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  1. Good games again last night Jonster. Your Bedmans are coming along nicely! Your pressure is much more successful now, I think that's the first time I've ever watched my risk gauge go above halfway playing this online. I am enjoying playing I-no a lot more than Axl, really struggling in the neutral game for what to do beyond HCL spam but she's definitely more my speed. I managed to do all the stun dipper stuff I was struggling with by just doing it again and again until it decided to combo, but the distance thing makes sense. I was hoping there'd be some timing with to do with when you release the kick button or something like that but no such luck! In other news, I think the parts in this Hori RAP V4 are pieces of shit. Already at least one of the microswitches on the stick is making a click and not registering the input until it's pressed in further. I've not even used it for ten hours yet so it's only going to get worse! This is exactly what I'd expect from typical Hori trash and I've not even had one of their sticks since the American Tekken 5 bundle came out. Guess I'll have to find out how easy it is to mod and either order some Sanwa parts or chuck it back to Amazon. Edit: About 30 minutes later it's just randomly not accepting the up input anymore. I also forgot that I owned two DOA4 sticks that broke in similarly quick fashion for various other reasons. Shitty product from a shitty company, I just hope it's the stick and not the PCB that's at fault considering it's the only game in town for PS4 until Mad Catz pull their finger out.
  2. GGs the other day Jonster. I'm sure I'll find out I'm wrong soon enough but Sol feels like one of those characters where you can just press S and HS at midrange and people have to respect it. I was playing Slayer against Sol the other day and had the exact same experience, just no chance of getting in on the ground. Ended up playing a couple of Millia players as well, I thought I was pretty good on D after playing god knows how many years of KOF but I got absolutely battered until I could DP my way out like the scrub that I am. Those overheads are too damn fast, and her dust is goofy as hell. Random Q for people - is there a trick to making Stun Dipper combo both hits with Ky? I don't want to play the dude but it's come up in his trials and in a mission that I'm curious, and so many times I get the kick and then the sweep gets blocked!
  3. Yeah, I got that friend request through with the exact name I'd typed in! When you search for it, you just get a load of people who seem to have just mashed the keyboard to come up with their name? Maybe there's a privacy setting you have to mess with to appear in search results or something. Think I missed everyone last night by the time I got my friends list sorted and was done with the lobby I was in. I've heard a lot of complaints about the netcode but it seemed to be absolutely fine to me in the UK room. I had moderate success with Axl (which is to say I didn't lose every single game) against people who actually know how to do combos and stuff, but something about him doesn't click for me. I really struggled with the neutral game which is where I feel he should shine so I'm clearly missing something. Played a bit of Slayer, didn't like the links or that he has to do most of his moves from a backstep. I've done a good chunk of Sol's trials and he seems to make sense to me but I'm not going to play the game's Ryu. Venom's normals and ball setting stuff doesn't make much sense to me but I think I could get along with him once I know a few strings and basic ball setups. Might try I-no again now she's free from the shackles of having to 6-FRC-6 HCLs to get a damaging combo.
  4. Playing some matches now, game is hard going. I have no idea why I'm playing Axl given my lack of love for keepaway. Gonna try someone else I think. Tag is Willei3K on PSN, added some folks up earlier on but I think I've got most of you on my list already. I don't have Alistar though, couldn't find the tag you posted earlier in the thread (RR4T5ILA) either dude!
  5. I've sharded levelled up armour before and got nothing extra too. I have a strong feeling that you only get better materials for sharding levelled up weapons and not armour pieces.
  6. Definitely check out the LDR 5001 if you haven't yet, it's far better than Final Boss and Epitaph 2261. It doesn't handle as well as P&T but it'll do better damage per hit due to the higher impact and as we all know it's about those big numbers at the expense of everything else! P&T is definitely a solid gun, but I feel it's solid in the same unremarkable way that Mida Multi-tool is. It'll do the job for sure, but then just about every gun outside of the pulse rifle category will do the job to some degree in this game.
  7. Don't think it's worth having unless you like being a lurking sniper in the crucible to be honest. I've barely used mine for PvE where I feel it's not worth using your exotic slot on, it's not a patch on the Ice Breaker and there's currently a very strong arc sniper available in the form of the LDR 5001 from the Vanguard Quartermaster instead.
  8. Did the nightfall three times last night with the help of BarryL85. Leading up to this, the game has really been pissing on my chips with the drops lately. Last week I got Ruin Wings from the nightfall a day after handing over the coins from them, I did a VoG hard run that dropped five weapons with none of them being the ones I actually want (Vision of Confluence and Corrective Measure) and one of them being a Suros Regime with 300 attack the day after Xur left. The other things I got from the nightfall were my fifth void heavy (have had no 331 attack heavies with solar or arc yet) and 6 ascendant energy What I acutally got was another void heavy machine gun, another Light Beyond Nemesis (the exotic warlock helm I was wearing at the time and was complaining about being a waste of glimmer to upgrade), and finally a motherfucking Gjallerhorn! All I need now is the Icebreaker and I'll be legitimately useful on raids rather than the guy nursing his green ammo count instead of shooting things!
  9. That PS4 Hori stick is expected back in stock on the 23rd, hopefully mine will be here for Christmas! http://www.amazon.co.uk/Real-Arcade-Pro-Hayabusa-PS4/dp/B00OXURBQY/ref=lh_ni_t?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE No word from Rice Digital over when my game is actually getting shipped though. It was meant to be dispatched yesterday but I've heard nothing so far, currently I'm kicking myself for not just getting it from the US PSN store.
  10. Willei


    I feel like this is definitely the correct outcome, but I can't help feeling that the game is wholly undeserving of the signal boost. Whoever is responsible at Valve must be kicking themselves for how this turned out.
  11. Willei

    Edge 275

    I'm unironically looking forward to this. It's the new game from SCS, the folks behind the cult hit Euro Truck Simulator 2. It should be cheap on Steam by now if you want to get an idea of what ATS will be like, and it's already got open world multiplayer truckin'. It really shouldn't be fun but I promise it is!
  12. Should be up later on tonight, but with the usual caveat that whoever is responsible for the US PSN store update is a law unto themselves.
  13. I've been using that one since the DLC came out, LDR 5001 it's called. It's absolutely superb, same stats as The Monarchy that I'd been using up to that point but with better perks and obviously 331 damage. It's miles better than The Last Boss and Epitaph 2261 which were your previous arc sniper vendor options.
  14. I had no idea heterochromacy in cats was a thing. This little guy should be called Ragna! If we could digress slightly to Guilty Gear though. Who are people looking to main in this one? In the first instance I'll be going back to Axl who I haven't touched since Slash as the slight changes he had in AC threw me off completely. He better not be bottom tier!
  15. It was scout and fusion rifles last time. The auto rifle is from the Doctor Nope school of thought and therefore I'd expect it to be poor, the sniper looks like it has decent stats though.
  16. Devil You Know and Devil You Don't would both be three shot kills if you're in range in the Crucible wouldn't they? Thorn is a three shot kill and I believe that has the same impact as Devil You Don't.
  17. I was lying about getting it on the PS3 earlier by the way, I just ordered this. If someone knows where it's in stock so I can cancel this for a similar price please let me know! edit: Spuck wins an award for best named and groomed cat, but sadly this award does not come with a copy of Xrd.
  18. If you don't like Yun mirrors you should stop picking Yun! But frankly I'd take Yun mirrors over Guile/Gief/Sim in SF4 any day of the week because I don't find the zoning game particularly exciting to play myself or play against. Personally I feel that Super Turbo more or less perfected that style of gameplay without making it excessive in most cases, and the 4 series took it and added needless complexity and bad art. Even then, I mained Cammy in ST and seeing Deejay crop up always ruined my day. Ultimately though, my comment about parries is facetious. I would really rather they made SF5 as unique and interesting as SF3 was without it needing to deploy those exact mechanics. Parries aren't just highlight fodder, they're a fundamental part of every halfway competent game of 3S played. I think focus attacks were a very good stab at that idea and they do have a huge impact on SF4 gameplay, but they don't change the paradigm like parrying did. Someone on NeoGAF got it half right, parries are great if you value moment-to-moment reads and risk taking being rewarded. If you take away the risk part, you end up with vortexes which were universally maligned last I heard. And given that parries influence and inform future reads and therefore decision making, I don't see how they have no "long-term consequences" unless that's a euphemism for dealing with ten more sonic booms.
  19. I was implying that I'd already dropped the game before it came out due to the lack of parries. In all seriousness, the animation and characters look like a giant leap beyond the awfulness of SF4. I also like Ryu getting slowed down with his moves getting more impactful. Don't know why they bothered to put in people getting blasted through walls when it adds nothing to the game beyond round two perhaps having a wider stage, and it's already bordering on a genre staple. Don't know what instinct mode brings to the game, but I'm annoyed that it's there rather than something new instead. Since when has Street Fighter been the "me too" series? As for the ramen thing, it's just at odds with the rest of the tone. Even then, why on earth would Chun leave it on her head? More than anything else, I'd just like to see some new characters please Capcom. I'd love to see characters who exist solely to keep people away just removed from the game, but I guess they've already fucked that up by bringing Charlie back. I'm optimistic of course and there's no way I'm not playing a new Street Fighter game. But what they have shown so far doesn't leave me overly excited about the prospect. I am however very excited about this bringing more affordable sticks to the PS4!
  20. I don't think any of the performances are bad in Destiny, and I think Dinklage gets a lot of undeserved stick for his role especially. It's all pretty natural sounding and I didn't pick up any awkward readings that made it seem like expensive talent was only paid for one cold read of the script. It's all fitting with the tone of the game as well so I wouldn't even say it's poorly directed. By my reckoning it's got pretty damn good voice acting actually! You could definitely make a case for miscasting, and maybe some of the big names aren't up to their usual standard, or don't justify their paycheck or whatever. But far and away the biggest problem is that they're utterly hamstrung by the material being so worthless. Patrick Stewart had this problem and all the others I think Bungie avoided in Castlevania, already mentioned in the thread. My pick for worst use of celebrity voice actors would be the western release of Yakuza. All those big names and all that money put something together that sounded exactly like a middle-of-the-road dubbed anime.
  21. Quickest way to new gear at the moment is the weekly missions, obviously no guarantees on what you get. Vanguard or Crucible marks buys you gear to get to level 31 and you can pick what you get. Crota's End seems to be more generous this time around with the gear drops to get to 32, but it requires new materials also from the raid so it's going to be a long road there for those of us that choose to walk it!
  23. None of your gear is obsolete though - it can do 100% of everything it did before the expansion, and the only place it doesn't cut the mustard (arguably) is the new raid. Praedyth's Timepiece on the other hand has always been useless, and that's not TDB's fault!
  24. I can see why they say "invested" but what we're looking at isn't an investment in any meaningful sense. This is a more general point but seeing time spent playing video games as investment rather than consumption is perhaps what leads people to get upset or frustrated with how Bungie are handling progression. The way I see it, this is more or less an MMO in fast forward. You don't have to grind hundreds of hours to level 60 to play the most interesting content, you have to play for about 20. You don't have to wait 12-24 months for a new expansion, you get a little bit of something in 3 months. But that's means that new gear is coming to surpass the old stuff in 3 months as well. And if it didn't, a lot of people (myself included) would start to lose interest sooner rather than later. I fundamentally don't understand the mindset of someone who hit thirty before the DLC and uses Fatebringer/Ice Breaker/Hezen Vengance all maxed out and not only wants to be able to rock through all the content that's coming, but expects that there should be no gear added that surpasses his kit until... Destiny 2? Progression is fun dammit!
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