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  1. There’s a sealed Perfect Dark in the retro shop here going for €60…
  2. Forgot to update here, but I'm more than happy with the PS2 version thanks to @Kevvy Metal's advice.
  3. At least pop a good heatsink on the chip. You don't want to (potentially) permanently compromise performance and longevity by trying to save a tenner. Get a copper one from misterfpga.co.uk
  4. Not yet. I don't have a controller to put any in!
  5. https://steelsticks64.com/ This is the way.
  6. Indeed. Only the N64 remains. I know plenty of people want the Saturn, but for me that’s now covered with the amazing/superior PS2 and XBLA ports. Plus, my 90s Saturn was basically a NeoGeo and CPS-II emulator most of the time anyway. I can’t think of a single Saturn game I’m missing out on.
  7. I just recently tried AM2R and it’s ridiculously polished. I recommend. The only thing it’s missing is some decent CRT/LCD shaders. Would love to see a port to something with a low res screen.
  8. They are already. I don't even bother trying to escape their grip because the checkpoint is right at the door anyway, and I want to keep the area layout fresh in my head without distraction. The best part about those encounters is that each confining area is like a mini speedrun.
  9. Great fucking point. I totally forgot about European consoles being PAL. What a dick. To think that I had two NTSC N64s that I gave away to friends back in 2010 (one with an RGB mod and expansion pak). What a dick.
  10. I’ve come around to the soundtrack as well, but I hope this isn’t the start of the death of traditional themes in games, just like what has happened to Hollywood cinema over the past ten years. Everyone wants to be like Zimmer/Marvel now.
  11. I’ve only used the cloaking device three times, once when trying it out, then two times for each of the doors that require it. Seems a bit pointless really, and that energy bar it uses even more pointless.
  12. I’ve heard stories of lots of equipment going to landfill because it’s just not worth it for them to pay people to verify and repack said equipment. Whole TVs and stuff. I noticed some very slight wear around the sides of my left joycon housing immediately after removing it from the factory sealed baggie, where you can see the finish has lost the matte effect. Not because it’s been rubbing the packaging in a particular way, but through obvious human use. There is also a similar mark on the flat surface just beneath the stick. Knowing the history of the infamous left joycon I’m wondering if it’s a refurbished return or something. I’d be up in arms over something like that usually, but it’s probably going to end up like that anyway so I’m leaving it. Otherwise if I’m buying new I really do expect it to be new.
  13. You honestly won't regret it. It's the Switch XL/LL, only it has an OLED screen so they called it the Switch OLED instead. Agree with @ZOK on the old stand. I used mine several times in public and also at a couple of rooftop parties in downtown NYC, but it wasn't fit for any train ride or for those moments when you accidentally roll into your desk with your chair. This one is miles better. I'm still going to use my official case as the stand, though.
  14. What happens to all the returned stuff? Does it go to a Nintendo rep who verifies and re-boxes?
  15. Or indeed, the same treatment the community have given the Mario 64 port on certain Anbernic device firmwares. It’s a port, not emu.
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