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  1. Amazing advice @Billy Brown, thanks for taking the time! I'm pretty new to the entire Twitch thing, not just streaming, but watching too. It's become a replacement to listen to podcasts whilst I work from home now (requires far less engagement whilst also still providing that nice little bit of noise in the background). I've got to admit that so far I've only really been watching the big streamers (I'm watching Limmy basically every morning whilst working now), so I've not really tried engaging with anyone else yet - so you're right about that. I'll take some time to check out some
  2. I didn't know about this thread at the time, but I jumped into streaming for the first time just after Christmas. Streamed for 20 hours straight, broke my brain and eyes in the process and raised £220 for The British Red Cross's Anti-Loneliness campaign. Anyway, it gave me the bug and I've started streaming more regularly. I've got a regular schedule in place where I go live at 7pm-10pm on Sundays and 8-10pm on Mondays... not the greatest since I'm going out at the exact same time as some big retro streamers from the UK, but it's all I can fit in right now. The main aim
  3. The battery can be very easily removed from a New 3DS XL, so I'm guessing it must be user replaceable if you can get another one from somewhere.
  4. The original Dune is pretty great on the Amiga. Back in the day I had a strategy adventure burgle-em-up called The Clue. I've been meaning to give it another playthrough for ages.
  5. There's several Densha De Go games on the PSP - the one with the FMV is Mobile Train Simulator + Densha De Go and is just the first one (it was one of the games I had on my import PSP before the system was released in the UK. I still have the UMD at my parents!). The others are the more traditional 3D graphics experience.
  6. Possibly because everyone’s saying this is shite, I quite enjoyed it. It’s definitely one of the better DC movies. Probably could be improved in editing, certainly. I need to rewatch the first one though. I originally watched it on a plane and barely remember it now. Anyway, to sum it up:
  7. My local Costco has the older Pac Man and Mortal Kombat cabinets in stock, but there's no sign of them getting any of the newer ones in.
  8. Well I don’t know what that GBA Emu app was supposed to be, but whilst it worked this morning, the app now does literally nothing.
  9. It is very US-centric, but it's a fun little documentary series and definitely worth watching. Just don't expect to see much Spectrum and BBC Micro talk.
  10. I’ve picked a shitty time to enter this I guess, but I personally use a Japanese Super Famicom and it’s really not that difficult to set up. For power, you just need a spare power adapter from a UK Megadrive. It’s the right power delivery and works a treat! My SFC isn’t modded in any way either - I’ve got a SD2SNES plugged into it (the forerunner to the FX Pak Pro) and mostly play the US SNES ROMS on it.
  11. You should give Xeno Crisis a shot then. It's an amazing little game that came out in 2019. Essentially it's a bit of a Smash TV clone, but vastly better than the actual Smash TV port that came out back in the day. My only criticism of it at all is the controls would work better on a SNES pad than they do on the 6-button Megadrive pad, but once you get your head around it it works well enough.
  12. Mine also arrived today! Currently in the process of getting it setup.
  13. Zio

    Apple TV +

    One thing I noticed whilst watching Defending Jacob (good show, btw) is how only one person is ever seen using an Android phone, and they're a super dodgy character. It's something I've noticed in pretty much everything on Apple TV+ to be fair - if there's ever a scene involving anyone using a phone or laptop, or listening to music or whatever, they're always using Apple products to do so. A bit like that time when Mr Robot on Amazon Prime dedicated almost an entire episode to Grace Gummer constantly asking Alexa to turn her lights on and off, etc.
  14. Hey all, Firstly, if it's not cool to promote myself this way, I'm happy for a mod to delete or move this thread. Secondly, I'm streaming all day on Twitch to raise money for The British Red Cross for their Operation Anti-Loneliness campaign. My stream and donation page are here: https://tiltify.com/@david-claridge/lockdown-nerddown-operation-anti-loneliness And there's more about the actual campaign here: https://www.redcross.org.uk/get-involved/fundraising-and-events/operation-anti-loneliness Please take a look! Thanks!
  15. Hope no one minds me posting this here, but I'm doing a Twitch stream (my first ever!) to raise a little money for the British Red Cross. It's a 20 hour gaming challenge, though whether or not I make it that far remains to be seen. I've mostly played modern stuff so far today (been going for nearly 90 mins so far), but there's lots of retro planned. Anyway, my campaign page is here: https://tiltify.com/@david-claridge/lockdown-nerddown-operation-anti-loneliness Please check me out and if you're able and willing, please donate. But you're also welcome to just
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