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    Nintendo Switch

    Have you tried a game that runs native 1080p? Smash Bros. and MK8D look like PC games on my second monitor. Absolutely crystal.
  2. I'll try to keep this short AF because I'm busy AF: Just before Christmas we started playing some board games with friends. I couldn't stop thinking about HeroQuest so went to look for a copy. Saw the prices and went "fuck that". Ended up with a kind of modern-day evolved version instead (Descent 2nd Edition). As I'm playing it now it's striking me just how similar pretty much all of the game is to something like Fire Emblem, from everything featured on the world map to the character development down to the fighting calculations and quest conditions. They are basically the same game (with Descent having local team co-op vs. another player acting as the Overlord/DM). In the end I could have probably just replayed Awakening, but I'm glad I've found a new hobby in board games. In short: If you want a HeroQuest-type experience get Fire Emblem!
  3. I'm only just getting into board games but I'm delighted to find out that I only live an hour away from Essen.
  4. 39 seconds (including menus/loading/fluff). Took about two hours to get this down. I spent another five trying to get it down to half the time, but no dice.
  5. It reads like fan-fiction written by someone who isn't a fan.
  6. That's what I meant, mainly. It's been absolutely years since I last played it but I remember having to plot the paths from key to key and avoiding groups of mobs for max efficiency. Not so much killing the fuck out of everything in Arena A before moving to Arena B. The only time I find a game genuinely scary is when there are no checkpoints or save states.
  7. DOOM 2016 is basically current-gen Brutal DOOM in many aspects. Certainly the kill-frenzy game play and executions. No bad thing at all, but a massive departure from the way traditional DOOM plays.
  8. Amazingly many of the comments in that DF video are based on Switch port anticipation. They're all excited to see what's going to be done. I've yet to play DOOM on the Switch.
  9. It's sounding absolutely fucking incredible. Dare I say they've lifted even more elements of Metroid Prime for this, looking at that above clip? I've been replaying DOOM a little in between work tasks and the double-jump feels exactly like MP. I was going to wait for it to hit the sales but I don't think am gonnae be able tae contain masell.
  10. It looked and sounded like her so much, though!! Her age would tie up, too.
  11. Just got back from this. I enjoyed it, mainly because I was expecting the worst thing ever, and partly because it was the first time going to the cinema with my son. He's almost two and a half and loves Star Wars, and interestingly enough he only has the patience to sit through any of the OT films from beginning to end. We made sure we picked the very last viewing in 2D so that we would have the room to ourselves - that way he could shout and stuff without it being that big of a problem. Anyway, one thing that's bugging me - and I can't find any back-up to this online...
  12. Or in the case of Skyrim (and many others) the worst-case scenario is things never being fixed at all, meaning you have to resort to the PC version. Even if you're not modding at all you still have console commands to restore that one-off quest item that fell through the floor or vanished from your storage for no reason at all.
  13. Both. £22k a year for a video game developer at any point of the ladder is a disgusting insult. To compare I began 2005 with a new web/graphics design job at a local tech campus (Burnley. LOL!) on that exact figure. £25k by the time I resigned (2010).
  14. Same monitor as me. 165hz OC is nice and IPS make the colour/contrast look great. I also won a 1080p 144hz TN Iiyama Red Eagle for coming 1st place at a Mario Kart 8 time trial tournament.
  15. Descent and Azul turned up. Annoyingly Descent has a minor bashed corner (thanks to typically shite Amazon packing) which I'm trying to forget about as sending it back for a replacement seems a bit petty. Once opened I'll try to flatten it with a Duplo block and colour the white bits in with markers. The box for Azul is beautiful, though. Desperate to open it up despite it needing to go under the tree. Am I going to end up with shelves full of these by next year?
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