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  1. With me this usually only happens with the Metroid games.
  2. I've had every tag/kill on Nazjak since the layers went away, still no trinket though.
  3. Classic is indeed amazing. I've not had this much fun with an online game since the launch of MK8.
  4. I'll update the list at some point too. WoW has killed my stream. From 10-12 average viewers down to 0. Hmm...
  5. Two more back-to-back Prince kills and no trinket. Grrr.... On the other hand this World PVP is something else. Total destruction and skeletons piled everywhere. Never seen anything like it.
  6. We've been to CenterParks this week and this has been my fireside game. Just brushing up my Crusader build, however nothing beats the gameplay of Demon Hunter Multi-shot. It's just a shame that the Switch can't handle all of the projectile effects when things become crazy after GR100.
  7. I'm playing from an NVMe drive, which means my loading screens only appear for two seconds max. But then why am I dropped into a scene that hasn't fully finished rendering each time? Slightly jarring. Just give me an extra 0.5 seconds to digest the loading screen art while it finishes the job. It's not just this game, either.
  8. Once you've tasted fixed Skyrim there's no going back to laughably broken/rushed/unfinished Skyrim. That said I hope Obsidian tackle the fantasy realm next.
  9. It's so wonderfully refreshing being able to play a game like this without having to worry about fixing anything with mods.
  10. These have been the times when I've said "This is the best game EVER!": Bayonetta '18+ Breath of the Wild '17+ Perfect Dark '01+ Link to the Past '93+
  11. Waste their time digging up and applying the actual spawn data? That's my point. Maybe they couldn't be arsed and it's a flat 48hr respawn now. Several people on my realm across both factions with multiple kills and no trinket, which suggests the old 40% chance has been reduced.
  12. 3 Nazjak kills now and still no trinket. Seems to faithfully spawn every other day at around 2:40pm. I wonder if they've changed the timer and drop rates?
  13. This, but then all over again for Bayonetta, times one hundred. I'm convinced the developers took 'flow state' ("in the zone") thinking which generally occurs at the higher levels of playing these games and intertwined surface-level triggers to these meditative states within the actual base mechanics for Bayonetta. As you play deeper into the advanced tech you're always discovering new hooks. Here's a very interesting talk on flow state, and will explain by itself why these games are so very addictive and rewarding: DMC3 was of course the primer to all of this.
  14. Because it's one of the BiS for PvP. Update, first kill:
  15. My biggest criticism is the layering. Day 6 waiting for Prince Nazjak to spawn and I have no idea where I'm logging out from and where I'm logging in to each time. I just have to hope I get lucky at some point. Anyway, the longer I have to wait the sweeter that drop is going to be. Back when I got the Tidal Charm on retail I simply logged in before work really early, walked up to the place, killed him and got the trinket. On Elysium I logged in at around the same time and did the same.
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