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  1. Another game there we'd have won with Pogba on the field. Without him, opposing teams just have to sit their two holding midfielders on Bruno, knowing the likes of Fred and Matic don't carry any attacking threat. All too predictable. Dreading the derby.
  2. I think Klopp was right after all and the league needs a Covid break.
  3. How many times has James been caught late this game without even a foul or an advantage given? Ref has done a shocking job at protecting him.
  4. Also got to give Chelsea credit for their top notch tactical fouling and general shithousery so far. Especially enjoyed Kovacic faking a head injury to get one of our counter attacks stopped.
  5. No real chances but I'm enjoying seeing the full backs pushed up and the high press in a big game like this. Shame no goal to show for it but positive stuff.
  6. It's an unnatural position, the ball hasn't been struck at him, the ball was dropping out the air and he had time to react. Baffling decision.
  7. I'd prefer Bailly in but they're obviously trying to carefully manage his fitness at the moment. Pleased that Martial has been dropped - massive chance for Greenwood to put a marker down for that CF spot.
  8. Diddy Kong Racing (1997) **** Releasing a cart racer less than a year on from Mario Kart 64 was a bold move for Rare back in 1997. While it had its critics, Mario Kart 64 was an enormous success, and comparisons were unavoidable. As a pure racer, Mario Kart 64 is comfortably the better game: its cart handling is tighter and weightier, its power sliding ingeniously adds another dimension with the introduction of the mini-boost mechanic, the racing is more competitive and intense, and it all just feels faster. For straight grand prix racing, time trials and versus racing
  9. Loved the feature on PS1 visuals. Had no idea about the indie games tapping into that aesthetic, and the piece did a great job of conveying the experimentation and variety of that era. As you point out, there really isn't enough respect for the artistry of those games.
  10. One of those that looks bad in slow motion but a fair jump for the ball at full speed. It's a big issue with VAR when it comes to attempts at the ball like that, or ones like Maguire's disallowed goal at Burnley.
  11. Marlowe


    What's the better PS1 pick up for a shmup novice - Gunbird or Raiden Project?
  12. If anyone's got one of these Namco arcade sticks knocking around you'd be interested in selling please give me a shout. Starting to build a PS1 collection and this looks ideal for fighters and shmups. Love the aesthetics of it as well. Recent ones have gone for £30-50 on eBay but the only current listings are people being daft trying to get £75-100 buy it now for them.
  13. Why does Fred ever shoot?
  14. It's bizarre what's happened to Martial this season. He was unstoppable after the restart last season. Get Greenwood on.
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