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  1. GameCube or Dreamcast ports are generally considered the best for RE2. Both apparently have some graphical upgrades over the PS1 version. Differences between them as far as I know are that DC shows your health/ammo status on the VMU and has a couple of extra difficulty modes, while GC is the only version that lets you skip cutscenes. Some people say the Dreamcast graphics are "sharper". I presume that's just because of the potential for 480p VGA output compared to the GC's 480i. I can't imagine the pre-rendered backgrounds lending themselves well to 480p though. GC wins for me for the comfy controller.
  2. Wondering is this based on your experience with one of the ports of the game? I played through it again during lockdown on original hardware (to CRT) and it's still an absolute joy to control. Variable quality emulation + set ups not designed for these games is one of the things I think that contributes to the perception of many classics being dated. For example I find all Switch Virtual Console games quite clunky controlling due to the minor but perceptible input lag introduced. Visually, sprite-based stuff can hold up OK on modern displays with the right settings, but early polygonal stuff markedly less so. Donkey Kong Country still looks glorious on a CRT, but even on a small Switch screen looks a little ropey. Super Mario 64 is much the same. I get that practically most people aren't going to have the opportunity or inclination to play stuff on original hardware and CRTs. For the sake of preserving the original experience as far as possible, emulation needs to improve in the same way film restoration and the quality of transfers available in home media formats has come on significantly in recent years.
  3. I think this is true of very old games (a lot of pre-Famicom era stuff) in the same way few people outside of film historians and the most dedicated cinephiles cares to watch the very earliest films. It's certainly not true by the time you get to the Famicom and especially the Mega Drive/Super Famicom era, which can be considered a golden age in the same way 1940s and 50s film was. A Super Mario Bros. 3 or Super Metroid has improved with age every bit as much as a Double Indemnity or a Vertigo. With film you still get people who stubbornly refuse to watch anything in black and white or anything that doesn't have modern editing/pacing. They're depriving themselves in just the same way people who write off old games are depriving themselves.
  4. Marlowe

    The Man Utd Thread

    "Arsenal battered United" take doesn't really hold up under an XG of Man Utd 1.47 to Arsenal 1.52. I'd like to see us dominate possession more at home, but as Ten Hag acknowledged after the game it's early days for this team/coaching set up and there's a lot more work needed before we're in a position to dominate big games for long spells.
  5. How did that safety car take a good minute to be called? Could have been a terrible accident there for Bottas.
  6. Marlowe

    The Man Utd Thread

    Best atmosphere I've experienced at Old Trafford last night, and also the quietest I've ever known any team's away fans. Usually even away teams who are losing by much bigger margins manage more noise than that lot. For what it's worth the Glazers out chants were as loud as any other chants and consistently struck up throughout the match.
  7. Marlowe

    The Man Utd Thread

    Casemiro would be a great addition to any squad, but he doesn't fulfill ETH's requirement for a ball playing midfielder in the way FDJ would have. You'd hope we'd still be in for FDJ now or in January even if this one went through, but we all know the likelihood of that in Glazer era United.
  8. There are aspects of Dread that are undoubtedly better than Super Metroid. The movement mechanics and controls being the major one. I'd hesitate to compare them overall though as they are quite different games, Dread being more in the linear action-focused mould of Fusion than the open-ended exploration-focused mould of Super Metroid.
  9. I saw the Chili Peppers in Manchester and would echo that, the band were fantastic. Even Anthony's vocals were solid, better than he's ever sounded live. Great set list, I Could Have Lied and Soul to Squeeze being highlights for me. Thoroughly enjoyed Thundercat supporting too. Less so ASAP Rocky who was late and ended up playing after the Peppers, which gave us the surreal spectacle of a support act playing after the headliner.
  10. Marlowe


    Glad I'm not the only one who found the pearl clutching from the commentators unbearable last night. Somehow it was Kyrgios who should have been defaulted despite as far as I can tell breaking no rules. What he does to wind up his opponent is often gamesmanship and it's not pretty, but I couldn't see anything illegal in it. "No one wants to see this on a tennis court"... When actually someone with some character rather than the dull robotic Djokovic's of this world is exactly what we want to see. Kyrgios all the way for me.
  11. Another day ended up being the very same week. Couldn't stay away from it. Turok 2 lol.
  12. I'm slowly making sense of the chaos of this game and getting the hang of it now. I found it impossible to score from anything but rebounds to begin with but now I'm knocking in goals from all over the park. Key thing for me was buying armour to boost technique for your preferred captain/striker. Accuracy tends to trump power for beating the keepers which makes technique more important than the shooting stat. I rarely bother attempting charge shots now - with a 20-25 technique just a tap of the button put to the side of the keeper has a high success rate from a good position. Another key thing is tackling. The tendency when I started was to focus on whichever of my opponent's players had the ball and divert all my attention to them, in traditional football sim fashion. In this game though off-the-ball tackling is hugely important. If I'm charging a tackle up on a player with the ball, if my opponent passes it away before I get there then - unless my goal is exposed - I'll still go through with that tackle on the player who's now off the ball to put them out of action for a couple of seconds, reducing my opponent's passing options. Works wonders on a lot of the people online who mash the pass button endlessly.
  13. Not really fair. Made a few overtakes and was hindered by the double stacked pit under VSC.
  14. I'll be picking this up. Hoping the online is forgiving enough to be able to play with my NZ mate who worships the Cube original.
  15. We could have had 5 or so laps in perfectly acceptable conditions and then red flag it. Race direction should be reactive, not trying to preempt what might happen with the rain.
  16. Marlowe


    What's wrong with him? He's one of those instantly familiar and reassuring voices for me that evokes so many fond memories watching this game.
  17. Marlowe


    Game on. This tournament keeps delivering. I'm warming to Judd with the character he's showing here. If he starts the next session strongly it's all to play for.
  18. I'd be more surprised @Loik V credern if you did like a new album by a big 90s/00s band. I can't remember the last thing you posted positively about in this folder! You're way off about Arcade Fire. Funeral is formidable and has an emotional power few albums can match, but Neon Bible and The Suburbs are both excellent albums in their own right as well which evolve the AF sound in interesting ways and are very distinctive thematically. So many highlights: Keep the Car Running, Intervention, Windowsill, Antichrist Television Blues, Modern Man, City With No Children, Wasted Hours, We Used To Wait, Sprawl II. I haven't enjoyed their records since then, but 3 classic albums in a row is a feat that few bands emulate.
  19. Marlowe

    The Man Utd Thread

    How's that any different to the Elanga penalty shout which VAR didn't feel the need to refer to the ref on? Shoulder to shoulder all day.
  20. I had COVID last week so spent most of Easter weekend in bed playing this on the OLED. Have cleared it 3 times now. First time a 100% Normal run, then cleared Hard mode, then cleared Normal again in 3:30. Just leaves an under 4 hour Hard run to do but I think I'll leave that one for another day! It's definitely more in the Fusion than Super mould in its linearity, so I can see why it has disappointed people looking for more of the latter kind of experience. I love both types of Metroid though so can take it on its merits. As an action game it's sublime. The controls, mechanics, enemies and bosses are a huge step up from anything else in the 2D series. I hated EMMIs to begin with! They demand a certain mastery of the moveset and an awareness of all of the basic level design concepts. Makes it trial and error to begin with but enjoyable once you've mastered the game.
  21. Marlowe

    The Man Utd Thread

    Shades of that Berbatov assist to Ronaldo all those years ago.
  22. People who don't like MK64 are weird. I can only assume it's some combination of playing the slower PAL version, using battered controllers with loose sticks (or not even original controllers), dodgy emulation, or playing on something that wasn't a CRT (and so most likely getting horrific input lag). 150cc GP on NTSC MK64 on a CRT with a decent controller is god tier stuff.
  23. One of the best things about this is there's two completely different ways to race. The more traditional form of racing where you maximise your straight line speed and have to steer gently to avoid your craft drifting - Twin Norita being a good craft for this. Then the other kind where you pick a craft with low grip but high boost (e.g. Blood Falcon) and set the acceleration-top speed gauge to the far left. Your straight line speed is then very slow but you pick up huge speeds by drifting. I didn't even realise the latter was a thing back in the day until I tried beating all the staff ghosts and noticed that some of them were using this drift technique.
  24. Fantastic film. Surprised and disappointed to hear this fared badly at the box office, but then even this very forum has only mustered 1 page of reaction. I feel like in an earlier era this would have been a sure hit.
  25. That makes it more than the licence fee, which goes to show how ridiculously good value for money the licence fee is. I'll resubscribe for Better Call Saul but will probably end up cancelling again after that.
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