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  1. Anyone tracking these: https://steelsticks64.com/
  2. At the least the Dutch API is back. https://api-prod.nvidia.com/direct-sales-shop/DR/products/nl_nl/EUR/5438796700 Stock is ready to go. They just need to switch the button around on the site.
  3. That's going to be my vehicle of choice for the entire game. It looks more like the old Peugeot 205 GTi. Hopefully it comes in British Racing Green.
  4. I don't know. I'd buy it, but I don't have a Switch anymore. I'd be surprised if it didn't have it.
  5. My all time favourite indie game is on the Switch: https://store-jp.nintendo.com/list/software/70010000021588.html One glance at the screens and a lot of people usually apprehensive regarding bullet hell would be turned away. It actually has one of the best learning curves I can remember. You're always having lots of fun while you improve. "Hmm, this game isn't really that hard after all!" Looks at clock. "Yeah, maybe because I've just done five hours solid without realising!"
  6. Selling my perfectly capable GTX 1080 Ti to fund shiny new ray-traced Cyberpunk 2077. Probably my most anticipated game of all time. Only there is absolutely no stock of the new GPUs, and I don't even have a current-gen console.
  7. Some people I know getting a Series X on launch when they very rarely complete any game beyond 15%. I'm just left thinking "WTF?", as well as being a bit jealous. Although it's not really jealousy, more hatred. I really shouldn't be feeling like this.
  8. I'm still using mine as my main console. Same as @phillv85 my disc drive went years ago. Not that I need it for anything. I do need a new pad though. Desperately so. This has been mine since new. I've been using it for PC gaming all that time as well. The dead zone on the left analogue is becoming a little problematic.
  9. I've made peace with the fact that I won't be playing CP2077 until well into 2021. I've already waited seven years for it, so another seven months isn't much. Anything better than that will be a pleasant surprise. I'll just have to stay away from the forum and social media until then.
  10. So now we have to wait for them to work out a distribution deal with a new partner, while simultaneously fixing their site. That's going to take them weeks/months.
  11. @Len I just saw the notifications on the Discord for the Best Buy drop. Grats. It seems they received all of Nvidia's stock for this week. So far nothing for the EU from Nvidia themselves.
  12. All very valid points. I think I'm sure my 8700K can last until AM5. I'm still sticking with Nvidia for GPUs... Unfortunately. I'm locked in thanks to my G-Sync displays.
  13. This time next year, for me. Seeing as my income has been buggered hard. Thinking about it I could probably jump in earlier, depending on how much I can recoup from selling on the 8700K. It's not such a good OC as it requires 1.42v if I want 5GHz stable (that's with a de-lid and lapping). First thing is a motherboard. I've always liked the sound of the TUF range for added durability. https://azerty.nl/product/asus/4219300/tuf-gaming-b550m-plus-moederbord---micro-atx-am4-socket Either that, or I'm wondering if I should wait for PCIe 4.0.
  14. It's only Batman. You don't have to get THAT big. He looked great in the trailer.
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