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  1. Out with the old... ...in with the old. Welcome to my new hobby. Decanted with 3-5ml of Golden airbrush medium depending on consistency. 8mm glass agitator in each. Only about 200+ to go.
  2. Alright so there are loads of consoles in very good condition going for cheap on Ebay Germany. Sourcing a console won't be difficult. The thing is what's the best RGB amp to install, and how hard is it? I could go and research all this stuff myself but I'm busy AF and already behind on my work. I should be working right now actually instead of doing this. I plan on going all-in with this project. RGB, steel bowl sticks in the controllers (costly), Everdrive64, etc. This is one of the many reasons I'm after one. I reckon GX is far better than X, but it's still a clear 10/10.
  3. Yeah, there's no way it's not going to be Bluetooth. I've just sold some stuff off so it could soon be N64 time!
  4. I reckon that Project Triangle Strategy was one of the best things about the Direct. I forgot about that. 25 years on and I'm still waiting for something to take Tactics Ogre's crown. If this is half as good as that (somewhere in the region of Final Fantasy Tactics) then we're golden.
  5. I ask the same questions about software emulation in general. Especially with compromised input and display response thanks to bluetooth and flat screen tech. 50Hz is the least of my concerns with the Switch Online service. If someone's really desperate enough to want these games up to the point where they spend time repeatedly requesting them on internet forums they should probably invest that energy in sourcing the old hardware and playing them as nature originally intended. You could probably get a used console in good condition for the same price as one of those controllers. For a quick five minute curio doss on the way to work I suppose the service is good enough. But just imagine if they spent time on giving these old games the same treatment as Sega give theirs via. M2. I'd love 1080p F-Zero X running natively on the system with loads of added bits like graphics modes, track creation and online sharing, online lobbies, etc. I know I'm in a minority but I'd pay full price for that - because I love the fucking game and I can appreciate the work and the end result. FFS I'd buy most of the catalogue purely out of support.
  6. The sequel looked phenomenal when we first saw it. Unfortunately for me once I started to peel through the layers of game play there were brick walls all over the place - like you were being regimented to play a very specific way. After roughly 800 hours on the first game I’m still working new stuff out nearly every time I play. It’s a true sandbox of character action. I’m not even ready to dig into Transformers or DMC5 yet. From that reveal yesterday it looks like an entirely new game altogether now, and as others have said looks very Scalebound. It might still be amazing. I hope it is.
  7. This was the best thing on the Direct. I might get it for me and the boy (If we get a Switch).
  8. I’ll tell you what else I like about these balancing changes. She’s removed any chance of finding nice stuff in generic loot spots, so no more finding a lush new sword in some random sack beside a peasant’s house - and thus no more hours wasted frantically checking absolutely every looting spot for fear of missing anything. I’m only looting specifically in and around places of interest, such as boss or quest locations. I’m just done with my introduction to the Brummie Baron. Got some interesting new quests on my radar now.
  9. It looks like a complete fucking train wreck from whatever angle you want to take.
  10. Fallows

    Perfect Dark

    Could be worse. They could have gotten James Corden to help them instead.
  11. I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer, but it's going to be software emulated (lag) using bluetooth controllers (£40 + more laaag) played on a flat screen (more lag). There's a little bit of lag with the WiiU version, paired with the dodgy emu, but I begrudgingly got over it after a few races if was on the game pad (forget the TV though, my last TV was shit). If you're fine with playing Super Mario Kart on the service under those conditions you might be alright. Did they ever include an option to turn off the annoying overlay with the button reminders? But yeah you're right, it's F-Zero X. It deserves to be played on an N64 hooked up to a CRT (or at the very least an OSSC). ----- The state of that casting for the Mario film. Fuck me. I guess James Corden wasn't available so they had to go with Chris Pratt? I highly doubt this one's going to be a surprise hit for the nerds (like Sonic kinda was). Bayonetta 3 looks... Questionable. Four years that's taken. I think I'll wait for some proper gameplay videos first. Actually, in terms of visuals (and performance) in general it seems like we've regressed massively from the majestic Super Mario Odyssey. That's four years old now and still the best looking game on the machine.
  12. I thought it worked out alright. Everything done and everything worthwhile purchased with a few coins left to spare. I was there to blow up a monster nest anyway. I could have sold off a big chunky amethyst and a couple of my other semi-valuable finds, but I'm noticing I'm getting stiffed by vendors and only ending up with a small percentage of the item value for some reason. I want to keep them until I can sell them for more. I dislike ending up being power rich in games to the point where the currency ends up being trivial. Limited cash means purchasing decisions have to be made much more carefully.
  13. I’m hoping I can walk in somewhere and buy one at Christmas. I’ve missed my Switch. My boy has missed ARMS.
  14. Can’t you wangle much more coin out of them if you use the Jedi mind tricks first? I’m using the Ghostmode overhaul which balances out the economy somewhat (as well as loads of other stuff), so hopefully I don’t end up too rich with nothing left to buy. So far the income has been quite tough. Even after rinsing absolutely everything I could find I had to carry back loads of rusty swords from that battlefield in White Orchard to pay for the final piece of my Temerian armour set.
  15. I've only just left White Orchard. I completed it a few nights ago, but wasn't happy with how I did it. So I went through it again and 100%'d the place. It's a great game, no doubt, I'm just having a hard time enjoying 'all' of it. I've listened to all of the NPCs multiple times up to Act I and I've also read all of the notes and books, but I'm still clueless when it comes to the various locations and armies and who's fighting who and what exactly for(?). I'm finding the lore to be impenetrable. The only reason I'm not space barring though the dialogue is purely because I'm trying my hardest to 'get into it', but then it's mostly just going over my head. It's a shame because I'm doing my best to talk to everyone. I feel like I should have read the books, or at the very least played the earlier games. Will I get by alright just by understanding the morals behind the main quest? The side-quests are also much more easily digestible. Anyway, I've just reached the first 'real' zone. So let's see how it goes.
  16. Super Fantasy Zone is my favourite discovery from this year. Wiz 'n' Liz is another I've been hooked on. I reckon Yuji Naka got inspiration from Wiz 'n' Liz for NiGHTS. Lots of similarities.
  17. I doubt they're going to dilute Metroid: Dread sales with a Metroid Prime Trilogy so soon. There's more chance of a new F-Zero, tbh.
  18. Never confuse BIN prices with the actual real value of some of these games. As an example I just saw a mint and complete PAL Match of the Millennium get auctioned off for just over €50. Very few of the games are genuinely rare. It's just the opportunistic twats on Ebay that make it look like they are, with their insane buy it now pricing.
  19. I finally started The Witcher III. I have all the DLC and a few mods installed to enhance the vanilla game. Bug/engine fixes, better item/stats balancing, a simple reshade, Cavill's face, etc. I smashed through White Orchard but then felt unhappy with my ability point selection, so started again. I must have 100%'d the place by now. I've found so much more than ever before - something like four of those standing stones. That's the only thing that hangs me up with these games, I get stuck trying to suss out the best build on my first ever play. Then I later feel bad for making the game too trivial, mainly thanks to looking at "INSANE!" builds online.
  20. There's also the dinosaurs to think about. "Evolution, Morpheus, evolution, like the dinosaur." Good luck getting anyone to believe in dinosaurs when they have zero perception of time. Or, maybe you only learn about dinosaurs once you reach Zion? idk.
  21. My son (4) plays a game for a few minutes before ROM/ISO surfing over to another. It's like Netflix. I don't think it's doing his attention or capacity for appreciation any favours. I've tried starting a Wind Waker run with him but he loses interest fast. The only time this doesn't happen is when he's playing SNK vs. Capcom on the NGPC - that game captivates him. He only gets a couple of hours of screen time a day, so I think he tries to frantically fit as much stuff into that as possible.
  22. I wasn't fond of mine, but I got one way too late. Christmas 1989. The Bond Action Pack Got so sick of being roped it with The Hit Squad fancy covers and screens, overall. That R-Type port did keep me entertained though, and was one of the best games I'd had at home up to that point.
  23. The OT had that green film filter over all of the Matrix sequences. This seems to have gone all super pop filter, like some kind of Fallout 4 Reshade preset. There's blue everywhere, too. Blue glasses, blue pills (obvs.), blue hair. Did I miss any others? @1:57 there's a projector displaying Neo's extraction scene from the first movie. Weird.
  24. The M30 with the USB dongle (MegaDrive Mini) is 2.4GHz. It's lightning quick and gets my seal of approval. Using the DB9 2.4G variant wirelessly with a Daemonbite adapter or similar yields almost identical results, according to that big Excel doc.
  25. My favourites. I'll be buying more for backup purposes at some point. You don't need anything else. Well, other than joysticks if you want to go that far.
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