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  1. Reflect on it. The mistake people make is assessing decisions based on the outcome rather than on the information that was available to the decision maker at the time and the strength of the options at that time. Keeping Fred on was risky but those other options had downsides for the reasons I outlined. Ole showed balls and took a calculated risk that he thought gave his team the best chance of winning the game. That risk backfired but that doesn't make it a terrible misjudgement any more than shoving all in with a 7-2 and lucking out on the draw to win a hand of poker is a good p
  2. Yeah this is rubbish. Fergie regularly left players on who had come close to being sent off. Happened loads with Keane, Scholes, Butt etc. He was willing to take that risk because he knew the team was better with them on the pitch and trusted them to see it through. Not saying Fred is in the same category as those players, but he was playing well and continued to play well in that second half and the team was on top. I wouldn't have fancied Matic's lack of mobility against that PSG midfield, and VdB arguably wouldn't have provided enough defensive cover. In
  3. The weird thing is we actually played better overall than the 2-1 win in Paris. Controlled large parts of the game, played some excellent stuff. Only the inability to take our chances and Fred's indiscipline cost us.
  4. Is there a more unlikeable team in world football than PSG? Please please get an equaliser.
  5. A 3 game ban is so disproportionate here, but I'm sure it will happen so the FA can pat itself on the back about tackling racism while continuing to do nothing about the structural inequalities that exist in the game. I thought the same when it was Bernardo Silva in trouble - in both cases there was no malicious intent, the person they were talking to took no offence and most importantly they deleted the post and apologised immediately when it was pointed out to them why that use of language was racist. No that doesn't "make it OK", but football players are humans like the rest of
  6. Stockport County draw West Ham at home! Delighted but equally gutted by the likely prospect of us still being in Tier 3 and no fans allowed.
  7. I know we're 3-0 up but I wish Greenwood would pass it! So much good Cavani movement going to waste.
  8. Portal (2007) **** Portal 2 (2011) ***** Superhot (2016) *** Games that build themselves around an original and ingenious mechanic are what keeps me coming back to videogames. Nintendo are the kings of this, with the majority of their games starting out as mechanical experiments that only later assume the form of a Mario or Zelda game, and it's a huge part of my endearing love for them. But as Portal and Superhot show, they're not the only ones at it. After the simple pleasure of learning and playing around with any new mechanic for the first time, the hook fo
  9. It didn't, Wario Ware Inc. was the first one. Brilliant game that one.
  10. Perfect Dark. Sure, in terms of budget it had nothing on today's AAA monoliths, but you shouldn't forget just how big of a game Goldeneye was and therefore the weight of expectation on Perfect Dark as its spiritual sequel. I remember the N64 mags hyping it up for months on end and touting all the amazing features it was going to have - enemy voice acting, being able to shoot guns out of guards hands to have them take you on in a fist fight, putting your own face onto your multiplayer character with the Gameboy camera, a gun that you could throw against a wall to deploy as an automatic sentry g
  11. Hard? I've always assumed the game was designed to be played on Realistic.
  12. This describes nearly everything I play. I'm currently playing Shenmue, before that it was Resident Evil 2 (original), Pilotwings 64, Sleeping Dogs, Portal 1 & 2. All for the first time. There are so many classics I've missed out on, I don't really make a distinction between new or retro in deciding what to play. I do have a Switch, PS4 and an alright PC, but outside of the big Nintendo games that I'm a sucker for (and that never come down in price anyway), I'm seldom in a rush to buy anything recent.
  13. It's such an obvious thing but any defence in the world would look exposed with Matic and Pogba in front of them. There's not enough mobility between them, and Pogba in particular takes too many risks dribbling with the ball for that role. I'm amazed we got away with that combination for so long post lockdown. All it took was for teams to work out that they needed to press Pogba - the moment he's dispossessed in the middle of the pitch, if you've then only got an aging Matic to scramble across to help out the defence, of course we're going to be vulnerable. That's not to say Pogba
  14. If I wasn't clear I mean what have the Premier League at large done, not EFL clubs.
  15. Well of course it is, where have I said it's not? My point is that the only reason this is getting any kind of traction is because the Premier League and the clubs outside of the big 6 have proposed absolutely nothing at a time when clubs up and down the country are on the brink..
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