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  1. Championship standings here With dropped scores kicking in and the long, flat out climbs of Suzuka West coming up, my championship lead looks precarious as hell The weather forecast is for Race 1 to start overcast and deteriorate, then Race 2 will start wet and finish dry (well, drying - I don't know how much it'll actually dry up to be honest, but the rain will definitely stop) Hopefully they'll have the 'no paintjobs' bug fixed in time for the next meeting, too
  2. @Boozy The Clown @McSpeed We have a clash over #17, I'm afraid Boozy's nabbed it already
  3. In she came with a bumpety bump bump, bump, bump Round two (mugello, Club circuit) next sunday! Can anyone thwart the tiny might of my Fiat? @McSpeed @Dimahoo - if you guys can make this one, can I get your preferred race numbers, please? I can get your car choices on the night so don't worry if you're not settled on anything in particular yet @delb2k - From your schedule you'll only be able to make the last round at Lime Rock, but you're still more than welcome to come along to it - the more the merrier @batistutauk - are you still wanting to come along? You seemed to come onlne just after we got started last time so we missed you aaand finally... Boozy might have mentioned @Meerman last time out, It'd be great if you could make it too
  4. the fastest we saw were 47.0 and a bit, no-one got below 47 though. Most were in the mid 47.5-48.5 range
  5. that's cool, reckon you can be ready by quarter to?
  6. i've got everyone's name and number down, and cars where people have mentioned them too - i've also fired out a bunch of friend requests. confirmed race numbers (and eventually results) can be seen heeeeere on the blog's results page
  7. look, if there wasn't a crosswind, the turbines wouldn't be spinning, so that's definitely how i ended up going off. definitely definitely
  8. coolcool, i'll try remeber to ping you over an FR tonight so it;s sorted well well ahead of the weekend
  9. even if you've not picked a car yet, #43 i take it?
  10. Yep, Rich and m'good self have spent a couple of days kicking around PI, power and weight limits to settle on this season's eligible cars and tech regs. More definitely coming soon!
  11. Hey, Rice I'd definitely recommend giving the roadsports a go if you're tight for time - they're way more forgiving, much easier to jump into with minimal prep, don't require as much track-specific knowledge, and the 2-race format means even a bad first half can be salvaged - Plus, if you do want to get some specific practice in, you get a 2-week window (after sonoma and before the next one). Rich and I have done a few builds as well - Rich has already shared a few, I think we've both done e-types, I'm happy to share my Capri, but also a mini and a beetle (the beetle seems especially good - the mini was quite twitchy on correction but I've not given it a go since I went to standard steering over simulation) The Can-Ams are great fun once you've got the hang of them (they understeer like mad off the power, so they have to be driven quite aggressively), but they're sadly not great 'arrive & drive' cars.
  12. Don't be put off by the seemingly low PI, there's a lot of fun to be had in these cars! Here's one I've been painting in preparation - I'm not sure how embed a video like meatball's, so click through the image for a timelapse of the making of Sorry about the lack of any music or anything, but it's only a few minutes long - I might try something a bit more grand production-wise next time
  13. Here's the build rules: http://historictrophy.blogspot.co.uk/2015/10/technical-regulations.html Here's the list of cars that are eligible: http://historictrophy.blogspot.co.uk/2015/10/appendix-permitted-cars.html Super-short version: For Can-Am, a Can-Am car at PI 855, Rims must be stock, other changes allowed For Roadsports, one of the listed cars at PI400 - No drivetrain, turbo, or engine conversions allowed (so the Mini's Ok but only if left as FWD). Must have a rollcage fitted, no race gearboxes allowed (sport is allowed so you can tune final drive but not individual gears) Tyres can be wider but profile/rim size can't be changed. No Race or Drag tyres (there's also a specific list of allowed Rims, see the blogspot for those) You can remove bumpers but can't use any other bodywork modifications (so no added wings or spoilers) Finally, there's series vinyls on Rich's storefront (or whatever FM6 calls it), modelled here on the nose of a McLaren and Mini respectively.
  14. I wonder what bodykit and engine swap options we'll get for the bug? Also nice to complete the Ferrari/Corvette/Porsche GT2/GTE trifecta* in time for Le Mans. *Possibly Triumvirate. Choose whichever word you feel is more pretentious.
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