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  1. Livin’ on a Prayer 9 to 5 I lived down the street from an 80s bar for five years. It was open six days a week and must have played these at least eight times a night.
  2. If I'm doing coke that's the last fucking song I want to listen to.
  3. Are there any decent dungeon crawlers suitable for a five year-old which aren't HeroQuest? I've been out of the loop for around a year or so, although I did manage to get a game of Scythe in with the Judo crowd. We have the entirety of Descent 2e ready and waiting (all expansions, hero & monster packs, and lieutenants), but he probably won't be ready for that until he can at least read English and understand what's on the cards by himself. We'll likely play more King of Tokyo over Christmas anyway.
  4. Thought I'd give this a try to see what all the fuss is about. Uninstalled after four runs. This is not the game if you also want to succeed at life.
  5. My lad watched it at four. He thought it was boring as shit compared to Aliens. We avoid anything supernatural. He won't sleep if anything revolves around ghosts. I was the same, and still am for some reason, despite being massively skeptical on the subject. Paranormal Activity disturbed my sleep for a few nights, as did Blair Witch Project, and more recently one episode of Lovecraft Country. I name-dropped RoboCop to him when he was three. Just the name "RoboCop" got him massively excited, and he bugged me for ages to watch it. One night I'm trying to get him to eat his broccoli and he's not having any of it, until I tell him we can watch RoboCop for that nights movie if he eats it all. He walloped the lot immediately, and has liked broccoli from that moment onwards. We did put it on, but I had to cover his eyes during the gory bits.
  6. Sonic Mania nailed it. It's a slotmask effect, which is integer-scaled perfectly, as to not enforce any horizontal banding. You mean they're the same upscaled resolution as 16-bit assets? The Shredder's Revenge display output is also an integer-upscale of the typical 240p resolution, so I've no idea why they couldn't scale even just simple overlays properly over the top:
  7. Have any CRT/LCD shaders been added for the home console cores yet?
  8. I’ll send you an EZ-Flash 4 for postage from NL if you like. PM me your address if so.
  9. Souls games for me because I find the combat to be overwhelmingly dull. Even when I’m playing like a bad ass I don’t feel like a bad ass. Got the Platinum on Bloodborne within 19 hours just to prove the point. I did enjoy that game, but only because it felt like what a modern Castlevania could have been like. I don’t really feel like playing any others, but I did get around 3/4 through Sekiro before quitting due to boredom.
  10. I’ve never played the game beyond White Orchard. I get to Velen and then go back to playing something else. I think I must have 100%ed White Orchard about five times by now. I know it like the back of my hand.
  11. I don’t know because I’ve never played it unmodded before to make any comparison. I’m using the Ghost Mode overhaul. Here’s the author’s blog with mod list recommendations, featuring combat improvement mods (including the E3 one you mention): https://wghost81.wordpress.com/2020/02/03/the-witcher-3-ghost-mode-mod-list/ I play with all of those mods mentioned (plus all the popular graphics and lighting mods which he doesn’t touch) and I like the game play very, very much. It’s never frustrating or clumsy and I’m always in full control of Geralt’s targeting, direction, and movement - even when I’m being swamped. His list is a little outdated now, with some new patches superseding his recommendations (such as Brothers In Arms). It’s taken me a few days to get all my shit back together, so if you need a list for 1.31/1.32 I can make one.
  12. As a self-proclaimed Nintendo fanboy and MMO/XP-bar collectables/grind addict I reckon they're fucking shite. I've tried about three times to force myself into them. GB Yellow, GBA Sapphire (and later Emerald), and Switch Shining Pearl. Roughly 50 hours on each. I think I'm done now.
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