. ‘Nomura spoilers’ is taken is available.
  3. It’s not much different to the RPD tbf.
  4. Nearly done my first run. Clearing up the hospital was surprisingly tense. The hunters are very well done and I loved the Resi 1 throwback sequence. As for negatives... the number of blocked corridors or stairwells, even in medium-sized open areas, is quite stifling. In the hospital they’re used to artificially lengthen an otherwise small area. Other times they’re used to funnel the player along a linear path even in already confined environments. It makes sense as survivors would try to create barricades, but I would assume the abundance of them is a result of tight development times. It’s a shame areas aren’t a little more open. Still enjoying it though.
  5. There’s a possibility they’ll go back but I imagine they’ll take the “chop it up and switch this out” approach, so no Lisa Trevor probably. No spiders. No snake.
  6. The banana-pad was such a weird design. Super wide and 70% wasteful plastic. What hands was it designed for?
  7. Hamphrey moved in without being invited and all he’s done is moan for a day, grumble when spoken to and now he wants to leave already.
  8. Does everyone else have a villager that is always singing in the plaza in the evening? It’s adorable.
  9. If they can deliver the quality of Resi 7, 2 & 3 I’m in. If there is room for improvement I’d say all of those games have rough spots and could use more fleshed out content. I’d take a RE2 & 3 remake Ultimate editions with new content for PS5.
  10. Dragon's Trap was gorgeous, definitely in for this one. If it's a worthy update to the old belt fighters then even better.
  11. If I can't complete previous season challenges despite unlocking the respective level of the battle pass, like Fortnite.... it might be uninstall and return to Siege time. I am starting to miss Siege to be fair. A much more thoughtful game, if dated.
  12. At this stage in REsi 2's launch I think they'd already announced DLC, so maybe the multiplayer mode is all we're getting.
  13. Aaw fudge, I didn't unlock the extra Ghost costumes from level 100. The challenges better carry.
  14. I played and enjoyed the demo, but given everything, I'm happy to wait for a cheap digital playthrough.
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