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  1. Like any publisher is going to green light this. It's almost hilarious. I totally get it, though. I still feel wrong after paying just €4 for Bayonetta. I felt like somehow sending $100 of Domino's vouchers to Platinum Games' HQ. I've since triple-dipped, but I'm still a fair bit away from reaching €60 total. Even €60 feels like a piss-take for something that's given me at least 500 hours of deep, hypnotic, and at times immersive-to-the-point-of-transcendental gaming entertainment.
  2. I don't know why the publishers stop marketing their games shortly after release.* Nintendo keep their prices full-whack because they continue to advertise the software usually all the way up until the death of the host system. *I've had a think. Maybe they're publishing far too many games in order to do this effectively.
  3. That's a good topic. "Which Director's Cuts are bobbins?". Cinema Paradiso being the worst example, for me. A totally unnecessary tampering of a masterpiece.
  4. I had the same issues. I wouldn't try streaming this bad boy unless you have a separate PC to handle the processing. There's just no overhead for anything else really, no matter how good your PC is. I don't know, maybe a Ryzen with a lot of cores could handle all the juggling.
  5. I've had sections/blocks(?)/cells(!?) of the world briefly lose their lighting just the once or twice when I've been driving at speed, but I put that down to general jank. Nothing I'd want to drop Psycho RTX over. Other abnormalities have been fascinating, more than anything. Like sharp edges of models catching the light and refracting it violently if I position the camera just right. It'd be better if all that was cleared up of course, but I've never been able to play around with 'real' light in a game before. The lower the DLSS setting the more frequent it happens, naturally due
  6. Really? Psycho mode has always worked perfectly fine for me, running along at 70-90FPS (3080FE at 1440p). I really need that daytime Global Illumination. Quite easily the best lighting, and thus overall visuals, that I've ever seen in a game before by a significant margin. I've yet to try 1.12, though.
  7. Well, I thought it was pretty great as far as dumb action hero films go. I heavily dislike 99% of what Marvel (Disney) put out. A vast improvement over the original version. I always like Snyder's cutaways as he goes into the visions/backstories/memories of the characters in his films, so those bits helped push it along for me. Some top Batmobile action, as well. Might watch again.
  8. I can't wait for fully-fledged mods to hit. The scope for modding this game is beyond huge, and if they really open the doors up it can hang around for just as long as Skyrim has. Longer, easily. They really need their creation kit equivalent out ASAP. Working on a game this size is too big for a studio. It needs a community.
  9. He put out a poll last week asking Patreons what CPS-II cores we wanted for this week. Shmups won by a huge lead, so it looks like Progear, Gigawing, and possibly Mars Matrix will drop tomorrow, as well.
  10. Pre-ordering a GPU I can agree with. Pre-ordering an Analogue piece of kit I can agree with. Pre-ordering a batch of small production run miniature paints I can agree with. Pre-ordering a digital video game from a huge corporation that doesn't give a fuck once they have your cash, and can likely spin that £60/£75 for a 3x come 16th July? Fuck right off. It fucking offends me so much. Especially when pre-orders for things which desperately need pre-ordering isn't an option much these days. I remember my first ever pre-order. Ocarina of Time. That meant some
  11. Was just about to post that. It's such a shame.
  12. Although I've always had gripes with software emulation you'd have to have something up with you to pass on one of those. It looks easily as good as a proper Sega piece of kit. I love that button layout, too. What resolution is the screen? Found it. 4:3 3.2" TFT LCD // 320*240.
  13. Honestly, I probably threw something like 500 work hours at obtaining that thing. That's the only aspect of it that's making me hold. I've added a cheap $20 DAC from AliExpress to my MiSTer setup. My headphones had a little hiss, and are nowhere near loud enough. Going into my speakers the hiss was unbearable, and really noticeable at regular playing volume. The optical out going into the DAC fixes the hiss, of course, and I get a volume knob as a bonus (a physical Mega Drive/AES style volume slider/knob would make a nice addition to the IO board, I feel). It's also slightly louder, but I'v
  14. I'm addicted to this thing in an unhealthy fashion. 4am nights. Lost work hours. Neglect of most innane tasks related to adulthood. Etc. It's like I've discovered gaming all over again. I might even sell off my RTX3080 for a high price.
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