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  1. Zio

    Nintendo Switch

    I can't really argue against anything in that review, I mean it does have some frustrating difficulty spikes and shitty AI at times, but I'd rate the game higher than he has. It is a 10-year-old game now, it's pretty dated and no-one was claiming it was the greatest of games even at the time, but it is a lot of fun. If you couldn't give two shits about the Ghostbusters franchise, I'd give it a miss, but if, like me, you love the movies and like the idea of blasting a proton stream around and trapping ghosts appeals, it's pretty good fun. I bought it on PS3 at the time and I bought it again for my Switch and I have no regrets at all. But yeah, it's a game I'd only recommend to the fans.
  2. The worst films I think I've ever paid actual money to see in a cinema would be either Death Becomes Her (yeah, I'm fairly old), Batman & Robin and The Happening. That final one left me more confused than anything at the time. I was quite the fan of M. Night Shymalan at the time (loved Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs, The Village... I even thought Lady In The Water was okay), but The Happening was so utterly terrible throughout I kept expecting there to be a clever twist at the end to explain why everyone was behaving so strangely in the movie. It turned out just to be shitty writing, direction and acting. I did quite heavily dislike Star Trek Into Darkness because it so heavily riffs off of The Wrath Of Khan, which is quite simply one of the best science fiction movies ever made. Whereas Into Darkness isn't even one of the best Star Trek movies ever made. Oh, and I went on a date with a girl once to the cinema - she picked Paul Blart: Mall Cop. We did not go on any further dates.
  3. Is anyone finding this show to be too dark? I don't mean in terms of tone, I mean more in the sense that each episode has maybe two scenes where I can see what's happening and the rest may as well be a fucking radio play. It's actually really putting me off watching through it.
  4. I've never been much of a tabletop gamer (aside from owning quite nice Cluedo and Monopoly sets) but since we moved in together myself and my gf have started getting into them, so I figured it might be time to venture into this part of the forum. We've had party game staples Cards Against Humanity and Cthulu Flux for a while now, but a couple of months ago we got Ticket To Ride Europe, which has been great for when we have my daughter staying with us as she can play that with us. She's gotten good at it too (by which I mean I'm regularly being beaten by a 10-year-old). Then I bought Scythe, which seemed a bit of a dramatic leap and took us an age to learn, but we've both come to love playing it now. We've occasionally had friends over to play, some of whom are pretty competitive and that seems to sap my girlfriend's enjoyment out of it a bit, but she loves when it's just the two of us playing. The lengthy setup time puts us off playing more often, but it's a great game. I've even upgraded it since with the Invaders From Afar expansion and realistic metal coins (which are really, really lovely). I can see myself going all out on this and getting the other expansions too. Following that we went a little simpler and bought Gloom, which is another my gf loves when it's just us playing but enjoys less when some of my more competitive mates are involved. This last weekend we went a little nuts and bought Pandemic (haven't actually opened it yet but I know it's supposed to be good), Gloom Cthulu Edition, a Doctor Who-themed Flux (which I think I prefer to the Cthulu one as it's a little simpler), Coup (which is basically a very simplified poker with an instantly forgettable dystopian future theme, but it is pretty fun) and one of the Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective sets (the Jack The Ripper one). We played that one last night and it seems excellent, although we started too late and need to pick up our first case again tonight. I already owned 221B Baker Street from years ago and prefer this as it's completely dropped the slightly bullshit dice-rolling board game part and gone straight for decent story and a compelling mystery to solve. Anyway, so that's me introducing myself to this section. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for future recommendations, particularly when there's stuff that's good for couples to play.
  5. I became obsessed with Pink Floyd way back in 1994 when home sick from school and I ended up watching a documentary about them on BBC One simply because I was too ill to get up and change the channel over. I’ve loved them ever since. I’ve seen Roger Waters live 5 times now and David Gilmour twice, and I was at Waters’ The Wall concert at the O2 in 2011 when Gilmour came on stage to sing Comfortably Numb. There’ll never be a concert that will top that for me. I knew whilst I was watching it that I needed to embrace every second, because I’ll never get to see such an amazing show again. Hopefully, despite their ages, you still might get to see one of them play live? Gilmour is musically the better, but Waters puts on the best show. Going back to the original point... I’ve found myself listening to The Fall almost all weekend after Adam Buxton was talking about Mark E. Smith to Frank Skinner in his latest podcast, and now I feel gutted I left it until Smith died before making the effort.
  6. So... is it the same games on this in all 3 regions then? Selling my old Core Grafx is one of my biggest retro regrets, so I'm very willing to slap down money for one of these! ...especially if it gets hacked and I can put Outrun on it!
  7. Ah man! That’s a good point! I’ll look at putting a couple of those guys in.
  8. So I completely lost track of time knocking up my first course, and it's not even original... My tribute to Ghouls N' Ghosts: L5Y-G2C-2VG
  9. Was that Raven Games? It's one of those places I always meant to check out but never quite got around to.
  10. Watching the video, they also suggest they *may* bring out an adaptor to plug it into the Megadrive's expansion port (like a real Mega CD) at some point too, if there's a demand for it. From the video, they suggest the only reason anyone would want this is if they wanted to play 32X CD games, as they won't work via the cartridge slot through a 32X (although regular Mega CD games do). I do actually own a Mega CD, although last time I tried it the BIOS graphics were corrupt and it wouldn't launch any CDs - which I guess could just be dodgy capacitors. That said, I am extremely tempted by this thing, particularly for use with my Mega SG. I'll definitely be keeping a close eye on it.
  11. Hey! The screen, wood panels and 6 of the buttons are all totally original!
  12. Personally, I think that looks amazing! I currently own an Arcade 1UP Street Fighter II cab and it is pretty decent, but my experience from that would make me want to have a go on this first before paying anything. The SF2 machine comes with pretty lousy joysticks (the player 1 stick was okay, but both myself and my flat mate found it almost impossible to pull off any special moves with the player 2 one) and the video output doesn’t quite match the native resolution of the LCD display. It looks decent enough, don’t get me wrong, but they could’ve done better. I can imagine that potentially being more of a problem with vector graphics. As it goes, I know for a fact they could’ve done better with some tweaking to the video output, as since purchasing mine I’ve installed a Raspberry Pi in there and turned it into a MAME cab, and RetroPie allows you to output to the correct native resolution of the display and add scan lines, so everything looks nicer now. As part of the build, I also decided to replace the joysticks with slightly higher quality ones, plus I added light-up buttons to the front to act as the coin slots (and select buttons on SNES games). I also had to replace the player start buttons as the originals wouldn’t work with the Pi for some weird reason, despite all the others being fine, so I used some spare light-up ones. I think it arguably looks nicer like that anyhow. Downsides are it’s a huge faff to get the power and volume switches to work with the Pi - you have to order some special parts from the US and there’s soldering involved, so right now I just turn it on and off from the mains socket and have the volume set to a nice overall level using a cheap amp I installed inside it. And yes, I know my overpriced rented London flat has an ugly kitchen.
  13. Zio

    The iOS gaming thread

    Cultist Simulator on that list is incredible. I bought it on Friday morning for something to do on a flight I had and have barely stopped playing it since.
  14. Oh totally. I already had an Everdrive when I bought my MegaSG and am still using since I’ve not gotten around to jail breaking yet, but certainly I can’t imagine there’d be any point buying an Everdrive to use with a MegaSG. The same isn’t true of the SuperNT however (though I appreciate we’re not talking about that here). Yeah, I guess it’s true the FPGA is configured via firmware, but it’s not the same thing as emulation. You are correct that there can be faults in the implementation of the FPGA and these can be corrected with updated firmware. Ultimately though, it’s still running Megadrive code through hardware like a real Megadrive would, with complete cycle accuracy as opposed to the tricks a software emulator would employ for speed, particularly on lower-end hardware like a Raspberry Pi. As for the tricks to get the scrolling to run smoothly, are you referring to the very, very slight ‘overclock’ it employs to maintain an exact 60Hz? Real Megadrive hardware outputs video at 59.something Hz, which was fine on CRT televisions but causes issues with HDTVs and upscalers. The MegaSG employs a very, very slight ‘overclock’ to maintain 60Hz without adding input lag. Purists can even disable this, but personally I find it a pretty good way to get around it (having had problems using my real NTSC Megadrive on modern TVs in the past). I dunno... For most people I guess an emulator would be all they need. For me though, with my Everdrive, handful of remaining real cartridges (including Virtua Racing!), I love it and kind of resent the implication that it’s only worthwhile if you have hundreds of real cartridges you insist on using. The minimal input lag alone puts it beyond a lot of emulation solutions I’ve tried and is actually better to play on an HDTV than my genuine Megadrive, so it’s always felt like a great purchase to me. If I ever get around to fixing up my old Mega CD (or even just buying another), it’ll have been even more worthwhile.
  15. ...or if you have an Everdrive. Or if you want to jailbreak it. Maybe it's me, but I really can't lump a MegaSG (or a SuperNT) in the same boat as a Raspberry Pi or the upcoming Megadrive Mini because it isn't using a software emulator to run your games - it's the original hardware recreated using FPGA technology and directly outputting HD video. And it's bloody fantastic.
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