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  1. The social media backlash to the GoT ending and towards GoT watchers in general, especially the memes popping up about Breaking Bad or Lost, are internet culture at it's worst. No wonder our politics is fucked when people are stirring up division over the conclusion of a decent TV show.
  2. I think that was solid. I enjoyed it a lot. I thought the scale and spectacle of Dany’s rule was well done and the dialogue justified the decisions they’d made. The Dany-Jon plotline has been far from perfect, which is a shame, but that was a solid ending to the series. About on a par with Breaking Bad. Will be back for the spin-off series.
  3. That is a ridiculous statement. Calm the fuck down.
  4. It would undeniably have been better if
  5. I know the writing is shite compared to the earlier seasons. It’s basically fan-fic. But accepting that, the show is still enjoyable. And it seems like the “geek” community is enjoying a pile-on, when some shit they revere like MCU has never had writing as good as early GoT.
  6. Nobody with a Thanos avatar gets to criticise “lame” writing.
  7. The event people are referring to couldn’t have been more heavily foreshadowed. I mean, I get the writing is pap now compared to book material, but the idea this just happened in 5 minutes is nonsense.
  8. I thought that was rather brilliant. I get the criticisms. But taken on it’s own merits it was well done. The internet is going to spend the next week telling me I’m an idiot. Shrug.
  9. grindmouse

    Fortnite | Battle Royale - Season 9 - Future Islands

    I managed a solo victory on the first day of the season. I used actual tactics and a sniper rifle to win. Pretty pleased with myself. I love the changes: the wind tunnels and 80's toy future aesthetic are awesome. The new Rox skin basically upgrades into Samus.
  10. grindmouse

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Cool, thanks for the responses. I had some coins so used them and they made up a similar saving to using the SA store.
  11. grindmouse

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Is there any issue changing region if you have a UK Nintendo online account? I tried to switch to SA but got a warning about disabling auto-renew and chickened out of proceeding in case it fudges something somewhere.
  12. It was the first massive JRPG to utilise CD storage space and rendered backgrounds. The story and characters are iconic for a generation of gamers. The fighting system was good, the materia system especially, but it wasn't what sold the game.
  13. I liked that we didn't get to see Sephiroth until well into the game. They should've focused on Rufus and Shinra as antagonists in Midgar, there's no need to crowbar Sephiroth in.
  14. The appeal of FFVII was never the combat imho. I’ll happily go into this with an open mind.
  15. I haven't played a FF since 8. What's wrong with the new fight systems? I think the trailer looks amazing. But I'm convinced the first game will be Midgar only. The only other negative is the characterisation has not aged well.

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