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  1. So what do you have to say on the topic to not get consistently negged: “Cancel culture is a fantastic alternative to criminal justice and the crimes of those accused are always proportionate to the price they ultimately pay. It’s great many of them top themselves so they never face punishment or rehabilitation.” ?
  2. They rinsed their hands when my Astral Chain CE arrived damaged. Said it left their warehouse intact and can’t be responsible for postal damage on their orders. It’s £24 on cdkeys without the nintendo online deal.
  3. Finally a game which will appeal to any remaining Wii Fit fans AND hardcore RPG fans. Nintendo’s market research team are off their heads. This peripheral would most suit a Nintendoland style game, where players take turns to compete locally. But not this.
  4. I think this looks great but I hate how Square have modelled their male characters since Advent Children. It’s a horrid style. Soldiers don’t look like members of a J-Pop boyband.
  5. The PS4 doesn't let you do it either so not exclusively a Nintendo restriction. Although at least it has folders.
  6. Is there an option to view 'All Software' as the standard home screen? I'd rather have a screen of smaller icons showing all my games, than a handful of large icons.
  7. There are going to be some great 2 hour fanedits of this film. I’m warming to it the more I think back.
  8. I’ve not read it but was that scene always controversial or just recently? I don’t remember complaints about it prior to the new films, and I don’t totally understand why people lose their shit over it, conceptually at least. It’s a coming-of-age horror story written in the early-mid 80’s.
  9. If this film does well I feel like we’re 99.9% going to see a prequel film called Pennywise set in the 30’s or whatever. But the 3 hour run time was a misjudgement that will likely turn away the casual audience.
  10. I had the revelation this evening that I’ve never properly played Super Metroid. I played Zero Mission or Fusion and confused them. This is better than them. 4 hours on it tonight soaking up the nostalgic music and pixel art, ingenious level design, some superb ideas in there. What an incredible surprise - I cannot wait to play through the rest. It holds up incredibly well, in many respects the design and atmosphere put many modern games to shame. So... I take back my comment about retro games all being shite.
  11. I’m looking forward to the 2 hour reduced cut. Thinking back, there were barely any decent Pennywise moments in ChapterTwo. Skarsgaard didn’t particularly stand out like he did in part one. Also, I'm kind of surprised at the negative reaction to the discimination scene at the very beginning. Simon Mayo said he didn't feel it was justified, elsewhere some folks are up in arms about it. I mean... it was in the book, and it's meant to be fucking horrible. If anything, the films needed to show more of that side of Derry.
  12. IT: Chapter Two - 3/5 Parts of it were 5/5, parts of it were 1/5. In that respect it reminded me of Spider-man 3 and Scream 4.
  13. I loved the first film. I like this. Sometimes with 3-hour movies you can see the dilemma facing the director, especially when adapting vast source material. But with this, it’s glaringly obvious sections don’t land and you‘d lose nothing by cutting them. It’s a shame because they drag down the good stuff and it becomes kinda boring. On top of that there’s so much cgi shit going on that eg. the fortune cookie and Kersh residence segments - the original TV movie were more disturbing because less is sometimes more. I don’t think the flashbacks were worth it either. Even the clubhouse. They didn’t bring any fresh scares to the table and just padded out the run time unnecessarily. I liked the ending a lot - but it also suffers from bloat and dodgy cgi. Maybe this will work better in the rumoured mini-series cut.
  14. Like I haven’t played them all a dozen times before mate.
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