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  1. If you can't criticise something you haven't played, how is defending something you haven't played permissible? Regardless, what is being criticised is Bungie's approach to DLC so far, not the gameplay of any new mode which we know next to nothing about. Do you think book critics are also foolish because they don't even play the books they review?
  2. Willei

    Battlefield 4

    So I've had this game since the PS4 launch and I never played it due to horror stories of it's pre-fixed state and general lack of time. If I play this now do I need to have Premium to get into games? Is the Premium content worth having? If I want to play with you Rllmuk people does it cause matchmaking problems where people who don't have the right content for the upcoming game just get dumped out of the squad like BF3? You know tanks have the most armour at the front right?
  3. I know you're just shitposting, but I can safely say no to that question since I haven't enjoyed any FPS content as much as I've enjoyed the raids in Destiny.
  4. I'm not coming back for an expansion with no raid content. Raids are the focal point and the sole crown jewel of the game. I loved the hundreds of hours I spent in Destiny, but Bungie totally sold us a bill of goods with this season pass which has really been little more than a £35 excuse to keep playing the game. Presenting previously cut content like the Reef social area (in a game with no social features) and Trials of Osiris (which was mined from day one) as banner features is just insulting. For people sticking around, I dearly hope there's some meat on the bones of that horde mode.
  5. Becuase the CAR-556 does less damage at all ranges, has a lower rate of fire to get those less damaging bullets onto your target, and that damage drops off into pea shooting territory far quicker than the M16 and M416. It's not like the gun is complete shit or anything, but it's distinctly sub-optimal unless you're getting a lot of value out of the large mag and you like the recoil behaviour.
  6. Not sure what effect the smaller explosion is going to have when you already need a direct hit to blow something up with the RPG. Only having one in the trunk is a total "No Fun Allowed" type change unfortunately. When the hell is this patch even coming? I've been waiting for fixed BRs for ages already!
  7. Another highlight/lowlight video from my time with the game so far. I didn't realised until I watched it afterwards that it was a grenades-blowing-up-cars montage: Really liking the game so far after about 30 hours. Hotwire and Blood Money are absolutely superb modes that put a great twist on the Battlefield formula and alone are enough to make the game worthwhile. Heist is a great idea that only seems to produce fun games on a couple of the maps. Conquest is Conquest, I've barely touched it yet. TDM is the only place I feel let down because I enjoyed it a lot in BF3 and BC2, and in Hardline it's killed partly by the maps and partly by the spawns but mostly by the idiotic 64 player cap when the tiny maps could still be overcrowded with 32. Definitely like the change in pace, for me it fits nicely between full Battlefield and Call of Duty. There's enough action and enough non-OP vehicle spawns that you rarely end up yomping for minutes to a contested point, but not so much that it feels like a relentless meat grinder. A side effect of this is that you find yourself relying on the minimap more than you usually would in Battlefield, my experience so far is that you can use that to your advantage by staying off it with silencers and keeping out of sight.
  8. Do you have a high discovery stat? I just didn't pick that many up, I had the full complement of twenty for the first two attempts, used a good chunk of them in two drawn out attempts. If you have a low vitality stat you need to stay topped up, even then as a general point there are a lot more things in this game that will 100 to 0 you in a single attack than either of the previous two games. Granted vials haven't been a problem after the first boss, but it caused me to have an obnoxious start to the game that's set the tone for the rest of it. That is, in general, how I've been approaching it. Pressure on everything, only backing out if I desperately need to heal. Duck and weave. Its a bloody boxing sim. But you can play the previous games just like that as well, in one way it's even more effective because the bosses seem to have less health. But you can only do that effectively when you've learned the attack patterns, otherwise you're mashing the dodge button and hoping for the best. That finds more success than in Dark Souls is because the Bloodborne dodge is generally better and stamina management has more or less been removed from the game. Even parrying is less of a commitment than it used to be since it's now a projectile that you get to dash in on a successful it to use, and it doesn't root you to the spot. I think the timing window might even be larger too. The whole game has been geared towards this one particular style of play in subtle ways (as explained above) and less subtle ways, like making the shield worthless and shitting on it in the description. It's hard not to be disappointed by all the variety being streamlined away when the series has gotten so much replay value from it in the past. This is all with a grain of salt because I am three bosses in right now. I am really hoping to come back in a few days and confess how wrong I was about everything.
  9. So far I'm not having all that much fun with this game and it feels like I'm the only one who isn't. The pieces are all there but somehow it isn't adding up for me. The first real problem I had was with the first boss (Cleric Dude or whatever his name was) and his almighty health bar. Despite playing the entire Souls series I for some reason thought this game with it's faster pace of play would be dexterity's time to shine, so I started off with the pimp cane. This weapon combined with the waste of skin origin yields R1 attacks that do about 25 damage or something like that, making this is a painfully long fight of Monster Hunter proportions. And it's painful for other reasons too. The lock on camera is ruined by a combination of the boss and arena sizes. I had more than half his health off on the first attempt when I rolled into a corner and got sandwiched by the boss with a camera that wouldn't let me anything other than his feet and the top of my head, and death followed pretty shortly. I shot him with my gun a couple of times which not only didn't stagger him, but didn't even register as a zero damage hit so I figured that was useless. I would later learn that you can stagger him with repeated shots to the head. I threw a tub of oil followed by a molotov at him, which did good damage but I would be out oil long before the fight was over so I figured I may as well save the resource. Again, I would later learn that repeated molotovs would stagger this boss. When I beat this boss I felt like I had overcome a walking health bar rather than a challenge. Thankfully I was able to prove to myself that I wasn't completely shit by beating Daddy G on the first go with a couple of upgrades and levels under my belt. So it took me four or five goes to get right in the end, and I was out of potions after the second go. I would love to know why they chose to make this a finite resource that you have to farm if you run out, but still let you carry twenty of the damn things at a time. It's like they're trying to discourage these boss slogs that just come down to attrition but still end up encouraging them anyway. I don't get the reasoning behind getting your health back after you get hit either. The best thing it does is allow you to not get fucked by the amazingly frequent times when you stagger an enemy and trade a hit with them anyway. Otherwise it seems to encourage mashing R1 after you get hit, which will either do you no good (it's still a souls game after all) or you get to mash through a non-threatening enemy like they're not there. If you're more cautious, you end up getting a sliver or two health back every now and then which is small potatoes when you can carry 20 health vials. The whole system seems just a little bit messed up to me. I'm sure there's been plenty of harping on the technical side of the game, but it's been jarring to go back to 30 fps with drops after getting used to the series on PC. I find the drop annoying particularly because to my eyes it looks like a bit of a dogs dinner, loads of frivilious little details everywhere that add nothing but aliasing and weird shiny bits that catch the light in strange ways. It still has a solid and congruous design which is a series trademark at this point, but I feel the extra bells and whistles add nothing. I know this is a load of nits to pick, but it all adds up. I've done three bosses now and I'm forcing myself on in the hope that it turns a corner.
  10. And apparently I'm two days late on the upcoming patch changes that fix this shit: - K10: Reduce bullet damage to 33 - Saiga and PTR: reduce recoil to bring more in line with Cop faction DMRs - HCAR and HK51: reduce recoil to bring more in line with SCAR-H and SA-58 - .410 Jury: Increase damage per pellet to become more effective - FMG-9 and M/45: Increase damage per round to 25 and push out falloff start range to make these weapons more effective - Battlerifle min damage increased to 25 across the board - AKM min damage reduced to 24 http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bfh/forum/threadview/2955065241073453637/ So the BRs go from 3-5 shot kills to 3-4 shot kills, and the AKM goes from 3-4 shot kills to 3-5 shot kills. Which is so very obviously how it should have been in the first place, I have no idea why the operator ever had a gun that did max range 4 shot kills. Any opinions on the other changes? K10 nerf seems to put the MP5K back in the driving seat to me, haven't used much of the other guns getting patched.
  11. All of the battle rifles seem a bit poor to me. You can do okay with them short range where recoil doesn't matter and at the end of mid range where you can get around the recoil with single shots. That leaves you in a weird position where you get shit on by carbines and assault rifles up to mid range, and you get shit on by snipers and DMRs beyond that. They can be very frustrating to use because you can easily get into a string of deaths where you didn't have the right tool for the job. For me the only thing that offsets these weaknesses is that you can use the breaching charges. It's baffling that the operator class gets the AKM which works far better as a battle rifle than anything the enforcer can pick.
  12. Thanks for the upload Shend, I'll look forward to checking the vids out later on. I'm told it was a bit of a tier-fest other than True Might's superb Hugo. Definitely looking to go to the next one, gutted I couldn't make it to this one! I have now bumped three fighting threads in a row and my work here is done.
  13. After many (many, many) false starts, I'm aiming to be back on this tonight from 9. Anyone up for some games?
  14. So the first new character reveal is Dark Charlie and it looks like he plays like Seth. I'm not writing Street Fighter 4.5 off yet or anything, but they could have come out of the gate a bit stronger than that.
  15. I was planning to go to that, entered the team tournament with Singho too! Real life got in the way though as it so often does and I couldn't make it. Did you end up going Shendy?
  16. So my Sanwa parts finally arrived and subject to me finding a screwdriver I can finally play again! Is anyone else still going steady with this?
  17. The average reviewer is no better at summarising their feelings on the quality of a game into words than they are into a number. As many have already said, the problem isn't the score at the end, it's the whole concept.
  18. Just rolling by to drop of a few highlights from my session with Sixbuttons earlier. Really liking the game so far, the two new modes are golden and do a great job of making it feel like it's not just another Battlefield game.
  19. I also just want to say that predicting a burst and airthrowing someone out of the startup is the most satisfying thing in a fighting game since cr.B cr.A 2qcf.A with Kyo in KOF 98.
  20. I can confirm that I got absolutely thrown to death at all times when playing AC in Japan as a relative newcomer to the series. I still get thrown a lot now even knowing how strong throws are!
  21. Well I was completely wrong about the quick look as they barely mention Destiny at all. More importantly from the footage It looks like the menus have been completely redesigned since I last played and it seems more coherent. Jeff seemed to have a good grasp on how the game works outside of a few specifics so hopefully the new player experience has been improved along with it. I'm downloading it again to take another look anyway! I didn't call it clickbait because the dude has some hot opinions, I think it's sensational from the headline onwards. I figure it must be pressing some buttons because it's got twice as many Facebook whatevers as anything else on the front page.
  22. I'm referring to the clickbait article Bojangle linked wherin the author implies the peak of Destiny's gameplay is loot cave farming, and I'm presuming the Giant Bomb QL also (which I'll be watching later on) given that Jeff has been grinding his axe over Destiny for months already. Simply liking one game and not another isn't stirring, and I don't think there's been anything contentious in the thread.
  23. I played this for a bit when the Destiny beta ended about 6 months ago or something. I guess you could compare them on paper and come to the conclusion that the hamster wheel elements of Warframe are superior to those in Destiny? In terms of gameplay it's a completely different proposition to Destiny - Destiny is an action game that drives engagement through it's gameplay first and foremost that borrows some MMO elements to enhance player comitment, Warframe seemed to be more like an MMO with action elements. The two games could scarcely be more different, and bandying that one is better than the other seems like pot-stirring to me. My experience with Warframe was that it had a nightmarishly complex user interface, left me with no idea what I was levelling up or why, didn't make it obvious what anything I was picking up did, and exposed it's F2P-ness very early in the experience. Shooting/slicing unreacting mooks was dull, I never felt like I was working with the other players who were in the level with me, when the game started to get harder it felt like I didn't have the gameplay tools to deal with it other than handing over money for lives, and overall I felt like I wasn't working towards anything but more of the same when playing it. If it's changed a lot and become more user friendly since then I'll happily give it another try, because I do like the general concept and I can certainly enjoy F2P MMOs. But I'm not going to forgive a litany of flaws because it's "free" or it's got "more content" than Destiny.
  24. Everyone is useless under pressure because the mixups are so fast and strong, like most anime fighters the best defence is a strong offence! My advice would be to forget about blitz shield (along with just and faultless defence to a degree) while picking the game up and burst if you think someone is about to get big damage on you - there are plenty of other things to worry about that have a bigger impact on the outcome of the game, and you can't use them effectively until both your reads and game knowledge are much stronger. What's JLM's ID by the way? I rarely see anyone on my list playing this at the times I'm likely to be online (between 2200 and 0030), the only people I've got game with do far have been Jonster and Curtis!
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