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  1. Don't forget that when you invest your hard-earned money buying lunch today, you can look forward to doing it all again in 6 hours at dinner when you're hungry again!
  2. I got a titan helm called "The Lighthouse" from Xur's engram this week. Something about making weapons/blessing of light last longer I think, sounds like a strong perk! Probably not going to upgrade Light Beyond Nemesis even though it's my main warlock helm - it's a shite helm for a shite class. I'll see if I can wait for the Apothesis Veil to come up for upgrade (had one sitting around for weeks) before I put more time into that character. Other than that, I can't decide between upgrading Thorn and The Last Word - TLW definitely seems less special since the Thorn buff gave them similar stats. But I just know that damn exotic bounty is waiting around the corner for me to get one for free! I also have Thunderlord but I figure that's not worth upgrading as there's no requirement for arc damage above level 30 yet.
  3. Mask of the Third Man, Young Ahamkara's Spine, The Armamentarium, No Backup Plans, Light Beyond Nemesis, and Sunbreakers are your upgradable armour pieces. Everything needs about 7000 glimmer (for fucks sake), the original item, and an exotic shard to upgrade.
  4. I saw this post was negged and thought "surely a misclick!" and in seeking to correct this misgiving ended up clicking the neg myself. I think it's got to be the PS3 version for me unfortuantely. I'd love to get it on PS4 but I can't afford to spend all that cash on a new stick to go with it!
  5. I'd have decribed him as outspoken and opinionated, but I that's a stones throw from "Loudmouthed Idiot" if you don't agree much with him. He's a paragon of virtue compared to the rogues gallery usually discussed in this thread!
  6. He's had plenty of run-ins with the press over the years, but I think Jaffe's particular beef with Kotaku and Tolilo came from this: http://kotaku.com/5883107/does-david-jaffe-really-recommend-his-new-game-as-a-sexual-aid Which led to this: https://soundcloud.com/ben-kuchera/jaffe-confrontation
  7. I know all about the complaints! I've heard them from people I play with, I've read them here, and as someone with three level 30 characters and well over 200 hours of play I've had plenty of them myself. In the bit you quoted I'm making a very specific point about the tone of reviews rather than the tone in this thread - I can't believe for a second that the Metro reviewer is part of this community or one like it because some such person wouldn't be writing a screed about how much of a cash in the DLC is with a weaselly caveat about not playing the raid yet. What you could miss from reading the posts here is that literally everyone I've played with from here is pretty enthusiasic about the game, bought the DLC weeks if not months ago, and still has fun with it week after week regardless of how many Found Verdicts the Vault of Glass hands them. I know the five other people I was playing the new raid with last night were having a great time and will do again tonight. And I don't think people willing to admit to having fun are just doing so to try and shut down the haters. None of this changes that the story is shitty, the new missions are shitty, the new strikes are shitty, the new materials are shitty, the exotic upgrade paths are shitty, and probably countless other things are shitty. But it does help to put it into perspective.
  8. There are so many things you can get wound up about with this game if you've got a mind to. Unless you're really done with Destiny full stop, not bothering with the raid despite it being by far the biggest (and most unique, and most enjoyable) chunk of the new content is cutting off your nose to spite your face. It's tiresome the so many of the reviews have been focussed around the game being poor value and lacking in content, and the DLC reviews when they hit will be much of the same. The customer who bought Destiny, played the story missions, then traded the game in certainly exists. The customer who did the same thing but kept hold of the game to play three shitty new story missions does not exist, but I bet most reviews of this DLC and the next will be written from his hypothetical point of view regardless.
  9. Absolutely loving the new raid so far. It's got a completely different feeling to the VoG - while that felt like walking into a set of Crystal Maze puzzle rooms, while CE between it's structure and it's enemy types and balance feels like you're constantly struggling through overwhelming odds. More than anything else it's great to be grinding through some properly hard new content again!
  10. Good stuff Barry, thanks again for organising this!
  11. Willei


    It's one of those things that's impossible to really say without trying one out. If you've got a way of getting to a guitar shop that stocks it and giving it a try (even if you're a total beginner) you'll know if it feels cheap and nasty, if the automatic tuning gimmick works properly, and if you get on with it well. If you can't find anyone that stocks the Peavey (I've been to plenty of guitar shops and I don't think I've seen one of their guitars) then standard advice is still to go and try out a few of the low end models, particularly from the likes of Squier or Yamaha but any well known brand would be fine. If you happen across a model you particularly like then consider spending a little more and going for that instead. As a beginner it's as important to get one that you like the look of as much as one that's good to play. The reason being that spending north of £120 is automatically fairly good insurance against the thing being a total piece of shit that doesn't stay in tune for more than five minutes, and if you like the look of a guitar you're much more likely to pick it up and play it without having to force yourself!
  12. I am just in the right place at the right time for this every week it seems! Can I sign up for Tues and Weds please? Titan then Hunter.
  13. Got some interesting guns last night. First was an Exodus Plan RS/1 (the Dead Orbit rocket launcher) - it's got good stats for everything bar fire rate (which is exactly what you want from an RL in my book) and the perks are Tripod (three rockets in the tube instead of two) and it's got Field Scout too - depending on how much that adds to an RL this could be very useful indeed. It's got Third Eye too which I guess some people like but *meh* to that one. The only dampener was that someone else in the party got Gjallerhorn at the same time! Second was Doctor Nope with possibly the worst perks I've ever seen. It's got Life Support which is utterly useless on a PvE primary anyway, and it's got Who's Next on the worst single bullet damage gun in the game. The only good perk it has is Perfect Balance, but I still wouldn't use this if it was the last Legendary in my stash. Finally, and going back a little bit to Iron Banner. I decided to get a Gheleon's Demise because it's got the same stats as the AX.AB56-QWERTY.RYL and I wanted to chance my arm at getting a better perk set - as much as I like it the gun it's Final Round perk is shite. I settled on Zen Moment and Outlaw, both of which I'm a huge fan of on scout rifles, and the selection perk has Field Scout as on option. Different enough to be worth having and hopefully it shakes out to still be very strong without Firefly!
  14. Negged for putting Bee Gees in my head.
  15. Can the primary guns get elemental damage from the reforge? Think I'll be grinding to from IB 3.75 to 5 tonight if so given that Fatebringer and Vision of Confluence are steadfastly refusing to drop for me!
  16. Can I sign up for Tuesday and Wednesday please? I have three 30s now so shouldn't really matter which class does what day, will pick what there's a shortage of.
  17. Hey, it turns into energy same as any other exotic! I think my biggest problem with it is that it's the least exotic of all the exotic weapons. At least the maligned Thorn looks kinda cool and is a unique concept (in Destiny at least) that just isn't very effective. The unique perk on the Mida is a combo of two trash perks - what benefit is hair trigger supposed to provide exactly? The move speed is kinda nice but it doesn't make you any more effective. Third Eye is pointless for PvE where the scout rifles are most effective. The stats on it are completely meh and are outclassed by most other legendary scout rifles. But at least it looks cool right? Wrong! It looks like a standard brown scout rifle. The best thing I can say about it is that the description is funny and it makes a cool sound when you fire it! All they would have to do to make it good is give is make the stats slightly better, either give it more impact or up the fire rate and give it full auto or something. The Last Word is a great example of a gun that's not very exciting (other than the animation) but it's effective enough to be worth using.
  18. No Backup Plans is the piece of gear I need to take my Titan to 30. Too bad I also need about 100 plasteel to get there with it being my 3rd character. Still, that's both alts geared for 30 before my supposed warlock main who is still waiting for those damn booties to drop. Hopefully can get enough Iron Banner to just buy those instead, currently sitting at level 2 there. Also for anyone tempted, Mida Multi-Tool is pretty much trash. You'll more or less be handing over 23 strange coins to have one less weapon slot in your vault.
  19. I'm back around on Saturday so would love to join in on this. Will either go with my 30 hunter or my 28 titan if we're doing well on numbers and people are up for carrying some weight! Otherwise I'm around for normal raids and IB whenever I'm around this week, presumably most evenings.
  20. We should all be thankful considering what happened last time they tried to fix the raid.
  21. Can't get on to check now but exotic primaries are usually 23 coins or there-abouts.
  22. A Gjallarhorn with 8 rockets is also a Gjallarhorn that loses 3 rockets on every wipe.
  23. Good luck with that, I've had the new CoD since release and it's still shrink wrapped.
  24. I'm out on Saturday unfortunately but would be happy to get in on any hard raid action either on Sunday or earlier in week!
  25. Would love to go down on the Weds runs if possible mate!
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