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  1. Another vote for the A.1F19X-Ryl being awesome, it's my main weapon on my warlock now, including in the crucible. I have the New Monarchy scout rifle as well (Crusader II or similar), which is very solid with a noticably quicker fire rate but not quite as good. The firefly perk is so good for thinning out large groups of weaker mobs!
  2. That did pretty much suck! I'll be on this evening as well so can join in assuming everything is hunky dory with the servers. I went back on a couple of hours later and everything was fine so fingers crossed.
  3. You plug the mic and your headset into one of these: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Startech-com-3-5mm-Headset-Splitter-Adapter/dp/B004SP0WAQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1414581685&sr=8-1&keywords=Headset+Splitter+Adapter Then plug that into the pad. That's what I do for the Xbone and PS4 now. I am reading vague reports of the Modmic not being compatible with the PS4 for some reason, but I'm thinking that this is people plugging the mic directly into the controller rather than a headset. I didn't get to the bottom of it in the five minutes I spent Googling just now, all I can say is it works fine for me!
  4. I think a £100 set of headphones would compete or better the PC360 for sound quality. They sound very similar to my old HD555s which I paid about £60 for. Generally the gaming headsets come at a huge premium that isn't worth it when essentially you're paying to connect the headset with a single cable. That said, one thing I absolutely love about the PC350 and 360 is that moving the mic upwards away from your face mutes it with an audible clunk - it's a minor thing but it's so much nicer than scrabbling around for a tiny button on an inline controller. No surround via the PS4 (or Xbone) pad, but having used it in a Yamaha amp, the Astro Mixamp, and Corsair headsets I've just come to the conclusion that I don't really like the effect that much. As far as headphones go I've tried quite a few in my time but I'm no audiophile. If I'm on the go then I reach for my Koss KSC75s which are a £10 headphone! The most important thing to me is comfort, and most of the GAMURZZZ branded headsets from the likes of Steel Series, Logitech, Creative, Razer, Corsair, and of course Turtle Beach have been poor for me. The ear cups are just too small and end up creating pressure points that force me to take the things off my head anywhere between 15 minutes (fucking Turtle Beach) and 2 hours (Corsair). Other than the Sennheiser PC360 (which really is just a pair of headphones with a mic attached) the Astro A40 is the only pair I've ever found comfortable over a decent enough for a long gaming session or VoIP call. For real headphones I like Sennheiser for most things because I like the neutral sound, though some would say it's flat and uninvolving. The majority of Sennheisers are open backed which means they leak sound all over the place. My Beyerdynamic DT770 Pros are fun for most stuff but are definitely on the bass heavy side, though they're closed backed and insulate very well. The reason I'd use them as a PC headset is because they're very sturdy, closed backed (so sticking something on the outside won't affect the sound quality), and have a coiled cable so I'd be able to thread the mic cable through it to make it more manageable. I don't think I've tried any AKGs yet and I certainly can't comment on the linked pair, but make sure you're okay with the pleather pads before you invest - they should have better sound insulation than velour ones but are generally considered (by me ) to be less comfortable.
  5. Excellent! While I completely gave up on it being any good, I did for some reason carry on levelling it. XP from the bounties I do every day might as well go somewhere I guess.
  6. I would like to sign up for this mostly to enjoy the poetic justice of the B-team being filled out before the A-team! I don't I have any of these names on my friend list yet so I'll send out requests when I get home.
  7. That sounds about right for Turtle Beach. I had a pair of Ear Force x11s back in 2007 or 2008 that were overpriced, uncomfortable after 15 minutes, had some of the worst sound quality I've experienced from any headphone, and required a spaghetti of cables to hook up. They were such a ripoff of that I swore never to buy another Turtle Beach product, and moreover I'd badmouth them at every opportunity. Like now! Even today seeing things like the review of the Stealth 500p posted earlier in the thread makes my day. On as related note, I have owned a Yamaha AVR that did Silent Cinema and the Astro A40s. The Yamaha effect was pretty nice and natural sounding but also very suble. The VSS effect on the Astro mixamp is very exaggerated and pretty much is the exact opposite. It has a strong positional effect, but I found the comprimise in sound quality wasn't worth it outside of online shooters. The Mixamp was a great product during the 360 era and I still get use out of it (with VSS turned off), but I wouldn't buy another today if it broke. The actual A40 headset was decent enough but not worth the price tag. Today I just use a Sennheiser PC360 set with the adapter for the Xbone, plugged into the PS4 pad (I hope one day you can adjust the game and chat volumes separately, but you'll die of old age waiting for Sony to add features), or just directly into the PC. The PC360 itself is great if you can get it around £100 like I did, but not worth the RRP of almost double that. Great customer service from Sennheiser too, they broke once (dead mic) and Sennheiser replaced them free of charge six months after the warranty had expired! If they died at this point I'd probably just get a Modmic and stick it to my great but underappreciated Beyerdynamic DT770s.
  8. I think I'm the fourth person to apply one of the three spots here, but would deffo be up for this. Otherwise I'll try and get on session later in the week!
  9. Even the developer can't get the backstab to work!
  10. Sorry if this got answered somewhere else - you only get the rewards from upgrading faction rep from level three onwards. If you're already level 3, I'm afraid you just got jipped!
  11. Quick question for the thread - I picked up the game last week and borrowed a console to play it on, but I don't think I'll get very far with the gamepad/tablet thing. Looks like the Pro Controller would be my jam, but I'm having trouble actually finding anywhere that stocks them for a sensible price that will ship one in the near future! Don't suppose anyone knows where I can get one?
  12. When you see how much I have to run away with my 1100 defence, I think "Pussy Hunter" will be the next evolution of my nickname!
  13. Hi mate, would be up for joining assuming PSN works this week! I have a level 26 hunter to get through the raid if you're okay with it - I won't do too well with relic carrying but can take decent weapons from my main so should do good enough damage.
  14. I came to sign up, and I see that I am already signed up. The system works!
  15. Fun event, thanks for organising Mr Buttons. Don't think the game is quite suited to serious business racing considering you can get flipped on your lid just by hitting a bump in the "track" a little bit wrong. It is very well tuned for arcade type fun though so I think this event was pitched about right, especially with the races being shortened following the disconnections on race one!
  16. Thanks, I'd just gotten to that part and that seems to be where the bulk of it is. It's been interesting matching up that back-end with the kinds of posts that were on 4chan around the time.
  17. Would you be able to point me in the direction of some of the articles that documented this please? Not doubting the points by any means, but I've seen a few posts like this that make out that GG was and is an organised movement. I haven't followed it to 8Chan, but when I was keeping an eye on it in the first week It looked like a group of angry gamers flinging as much shit against the wall as possible in the hope that anything would stick. It didn't seem remotely organised so I'd be interested to read about that side.
  18. Play Asia want $360 (plus shipping, plus tax, plus tip) for that stick! Someone please tell me that though the magic of USB I can plug a PS3 stick in and have it work. Am I right in thinking the game isn't even confirmed for an EU release too?
  19. It kinda seems that way until you realise that the cooldowns don't run concurrently. It's still good for people who like to save their grenade for when they really need it, but you get very little out of the perk if you use the grenades off cooldown.
  20. That's really quite generous for a fighting game demo! Is it time limited or anything? On an unrelated note, I-no's new theme is OST of the decade for me. http://youtu.be/igwBsoI4X5A
  21. If you're a Warlock there's some really nice(?) gaudy armbands waiting at The Speaker for you, a mere 25 motes each. I expect there will be more to spend motes on in the future.
  22. Any idea if you have to lock on with this particular one? That was the other thing that killed any use the perk had on my rare launcher, in PvE everything is so static and predictable that you don't need to lock on, in PvP someone will take you 100 to 0 in the time it took to lock on!
  23. I think Titans got shit on this week because those Warlock and Hunter pieces sound awesome, I'm definitely picking up Light Beyond Nemesis tonight. My Hunter will have to deal with her three Knucklehead Radars (seriously, find me a worse exotic) for a while longer. The rocket launcher sounds distinctly meh, I had standard ones that supposedly seek out targets and they only just slightly alter the trajectory of the rocket and they certainly don't chase anyone!
  24. Willei


    I think that's the intention since it seems to have a healthy dose of viral marketing over there. http://i.imgur.com/xyjXHrq.png edit - turned it into a link because there's a gory image in the middle of it, hopefully nobody browsing from work at this hour. There's at least five active threads about it right now.
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