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  1. Does he have a Tidal Charm, though?
  2. I wanted an import so bad. I'd always wanted imports badly but the N64 especially so. The Dreamcast in second place. That was awesome though as I was already working and earning a salary by that point so managed to fulfill that wish. The importer I went with got games in up to two weeks earlier than Japanese release date, so used to get loads of stuff early. Those were the days!
  3. @strider I suggest opening it up and giving it a clean with a brush and some compressed air (it's likely never been cleaned before). Check any caps for swelling or leaks. You might feel like a useless turd but in doing that kind of thing repeatedly you begin to familiarise yourself with the innards. Like I said earlier I could probably carry out a full dismantle and recap by now if I had to. Check out Retro Tech on Youtube. Easily the best PVM maintenance tutorials. I'm always opening mine up for a fiddle. I moved my retro trolley 180 degrees to the other side of the room at the weekend and the geometry rotated back again slightly, so had to perform yet another yoke adjustment. Why not take more pictures of your set? That one above isn't doing it any justice.
  4. It's the second best 3D fighter, right behind VF5:FS. I've not played it in a while but I'm going to miss it when the Switch goes. So will my two year-old son, as it's the only game he plays.
  5. Probably. Check the videos I posted on the previous page.
  6. Fallows

    Nintendo Switch

    BotW kept me going all the way up until Arms, and I still didn't finish it! MK8D was the perfect distraction, as it was nothing new. I could jump on that for 30/60mins and then get back to hunting for Korok seeds.
  7. Fallows

    Nintendo Switch

    How is the stock situation these days? I need to sell something and I'd rather start by selling the stuff that's easily replaceable.
  8. Fallows

    Nintendo Switch

    As @Strafe says, you're only losing functionality by doing this.
  9. 22mb scanline flex: (Open image in new tab or zoom on phone)
  10. I'm just after dusting and wiping out almost 24 years of gunk from my PVM. Had to rotate the yoke a tad as there was a slight tilt. Tweaked the focus as the outer edges were smudging. The caps all look grand but I reckon I'll be ready to commit to replacing them within the year. I know my way around these things pretty well now. All this action today has made me eager to get my BVM sorted out. I only need to find a replacement power supply (G-board), so if anyone ends up with a borked 14" PVM/BVM, that at the very least turns on, please get in touch!
  11. That's basically just telling you the controls. Games like this generally require a VF4 Evo level of hand-holding if you want to know everything, which they never come with. They are this way by design. Kamiya prefers that the players deep-dive all by themselves.
  12. More importantly he's neglecting the all-important stun condition activation, no doubt because it's on an easier difficulty. Like Viewtiful Joe you have to stun the enemies before you can unload on them. With the entry level ones this is done by 'jabbing' your crowd of heroes into them (with X), or by rapidly shooting at them with the Unite Gun. Your dudes will climb up and start hassling until the stun is activated (this is the ONLY Pikmin similarity). Later on foes need stunning with the Unite Hammer or Unite Whip, etc., depending on their armour type. Once stunned you can throw, or better yet launch with Unite Sword and get really creative. Intermediate: Advanced:
  13. If you want to just mash through to the end, no. If you want to enjoy it fully it will take a bit of learning and understanding. If you want Pure Platinum runs it's probably the hardest game for that, and not very fair/balanced either. It's no masterpiece.
  14. Nevermind. Anyway, yeah. MK8D. How many has it sold now, do we think? *checks* 22.96 million.
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