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  1. Radio Song This is the cringey song on Out of Time, not Shiny Happy People which is a solid gold track that I won't hear a bad word spoken about! Most of the rap/rock mash ups of this era have aged terribly and this is no exception. As a rant about radio it also has nothing on Panic. What's especially egregious about this one is that it's the first track on the record, which has put me off listening to it so many times. Doesn't help that my second least favourite, Low, is only the third track as well. Bizarrely it isn't even a case of the band running out of good tracks
  2. Marlowe


    I'm struggling to get past the first stage boss of Raiden Project on PS1 - I've had 5 or 6 attempts. I'm a shmup novice, but I did play a bit of Cave stuff on MAME a few years ago and could get as far as Stage 4 on DonPachi on a single credit, so I'd like to think I'm not entirely useless. Aside from being rusty, I think what's throwing me with this is that I'm playing with an arcade stick for the first time, which feels great but does seem to have a learning curve when it comes to judging those small movements. The hitbox also seems bigger on this compared to DonPachi, which may b
  3. Shearer and Jenas were pretty shit on MOTD2. Lots of "we support the right to protest but not like this". Bringing up net spend, as if transfer spend is all that fans should demand of their clubs. Jenas was clueless and said as a non Man United supporter he couldn't offer an opinion on the Glazers - how hard is it to do some research? Thankfully they had Andy Mitten on to explain it.
  4. Cavani. He's better off the ball, both in pressing from the front and creating space for our other attackers with his movement.
  5. Home games against Roma. We need to keep Cavani. He's so so good.
  6. Still fancy us to win this game. Cavani not helping there though, 99/100 he gets that first touch right and scores.
  7. Nah, he's rightly expecting Shaw to have stepped up to play him offside.
  8. How are we losing this?
  9. Now? Ever? Across specific eras?
  10. Sun & Moon are £12.99 in Argos at the moment. I picked up Sun on Saturday and I'm having a blast so far. It's my first one since Gold & Silver, so most of the mon and many of the types and mechanics are new to me. I like what they've done to update the formula while keeping the core game intact, and the visuals, presentation and music are utterly charming. My only complaint so far is that it's all a bit too easy, at least compared to how I remembered the older games being! I don't know if my choice of starter affected that - I went for the little Owl guy. On the plus side t
  11. I'd be amazed if he starts against Roma, but I do think VDB has shown enough in recent cameos to get a couple of league starts in what's left of the season.
  12. Nah. I don't think there's anything controversial in saying that recent record industry trends have led to a pop industry that is more conservative and stagnant than ever. There's very little risk taking. Artists are signed based on existing social media presence, there's then a small pool of favoured songwriters and producers who are pushed on to the artists to shape (i.e. homogenise) their sound. If they're then not an instant success, they're quickly dropped. Gone are the days where artists would typically get 2 or 3 albums to develop and start having hits. There's a big economic driver to
  13. Just when that second half threatened to be interesting, Cash goes and gets 2 yellows in 3 mins.
  14. It still doesn't give the crowd that uniformity of colour that the banners have...
  15. The 90s was my favourite era for many reasons: 2D genres perfected on the 16-bit platforms, the breakneck pace of technological change, the explosion of creative possibilities from the jump to 3D, 3D game design conventions not yet settled and fewer games built on the same engines so much more diversity in the feel of the games, technical limitations of the hardware leading developers to largely eschew realism in favour of more abstract art styles, PC and handheld gaming coming of age, Pokemon becoming a pop cultural phenomenon. Let's not kid ourselves though, there were a huge amo
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