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  1. It's only a fan render. Hope I'm not disappointed by the real thing now.
  2. I'm just getting set up. http://twitch.tv/fallows Tonight I'm starting a Yakuza 0 first-play on hard mode. 9pm GMT. After I'm done with that I might do a Skyrim run with mods - starting with a 24hr sesh. I might do a Dark Souls first-play within a 24hr window as well and aim for the clear. I only stream weekdays at 9pm, although I may pop on at other times as well. Would appreciate some followers! Once I reach 100 I can announce this to my friends and family. I expect to have everything finished today (overlays, labels, etc.). My camera only turned up yesterday so I'm still trying to find the best positioning and settings for that.
  3. Far Cry 5 WTF am I doing playing this? It came free with my microphone that I bought for my work calls, so I decided to set up a Twitch account and stream the fucker to return the courtesy. I'm kinda having fun with it... some parts are LOL IRL, mostly it's open-world checkpoint marker tedium. Streaming is addictive. I might do Bayonetta next, but then I have friends begging me to play Yakuza 0 while I personally want to do modded Skyrim to generate viewership. I've never played Dark Souls either, so it'd be cool to maybe try completing it within a 24 hour window or something.
  4. PvP. Zones like Stranglethorn Vale just don't come with any character otherwise.
  5. Streaming some 60 Mage PvP. Just logged in and got it set up about an hour ago so super fucking rusty... http://twitch.tv/fallows Give me a follow plz! Sorry Neg, didn't check the time and I'm starving AF!!
  6. The 60 PvP game has developed massively over the past few years. These people must play (or even do) absolutely nothing else. That Rogue's most watched vid: This is the kind of stuff you're up against these days... Damn right I'm picking Warlock; with a sack full of trinkets, grenades, and potions!
  7. I spent so long in my Vive when first I got it that I started to see the screen-door effect in real life. I was also heavily questioning actual reality. A lot more than I normally do, anyway. Not just how one does after first watching The Matrix, but much deeper than that - like when coming back down off of psychedelics. It was scary.
  8. Rare Replay for the Switch would mean Perfect Dark HD for the Switch. I would fucking. cum. everywhere.
  9. Over 95% of what makes Bayonetta so special doesn't come through until repeat runs.
  10. I've decided on Warlock, making peace with the fact I'm going to be Rogue food. Tailoring and herbalism until preraid-BiS is crafted and then I'll switch out tailoring for engineering.
  11. Same here. I have no choice but to play casually. However I'll need to be super-efficient with my time in-game. I suppose we're all joining the same server? Have they mentioned anything about realms and battlegroups yet?
  12. Just because you can swing swords, steal abilities, jump and ground-pound doesn't mean it shares the same nuanced and intricate mechanics found in Smash. I'm having a very hard time trying to think of any similar game outside of the various clones - and even they struggle. With the amount of characters you could argue that most of their respective games are a great gateway to Smash; which they are, ever so slightly.
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