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  1. Maybe it's alright for Nvidia UK. I'm in NL. You want your credit card info loaded in there just in case.
  2. Nope, for us too. They removed Paypal from their checkout, so beware. If Mastercard blocked this I'm going to cry.
  3. Nvidia EU just restocked. I sat through 20 minutes of captcha hell and CC authorisation fail and came out with nothing. It was in my cart at 12:23 and by 12:44 they were out of stock. Three guys on the Tweakers.net Discord got one. Told me to keep trying (they were having the same issues). I've still got it in my cart. I wonder if it will remain valid until restock?
  4. Nvidia: 3080 = "Great supply" 3090 = "Limited supply" Yeah, good luck!
  5. I quite liked that episode. She's basically Ahri from League of Legends: https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Ahri/Background
  6. No 3080, PS5, or X/S. The 360 is going to be my main gaming platform for the foreseeable future. But at least I still have my health!
  7. Not exactly. Amidst the huge amounts of hyperbole surrounding the game we were trying to nit-pick things we dislike about it from everything that has been shown so far.
  8. No GX/AX because of lack of analogue triggers. I dread to imagine trying to play GX with no air brakes. All the tracks are designed around mastering them.
  9. They should really start to get some games out, then.
  10. I was lucky enough to start my career in a web dev studio in 1997. One of the first things I did was set up Quake for our entire team. The seven of us locked the door for two whole weeks and did fuck all work. Most days we'd stay until 2am. It got really out of hand when some senior members of staff began bringing booze and weed to the party. A couple of guys got fired, the rest of us got off with a warning. I'm still in touch with one that got the sack. He still swears to this day that was the best two weeks of his entire life.
  11. He's also one of the best Afterburner: Climax players in the world.
  12. It's a huge mess. Surely a pre-order and queueing system benefits everyone involved? Imagine how much stress both retail and manufacturing are under with all of this demand.
  13. End of October. Wow. I've got a TUF on order with Alternate as a backup in case I can't score an FE before Cyberpunk. It's not sounding like much of a backup at this point, but there we go..
  14. My main irk is the amount of unnecessary F-bombs. They seem really forced into parts of the dialogue where no normal foul-mouthed person would use them. "Are we fucking late?". "Do you fucking know who you're talking to?". I like a good fucking swear as much as the next man. But it has to be done well. Nikki Santoro vs. Sam 'Ace' Rothstein in the Nevada desert is probably my favourite film scene of all time. Video game dialogue always gets on my nerves. It doesn't matter the developer.
  15. These requirements are a great sign for the next-gen console patch next year. It could end up looking (and maybe performing) pretty much on par with an expensive PC.
  16. That should be easily achievable. Maybe even 120fps+ with DLSS 2.0.
  17. I know... This is going to 'need' RTX. By "fine" I meant 7 out of a possible 10 for visuals. Performance would have still been 10/10. With that in mind there's no way I'm cutting corners with this. Even if I have to wait.
  18. It's even further madness why Nvidia would leave them the opportunity. Well, not really madness at all, is it? It's pretty obvious now that this was a paper launch all along. They never intended to sell any FEs due to that cooler costing far too much to manufacture, it would have eaten into their 50% margins too much. Anyone else with an intent to actually sell would have taken pre-orders to both gauge interest and manage manufacturing, and opened up a queue. I'm seriously tempted to use my GPU money to switch out my mobo and CPU, depending on what happens i
  19. Some disgruntled folks have been creating bots which knock up fake accounts to bid with. Those cards won't sell any time soon.
  20. I could spend all my RTX3080 money on a Series X for gimped Cyberpunk and 4K Perfect Dark. I could spend half of that money on a Series S and forget about 4K Perfect Dark. I might be able to spend even less of that money on Black Friday for a decent One X deal for even further gimped Cyberpunk and 4K Perfect Dark. I could just hold out for more RTX3080 FE stock, which could run well into next year. This Nvidia situation has fucked me a bit. I've got my Xbox 360, Wii, SFC, and a PCE to fulfill my gaming needs until I decide on one of the above. If
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