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  1. It's only a real concern if you plan to OC the core clock past 2GHz (which is a relatively small OC, considering the base clock). New drivers have gone out to address the issue which in turn gimp performance by around 1%. Awaiting more info on how that has gone down. EDIT: Like @Lying Cat says, OCing these things is a little pointless, anyway. Waiting for new CPUs is eventually going to buy you more FPS than anything else right now. Wait until the Zen 3 announcement next month before seriously considering a new PC build.
  2. Has it been confirmed that it will run better, compared to a Pro/X? I can't really see it being that much better. Maybe a locked frame rate and/or native 4K as opposed to checkerboard? I'd much rather wait for the proper patch.
  3. Now says "unavailable". And also "Purchased 100+ times since your last visit".
  4. That would be amazing. Just what I need right now (besides weed). Hope it works!
  5. https://www.very.co.uk/msi-geforce-rtx-3080-gaming-x-trio-10g/1600523190.prd Very have the MSI in stock. Confirmed large delivery, whatever large means.
  6. Wait. Did you only pay for one? That happened to me before.
  7. Another delay would suit me just fine. I wouldn't be in as much of a rush/panic to get the RTX3080. I'm also sure most sensible people won't want to be playing the current gen version on next-gen hardware. Just delay it and let people enjoy Christmas for what has been a shit enough year.
  8. It looks more like Excite Truck than anything else!
  9. Leeds CEX here. On launch day. I switched it for the US version later on. It's a great game, and I think it gets a lot of unwarranted flak.
  10. Or you could just calibrate the analogue stick within the options for home controls as opposed to the default arcade (the same as what has to be done with F-Zero GX). EDIT: Like @partious said. Interestingly this is exactly how arcade Daytona USA handles when emulated.
  11. Maybe. I really want Perfect Dark in 4K. I also desperately need a new controller more than anything. I won't be getting one any time soon though...
  12. Maybe it's alright for Nvidia UK. I'm in NL. You want your credit card info loaded in there just in case.
  13. Nope, for us too. They removed Paypal from their checkout, so beware. If Mastercard blocked this I'm going to cry.
  14. Nvidia EU just restocked. I sat through 20 minutes of captcha hell and CC authorisation fail and came out with nothing. It was in my cart at 12:23 and by 12:44 they were out of stock. Three guys on the Tweakers.net Discord got one. Told me to keep trying (they were having the same issues). I've still got it in my cart. I wonder if it will remain valid until restock?
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