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  1. That said, on reflection, I may just be shit at it.
  2. I’ve got it. I’m a huge fan of the original on the Saturn (though, like most, I always preferred Zwei and Saga). I’m not sure about this, to be honest. I think it looks great, and not just technically. The art design is pretty special too. And the music is great, although I can’t remember if it’s the exactly the same as the original. It actually sounds a bit Amiga Shadow Of The Beast-esque. I’m not convinced by the controls though, personally. There’s a classic control mapping and a modern one - the modern one makes the most sense as it puts controlling the dragon’s movement and aiming on different sticks - but I find it unusable. The classic one is obviously the same as it was on the Saturn, but it doesn’t feel like it controls with the precision I remember the Saturn game having. I’ve got to be honest, right now I feel like I want to enjoy this more than I actually do.
  3. MS Out Run is one of those hugely nostalgic games for me. I got a Master System at the end of the 80s, either for my 9th or 10th birthday and mum bought me Out Run about a week later as it was my absolute favourite arcade game at the time. I used to play it for hours and hours on end on the Master System, I absolutely loved it. Six months of playing it almost daily meant I was actually pretty decent next time I got to play on actual arcade cab. Obviously there are better home ports, but the only other one I knew of at the time was the C64 version, which a friend of mine had. The Master System version is an order of magnitude better than that. Chase HQ is one of the later games I got and it's also pretty excellent. Out Run is arguably the better racer though.
  4. I can't remember where I read it now, but the advice I saw was to open it, dispose of the outer packaging immediately, then wash your hands thoroughly before anything else.
  5. Finally got around to playing Dune for the first time last week, having been given the game as a present at Christmas. I think we were initially put off by the idea it was going to be obscenely complicated, but it really isn't at all. We picked it up pretty quickly, and all had a great time playing also. Sadly right now I only have my girlfriend and a mutual friend to play board games with, and Dune seems to need more than 3 people playing to really get the most out of it. Still, it could be a good one to introduce on those few occasions we get a big group going. I've managed to organise a 7-player game of Scythe in the past in a North London gaming bar, and that involved having to teach 4 of the players how to play from scratch. I can see Dune being a much easier game than Scythe to teach and potentially a lot more fun also.
  6. Oh no... Oh no, oh no, oh no. Super Mario World is a strong contender for my favourite game of all time! Whereas I like Super Mario Bros 3, but it induces sheer rage in me at points. I'm not sure if I have any truly controversial retro opinions. I guess there's a few FMV games on the Mega CD that I do quite like (I have a very large sweet spot for Sewer Shark for some reason). I guess I've never really played Final Fantasy VII... I mean I have, but I've always been bored by the time I get out of that opening power plant section. Whereas I played the shite out of Panzer Dragoon Saga and the Phantasy Star series across the Master System and the Megadrive. Also, I've never found any enjoyment anywhere in any of the Mega Man games. And I've always found Mario 64 pretty dull, even when at the time it came out.
  7. Same for me, but I picked up Witcher 3 for the Switch whilst I was travelling for work and started it again from scratch. I'm still nowhere near my PS4 save, but I'm happier to abandon that one completely and do it all again now I can play the same save on my PC at home and the Switch when I'm travelling/hiding in the loos at work. I tested it out briefly this morning too and it works every bit as described. I was able to pickup my Switch save on the PC, do the next bit of the quest I was on, save it and pick it up again on the Switch. It's a legitimate 'dream come true' feature for me.
  8. It might have already updated - that's what happened to mine. I was getting pissed off that it wouldn't update until I launched it and found all the new features were already there waiting for me. I guess it must've auto-updated at some point and I didn't notice.
  9. Well, I like it. Which is weird because it does sound fairly similar to the Sam Smith one from Spectre and I absolutely detest that song.
  10. I desperately wanted a Sega Multimega for ages, then one day around 15 years ago someone traded one in at the Gamestation I worked at. Obviously I immediately bought it, took it home, then found it a bit naff compared to the Mk. 1 Japanese Mega Drive and MegaCD units I already owned, largely because it was a PAL machine and I had to play everything on it at 50Hz. Ended up trading it back in after a few days... ...and nowadays I regret that decision. I'd love one now, and I'd just mod it to output 60Hz. In my dreams, Analogue would release an HDMI-outputting knock off of it. I do own a Mega SG and I'm planning on getting a Mega SD to go with it at some point, but still. The Multimega is so dinky and lovely. Similarly, I used to really want a PC Engine, and one day we had someone try to trade a Core Grafx II with us. We couldn't take it... so I kinda stepped outside the shop and offered the guy cash for it. Absolutely loved that system, but thanks to videogames retail jobs really not paying very well, I ended up selling it on myself. I've always regretted doing that. In underwhelming Grail terms, I still currently own a 32X. Took me a long time to find one at a non-obscene price, but it doesn't quite work properly - there's no audio output from the device itself (but plugging headphones into the Megadrive works, so it's not a complete show-stopper). It's a surprising pain in the arse to use though, what with all the cables and having two power adaptors. It probably speaks volumes about the quality of the games that the Megadrive and Mega CD combo never bothered me, but the 32X always felt like that one faff too many. Finally, I'd really like a CD32 modded to work like an Amiga A1200. I used to own an A1200, but sold it to another kid at school - yet another intense regret of mine. I realise this is an insane desire because I have no room for one and Amiga emulation is decent enough these days, but still...
  11. I know this is not going to make any difference to you, but again I have to say - the SNES was designed this way. Nintendo designed it so that the console had a base level of hardware and that games would come with enhancement hardware in the cartridge for use as and when appropriate, but those enhancements could never achieve what a 32X could. I mean the SNES had launch titles that used enhancement chips. Pilotwings, for instance, was a first-party launch title in most territories for the SNES and that used the DSP-1 chip for Mode 7 support. To be honest though, I personally feel that if a game came out for a console and could be played on that console by simply plugging the cartridge in, it should be valid. It doesn't even give anything an unfair advantage - I mean surely no-one thinks Virtua Racing on the Mega Drive is that console's best looking title?
  12. Zio

    Pink Floyd

    Lucky bastard! I was up somewhere in the rafters for that one!
  13. Zio

    Pink Floyd

    ...I prefer Gilmour's voice to Waters'...
  14. Zio

    Pink Floyd

    The new Later Years box set has a complete, remixed version of the A Momentary Lapse of Reason album on it, if anyone's interested? They've tried to make it sound a little less 80's synth driven, and it now uses previously unused Richard Wright keyboards, whilst Nick Mason recorded new drum parts for it. Just been listening via Spotify and I have to say it does sound a fair bit better than the original to me, although it's obviously still the essentially the same album. Momentary Lapse always did sound a bit too much like Gilmour's 80's coke addiction to my ears. I was at the show where Gilmour appeared to perform his parts on Comfortably Numb, then both Gilmour and Mason appeared on stage with Waters for Outside The Wall at the end. That was 2011, and I'm having to face up to the fact that not only was it the best gig I've ever been to, it'll probably end up being the best gig I ever went to.
  15. The cartridge won't physically fit a Mega Drive though, so calling it a Mega Drive game is tenuous. And, if it could, it would not play without the 32X hardware add-on, which at the time cost as much, if not more, than the Mega Drive console itself. Are you really saying this is the same as Star Fox on the SNES?
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