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  1. Mate of mine who's a Leicester fan loathes Forest above every other team. He grew up as a Leicester fan in Nottingham though which may have something to do with it!
  2. This is mental. How did you play any game that required the Z button? Stretch a finger across round the back? You took the most ergonomic, comfortable and precise way of playing 3D games in that era and made it torturous.
  3. Inspired by this issue I dug out my Micro Machines 1&2 GBC cart and at the first time of trying somehow managed to beat MM1's Challenge Mode! As a kid I don't remember ever making it past the second beach track. Don't think I'm going to top that as 90 minutes of gaming this year.
  4. Marlowe

    Cricket Thread

    There's going to be a number of factors. I do think though that we're now starting to see the results of a number of decisions made in recent years that have put short term commercial gain over success on the field in Test cricket. Whether that's putting the televised matches behind a paywall, the ridiculous number of short over formats and matches, or marginalising the County Championship so it's not even played in the traditional Test conditions of high summer any more. Rather than scapegoating individual coaches and players, the ECB should take a lot of blame for this.
  5. Marlowe

    The Man Utd Thread

    I was having a great evening listening to records with my other half which I cut short to watch that shite.
  6. I recommended it to a colleague once. Even having warned them that it's a slow burn and very much a character drama, they fell asleep in the first episode and didn't give it another chance after that. So now I hesitate to recommend it to anyone!
  7. Twin Peaks: The Return explored all of these themes much more deftly while also being a compelling piece of television/filmmaking. Exploring themes or having a message doesn't redeem a mediocre piece of art. You'd be better served reading some philosophy for a couple of hours.
  8. If anything I wish it was longer. I could have done without quite as many takes of Don't Let Me Down, but there were whole songs that we sometimes only saw one snippet of that I'd have loved to hear all of.
  9. Marlowe

    The Man Utd Thread

    He's been great when he's played but that's been far too infrequently, especially this season. Hopefully it's a sign we're looking to get some wages off the books to allow for a central midfielder to come in.
  10. Thankfully 'Let It Be... Naked' has it, which is a better version of the album all round in my view.
  11. That F1 order of priority: No refunds > spectacle to keep the Netflix fans engaged >>> sporting integrity
  12. I'm struggling to think of a comparable sporting injustice with the stakes so high. Of course football has had its share of controversial decisions in finals and title deciders, but those were at least based on an application of the rules, it was just the officials' interpretation of the action on the field that was questionable (e.g. incorrectly flagging offside, giving a soft penalty, a marginal sending off, missing a clear foul in the build up to a goal, etc.). This is another category of controversy entirely, where the officials actually override the rulebook with the effect of directly influencing the outcome of a world championship. None of the previous race director or stewards calls this season were like this - inconsistent as they may have been, they were at least applications of the rules. This was ignoring the rules and making up a new one. People saying "there's been lots of inconsistency this season" as if this is just another example of that don't seem to get it.
  13. So the draw director can't just override the rules on a whim?
  14. The ironic thing is that on the track Hamilton was a class above Verstappen today. The start and the way he made those hard tyres last the distance with Max unable to eat into that 12-14 second gap on much fresher tyres was truly brilliant. Such a shame to see the record breaking title took away over an absolutely farcical and unprecedented decision to meddle in the usual safety car procedure. What grace and character in the most unjust of defeats though. If Verstappen was in Hamilton's position today there's no way he has the grace to be congratulating the winner or even doing the podium.
  15. The only bit of sense in that article:
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