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  1. I just copy/edit their descriptions unless I have something to write about. I’ll come back and edit the post when I have more to add.
  2. With pleasure. First of all you're definitely going to need Cyber Engine Tweaks and redscript. The more ambitious mods require these in order to run. Think SKSE for Skyrim, if you're familiar with that. Besides those two you will also want Native Settings UI, which will add a menu option titled 'Mods'. This is where you can configure the options for whichever mods utilise it. Think MCM for Skyrim, if you're familiar with that: Now, onto the list of mods... As always be sure to read the full descriptions and installation instructions (if any). The following list is tuned out for Very Hard mode, which let's face it is not exactly hard at all. Gameplay: Level Scaling and Balance Two separate modules: Level Scaling with Higher Minimum Levels - This specific module increases the fixed levels of the enemies per district, also, if you go back to an easy area it will level up the enemies and gear them out to your level for an even match and viable XP farm. NPC Damage Reduction - Adds a configurable damage reduction curve. The higher the level of the enemy the less damage you will do. My damage reduction settings: Simple XP Multiplier Configurable multipliers for all XP types, including level, street cred, crafting, stealth, all weapon XP types, engineering, etc. ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for reducing street cred gains, as well as breach protocol and athletics which level far, far too quickly. My XP multiplier settings: AI Netrunners Enhanced Vastly improves enemy Netrunners by adding a bunch of hacks (most are restored cut content) that they can use on the player. Also fixes some bugs that stop Netrunners from hacking you most of the time. Better Netrunning - Hacking Reworked An absolute beauty of a mod. Makes Netrunner gameplay more difficult by preventing Quickhacks until the network is breached. If you want to Quickhack your way through an encounter you have to first choke someone out on that local network and run Breach Protocol on them, or get to an access point and do it that way. Sensible Stamina & Athletics Completely overhauls Stamina and Athletics. Provides Athletics XP and endurance bonuses for stamina-related 'workouts'. Simply put, burn and recover Stamina without becoming fully exhausted (ExciteBike style) to gain Athletics XP and short-term endurance buffs. Chaining sprints, jumps, slides, dodges, strikes/blocks, etc. is most effective. Challenging Breach Minigame Make the Breach minigame more challenging by having the timer start immediately while greatly shortening the timer length. Configurable. I set mine to 0.2X, meaning I have to invest perk points and Cyberware upgrades into Breach Protocol if I ever want to stand a chance at hacking anything. Convo Skill Check Scaling Scales up conversation skill checks so that you'll see options requiring higher attribute levels in general and as you level up. Metro System Restores the cut metro network to the game. Works best when fast travel is disabled. Enhanced Police Enables police car and motorcycle spawns. Also reworks the spawns of the cops making them further away depending on the threat level that you've accrued. Smarter Target Analysis Makes the Target Analysis eye mod apply only to Smart weapons. Zoomable Scopes Configurable zoomable scopes! BE SURE TO REINSTALL NATIVE SETTINGS UI AFTER THIS! If not this will bork the other mods which depend on it. It runs tip-top other than that. Another absolutely essential mod. Non-lethal Blunt Weapons Makes any/all of two-handed clubs, hammers, and quick-melee attacks non-lethal. Configurable. Cyber Vehicle Overhaul Overhauls every single vehicle's top speed, speedometer readout, power, handling and brakes. Cyber Drift - Crowds and Traffic Two separate modules: Crowds and Traffic - Enhanced crowds and traffic with fewer duplicated NPCs, more parked vehicles, faster traffic speed and lights, enhanced pedestrian & traffic behaviors, better AI response times. Cyber Drift - Enhanced performance for cars and bikes, better drift control with counter steering and motorcycle wheelies. Compatible with Cyber Vehicle Overhaul. Immersion: Real Time 24H By far my favourite immersion mod. This will sync the time in Night City with your system clock. Not only does this mean an day's/evening's session will go by in real time, but it also (psychologically, at least) slows down the game's very pushy narrative. It almost feels natural for me to get tied up doing something less important and much more fun (like right now, writing this post) when some other person is urgently pushing me for something. Weather Probability Rebalance Tweaks weather probabilities and min/max durations. Limited Fast Travel (Disable All) Works best when installed with Metro System. I always despise fast travel in RPG games. Lifepath Bonuses and Gang/Corp Traits Modifies every part of the damage system and some other elements to give gangs and corps. more flavour and uniqueness. Also gain benefits and penalties against gangs/corps. based on your lifepath. Be sure to install the Kiroshi Opticals compatible version. Kiroshi Opticals - Crowd Scanner Generates a unique backstory for each crowd NPC scanned. Procedurally generates the background based on the NPC's appearance/gender. Extra Vehicle Controls Small mod that adds controls for headlights on/off, headlights brightness and vehicle windows opened/closed. Always FirstEquip Repeats the FirstEquip animation each time you equip your weapon or press a hotkey. Also allows the triggering of additional weapon inspection animations: IdleBreak and SafeAction. Immersive First Person Improved body presence and free look. Street Vendors Allows you to trade with most of the street vendors you will encounter. QOL: No Intro Videos Disables the otherwise unskippable game intro/logo videos. Disable Loading Cinematics Defaults every loading cinematic to the silent animated title screen backdrop. No more annoying radio/TV broadcasts. Hide Read Shards Removes world-placed shards which have already been read. Virtual Atelier Allows players to try on garments on their character while shopping, and also allows other modders to add in-game stores specifically for their modded items. Smarter Scrapper Prevents auto disassembling for valuable junk items by setting the upper price threshold for Scrapper perk logic. HUD/UI: E3 2018 HUD - Spicy HUDs The E3 2018 HUD 2018 - 2019 --- Beta UI-HUD Colors Makes the colours of the UI/HUD reflect the ones from the 2018 & 2019 demos. Hack Recolor Changes the hack screen tint. I find that the blue version works beautifully with the fuchsia 2018 colours linked to above. It's all a bit Terminator. Speaking of which, I have a James Cameron 1984 ReShade preset that I'm still working on, which replaces the green Matrix tint which is plastered all over the visuals with a much more neutral cool blue one instead - so this all ties up wonderfully. Custom Quickslots for Consumables and Cyberware Abilities Adds custom quickslots/hotkeys to the bottom of the screen for eating, drinking, boosting, and dedicated buttons for Optical Camo and Blood Pump. HUDitor Move & resize some of the main HUD widgets. Purify The UI Disables the 2D repeated/blurred UI effect. flib's UI Improvements A collection of quality-of-life UI improvements. Sort your quests, messages and shards. Vehicle preview images on ride quests. Never lose your iconics. Improved Minimap Zoom Dynamic zoom for vehicle minimap, configurable zoom for on-foot minimap, minimap peek hotkey. Clear Skill Checks Shows you what attribute level you need for conversation skill checks. Nyan Loading Animation It doesn't get much more dystopian Cyberpunk than having a 'stolen' NFT as the top-right loading animation. With precisely that in mind I actually class this as being very lore-friendly. It's not essential, but I like it enough for it to make this list.
  3. It still looks thoroughly amazing even without all the RTX bells and whistles.
  4. A handful of very-easy-to-install balancing and immersion mods put it into GOAT category, IMO. That said my advice would be to wait for a 3080 or similar. This is by all definitions a killer app RTX showcase and I'm constantly bowled over by the visuals. I don't see that particular novelty wearing off any time soon. A couple of nights ago I was watching the refracted reflection of an animated billboard in a nearby puddle, only I wasn't looking at the puddle directly - but through the direct reflection of my car window. Entire scenes are always bathed in this uncanny realism. Viewing the game is like peering into some kind of model railway diorama that's behind a glass cabinet, an interactive one that's built with polygons. But then five minutes later something weird/funny will happen, or a texture will pop in thirty yards down the street and break all that immersion.
  5. Fallows


    This is escalating quickly: https://www.marktplaats.nl/v/witgoed-en-apparatuur/koffiezetapparaten/m1797183652-gaggia-classic-met-pid-unieke-editie LOL at the bit about him selling it to another enthusiast. I might just get a new one and carry out mods myself, when/if required. This feels a bit like buying a pre-built PC/MiSTer.
  6. Absolutely no difference whatsoever that I can tell when using DLDSR with CP2077.
  7. Fallows


    That’s what I’m doing with the poor pulls I’m getting, just adding loads more water with milk and sugar for a regular cuppa. It still beats the instant shite I’ve been having all my life. On the same topic I think that cup this morning has spoiled me. The ones since haven’t been anywhere near as nice.
  8. I think the exact same here applies to Nintendo with F-Zero. I for one am very pleased that the IP hasn't been outsourced to a smaller team, because quite frankly I can't think of anyone being anywhere near capable. Going from Amusement Vision to Raw Thrills, imagine that! I'd rather just fire up GX whenever I feel the need to remember just how good the game is. That reminds me of another similar baffling decision... Nintendo designing a Star Fox game and then giving it to Platinum Games to develop, instead of the other way around.
  9. Fallows


    For €60 it's honestly been worth it for the learning experience. When/if I ever do upgrade to a decent machine I should hopefully end up being the Joe Satriani of the coffee world.
  10. Fallows


    That's precisely what happened with my grind before this one. It took four button presses to extract a single shot that ended up tasting like ear wax. I had to throw out the powder and start again.
  11. Fallows


    Cheers for the post. Yeah, some of his videos had popped up while doing some quick YTing the other night. I had to skip because it was going way over my head, plus he came across as a bit of a hipster (I fully well realise I'm heading into Hipsterville when it comes to researching how to make decent coffee). To be fair I've not given his beginners videos a chance, but I definitely will. From his wiki: "One of his first jobs after graduating was working for Gaggia in Selfridges". Heh, one of the regulars over on NTSC recommended their machines once I'm ready to upgrade. I'm not sure if I want to be aiming for crema or not, but this is by far my best tasting shot so far, and it was a double. Two minutes later: Nearly ten minutes later: Crema for days. If I can get every shot like this I'll be happy.
  12. Maybe try getting one from Japan. You might have to pay extra for postage and customs, but they generally take good care of stuff, so you have a better chance at getting one in great condition.
  13. I played Wip3out extensively before I got in on the beta and my muscle memory translated across seamlessly. The gameplay is a carbon copy. You can even tweak it to play like 2097.
  14. Woohoo! BallisticNG, that WipeOut love letter that I keep banging on about is finally getting a Switch port. https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/473770/view/3026952620737272034 It's old news now, but I only just learned about it. Doubtful we'll be able to import WipeOut ships/music/soundFX/tracks and such (you'll need a Deck for that), but it'll make a worthy portable companion.
  15. As a 14 year old I saw the Saturn price tag and went "I'm never going to be able to get one" despite really fucking wanting one. The only reason I managed to snag a PSX was because I was working for a video game rental place, one which didn't cater for the Saturn because there was almost zero demand for it.
  16. Producing and releasing Cyberpunk 2077 across nine different platforms. Not with 10,000 developers could you do that, it was folly.
  17. And there went the 3090 drop I was waiting for. Gone in under 20 seconds. There's no way this is happening unless you employ a bot.
  18. Copper heatsink. 128MB RAM. Hardly overboard, but why compromise? Get it set up the once and forget about it forever.
  19. I think you're being sarcastic, but the DS family would like a word anyway.
  20. Indeed. Ask anyone who works in a career focused on problem-solving, or anyone learning a musical instrument.
  21. A 3050 level Switch 2 would be awesome, but as others have said that’s not happening for multiple reasons. The sensible thing for Nintendo to do would be to wait out this supply shortage until that tech is indeed available. I don't think bumping up specs to a base PS4/Deck standard would make much of an impact, and would pretty much rule out 4K gaming from the get go. I'd be more than happy to wait until 2025/26 for a successor. If a mobile chip is off the table then beef out the dock somehow.
  22. Yeah. Ikea. Perfectly adjustable mills which stay locked-in indefinitely (nearly six years strong, here). They're also somehow great for keeping out moisture when you're grinding over steamy pans. Save the money for something like knives.
  23. Fallows


    €60 out of Lidl. €13 for their electric grinder. Paid for using my company card, so we'll get €15.30 back. To think I almost dropped €600 on a Sage when I'd definitely never be able to tell the difference. It took me about four or five cups to get an espresso just right, but we're there now. Sorry for the commercial coffee. I needed a familiar benchmark to start with as I've never made real coffee before. Any recommendations?
  24. How nice it'd be if ARMS made that list.
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