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  1. Righteyhoohar, just got my first video on my iPod, nice. Was 1UP-zine which was a bit wordey but worth watching, shame the PC Gamer one didn't work. Anyone got experience of this? What should I watch/subscribe to? And is there an easy place to get music videos, beyond BitTorrent? I have some and will try to convert soon, but want a steady stream of them.
  2. I'm looking forward to seeing this, especially after Karraig's review.
  3. And fat people, stay away from them. Like your Jade Foody avatar. Need I say more?
  4. Nah, I get the quite big ones (ooer etc.). Not much price difference, but I'll make sure I go for standard oil now.
  5. So do the BNP (that illegal immigration is bad) but they're still cunts. That there is an issue here isn't in doubt. Games, in some situations (parent doesn't give a shit about kid, doesn't bring them up right, is violent, buys violent game etc.) can have a negative influence, but so does water sometimes (drowning), so that's not the issue. The issue is whether games should be banned even though they have an 18 rating. His rants are bollocks, and as long as he's so extreme we have every reason to dismiss him, as we dismiss the idea that the BNP have a point.
  6. Thanks all. I'mactually very healthy (no shit food, cook my own, exercise) but I got a bit worried when I realised I fry all the time. I don't reuse the oil and only fry meat (and Mushrooms sometimes). Might still tryo to use less and drain it more though.
  7. Talking about blood transfusions, dearie.
  8. Because a specific wavelength can excite electrons out of the atom - ionisation. This won't happen here though. The only problem I see is that the microwaves will heat the water in whatever it is your heating (microwaves are uses specifically because they heat up water, nothing else), and this heat will take a while to transfer to the surrounding material. I could imagine that this is really bad for blood as you'll have really hot blood and really cold blood going into you, depends on how much time you give it though.
  9. Well I cover the base of the pan, but don't actually try to have the oil. Most of it will drip off.
  10. Right, I eat healthily, cereals for breakfast and no ready meals. However for a while now I've been frying a lot. Having chicken, salmon, beef, prok, all sorts but frying. Thing is I'm doing it in (Extra) virgin olive oil so always presumed it was healthy. Am I right? I'm currently having 2 meals per day where the meat is fied, with pasta and salad etc. Bad idea?
  11. Rodders

    Civ 4 Trailer

    It's a far more involved strategy bit of Rome, obviously. PCGamer just gave it 92%, saying it's very different from Civ 3. Nice.
  12. Pasta with various souces, then some fresh meat. Tender Salmon and spicy suasages, hmmm.
  13. These Krispy doodads don't impress me. They're nice and eveything, perhaps even nicer than other doughnuts, just not all that. I had one in america last year and thought "meh", considering all the fuss and how bad they are for you.
  14. There's a definite shift from Jack to Sawyer, in Kate's eyes. Typical female choice between the good guy and the git. I still remember her rather enthusiastic kiss after Sawyer's torture. The hussey
  15. Obviously LOTR was AMAZING, but I don't see how the film could be any good. Of course they could make it a good film by actually having a plot, but then you geeks would go nuts. Just see how much some went crazy at some arsey little "innacuracy" in LOTR. Wait and see though.
  16. When did Locke stop being a nutter? I preferred it when he was a lingering menace, now he's a thoroughly good egg.
  17. You played 4 games?! Shit, I was getting drunk in soho and then bed by the third.
  18. Ooh, I'm vacillating (similar to ocillating, but with more v). That bastard game eats your life, but it's so damn good. I'm rather good at it too, finding the hard campaign not very hard. I could just say 30mins after work every day, no more...actually that sounds like a plan. Edit: BOUGHT! Edit Edit: 'kin 'ell, the original game is £18. That's more gaming per pund than anything ever.
  19. Aren't you a bit good at AW though?
  20. I once met Demis Hassibis. He's very small.
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