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  1. Disappointing to hear. The minis really had me looking forward to this. I was hoping for something similar to Descent 2nd Edition in scope and accessibility (where only I really need to know the rules, and can guide everyone else). I was going to spend literally hours on YouTube sussing out the game itself, but it seems you've already done that for me, so thanks!
  2. I'm pretty sure you can make a game accessable while retaining the difficulty. For example, how does DoDonPachi play on that special needs controller?
  3. My Samsung has done that for years with any console. Super annoying. It seems to have issues syncing until I turn things off and back on again.
  4. Indeed. Way more Zelda fans now, innit.
  5. ^ That Majora's Mask Moon is creepy as hell.
  6. Nah, I don't have an N64 yet. It'll be one of the first things I do when I get one, though.
  7. That's half the fun. As is updating on a weekly basis and watching it do its thing. Honestly, the tinkering required is minimal.
  8. Yeah. It'd get turned off after ten minutes for Perfect Dark.
  9. Someone tag me in here once Perfect Dark (64) gets a 120FPS boost. Cheers.
  10. Out in the Badlands I'd think to myself "WTF am I doing all the way out here?" before stumbling upon something really cool and hidden.
  11. I want to build another almost for this reason alone. I took the opportunity to teach my little boy about computer parts at the same time.
  12. Funnily enough the PC version of Bayonetta has to be played at mutiples of 60Hz, or else you get jittery video. It's annoying having to adjust it every time in, and out, of the game.
  13. This can't come soon enough. I'm going to miss having something worthwhile to watch this year.
  14. After three failed attempts, including two rare BVMs, I learned never to courier a CRT.
  15. Corrosion of aged, potentially irreplaceable, components. That's how my NES finally died.
  16. We're not getting any deals here (NL). :/ Near €90 before games/subs are factored in. You can't have it all, I suppose.
  17. Even on the PC they've done an amazing job with RTX off. I guess they had the RTX version as a benchmark, and could easily extract and compose 'fake' lighting from the results generated by ray-tracing. There's no doubt that Stadia is great value. The best part is they can upgrade all the kit at their end whenever they wish while still providing a consolised experience for the user. I hope it sticks around. I feel like getting into it just to support it, and for something downstairs. How's the controller?
  18. It's not just the "fancy reflections", either. It's the global illumination, the diffuse lighting, the volumetric fog, plus whatever other black magicks reside within the RTX suite - all THAT being reflected, with reflections being reflected... It's an assault on the senses. Looking at your monitor feels like you're peering through a window into a model world, like looking through the glass display of a Warhammer diorama. My main criticism of the game being it's far too easy to end up being distracted by the spectacle - I'd spend chunks of time just looking at stuff instead of progressin
  19. No, honestly, see my point above about a video being 'static', as opposed to controlling a camera within a lit environment. I guarantee, you control that light in person and it's totally different. I tried demoing it to my techie/PC friend and he didn't get it either until he sat down and started moving around. At first: "Yeah, that looks nice...". After sitting down: "Holy SHIT look at that! ... Wow, look at this puddle!".
  20. Being in control of your 'face' (camera) in a fully ray-traced environment is a complete game changer, and I'm no graphics whore. No static video can do it any justice. It's just as immersive as VR, IMO. Having real light bouncing around a scene is mind-bendingly convincing. I'm glad this game is getting the love it deserves. I just couldn't be arsed putting up the fight around launch, and preferred to actually invest my time in the game itself instead of defending it online.
  21. All of E3 dedicated to Splatoon 3.
  22. Yeah, that's what I thought - using a SFC 1-CHIP with Retro Gaming Cables' Packapunch SCART going into an 800 TVL Sony BVM. But you still get that vertical bright line, plus the overall brightness is slightly off with small levels of ghosting. I'm far too particular to do the cap/resistor replacements and soldering myself, and even if I wanted to the RGB amps are always out of stock, or won't ship to Europe. A Super NT with the analog DAC would be a much easier setup to get around the above issues, and weigh in at roughly the same cost as the 1-CHIP with all the bells a
  23. Even as a bare-bones emulated ISO dump, that trilogy is just far too much gold to be dishing out to people prior to a Metroid Prime 4 release. Unless of course they're absolutely certain that MP4 is going to be leagues ahead of its predecessors.
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