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    I think because they screwed Rob over a bit.
  2. Rodders


    Canada! Thanks for that. Did they screw over Rllmuk then?
  3. Rodders


    WHat's the VG+ website address? It's gone from the forum!
  4. We're not the same level as you, JoJo.
  5. Really? They come from an efficient use of money perspective surely. And can anyone lend me their log-in details for the online version, as I don't have a sub? It would be really useful for work. I'd be VERY appreciative
  6. Remember there's the editorial as well as the main article. I'd really like to have onliince access, but it costs £100...
  7. I was just reading it over lunch, and was about to post. Yeah, it's really good, just what we all think here I'd imagine. The economist is great in general.
  8. Heh, first night and they're going to get wankered.
  9. Am I the only only one to be disappointed that none of them are "normal"?
  10. They're younger than usual. Only one older than 25.
  11. They're so annoying! They'll kill each other the first time they get drunk.
  12. I honestly think they're all chavs. Am I posh or summat?
  13. Rodders

    Xbox 360

    Looks pretty good to me, but want to see from other angles. Wonder how much?
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