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  1. I've got an SD2SNES, an MD Everdrive X7 and a GBA Everdrive X5... The SD2SNES just lets you play SNES roms on an actual console, but it supports the vast majority of custom chips, so Star Fox and Street Fighter Alpha 2 are all fully playable (amongst all the others). The Megadrive Everdrive X7 has save state support for Megadrive games and also FM sound support on Master System games, so that's pretty cool. I want to upgrade to the Pro though, as that emulates the MegaCD in the cart. My actual Mega CD died years ago, so I'd love this to be able to play the games again.
  2. Well, with regards my ending crash above, I was able to ultimately finish the game, as when I loaded it up again it worked fine this time. One of my operatives is still listed as 'UNAVAILABLE' though. Since I've now finished the main story and now just have a few side missions to clear up, I'm guessing he'll stay unavailable from now on.
  3. Well, damn it. After mine didn't show up again today I checked with Nintendo and somehow my delivery address has been completely mangled, which is why it's stuck in a sorting office somewhere. I got in touch with Nintendo, but apparently all they can do is wait for Royal Mail to return it to them, in which case they'll issue me with a refund. Oh, and apparently if Royal Mail do deliver it to somewhere else, it's up to me to get in touch with whoever they deliver it to to arrange them to send it to me. Somehow I don't think I'll be ordering anything else from Nintendo's
  4. Like some others here, I subscribed to Ubisoft's subscription service on PC to play this, and I'm so glad I did. I'd be fuming if I'd wasted £50 on it. That crash I had last night in the final mission looks potentially game breaking. I had a play this morning, thinking it'd hopefully have autosaved near the end and I can just finish it off. But no, it's loaded me up somewhere completely different to where I was, but with the mission still engaged, but impossible to progress in. So I had to abandon the mission in order to do anything. Doing this not only means I now need to start th
  5. This still crashes plenty for me, but just now it crashed to desktop during the last part of the last mission. I think I'll have another crack at it again tomorrow, just so I can wrap up the story and be pleased I at least finished it. Honestly, it's not a great game. I enjoyed it enough at first, but as others have pointed out, it gets repetitive and it's janky as all fuck in places. The crashing in particular really gets on my tits.
  6. I ordered mine from Nintendo when they first went up for pre-order and according to the tracking info, it's in a Royal Mail depot in the Home Counties. Awesome.
  7. If you have an Everdrive, you should get yourself Bare Knuckle III and then patch it with this fan translation. That way you get the best version of the game, plus you can also understand the story!
  8. I bought a Dreamcast on UK launch day. Originally I'd been planning on trading my PlayStation in for it at the local Cex, but they didn't have any in stock. There was no way I was going home without one, so I went to the local Virgin Megastore and bought one at full whack in there. The plan then was to head back to Cex and trade the Playstation for games and accessories, but I had to run back to Uni for a loan meeting. I remember having to explain to someone why I was in desperate need of a student loan, despite having two bags with me, one clearly containing the brand new, released-that-day D
  9. Oh Christ, I hope this somehow makes it's way over here!
  10. He makes a copy of Arc Elite, obviously. Seriously though, there were some decent ports of some Amiga games on the Archimedes - I used to hang around the computer lab after school playing Lotus 2 and Lemmings!
  11. That's super weird. Mine has two switches that are just on/off. As @Camel says, one is for 50Hz/60Hz video output and the other is for English/Japanese language. A completely unmodified Mega Drive has two jumpers on the motherboard that are set to a particular position in the factory - all these switches do is let you change the position. So: 60Hz + Japanese = Japanese NTSC Mega Drive 60Hz + English = US NTSC Genesis 50Hz + English = PAL European Megadrive I've no idea what 50Hz + Japanese does. It might not do anything, but I've a feeling it
  12. No, it won't be region-free, it was just that not many games used region lockouts. The majority will play on any console. I know for a fact Super Street Fighter 2 has region lockout and the Streets of Rage games will be retitled as Bare Knuckle if you switch the region to Japanese. This page shows you all the games with region locks.
  13. The best Christmas of my entire life was the one where - out of the blue - my Dad told me he thought it was time I had a computer and asked what one I should get. I asked for an Acorn Archimedes A3010 (we had them in school, and we'd owned a BBC Micro in the 80s), but he went out and bought me an Amiga A1200 instead. Now naturally I was absolutely over the moon - the Amiga was way better in all ways that mattered to a 14 year old, but there's a little bit of me that would still love one of those Archimedes. Of course it probably wouldn't be quite so amazing anymore with
  14. Zio

    Alien: Isolation

    I really liked the Working Joes! They're properly creepy, and they add a little variety to the experience.
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