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  1. That chili looks excellent, will try that this week. I've not bought red lentils before, they're commonly available?
  2. Those 'panic in City X' missions where there's 18 or so civilians - how are you supposed to get near them to save them? I'm doing one now in Lyon where there's a Cyberdisc, several of the little flying things, 5 Mutons and a couple of the spider twats wandering about, and only two civilians in 'my' area. I have two highly ranked laser snipers who are good for very accurate headshots almost from deployment, but anyone I send up close quickly is in serious trouble, not to mention they're killing 3 or 4 civvies a turn regardless.
  3. Woo, chuffed with Revengance. Not heard of Remember Me but it looks great from my quick glance there - will go into that blind I think.
  4. Yeesh, that sucks. I was about to come back in and say how much I'm enjoying it - it runs super sweet on an iPad 4/iPhone 5. And I take back what I said about price - it is worth £13.99. Nicer for £6.99 though.
  5. I'm saying it was utterly overpriced compared to virtually everything else on the market. It didn't even have multiplayer in it's first iteration and was notoriously buggy going by the early reviews. Not that it 'couldn't possibly be' worth it, it just isn't to me. All that said, it's an amazing conversion. I've got it on Xbox and PS3 and I'd swear it's actually smoother and faster then the PS3 version.
  6. Because £13.99 was a fucking stupid price.
  7. XCOM drops to the price it should have been from the start - £6.99.
  8. Got them! Holy shit, that never happens.
  9. OMG Zombies is great fun regardless of the terrible name. There's a HD version now too I think.
  10. Oh absolutely, but considering you sometimes literally can't kill everyone in the room quickly enough you will die constantly if that's all you do. I just mean you need to consider the situation a different way if you keep dying to frustrating levels.
  11. Still have never got past 2-3 in Spelunky at most, those Tiki Traps get me every time, or suddenly it'll be a dark level or something if I'm having a good run. Still struggle to fire up any other game on my Vita mind, I'm sure it'll click after 1,000 deaths. Hotline Miami on the other hand, if you're doing the start-kill-die loop constantly you're doing something wrong I reckon. It's obviously not a game of barging in all guns blazing all the time, you have to be careful.
  12. Is there an ultimate payoff for bringing people to the cult? I've brought a drunk couple and some random dude but won't keep bothering with the drive if it's just $2000 a go.
  13. Wait now, is this going to fuck up my single player game? I don't care about it until I'm done with the SP campaign.
  14. I sniped one of the Little Bird pilots and recovered the chopper last night, but it disappeared in the cutscene that followed I haven't got the $2m or whatever it is to buy one in-game.
  15. I would have gone nuts if there was an 'and it was all a fantasy' ending, what a cop out that would have been. I loved it, I thought it was so well pitched.
  16. That made me laugh so much when I saw it in game - I really don't get people's dislike for Franklin and Lemarr. Rattling toward the end of single player now, wish I'd got it done before the online!
  17. Woo, that seems to be working. Cheers!
  18. I've got that thing where my Vita doesn't download in the background so I have to keep waking the damn thing up to download games - I'd swear someone on here had some crazy solution to it where you turn off background downloading and it works (or something) - anyone?
  19. There's a stunt event you do with Franklin after a while, there's helicopters all over once you do that.
  20. The Irish cult leader on the talk radio who gives Lazlow a breakdown is brilliant, he's totally got a touch of a Cork accent too.
  21. £11.99 is a bit steep, but if it plays well Worms Revolution Extreme is out next month for Vita and could be great fun in multiplayer.
  22. Looper

    The Valve Thread

    Honest to god, this is what I feel like when watching someone do a cryptic crossword.
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