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  1. I actually thought Spain were undervalued at 29/20 considering Germany's abysmal record against them and each team's form, so had a little fluttter on them. So yes, no doubt Germany will win now!
  2. Great save. Not convinced by the penalty to begin with, the angles didn't show conclusive contact, and if there was contact it would have been far too light to naturally go to ground over.
  3. Finally have a set up I'm happy with: There's also a PS1 and PS2 in the cupboard under it I can swap in. Just need a Mega Drive really but that's a scene I haven't dabbled in at all yet.
  4. I'm hoping it's a directive to start adding on an amount of time that's reflective of the time wasting that goes on in every game. I'd quite happily see this become the new norm.
  5. Gave Phoenix a listen. Winter Solstice is already a top tier Phoenix tune for me, beautiful song. The rest of it I need to give more time but it'll no doubt grow on me like Ti Amo did. They get better with every album. I loved the last one, but with the exception of Forget About Life all the good stuff was on the first side. This new album seems more consistent. Velveteen is my current favourite.
  6. What does difficulty have to do with it? Galaxy is a far easier game than Sunshine.
  7. Sunshine is flawed, but I'd play it any day over Galaxy. The movement is the killer thing for me. Mario is an utter joy to control in Sunshine, and the FLUDD only increases the combinations you can put together. They inexplicably reduced the moveset and made him slow and heavy in Galaxy.
  8. Marlowe


    Saw these guys in Manchester last night. I'll prefix this by saying while I like a lot of the band's records, I haven't listened to them religiously. I can't even remember the name of many songs outside of my personal favourites and the bigger hits, and I'd never seen them live before. Going to the gig I was wondering how well they'd translate live. Malkmus' vocals and the idiosyncrasies of his guitar work could so easily end up lost in the noise. I needn't have been concerned. They sounded fantastic. Very tight playing. Stephen was on great form and looked to be enjoying himself. Bob brought so much intensity with his vocal and percussion contributions. The set was eclectic and very well paced, plenty for all types of fans in there. There was a much bigger energy in the crowd than I imagined you'd get for a Pavement gig - it was beautiful to be a part of.
  9. I highly recommend listening to Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary discuss Moonraker on their Video Archives podcast. Roger's enthusiasm has convinced me to watch it again for the first time in years.
  10. GameCube or Dreamcast ports are generally considered the best for RE2. Both apparently have some graphical upgrades over the PS1 version. Differences between them as far as I know are that DC shows your health/ammo status on the VMU and has a couple of extra difficulty modes, while GC is the only version that lets you skip cutscenes. Some people say the Dreamcast graphics are "sharper". I presume that's just because of the potential for 480p VGA output compared to the GC's 480i. I can't imagine the pre-rendered backgrounds lending themselves well to 480p though. GC wins for me for the comfy controller.
  11. Wondering is this based on your experience with one of the ports of the game? I played through it again during lockdown on original hardware (to CRT) and it's still an absolute joy to control. Variable quality emulation + set ups not designed for these games is one of the things I think that contributes to the perception of many classics being dated. For example I find all Switch Virtual Console games quite clunky controlling due to the minor but perceptible input lag introduced. Visually, sprite-based stuff can hold up OK on modern displays with the right settings, but early polygonal stuff markedly less so. Donkey Kong Country still looks glorious on a CRT, but even on a small Switch screen looks a little ropey. Super Mario 64 is much the same. I get that practically most people aren't going to have the opportunity or inclination to play stuff on original hardware and CRTs. For the sake of preserving the original experience as far as possible, emulation needs to improve in the same way film restoration and the quality of transfers available in home media formats has come on significantly in recent years.
  12. I think this is true of very old games (a lot of pre-Famicom era stuff) in the same way few people outside of film historians and the most dedicated cinephiles cares to watch the very earliest films. It's certainly not true by the time you get to the Famicom and especially the Mega Drive/Super Famicom era, which can be considered a golden age in the same way 1940s and 50s film was. A Super Mario Bros. 3 or Super Metroid has improved with age every bit as much as a Double Indemnity or a Vertigo. With film you still get people who stubbornly refuse to watch anything in black and white or anything that doesn't have modern editing/pacing. They're depriving themselves in just the same way people who write off old games are depriving themselves.
  13. Marlowe

    The Man Utd Thread

    "Arsenal battered United" take doesn't really hold up under an XG of Man Utd 1.47 to Arsenal 1.52. I'd like to see us dominate possession more at home, but as Ten Hag acknowledged after the game it's early days for this team/coaching set up and there's a lot more work needed before we're in a position to dominate big games for long spells.
  14. How did that safety car take a good minute to be called? Could have been a terrible accident there for Bottas.
  15. Marlowe

    The Man Utd Thread

    Best atmosphere I've experienced at Old Trafford last night, and also the quietest I've ever known any team's away fans. Usually even away teams who are losing by much bigger margins manage more noise than that lot. For what it's worth the Glazers out chants were as loud as any other chants and consistently struck up throughout the match.
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