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  1. But there's not much more satisfying than killing a warlock twice after he rage-revived! Using the striker or voidwalker super to shut down a hunter as soon as they activate blade dance is up there too.
  2. If the content was sufficiently rare and hard then people would work out pretty quickly that they need to work together! Citation: https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/MONOCULUS
  3. Opportune timing for Jashin - I'm afraid I've got to pull out of this. I'm bought tickets for this ages ago and completely forgot until I was reminded this morning. Sorry!
  4. Based on my extensive experience playing classes other than Titan, I feel like the bubble is smaller than the containment field - I think you're making the same point but have to back to front here, but if the bubble is smaller than the containment field then your bullets will get stopped by the bubble before they impact the field. Perhaps you can get around this by making sure you stand on the edge of the bubble so you can see one edge of the containment field from inside the bubble?
  5. I posted here shitting on Truth last time it was on sale on the basis that the lock on perk is shite and it's just a standard rocket launcher otherwise, but I got one from the raid last week and I'm going to have to eat some crow to say it's actually pretty good. The lock on happens the instant you sight an enemy and it'll nimble enough to chase down any enemy movement short of a teleport. Between that and the horseshoes perk (rockets detonate near if they get near enemies) you basically can't miss. All base stats on it for reload, rocket speed, and above all blast radius are great - all the bars are almost all the way to the right apart from fire rate. The only real problem it has is that it's quite easy to kill youself with it! I don't have a Gjallahorn to compare it to, but it's replaced my Steel Oracle with cluster rockets as my go-to heavy weapon.
  6. Stick me down please. I'm still one armor piece to go until 30 on both my warlock and hunter for now.
  7. Can I join in as hunter (29) number 3 please? This will be the raid of no utility.
  8. The problem with Hunter is that they have no utility super. When raiding you'll find most Titans are Defender over Striker, and most Warlocks are Sunsinger over Voidwalker. On top of this, Hunters are automatically more squishy. It's not like Hunters can't be useful, or that there aren't times when the Golden Gun gets you out of a pinch, but it doesn't compare to the bubble shield or self-revive abilities which are consistently useful at all points of the harder PvE content.
  9. Yeah, that was a truly impressive array of bugs we experienced. Oracles being destroyed and marking everyone anyway, two people getting teleported instead of three, self-reviving off of a cliff. There's so little margin for error in the hard raid that these things lead directly to a wipe, and at least twice stopped us from clearing it when we were virtually home free. Then you've got the usual cavalcade of shit like ammo disappearing, splash damage travelling through bubble shields, relic shield bash doing no damage to enemies. The weird thing is that I can't say I didn't enjoy the time I spent with it either. We're all so sprung on the game that nobody got excessively salty and we had a laugh throughout. That, and I did get another piece of raid armor on the gatekeeper section. Three in one week across two characters almost makes up for the last three weeks dropping nothing!
  10. Yep still up for this, 8pm suits me fine.
  11. I found it suprisingly useful in PvP, and that's partly down to Perfect Balance. The gun is all over the place by default and it's so much harder to get the required three shots down without it. I was able compensate for the small clip size with Hunter throwing knives. The DOT itself was totally pointless other than giving you a little bit of wallhack action with the damage ticks still being visible through walls, I don't think I got one kill with it that wasn't going to be mine anyway. All in all it's no Suros Regime, but it's definitely viable in the smaller maps. As for PvE, the DOT is good becuase it does a decent chunk of damage and it procs against weird things like Phalanx shields. It stops normal shields coming back up straight away, and you can also light up dropships green for a couple of seconds! You can occasionally get milage out of the penetration with things that Thralls. That's where the fun ends though - the clip size, funky sights, lack of damage per shot, and slow reload pretty much kill it. They could make it better by sorting out the reload as you say, but it'd make so much more of the unique perk if the DOT could stack in some capacity.
  12. Don't think I can face more of it tonight to be honest! I'll be up for carrying on tomorrow or Monday evening.
  13. I'll be up for that duder.
  14. Just signed up now. Either under the name "eSports" or "Willei3k", I have no idea which will show.
  15. Great idea. We can be the nWo of Rllmuk Destiny!
  16. That it's part of a long standing meme makes it abundantly clear that it is a spoof or parody, that is if you weren't tipped of by the opening sentence being "The Year is 2017". http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/it-was-my-privilege
  17. I'm keen to get in on this. I have a 29 sunsinger warlock (because that damn raid gear just won't drop) and suitable 300 weapons!
  18. I think just about every conflict will come down to "us and them" when more than two people are involved. If I was one of the Pickfords reading this thread now you (collectively) would be looking like a "them" to me. It's human nature. You yourself just said "We're getting this us vs them mentality from them".
  19. I expect they would if it came up in such a way that it was somehow a current event again due to new evidence, but I won't hold my breath to be proven right or wrong on that!
  20. Neutral in this case doesn't mean equal or inequal representation of all opinons, rather that the BBC does not take a stance with either camp. PeteBrant is taking an lot of flak for his stance but I basically agree with him. If it's so clear cut that one side is correct and one is incorrect then hearing both sides is enough for anyone sensible to make up their mind, then ideally you want the obviously wrong opinion exposed as loudly and widely as possible so as to galvanise people against it. The excellent book by Jonathan Rauch Kindly Inquisitors covers this (any many other things) from his point of view being an activist in the American gay rights movement.
  21. Wow didn't know we had that many who hadn't done it before. I think we did very well considering! I'm just going to add to this that with teleports now being random, there's no point even exiting the platform until Atheon stops firing assuming you've got a bubble up. It gets you the most time to put damage on the boss because you only need to retret a few yards. and on the couple of times I was left alone on the platform with everyone else alive getting teleported I was able to clear the Supplicants by using the bubble for cover. That said, you don't have to use the platform at all. People taking individual cover and trading off agro can be safer in that all your eggs aren't in one basket - one that can be fallen off and is prone to receiving illogical splash damage.
  22. I'd like to do this if possible. Will still be up for helping group B finish off yesterday's attempt afterwards if they don't get enough people!
  23. They're going to force you to sit in a room not touching the boss and bashing adds for half an hour? Awesome!
  24. I think they were underrated before the patch to be honest, I don't think there is really much difference in effectiveness. If anything I would say the recoil tweaks make them a *feel* worse on balance? They used to drop back into position after a shot much faster, it's slower and smoother now. Kills with precision damage cause the corpse to explode.
  25. The vendor one has firefly and ammo scout - everything you could ever want from a scout rifle for PvE! I switch out ammo scout for the +2 agility perk in crucible as three headshots is enough to kill, the remaining 24 in the magazine is just overkill.
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