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  1. I was really supporting Scotland there, despite the anyone but England stuff I get at work, but they really should have won that.
  2. Ah well it's all down to bonus points. If England beat Australia, it's likely that they will get a bonus point as we won't win by much. They will then have 10 points, so that if Wales lose to them by less than 7 they would have 14 to Australia's 14, so Australia go through (with us top as we will get 5 from Uruguay) as they won their head to head match. Therefore I don't want Australia to lose to us by much Right, I'm off out to watch some rugby.
  3. Right I'm off the the England game at HQ later. Randomly I just found out that my new minion at work is also going. All in all I think it's 50/50, so bloody nervous. Weird thing is, if we win we've basically won the group, as I doubt Wales will be able to beat Australia so it will be one win each against each other, but we got that vital bonus point against Fiji when the others didn't. So lose and we're out, win and we've got the easiest path to the final of anyone. I'm confident but think my arse might go, Michalak style..
  4. I just made this. Excellent, will make again soon and get it just right.
  5. Thanks for all this. I like the Lasagne and carbonara ideas. Dessert is going to be a lemon posset (ooer, fancy) because I know how to make it, but no starter as it's a fairly quick and simple dinner. And I can cook but I'm no expert, so I'll need to try watever I choose at least once! Never done a lasagne before...
  6. Morning all. For the first time ever I'm going to be having people round my place for dinner, which is a bit daunting. What should I make? Needs to be something simple as it's my first go and will be for 5 people in all. Some sort of pasta-based dish perhaps? I've got a small kitchen but will practice beforehand to make sure I don;t cock it up. Ta!
  7. We've sold Rush to Juventus! I'm gonna kill Dalglish!
  8. Yeah, sometimes he was playing a bit shite (by his standards) and sometimes very well. Nadal was always at his best and still nearly lost.
  9. I agree with this. I felt for the whole match that Federer wasn't quite there, while Nadal was playing the best game of his life and still nearly lost. Federer might collapse, but the game actually convinced me that Federer is better than Nadal, for now at least. The next slams will be interesting.
  10. Ooh, i dunno, maybe the same one I'd give about Scotland? "I may not support England, but best of luck." When he said "Anyone but England" it seemed petulant, xenophobic and typical of a slightly bitter scot. Since then he said it was a joke, and you could put it down to not being used to press conferences, but I think an irritated reaction is to be expected. EDIT: it also came when this was happening: "There has been a series of anti-English incidents in Scotland during the tournament in Germany, including attacks on a disabled man in Aberdeen and a seven-year-old boy in Edinburgh."
  11. As Davrod says, Ginger Pig is good (where I have been getting said ribeye from, no less). I always get posh sausages from the shop opposite, bloody marvellous snack. I also get the amazingly chocolaty brownies on the other side of the market, next to the olive stall, whose olives are bloody great too. Buffalo Mozarella and parma ham are amazing too. God I love that place. Took me over a year to go there first time, now I go every 2 weeks or so.
  12. Ah yes, let it come to room temperature etc. Don't want anything too overpowering, so the rosemary one sounds good. MOAR!
  13. *Massive great double penetration*
  14. About 4 years ago I went to Tokyo and my brother took me to what was apparently a really good sushi place. I quite liked it. My brother was MASSIVELY offended, like I'd raped his gf or something. It's just raw fish, you div. I've had it since in a few places in London, and again quite liked it. Went back to Tokyo a few weeks ago and wanted really good sushi, so went to a 3 Michelin star sushi restaurant (http://www.andyhayler.com/show_restaurant.asp?id=477) and it was bloody great. Everything was perfect, variety, quality, setting, everything. Mizutani himself seemed a little suspicious of us as we were foreign, but as we got talking to a couple of salary men and their wives (they bought me sake!) he warmed up to us. He still looked as he gave me the Bill though, to see if I could actually pay. Anyway, odd conclusion is that I'm probably not all that into Sushi. It took arguably the best sushi place in the world for me to really love it, so I'm wondering what will happen when I go to an alright place next. Then again, i did have saba (my favourite) in an average place and really liked it. Might go to Nobu soon. Where else in London is good for sushi?
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