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  1. Yes. Can't see my friend list either so I assume this is PSN.
  2. Hi mate, I'd like to get in on this if you don't mind doing it with someone who hasn't done the whole raid yet. I'll be around tonight a little bit after 7! PSN ID is Willei3K, have a 28 warlock.
  3. I had no idea you were such a hand cannon enthusiast LeChuck! I ended up buying a scout rifle (with a stupid name and a description involving trepanning) for my hunter last night after hovvering over The Devil You Know for a good while. I was seduced by the latest patch hype!
  4. Got a spot or two on a potential raid if anyone's up for making a start? We've got 4 ready atm. Add Willei3K on PS4!
  5. 1) Not in recent years 2) No 3) Pretty much every time 4) Only if someone point me in the direction of an interesting one 5) Never on a single review, but I have occasionally cancelled preorders based on the critic and user scores on Metacritic 6) In most cases it's the only thing I care about, but only so far it feeds into Metacritic
  6. Great work on the raid last night guys, that run was utterly blessed on the basis that it was really really (for realsies) the last run of the night, we got Mars every time on the teleports, and for the first time I didn't job to oracles when I got teleported! Up for any and all PS4 raiding over the next week including tonight, my tag is Willei3K. I'll usually be around 8pm onwards, though I should warn that I've only got experience of the final stage of the raid.
  7. Sign me up please! Anyone done the auto-upgrade on the Jeep? I don't expect I'll have time to faff with it before the event so hoping it's decently drivable.
  8. Picked up an Xbone last night to play this, couldn't put it down until 2am. I can't remember the last time I picked up a new piece of hardware and had such a strong experience out of the gate, probably when I picked up the PS2 at the end of 2001.
  9. Willei


    Bandfuse works with tab notation. For reasons Spacehost may or may not have covered in that huge post it doesn't work as well as Rocksmith's more visual/spacial method of displaying notes. If you're experienced enough with tab to where you see a row a numbers and immediately know what shape your hand needs to be without stopping to think then you might do well enough with it.
  10. His two big meter uses are going to be super cancel from Rolling and Request For Comments Ultra, which is a pretty big deal when the character previously only had an Ex FBA gague with 4 stock. The biggest new thing for me with Vega would be the crossup LK, the lack of a remotely reliable crossup this far limited his offensive options to "poking" and "more poking" when I play him at least. Close MK giving him a frame trap (I never liked close HP much for the purpose) seems nice as well. Didn't hear about either of those two things before this latest list. Absolutely loving Viper's new super input, the amount of times that damn super activates when I'm mashing out HP feint HP is miserably high. Her other changes seem minor to me. Maybe you can poke better with LP TK now I guess. I thought I read about heinous sounding burn kick nerfs a while ago, they're not in the list so hopefully they just got rolled back. Interesting list on the whole though. It seems like the scope of the changes makes a lot of characters more dangerous in ways they weren't previously, so clearly there'll be a lot of habits to break from AE2102! Also good games to everyone I played recently, which from memory is DC, Goemon, and JLM. I don't post much, so my definition of recently there covers the last month.
  11. Willei


    I can probably say a bit more about this since I played Deathball almost exclusively for about a year when it was a UT2K3 and 2K4 mod. Mood gives a good rundown of the game and obviously it's analogous to football to begin with, but there's those few little things that make the game totally different. First and foremost, that left click impact hammer thing you have has a lot of uses. When someone has the ball you hit them for 60% of their health, and it regenerates slowly. Just like football then, you can't prat about running the ball through people and expect to get away with it. Unlike football, getting hit once means you're going to get one shotted for probably the remainder of that offensive play if you have the ball again. Getting incapacitated takes you out of the game for about 5 seconds now (it used to respawn you at your own goal) which feels much longer than it sounds. When you don't have the ball, getting hit shunts you a bit. Again, this is huge if you are trying to make space as an attacker or control attackers as a defender. There can be the odd bit of jousting in the rare dead ball situations too. Mood points out that it works for your teammates as well, and this is probably the biggest difference in people who can play the game versus beginners. Getting "boosted" like that combined with the quadruple jump you get in this game takes you quickly about half the pitch, so organised boosting lets attackers get back to defending positions very quickly - the concept of forward/midfield/defender is still present but diminished because everyone does all of those things to some degree. Following naturally on from that, disrupting the opposing team's boosting is a huge deal as well as a numbers advantage on the ball is just as big of a deal as it is in football. That's before you even get in to the crazy stuff you can do on offence by using the left click to volley and the like. The skill ceiling is definitely high here. A good goal is beautiful in this game as much as it is in football, so it's a shame there's no replay functionality in Supraball yet! There's actually not much need to communicate moment to moment because in an organised team everyone has their own job to do and an obvious common goal. The only two things I had say binds for were "Pass me" and "Boost me", that second one mostly used when someone was in front of me without realising and not slowing down for me to boost them!
  12. I wasn't fishing for someone to write me a guide or anything but goddamn this post was exactly what I needed. Just knowing that I should be going for back throws has helped me a lot, I've been getting much better milage out of my EX strikes now I'm playing more aggressively too. This is my first time playing a character in any game who really gets started after a knockdown so that's definitely taking some getting used to. Good games earlier too, the connection seemed fine to me but mine has been so up and down this bank holiday weekend that I'm just used to playing in poor conditions at the moment!
  13. Legend has it that if my name gets dropped in a Street Fighter thread, I am duty bound to reply.I've been playing SF4 again after a long break, generally I find myself hating the experience. But in such a way that I'm almost enjoying my anger, if that makes any sense. No, I didn't this so either. I've been trying to play Cammy because I heard that she's OP in the current version. I find myself struggling to know what to do with her almost all the time. I can't open defensive players up with her, which is the problem I had playing her all the way back in vanilla. Also links from crouch HP are still weird to me. I still do okay with Viper and Ken, I can't do anything with Cody or Guy any more. Playing as or against Vega is just plain depressing. I can't tech throws. None of my option selects ever work. I am constantly baffled by things which I am certain will work just don't seem to, such as Ken's super. There are still people in 2014 who are mashing DP with Ken and churning 360s with Gief, and somehow I'm still losing to them dammit. I feel like I don't know how to play this game at all. Would love to play some games with people who know what they're doing and might be able to give me some pointers over voice chat. If you removed me after not seeing me logged into the Xbox for the last two years, my current gamertag is Mr eSports. I mostly play in the evenings after 9.
  14. Completely unrepentantant and still talking like anyone actually cares about the car at this point. You're a real piece of work Meerman.
  15. Thanks for putting the effort in to organise this Hank. For the record I thought the car was absolutely fine once you adjusted to it, worked great on most of the courses and led to plenty of good races. Then have yourself a moan and move on. When you're still moaning all the way to the final race, your point stops being "Kingford I wish you'd spent more time tuning this car" and starts being "please don't organise anything for us ever again Kingford".
  16. Son... I am disappoint.
  17. Featuring a legit Blue Nocturne! I'll remember that next time I fight a Q.
  18. I really enjoy watching events like this where everybody is so excited about all the games on display. It always gets me excited about playing fighting games again. Even I was hype over MK9 and I've hated that series for more than a decade at this point! I wish there was a way to expose normal people to this kind of stuff!
  19. Nice one dude, anything similar kicking about for Marvel? I went to bed after 3rd Strike. That was a really sad showing of an excellent game that needs to win over the newer players to stay relevant. I was sad. Oh, and TTT2 was mega sweet and redeemed the lackluster T6 finals in my opinion!
  20. I think that's fair comment and I doubt it's meant as a criticism. That particular gun transforms from a decorated but fairly conventional and recognizable P90 styled thing into something with multiple heads and curved rotating barrels.
  21. The GOG one takes up about 14Gb of space once it's been installed.
  22. Willei


    Because I don't like the alternative, which is to take the game I've been looking forward to since it first got announced and erase it from my mind. I would also very much like Splash Damage to stick around as a company. Doesn't mean I can particularly recommend it to anyone in it's current state though!
  23. Willei


    I wrote some impressions over at GHZ and I think they'd benefit people over here too. I'm aware that the state of matchmaking is already well documented here! I played this for a couple of hours last night and I didn't get a particularly good handle on it. I'm putting part of the blame of this on the boneheaded matchmaking. The game doesn't know if it wants to be single player or multi player, which is hilarious to me because there's no way this game could shine in SP. The menus and defaults gear the game towards playing with your friend list (ie. on your own) and there are no options for finding a public game beyond selecting a map then selecting quick match. This shit is downright ridiculous. There's no party system. One person just has to start a game and the other people join it. I know console players are spacks (insert emoticon of your choosing here,) but even having a server browser would be a huge improvement. That would be fine if quick matching worked fine. It works great for CoD though obviously with the lobby system, but I've never had a problem playing that game alone or with friends. Brink matched me up with the same laggy game with a single human player in it three times in a row after I quit out of it each time. So when I got into a decent handful of games, I was somewhat impressed with what I saw. The controls are decent enough though not as direct as CoD. I feel I have to mention this because games are still being made with huge chunks of input lag that give you the turning speed of the Death Star. Autoaim is a little bit funny, it doesn't seem to snap to target on ADS but tracks fairly well if you aim normally. Normal aiming of course has big accuracy penalties. I suppose this is to make it hard to hit moving targets with more than a spray of bullets, and it works. You have to stay moving in this game, and standing still or moving directly towards someone gets you immediately killed with accurate ADS fire. I see people complaining that the guns aren't very damaging, but I don't see it. I want to write about the parkour stuff, but I haven't got any kind of handle on it yet. I guess that means it's not very intuitive to start with. There are some challenge rooms to show you the possibilities so I'll go and do those next time I play. I did some cool stuff with the basics though, some of it accidental. I finished a gunfight with low health and rounded a corner into another enemy. I immediately turned about face and jumped over a nearby guard rail to a lower level of the map. I turned around straight afterwards which had the effect of making my dude grab the ledge I just jumped over and climbed back over. As I was getting back over and cursing my clumsiness, I saw the dude who was chasing me fly over the rail to the lower level and miss me completely, thus securing my escape. Excellent! I am hoping to see a lot more stuff like this as it's really the part of he game I'm interested in the most. Other than that, it feels nice to be playing a proper objective game again after so long. I played a lot of Enemy Territory back in the day and appreciated it's focus and simplicity. Quake Wars was probably a bit too complex for it's own good. No-one else really seems to do these levels split up into stages of objectives, so I'm glad Splash Damage are sticking with it. Using the wheel to select objectives keeps things pretty simple and you always know what you're meant to be doing, but there isn't as much variety in secondary objectives as the early videos would have had us believe.
  24. Willei


    You get downed in this game rather then killed outright, so there isn't really time for a killcam. Hopefully they do what MAG does and focus the camera on the person who killed you, so you at least know where they are when you get back up or respawn.
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