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  1. Okay, so I did just login on my Steam Deck. My ship spawned outside the destroyed Bright Sentinel with no power - mashing some controls got it to reboot. I immediately got set upon by Thargoid interceptors, so frame shifted out. The HUD now glitches all the time. When I got near the Proteus Wave site, my ship dropped out of frame shift automatically and I got a warning saying it was a hazardous environment. Thargoid interceptors then jumped in and attacked. I started trying to boost out to go back into frame shift, but my girlfriend came down to tell me there's no hot water in the shower in our new house, and she did it with that tell-tale "I don't give a fuck about your imaginary internet spaceship" voice. As I tried to reason with her, I could hear my ship being torn apart by Thargoids and ultimately being destroyed. And it turns out there is hot water in the shower, it's just the taps are labelled up the wrong way round.
  2. Ooh, interesting! I docked with the Bright Sentinel on Monday in preperation... which was stupid in hindsight because I spent all of yesterday moving house (I foolishly hoped I might have a chance to login at some point on my Steam Deck). Now I understand the Bright Sentinel is a wreck. Should be interesting logging back in.
  3. Hahaha! Yeah, one year I received a temporary yet substantial promotion within Gamestation to attend that! Another happy customer memory was on my first day in my first ever retail job at our local Electronics Boutique. We had to make sure we approached everybody that entered the store. Being a lifelong introvert and socially awkward, this was the bit of the job I was fearing the most. Anyway, an older gentleman walked in and started browsing. I gave him a good few minutes whilst I built up the courage to approach. I nervously said "Hello, can I help?" and he span round, got right in my face and shouted "Why on Earth can't I just visit a shop in peace without you BLOODY PEOPLE constantly disturbing me?!?" It all got much better after that though! In fact, to be honest, my time in retail ended up doing wonders for my confidence in the long run! Another time, in that same EB, we had a visit from a new area manager, who went straight into the staff room to make a cup of tea. He opened the fridge and pulled out a pint bottle of milk. It occurred to me I'd never seen anyone making any kind of beverage in the whole 6 months I'd been there - we were all too lazy and would go to the Greggs next door for that. Naturally, the milk came out of the bottle like porridge, and the staff room was essentially a quarantine zone for weeks afterwards. Oh... one more Gamestation one. We had this lady often come in and buy cheap, shit 2nd hand Playstation 2 games. She'd always pay, leave the store, come back a few mins later and ask us if we could shrink wrap it, since it was going to her boyfriend in prison and she couldn't take anything in that wasn't sealed. We never thought to question this until one time I went to shrink wrap whatever the latest game was she bought. As I approached the shrink wrapper, the box slipped out of my hand and sprang open to reveal the PS2 disc replaced with some dodgy hardcore porn DVD. We'd been inadvertently helping to smuggle porn into prison for months!
  4. I was Assistant/Acting Manager of my local branch of Gamestation for about 2.5 years... 2004-2006 I think. This will be a long post. The first manager I was assistant to got fired for a scam where she was "writing off" consoles that she knew worked perfectly fine. Our Area Manager trusted her to destroy the write-offs instead of having to come in and witness it. Naturally these consoles were mostly winding up in the boot of her car. I once had a quiet word with the Area Manager to ask that she maybe start coming in to witness write-offs going forward, just to keep things above board. My manager then got caught and fired, the area manager got replaced, and one of my sales assistants, who'd had a crush on the manager, became impossible to work with after that. My second manager was actually temporarily in charge of two stores and had a, frankly brilliant, scam going where he'd take all the spent credit notes from one of the stores out of the paperwork and then spend them all over again in the other branch. In my last conversation with him before he was fired, he told me not to feel bad for him because he'd had thousands out of the company in the brief time he'd been doing this, and he was personally consoling himself with the fact they at least weren't going to the police over it. That second one left me in charge of the store on an Assistant Manager salary, with no assistant of my own, for nearly six months. I applied for the manager's role and got told I should consider myself lucky to even have a job for failing to spot the aforementioned credit note scam. He'd been deliberately doing all this shit on my days off to ensure I'd never catch him. So that was a bit of a kick in the balls. The third manager they brought in seemed fine, until I was telling him one day in passing that I'd applied for the manager's role but not got it. He suddenly went a bit nuts, complaining that he should have been informed beforehand that he was about to work with a guy who was "after his job". He was a total cunt to me after that and I quit before too long. I had a family emergency come up on my penultimate day, so I called him to tell him I'd be in a little late as a result. He told me it was fine. When I got there, both the Area and Regional Managers were there to witness me clear out my locker and escort me out of the store. My manager denied I'd called to say I'd be late, and my tardiness apparently demonstrated the lack of respect I had for the company, or some shite. I nearly kicked off... but what's the point? I had one more day to go and they'd agreed to pay me for it, despite me not being welcome back in the store to work it. Honestly though, it did me a favour. I mostly loved working there and would've got stuck in a real rut if I'd stayed longer. I've since had a pretty incredible career in tech and IT, albeit a few years behind where I probably should be thanks to spending too long in retail. The other stories though are just the customer ones. We had a number of smellies... these two guys would come in every week and one of them smelled so bad I'd have to back up as far as I could to serve him, lest I start retching. How his friend could hang around with him all that time, I have no idea. One large built customer came in one night with a limited edition pink Gameboy Advance SP that he reckoned was faulty and that I reckoned had the shit kicked out of it by his kid. He made it very clear I replace the GBA or get my head kicked in. I threatened to call the police, he told me he'd happily spend time in prison for beating me into a bloody pulp whilst we waited for them to arrive. Rather than fuck about, I offered him either a full refund or a different SP, since the pink one was limited edition and we no longer had stock. This just seemed to enrage him even more. Rather than accept either of these, he left... telling me he'd be waiting for me to leave. I was honestly shitting it that night. His wife came in the next day to apologise... and to take a different colour replacement. Another well-built regular used to regularly come in and loudly announce to everyone he was "Tony the Tiger!". He also went through a phase of coming in wearing a cowboy hat and pretending his fingers were guns. He was banned from most other shops in town, because he was frankly unhinged and terrifying. But beyond scaring our other customers, he was harmless enough. I don't miss him though. We had a Virtual Boy traded in once! It spent a week setup out back for us all to play on before we put it out on sale. Horrible console, but I'm glad I got to try it. One of my sales assistants used to regularly take magazines off the shelf to entertain himself in the loo whilst spending an hour having a shit, then he'd put them back. I still think about the poor customers who bought those magazines after he was done. Another sales assistant got sacked because a customer wound him up once so much he shouted "why don't you fuck off, you old bitch" at her before I could run over to intervene. I hate to say it, but she deserved it. I was always sad he lost his job over that. I hope he's doing okay for himself these days.
  5. Persona 4 Golden for me. 80 hours in, was absolutely loving it, but one day put it down and never went back. I have tried to go back, but I can't remember what I was doing or anything like that. I've considered starting again at some point, but I just don't have that kind of time or patience anymore. I never finished Fallout: New Vegas. I never finished Fallout 4 either, but I just wasn't into that one, whereas I adored New Vegas and got right towards the end. Never finished any of the Elder Scrolls games for that matter. The Binding of Issac is an interesting one for me, because it's almost universally loved and in general I adore twin-stick shooters and roguelikes, but try as I might I just cannot get into that one.
  6. I remember I got a NES when the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles pack came out. Something that must seem bizarre to anyone in the US reading this is that I knew of only one other person who owned a NES back then. All my friends thought I had a screw loose wanting a NES for Christmas when I already owned a Sega Master System, as over here that was generally considered the superior console. And to be fair, I never ended up getting many games for it... the only ones I really ever remember owning were Turtles, Maniac Mansion, Elite and Super Mario Bros. 3. I think I may have rented Batman and Legend of Zelda at some point too. In the UK the SNES was massive and I seem to remember people going crazy for the Gameboy back then too. Very few people gave a shit about the NES though - the only 8-bit home console worth owning here was the Master System.
  7. I did try the FSR 2.0 mod for Red Dead Redemption 2 and it works amazingly on the Deck. It's really easy to do (get the mod from NexusMods, extract the .zip into the RDR2 folder) and it means you can run the game at the Steam Deck's native resolution, with all other graphics options set to their highest, and get a reasonable 38-40 FPS out of it. It does still crash after around 30-45 minutes of play though. This is apparently fixed in the Steam OS 3.3 beta though, so hopefully won't be too long before we see a stable release of that.
  8. The Spectrum would be the big one for me. We had a BBC Micro at home, my cousin had a Commodore 16, a couple of mates had the Amstrad CPC 464 and my best mate had a Commodore 64, which he loaned to me for a while when he upgraded to an Amiga 500. But I've no real experience with the Spectrum. In fact, I honestly think I've spent more time playing on one friend's obscure Tatung Einstein and another's MSX than I ever did the Speccy. It's one of those things I've always wanted to spend some real time emulating, but I don't even really know where to start beyond Jet Set Willy and Manic Miner.
  9. I didn't want to say anything before, but your time with the Steam Deck sounds like mine - I really wasn't sure about it when it arrived and was thinking I should sell it and get my £580 back. Now I love it. It's staying.
  10. I played through The Sexy Brutale on Switch and loved it, despite the dogshit performance on that console. I imagine it'd be pretty decent on the Deck.
  11. Yeah, I thought it was a bit pricey (mine's the 512GB one) and that I'd almost certainly sell it on, but a few weeks on and I can't imagine parting with it. My Switch has been gathering dust ever since the Deck arrived.
  12. If you want it to be a Switch-like console experience, it's already that out of the box. Steam shows you which games you already have in your library that are "Great On Deck" and there's a "Great On Deck" section in the Steam store too. You can stick to this and have a great, console-like experience with no tinkering involved whatsoever. After that, you've got "Playable" games. These will also all work with no tinkering - generally they end up listed like this because "the text is a bit small", "you'll occasionally need the on-screen keyboard", "the game has a launcher you'll need to navigate with the touchscreen", etc. Even some of the "unsupported" games I've tried work with minimal buggering about. So far, I've played Resident Evil 3 Remake from start-to-finish on it, have played an enormous amount of Card Shark and Vampire Survivors, and play Elite Dangerous on an almost nightly basis. I did start a new playthrough of Red Dead Redemption 2 on it, but that currently has a bug where it crashes after around 30 mins (Steam OS 3.3 is meant to fix this). The thing is though, the Steam Deck is ultimately a tiny Linux PC with a console-like front end on top. So if you want to get tinkering, you can. Plenty of people already jailbreak consoles so they can stick emulators and homebrew on them - this is just that, but without any need to hack the thing first.
  13. You definitely can do it - I have the analogue triggers for brake and accelerate and the analogue stick for steering. I'm just using the "Gamepad With Joystick Trackpad" controller profile for it and it works fine. The only niggle I have with it is that it displays the keyboard controls in-game, but in practice it's running like I'm using an Xbox controller.
  14. For those of you wanting Outrun 2, I fully recommend grabbing the PC version from somewhere if you can. I fortunately bought it on Steam back in the day, so it's still in my library and I can confirm it runs like a dream! You need to manually tweak the controls is all, but it's not too tough to do and once done, you're sorted for life. Also, I started up Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered on it yesterday and that runs like a dream. Plus apparently the next Steam OS update has a fix for the crashing problem I've been having with Red Dead Redemption 2!
  15. I'm definitely going to have a crack at installing that sometime soon!
  16. I have it on Steam from many years ago, so don't know specifically what you need to do for it, but in general all you do is download the installer .exe to the Deck, then in Desktop mode add it as a non-Steam game and run it. Work all the way through the installer, and when it's done you go back into Steam in Desktop mode, and change the shortcut in Steam to point to the game's .exe instead of the installer's .exe. There's a guide here for installing the Epic Games Store to the Steam Deck. You can follow the exact same principle for any Windows game - the guide is specifically for installing Epic, but the method is valid for basically any Windows executable. Obviously, where steps 9 and 10 in that guide are getting you to locate the EpicGamesLauncher.exe, you're instead looking for the .exe for your chosen game. Edit: also, don't follow that guide for actually installing Epic Games Store, as that's pointless. Just download Heroic Games Launcher instead, as that will give you access to both your Epic and GOG libraries and there's far less fucking about to do.
  17. I've repurchased a few games on Steam, to be honest. Thanks to the pre-configured shaders, you'll get better performance often with games running through Steam itself rather than Heroic, plus it's a much more console-like, seamless experience. There's definitely more faff involved getting stuff to run outside of Steam. Basically, if it's a game you really like and you can get it cheaply enough right now, re-purchasing in Steam will give you the best experience. But you'll certainly have a fine experience through Heroic. Edit: I didn't answer your actual question! I just tried and suspend mode definitely seems to work just fine with one of my Heroic Launcher games. I don't know for sure, but I would imagine the FPS cap would affect everything running through Heroic, not just individual games. I only have one game installed right now though, so couldn't say for sure.
  18. In my experience, plenty of games that are listed as "Unsupported" end up working just fine too. They just usually need a little bit of tweaking in the graphics settings is all.
  19. There's been a few. According to Steam, Elite Dangerous is the biggie - I've chucked about 500 hours of my life into it, and I didn't even have it in my Steam library till around the time Horizons came out. I was a Premium Beta backer for it during it's Indiegogo campaign, so God knows how many hours I've put into it really. The Witcher 3 would be the next one. I've done the main quest twice, finished both expansions and still go in from time-to-time to mop up the odd side quest. Third-person action adventures seem to be my thing, because the next two really big games for me were undoubtedly Red Dead Redemption 1 & 2. In more recent times I also got hopelessly hooked on God of War on PS4.
  20. ProtonDB suggests it's pretty crashy. Annoyingly, so is Red Dead Redemption 2 at present, which is a real shame as I was hoping to do a new playthrough on the Steam Deck. It's a real shame, as it runs surprisingly well, but when using the Vulkan API it has a habit of giving up the ghost and crashing out to SteamOS after around 30 mins. It doesn't crash at all if using the DX12 API, but renders water and snow effects so badly it makes the opening section basically unplayable. Even once that bit is done, you'll have trouble with rivers and lakes. It does go to show that sometimes the Steam rating system doesn't quite add up, as RDR2 is listed as 'Playable', whilst Batman: Arkham Knight and Elite Dangerous are listed as Unsupported and both run a treat on my Steam Deck.
  21. Oh, also I finally got around to playing Aperture Desk Job today. It's only about 30 mins long and is to the Steam Deck what 1-2-Switch was to that console - essentially less game and more "this is what this thing does". Only unlike 1-2-Switch it's: a) free and b) really very good indeed.
  22. I was on the fence about mine - glad I kept it though! It's a great machine! You're basically getting a more powerful version of the Switch, pre-hacked so you can put whatever shit you want on it (including Switch games if you're naughty), that has more and cheaper games available for it.
  23. I have the 512GB one... and have already stuck a 512GB SD card in it to bring it up to 1TB. I do have Cyberpunk 2077 and Red Dead Redemption 2 installed on mine though, and they're huge games. I watched a video that showed the anti-glare screen was slightly softer than the smaller-capacity Steam Decks, but had better colour reproduction. The included case is a little bit nicer too. Probably not worth paying the extra for though, if you're happy to upgrade the internal SSD yourself down the line (or use large SD cards). Here you go:
  24. Resident Evil 3 Remake is fine - I was playing it this morning post-update on my Steam deck. Like I mentioned, it's listed as Unsupported, but it plays at Native resolution with High settings and FSR set to Ultra Quality at a smooth and steady 60 FPS for me.
  25. To be fair, Elite Dangerous is an unsupported game and did require some faff...
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