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  1. Where are you guys streaming this?
  2. Feel bad for Archer. Can you imagine getting figures of 6-48 only to see your team register a lower first innings total! We'll be going into the second innings 100 runs behind at this rate and it'll all be over tomorrow.
  3. I'd definitely take a draw tonight after last season's travails at Molineux. If our midfield is as easy to bypass as it was in the first half against Chelsea we'll have a real challenge getting anything from the game.
  4. I'd definitely say if you don't have at least passing knowledge of the Manson murders and 60s/70s Hollywood, you're not the intended audience for this film. It relies on a certain level of audience expectation about what's going to transpire. I can't imagine it working as a standalone narrative.
  5. 1. Booksmart 2. Diego Maradona 3. The Favourite 4. Us 5. Once Upon A Time in Hollywood
  6. Pretty drastic action! Who are you looking to bring in? I got 82. My main concerns in my team are no Sterling and no Man Utd attackers, but I'm going to try to hold out until the international break before tinkering.
  7. @JPL Everything you mention is actually why the show is so good. It doesn't feel the need to force a change in pace, to surprise us with twists or to tie all the different threads into a larger overarching plot. The slow evolution of the characters and the finer details of their lives is the show. If it tried to do those other things it'd just be a pale imitation of Breaking Bad.
  8. Saw the Final Cut at the cinema the other night. Was my second time watching the film. My first time was the theatrical cut on DVD years ago, which in no way prepared me for how spellbinding it is on the big screen. Incomparable.
  9. Erm, we looked great in LVG's first pre-season. Never read anything into pre-season.
  10. In Mankind Divided? What was your problem with it? MD was more a refinement on HR than anything new, agree with that. Also agree that the original remains unparalleled for meaningful story branching! It's the side quests in MD such as the bank that stick in my head more than the main plot.
  11. Yeah I have. The level design and side quests aren't as good as Deus Ex. I acknowledged it's not a fair comparison due to the sizes of the respective game worlds, but it's relevant in the context of someone expecting this to be like DE.
  12. I don't know, I felt like with DE: MD, the big improvement on Human Revolution was that the level design was sophisticated enough that there was never a simple telegraphed path through each area for action, stealth or hacking. Each area was a puzzle that could be solved in myriad ways, and you were less boxed in by the augmentations you'd decided to upgrade. As @Talk Show Host points out, this isn't going be the case with 2077. The world is simply too big to include much if any level design of that sophistication. DE: MD also had very elaborate side quests that again I wouldn't expect to see in a game of 2077's scale.
  13. Mankind Divided is genuinely brilliant. As underrated as Human Revolution was overrated.
  14. Demon's Souls is the best introduction, followed by Dark Souls. I could never got on with Bloodborne. The atmosphere was too unrelentingly bleak for me and I preferred the slower, more methodical and defensive combat of the Souls games.
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