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  1. Side-tracking massively here; but I'm also generally astonished at the amount of people I see driving new Tesla cars, upgrading to RTX GPUs, ready to pick up either/both new consoles at launch... I'm on my arse, and I'll be lucky if I can get Cyberpunk at this rate. As for this. Well, it's the same as their other products. Lovely pieces of kit. I'd really like one. A lot. I just don't need it at all.
  2. Master Cheif should take his helmet off and he's John Cena. THat would be well good.
  3. Cricky, I'll have to have a read/think. It's been so long now. I think you can update via. the network, yeah. Will have to confirm that, though. Re-reading my post it was just OPL which I'd updated. Not free mcboot itself. I can't even remember how I ended up with free mcboot in the first place. I certainly didn't get it from anyone. My PS2 arrived already able to read burned discs, despite never having the casing removed for a hardware mod. EDIT: That was it. I'd installed free mcboot via. burned CD-R.
  4. Haha! Yours looks like less of a test of patience than my usuall attempts. I tried the again on Sunday: (linky: embed not working) I'm surprised he lasted as long as he did. Mic quality compromised because of positioning, obvs.
  5. Escape the Bethesda 'look', you mean? Their games are far from janky. It was very refreshing being able to play The Outer Worlds without having to worry about installing community fixes and mods to make things work as they should.
  6. It looks like it needs finishing first before thinking about any polish at all.
  7. Also, the wonky animations (look at how that Elite does a forward roll!) and bits of debris which seem to float above the ground. Every time I watch the demo I find more stuff wrong with it. They have a concerning amount of work to do in three months if they want to avoid a MCC scenario. Maybe it's their plan to release it half-baked and then finish the job over the following months/years (after everyone has moved on).
  8. The detail on those trees is utterly impeccable. Naughty Dog have some catching up to do.
  9. And The Wonderful 101 ! Which was my GOTY of 2013.
  10. Fallows

    1440p or 4K

    The meat: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/18160 The gravy: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/34705 All of my interiors are locked at 144fps. Outdoor cells average between 75-90fps.
  11. Fallows

    1440p or 4K

    Some genius has fixed the Skyrim Havoc physics bugs when going over 60fps, as well as incorporating a whole ton of other display optimisations. I'm playing with zero input latency and G-sync. It's gone from being v-sync essential to running like an eSports title. Loving it so much.
  12. Fallows

    1440p or 4K

    What I'm finding is that If you're using a controller 60fps is just fine. For mouselook, however, it just doesn't cut it like it used to. Pick up DOOM 2016 and give that a spin at 144hz. There's just no going back afterwards.
  13. Fallows

    1440p or 4K

    Same here. I also won a 1080p/144hz/1ms/TN Iiyama from coming first place in a Mario Kart 8 time trial tournament while pretty drunk and stoned. I might have to use that depending on how demanding Cyberpunk is going to be on the 1080Ti. Hopefully it won't be too bad due to lack of ray-tracing.
  14. Fallows

    1440p or 4K

    You want to be aiming for higher than 60fps, ideally. Even 75fps is quite the jump. Or actually you may not want that. You'll never look at 60fps the same way again afterwards.
  15. I think the concept of time is a work of fiction purely in itself. It's just a way for man to apply numbers, and thus measurements, upon moving three dimensional objects which bring them into the fourth dimension. You then have the fifth dimension being the potential movements of those objects - the "what ifs". I believe we exist within a state of infinite 'now'. No past or future. It's impossible to go back, or forwards, down/up that road because the road never existed in the first place. Sure, things have been in that other place at one point, but that's purely irrelevant because they're not there now. The concept does allow for some great science fiction though, that's for sure.
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