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  1. When's Advance Wars DS out then? Games TM says June in Japan. I'd imagine soon after in the US.
  2. Bet that's what happens most times. That or only vague interest before the girls get Heat out.
  3. To this day, i still think I'm the best Civ II player in the world.
  4. Why is the situation better than for the GBA? Why isn't it in fact worse as the market is not there yet and development is much more costly?
  5. What's the name of the album?
  6. 66? Bugger, got to beat that then...
  7. Mario Slides - 48. Will improve soon.
  8. I get games I'd never have bought with a clear conscience. Like Far Cry.
  9. This film really does split opinion, it seems. Personally, I pretty much agree with you, but I can see that some people just liked the way it looked and weren't really bothered by the ultimate pointlessness of it.
  10. Rodders

    The Gba Then

    The GBA will be as important as its sales are big, and seeing that the GBA outsold the DS in the Ds's first week, that may well be for a while.
  11. Well, I would have thought that to have a gamer PC, you'd have to either have well off parents or be well off yourself. This, combined with perhaps slower more strategic games (compared to consoles), would skew it significantly towards older gamers. Not hugely though. Reminds me of the intermittant times when it is announced that 50% of gamers are female...hmm. Then you hear they might be talking about online solitaire or whatever. Still, you can prove anything if you ask the right questions, and I'd imagine that certain people would want to show that gamers are older than you'd think, to dispell the idea that games are just for kids.
  12. You seem to be acting like the kind of sexist boy that turns girls off games, that's what. Anyway, I only know one girl who plays games. Like Super Smash brothers and pokemon, but not much else.
  13. They'll probably "choose" to ignore you for a bit then do whatever they want.
  14. Ooh, my brother will be getting me one from japan in march as it's cheaper. I'm only reall bothered about the games, not the videos.
  15. Looks good, but will wait for march as I already have too many games to play!
  16. Oh you bunch of suckers, paying marketing people's bonuses by buying useless limited editions. I bet you all bought the LOTR Super Special Extended Limited Gullible Editions as well
  17. Completely missed out on PS1, apart from FFVII, which \i got a bit bored of.
  18. The original battle with the humans, elves and dwarves united against Sauron, especially when they first run into each other. Quite nice.
  19. Brilliant! All the people that disagree with me don't realise that they're wrong. It's a sort of ignorant person's motto.
  20. "He's the kind of guy that could turn a man's head."
  21. Calm down. Not as if something really bad has happened.
  22. Kin 'ell. When will it be out?
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