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  1. Megadrive had a poor sound chip? Nah: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mm0KwZZ4nbU My absolute favourite song from all of KOF: And a game no one has played: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Dx3KjQlJ9M
  2. I was playing it on x64 Windows 7 just a few weeks ago. Have a look in the Schtack forum in the downloads section for a Vista version or something like that. I'll have a look tonight and see what I downloaded if anyone is bothered...
  3. Willei


    No demo incoming I'm afraid. I'm really looking forward to this and have been for a very long time. Dunno whether to go for the Xbox or PC one though. Splash Damage don't get nearly enough credit to say that they have put out nothing but absolutely brilliant games so far! I would still have said that ET was my favorite shooter until MW2 came along. It's kinda sad that I see very little excitement for this game in most places.
  4. The combo system is pretty crazy in Alpha, but hard jump-ins not leading into combos is just a matter of timing on those older games. If you don't get a counter hit on the jump in (though you pretty often do) then you have to hit deep to get a combo from it. You often used to see people getting a dizzy and then hitting their jump fierce too early because they relied on the extra hitstun you get on the counter hit! There aren't a lot of normal links that don't rely on meaty hits. Counter hit links are very easy in Alpha 3 and fishing for counter hits is a much more important part of the game than it is in any other Capcom joint I can think of. Because characters get hit into the air on fierce counters you get extra combos that wouldn't normally work, like Guy doing CH st.HP into the flip throw. Cody is glorious in Alpha 3 as well. His V-ism combos are pretty straightforward and plenty damaging, dodging attacks while crouching is a real nice and often useful gimmick, even his infinite is easy if that's your bag. Alpha 3 definitely makes people salty though. Definitely more than SF4, maybe even more than Marvel 3. So much bullshit in the game...
  5. And it's another free visual novel! Official site and download I've seen it pop up on places like RPS already and it seems to be getting pretty positive impressions. I didn't get around to playing Digital because it got popular and I'm an idiot like that, so this is the first one of her games I've played. I put an hour into it last night and in the first 15 minutes or so I went from being "lol weeaboo shit" to "err maybe this is quite good actually". Don't let the anime stylings and 4chan references put you off! Rock Paper Shotgun review here Anyone else played/playing it?
  6. Willei

    PS3 jailbroken

    To spend time and effort on a project like this for no gain either financial or social would be absurd and flies in the face of human nature. He didn't hack his PS3 into a region free entertainment hub either, he hacked it to run unsigned code which is only the beginning. And he didn't even do that part on his own. Whether you agree with what he did or not, keeping it to himself isn't realistic. That's one way of looking at it. Geohot has made a stand and believes that he hasn't done anything illegal, and he hasn't backed down. Maybe you think that's idiotic, I think that's the admirable part of this whole sordid business.
  7. Amazing post. I would really like it if you post the other stuff!
  8. I'm sort of enjoying this. It's a bit basic though right? Especially considering the Gollop involvement.
  9. You configure stuff like that as one of the buttons, right? Otherwise I haven't been giving enough execution credit to all these people who play Ryu online and can't seem to do a 3 in 1 or indeed block anything but can somehow get solar plexus strike into F DP all day long.
  10. I guess Cap's crummy shield toss loop remains, because nobody plays Cap.
  11. I disagree completely. I see no reason be stay beholden to what the guide book says just for the sake of consistency. It is a foolish consistency. I'm amazed they haven't put out patch notes though, that's the real fly in the ointment. The best of both worlds (once again) would be the Blazblue method. Have major changes rolled in with DLC along with obvious version numbers. Make ranked matches use the latest version, allow player matches (and therefore tournaments) to use whatever version they want.
  12. Hey, the bug with stats not being displayed properly is fixed. Still a pain in the ass to fight same rank fights though.
  13. Just tried it without the latest patch, I'm seeing 1,543,700 as well.
  14. Plenty of characters can do that, along with having better mixups to land that combo. As the Mayor pointed out, this will have a much greater effect how useful the assist is. He'll still be good in both instances, especially in the hands of good players. I think it's a pretty sensible change.
  15. I was running X-23, Dante, Iron Man last time I played this. Mostly because I wanted to abuse that scaling reset on indirect hypers. With X-23 you can do your standard combo into the ground talon strike. With good timing you can call Dante in for weasel shot the instant before you lift them up of the floor with QCF M. Weasel shot keeps them off the floor long enough for you to hyper cancel into that all important cinematic Weapon X Prime instead of Rage Trigger, which in turn lets you bring Dante in with devil trigger for that glorious reset. You can do the same OTG calling Iron Man with repulsor blast instead of Dante picks them up enough for another launcher. Doing the OTG once with Iron Man, then again with Dante, then bringing in Dante with devil trigger DHC for a basic combo will allow you to do enough damage to kill Sent. It requires 3 bars (depending how you finish with Dante), and the combo will build 1.5~2 bars depending on how fancy you are with X-23. Dante builds no meter in DT unfortunately. I can do combos in this game, but I still suck at literally every other part of it. Being good at combos also means that I kill off the other player very easily off a random hit without really learning anything. I either win with all three characters or get crushed barely scratching someone who's actually good. Funny game this Marvel.
  16. Amazon cancelled my preorder for this back in January. Reminded by this thread that it's actually still coming out, I found it's apparently a Game exclusive in the UK. http://www.game.co.uk/News/?lid=15571&ad=07_03_2011 ...whatever. It's only £2 than Amazon would have sold it for anyway.
  17. Still waiting for mine to arrive. I hope it's good since I'm putting off Tactics Ogre so I can play it as soon as it gets here!
  18. That assist is the worst! You can snap her back in, but you can't attack her directly for as long as the super is active so what's the point?
  19. Someone big with a lot of health and a good defensive assist might be a good idea actually. X-23 can DP but the hitbox is kinda crummy and it's really unsafe, Iron Man's repulsor blast is good and leads to a combo but is too slow to start if you're defending. Something like Haggar's lariat assist or Hulk's charge would probably fit the bill.
  20. That's much too complex a BnB for my tastes! Usually off a launcher I do M, jump, M, H, QCF L, QCF AA. That particular combo you are trying there is probably failing because the first M after the launch isn't fast enough. With combos like that you have to hit them as early as possible to stop your character from rising too far. I just put in a decent session with my team with some random guy who was pretty good and also willing to rematch. It's the first time I played a decent Sentinel and I got robbed by his bullshit five times in a row. My team is still X-23, Iron Man, and Trish, and tonight it felt like Trish was the weak link. I've got good tricks with X-23, using her crossups and command dash along with Iron Man's beam assist. Iron Man on his own his an offensive powerhouse getting so much damage off his BnBs, and his triangle dash works well with X-23's low assist to make unblockables (dunno if they are unblockable or just hard to block) into big damage. Trish kinda just comes on at the end. I don't see much use for her assists other than setting a trap as a new character comes on screen. She's not fast enough to take advantage of X-23's assist since the only move she can hit after triangle dash is L which is hard to combo from. Same for Iron Man, and she doesn't have any decent moves for to protect him. Other random things which I really like. I got someone down to their final pixels of health with X-23's main super but didn't quite finish them off. She lands and the opponent still has to air recover, so I did a DP before they could hit the ground to finish the job. Also with X-23, Weapon X Prime goes through damn near anything, travels the full screen, and is lighting fast after the super flash. Your opponent wants to chip you out with a safe projectile super? Get ready for a surprise! Great for using immediately after a guard cancel XF activation too. Also with goddamn X-23, hitting her level 3 on a character coming onto the screen is brilliant every single time and I hope nobody works out a way of avoiding it. So yeah, I really like X-23. Any suggestions for who might work better than Trish with Iron Man and X-23?
  21. It changes just about every day, but I'm working with X-23, Iron Man, and Trish right now. All these characters bug me to a certain degree. X-23 will probably be changed out next, I love her easy OTGs but don't like the way she moves with her big single jump. Iron Man needs some work because I spend too much time dashing into projectiles and calling him in to his death at the moment. I've had Trish from the start and she sticks around because she's so versatile. I want to spend more time with Phoenix but I don't think I'll be able to control it when I lose her to a single beam super in ranked. As for the game itself, I really like it at the moment. One of the problems I've had with older Marvel games is that a lot of the characters feel very similar to each other and I'm not finding that here. I've never been a big Marvel guy after MSH so a lot of it is new to me. Honestly I don't even feel like I'm playing the game yet since I barely touch my assists outside of DHCs!
  22. I have seen that a couple of times and been extremely confused when getting soundly trashed by such people. Both times I just thought I'd somehow misread the screen though!
  23. People probably hate when I say stuff like this, but I've played five ranked matches online so far and I've got that achievement. 8)
  24. Dash, then duck to cancel the recovery animation, then dash again. Dead simple and dead easy, gets you across the screen after than waiting for each dash to end. Separate from and much easier than wavedashing in Tekken. Also separate from wavedashing in Smash which I think is something about chewing up Smarties and accidentally dribbling them onto your pad.
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