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  1. I played it through a month or two ago and streamed it to Twitch. The town stuff is fine - there's barely any of it anyway! In fact the only thing that really surprised me was how I managed to mess a few things up in my replay, whereas I utterly rinsed the game when I first got it back in the day. In fact my first ever play through was so successful I didn't even realise you could screw certain things up.
  2. I haven't played Burning Rangers since it came out. Whilst I do remember enjoying it a lot at the time (although I don't think I ever finished it), I do also remember feeling like it was potentially rushed towards the end due to the Saturn's imminent demise. It was one of the final games to be released as I recall. I remember even at the time the graphics seemed pretty ropey. I've been meaning to give it another play for ages. Another one I wouldn't mind giving another try at some point is Deep Fear. That was another one released right at the end of the Saturn's life and it was bas
  3. Hacking a Vita and loading Adrenaline on there is a great way to go. You basically get two hacked consoles in one there - one hacked Vita and one hacked PSP. I found on mine that Adrenaline would crash on the first attempt to load it (but work fine following this), but this is a known issue and fixable.
  4. I noticed Roberts Space Industries are also celebrating the release of Odyssey with a free week of Star Citizen!
  5. Mine arrived yesterday. It's huge. Like, I knew it was going to be big, but this thing is massive. It dwarfs the PS4 Pro it's replacing. Also, without wanting to be a massive downer on the whole thing, I genuinely had no idea how expensive PS5 games are. I figured I'd grab Returnal so I'd have a nice exclusive to play and it's £70 fucking quid! They're all 70 quid! For whatever reason, I cannot mentally adapt to the idea of flinging 70 quid at a game. I just can't. I must be getting old. So right now I'm not really sure why I've bought this beyond being able to play my
  6. I picked up the one I tried to do last night from an NPC hanging around an orbital station in the Sirius system. I did notice a few of the places I went to had no missions available at all, which made me wonder if there weren't still ongoing server issues causing that. FDev have been pretty open that there are still backend issues they're trying to resolve. I dunno... maybe I shouldn't, but knowing Frontier are a relatively small company tackling an enormous game always makes me give them a bit of a pass on some of the issues, particularly in the light of Star Citizen, which is a m
  7. I watched Frontier Dev's stream on Twitch for the launch yesterday and the negativity in the chat was unreal. I thought about it afterwards and I guess on one hand I was a backer in the Kickstarter for the original release of Elite Dangerous and thus have a lifetime pass, so Odyssey didn't cost me any extra and maybe having to spend £30 on it might make me feel a little hard done by too... but I don't think so. There were a lot of people complaining about poor frame rates and then you find they're running GTX 1060 graphics cards. I can understand the frustration - such a card would have played
  8. It is! I tried to stream it last night! It was a disaster, because their servers collapsed almost immediately and I ended up playing Frontier Elite II instead! I'll be trying again tonight though.
  9. I managed to blag one! Talk about a frustrating experience though - repeated attempts to get it in my basket, then it would keep disappearing from my basket with multiple different error screens, but it eventually went through. Coming tomorrow! That's exciting! ...did I even want a Playstation 5?
  10. I quite liked some of Odyssey when I played the Alpha. I'm utterly appalling at any of the combat stuff, but I did a few missions where I had to steal things and that could be fun. Trying to clone someone's identity with your scanner without being seen, then using their clearance to bust into a building and make off with whatever you'd been tasked to retrieve. I'm looking forward to Odyssey's eventual release! And practicing the combat more. I streamed a bit of the alpha on Twitch if anyone is interested:
  11. Yeah, got through the queue and they're sold out.
  12. Had a small go yesterday and quite liked what I played, but didn’t have time to finish the tutorial. It has a cover system, which seems different for an RTS. I’m a huge fan of the board game Scythe and both are set in the same universe, so this does really appeal to me. Mortis was correct in the sense that this is not Scythe the RTS, but they absolutely are set in the same universe, with the factions and characters and stuff. I mean you spend the tutorial in Iron Harvest playing as the leader character of the Polania faction in Scythe.
  13. I think it's the fuse that's blown on the SNES. And yeah, I know you can do a 50Hz/60Hz mod on the Super Famicom, but the Super NT just saves me the bother. I stream retro from time to time on Twitch and if I want to use the SFC I have to plug it in to the mains, run the SCART to the OSSC, plug the OSSC into the mains, run HDMI from that into my capture card, set everything up for the picture and away I go. Whereas with the Super NT, it's USB powered anyway, so it's just plug the HDMI into the capture card and it works with minimal fucking about. Of course I could just use an emula
  14. I’ve got a PAL Super Nintendo, a Super Famicom, a SNES Classic Mini and an Analogue Super NT. I do get why someone might think it’s an overly-extravagant waste of money and all that, but I’m not so sure. The Super NES, for a start, died a couple of years ago. Doesn’t work at all anymore. The Super Famicom works fine, but can obviously only play Japanese cartridges. I have an SD2SNES so can just play ROMs on it, but they have to be US or Japanese ideally because of the locked 60Hz output. Unless I get it modified. Also, it cannot output RGB without a SCART cable I had to
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