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  1. Spuck what is your Steam ID? I think mine is Willei but my display name is different? Steam is hard, I just press buttons on the stick. Same for your Jonster! How is your Bedman coming along? New patch just came out, fixes much of the nonsense: http://steamcommunity.com/games/376300/announcements/detail/42020744022534424 Probably the framerate issue for non-360 sticks is still there (PSA: if you are using a PS3 or other stick then replug it every hour or so to remedy the frame rate drops) but it'll be nice being able to see the P2 side of the screen without being told that you've left the room constantly! Wonder if the messages about the phantom Station E are gone too!
  2. Interesting video on button priorities here: It's like Capcom decided that jabs were overexposed and decided to do everything they could to discourage them for SF5. PS. F.A.N.G looks dumb.
  3. Interesting interview here with the producer, Yasuyuki Oda. http://www.mmcafe.com/cgi-bin/forums/bbs/messages/13571.shtml#72069 There's some good stuff about assembling the team for the game, the decision to take the game into 3D, and the disadvantages of 2D. Of particular note is how they've had trouble rendering slim characters (who are very common in KOF) as per the much maligned picture of Andy. Maybe that's why XII and XIII had very muscular designs for most of the men as the pixel art in those games was derived from 3D models. Personally I love KOF and the graphics have never been a big part of that. But I find it hard to get excited about a game that looks as XIV currently does. At the very least the gameplay from PSX looks sharper than Maximum Impact but it's still a long way from the Neo Geo games. The lack of arcade release is a concern as well, especially with that famous SNK netcode. I hope they continue to improve it, but this feels very much like a stepping stone release just as XII was.
  4. I've been playing it a bit today. There's a few weird problems which I hope will be fixed reasonably promptly but the game itself works fine. There seems to be a decent chunk of EU people on there, far more than I can see on the PS4 version. Annoyingly the lobby system is gone and you can't search by region, but you can still filter by connection quality so I guess it's not that big of a deal. I haven't come across many players who seemed like outright beginners though, so while this is as good a time to pick up the game as you could hope for newcomers are still going to have a tough time. All the DLC is included at the moment (until mid Jan I think I read?) so you get Sin, Leo, and Elphelt along with the colours and system voices. £18 seems decent enough with that in mind, especially for people who bought the (still to this day) fucked EU edition on PSN.
  5. If you click around the site for a bit, you'll see those stats are at the high end of scale for the type of game it is. From the very page you linked, 92% of buyers have played the game which again is on the high on of the scale even for a game with a quarter of a million in sales. As a random example, Bioshock Infinite has 14:40 as the average time played and 76% of owners have played the game, though with 4 million sales. Just Cause 3 is at 10:10 and 85% with 200k sales, and you'd think people would be very keen to play that since they'll have forked over close to the full price for it. If you look to indie games and sort by sales to exclude the first couple of pages of Terrarias and DayZs then you'll see the vast majority are well under 10 minutes played average. Even then, Hatred manages 87% and a 3:50 average on it's 80k sales. Gone Home on the other hand has 62% of players out of it's 650k sales, and they've played 2:30 of it on average. Depression Quest does worse but it's free anyway and I'm running too low on interest to try and find comparisons in the free interactive fiction niche. Tempting though it is, I'm not accusing Gone Home of selling extra copies to white knight/betamax/cuck/SJWs who otherwise had no interest in the game because there just isn't the information there and Steam is just like that sometimes. But for whatever difference it makes to you, the people who buy HuniePop do seem to be getting something out of it. No me though, I own both Gone Home and HuniePop and I haven't played either yet. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Ian Miles Cheong had a go: http://www.gameranx.com/updates/id/26202/article/huniepop-violates-steam-terms-of-service-with-nude-patch/ http://i.imgur.com/fwEpkAH.png
  6. No bother dude, I was online in SF5 (and having a grand old time too!) so would have been off the bottom of your active player list.
  7. They have made the links far easier for sure. According to the frame data (of admittedly dubious provenance) MP HP with Mika is a one frame link. Considering how easily I was hitting that after sheer minutes of practice, I'd estimate a 3-5 frame input window for links as it stands. Link related, it's the frame data: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1976rt8B91PqVCeYJAmcnW1uwVJ0H03QJtV-dJC5ohL8/edit#gid=2110368179
  8. I had time to play some more games on the weekend. Thankfully they were coming thick and fast today especially, I think I was waiting about a minute tops in training mode between games. In getting Mika up to level 5 I see much more value in the stand MK. It's really her only poke that's either a big commitment or just sheer trash. Strong positioning tool as well, but I think people would get wise to it if there was more opportunity to play the beta. Really odd that it combos from stand MP which is her default point blank button, gives her get another frame trap into command grab but she's got no shortage of those. Stand HK is great but it's a big commitment because the uncharged version is generally poor. The sweep just sucks man, I've never seen a sliding sweep go so short or so slow. I extensively tested it's low profile properties against a jump in on two occasions and had no success, so the jury's out on that one for now. Crouch HP gets a shout out for being so obviously awful in neutral play, but use it after irish whipping someone into the wall and it's strange positioning properties allow you to reset them and finish on either side to follow up. I'd like to see the throws become more distinct from each other because right now they are a mish-mash of random differences. Just the follow up positioning is not enough, and neither is the extended range that's on EX punch grab that's not on the kick one. Other than that they have the exact same range and startup, and neither of the can be comboed. Maybe they could make it so the punch grab only connects on crouchers, or make the kick grab weaker but have it combo or something. While I'm complaining, her v-skill is baffling. If feels like it was randomly generated and placed in the game. A taunt with one hit of armour and the short range projectile (that seems virtually impossible to setup for okizeme) that powers up your next command grab. Yes you can get the base effect and one pulse in the right situation, but you sacrifice your pressure to get it. After all that, Mika has no need to make her grabs more scary. They're already scary enough! Overall a much stronger character than I originally gave credit for, especially when you get used to how different her grabs are from the traditional SF SPD. Sadly I don't think there's much space for Alex to appear without a significant rework as there'd be a lot of overlap with Mika. Will leave general impressions for another time as it's already may too damn late, I also played Cammy and Chun to level 5 as well and could write about them if anyone cares.
  9. I know what you mean. There is the distinct feeling of playing a weak character but that's often explained by the fact that you're doing it wrong on a character you don't understand. With that in mind; Why does this grappler have such a bad sweep? Why are her buttons so bad in general? Why does she have two grabs that seem to have the same (poor) range and similar properties? What's so amazing about her one time assist that means they've had to restrict it so much? Why did they give her a v-skill with seemingly no practical application? Where are her defensive options? For that matter where are her offensive ones outside of dash in throw? I want the answer to be because I suck and the game isn't finished yet anyway but I fear it is "here is your joke character".
  10. So how many hammers does it take to kill another sunbreaker?
  11. The range on Mika's super is really good. It will connect from just outside of her stand MK range. I have no idea if it's one of those awesome grab supers that you can just jump out of after the flash, but I've been matched exclusively with North Americans who won't stop pressing buttons under any circumstance so it hasn't been an issue. Netcode has been fine considering, it just takes a really long time to get into a match!
  12. I'll be on tonight playing the SF5 beta if that's working properly, but I'll jump on Destiny if there's some raid action in the offing!
  13. Thanks for the offer dude, I popped on quickly around 8 to check my list and I think we would have needed a 4th and 5th to go with it. To be honest I think that unless we can move the night or think of something else to do this might be a raid group too many for the numbers we have on Rllmuk. Even then Mood has limited and variable availability on most evenings so we would run the risk of being cut to two members off the bat!
  14. There was a further update to that post: So basically, everything should be working now but it'll just be slow. Glad we're experiencing this now then and hopefully not when the game launches!
  15. I thought that was Sunbreakers?
  16. Same. They were a great two minutes though. Many mics were thrown.
  17. I had a note from Oryx waiting with the postmaster that read "As we agreed I sharded the ghost shell and pulse rifle with Mood's name on them, those legendary marks were delicious. He seemed happy enough with those mouldy shards anyway. In return I'll make sure you get a 310 exotic in the last slot you need within four heroic strikes. Thanks again!" So 8pm tonight then? Can I float the idea of moving this group to Wednesday night instead depending on people's availability going forwards? Just thinking that while we're not a full squad it will be easier to get subs (maybe even regulars such as Kanselier ) after reset day.
  18. I'll see who's on tonight and start chucking out invites around 8:30. Even if it's only a few of us from the original group I think there will be more freelancers on a Monday night prepared to jump in for a quick Oryx-punching/scrub-carrying. Regarding tomorrow LeChuck, I'll deffo be up for joining you if this team doesn't get anything sorted out. By all means sign up a more firm prospect before then if you can though!
  19. Any interest for getting together tonight and trying to finish off Oryx before the reset?
  20. I'm around this evening (and every evening until the end of time) and have done no raiding this week, so would be glad to get some in before the reset!
  21. I don't think anyone has said the game is a disaster on the scale of Driveclub (PSN edition where?) other than maybe LeChuck in a fit of pique. It's a game with one real problem in the controls and then the rest of it is the death by a thousand cuts stuff that's either easily patchable or otherwise irrelevant in the long term. At the same time I had a really frustrating weekend with it so I'm out of patience with it for now.
  22. Spent a long while faffing with controller settings on the weekend. It became apparent that what works for one car doesn't work for another - the settings DJ Knight XIII posted earlier in the thread were superb for, say, the RUF RGT8, but understeery as hell in the Formula A. That speed correction setting seems to be where everything is going wrong, it feels like the understeer is coming from not being able to apply enough lock at certain speeds. I'll say again, it's a damn shame that this has been left down to the users to sort out between themselves rather than being elegantly handled in the background like in Forza. That you have to quit out and wait for the game to load twice to make any tweaks, and not be able to switch between saved settings really kills my enthusiasm to keep trying. If this were the only problem with the game I'd very likely be packing it in, but the massive catalogue of other little issues make it an easy decision.
  23. It's great that you've said that so I don't have to come in and try and assert that I'm actually not complete shit at racing games, because the problems I've had wouldn't be expected from complete beginners. I spun out literally before the first corner in the Formula A car last night, and that was with traction and stability control on! I would love to see what it's like with a wheel but I'm stuck with the pad for now as unfortunately my Fanatec GT2 was stolen last year. Half a game certainly isn't right, it really is most of the way to being solid. I just wish they didn't pass the buck to the end user for getting their pad settings correct!
  24. As Sixbuttons posted earlier I am having a really hard time with this so far. There are a million and one little problems with the game, many of which have been mentioned, but fundamentally I have found the handling either too difficult or very little fun depending on your controller settings and assists. The only satisfaction I've had from the game has been locking in a good line on corners in the kart with full steering and throttle with no assists and the default controller settings, but to get there I'm going over bumps in the course (or touching the grass, or touching a kerb, or being shunted by the much lauded AI) and spinning out without being able to do anything about it. I'm happy to face a stiff challenge but when you have to restart the race or finish last for any single error, it's just too much. At the end of my season of karts, I did a race around Infineon with the Focus RS in the wet and boy was that horrible. The cars handle like complete barges, not just being slow to turn in and having little grip, but somehow turning back the other way when you let the steering go back to neutral. The AI didn't seem to be having trouble with it, and were quite happy to keep shoving me and each other off the track when they could. I'm sure there's a million systems working in the background and this handling is a good representation of what would happen in reality, but it's no fun goddamn it. Dial up the assists and take some of the bite out of the controls, the game loses it's spark. There's no longer the satisfaction of nailing the line and speed through a corner, and in those instances where you do get it wrong and end up off the track there's the same frustration. Moving online, the lack of visibility in the cars make it really hard to judge where your opponents are and there's no indicator like in F1 to compensate. The wing mirrors are too small to be useful in all the cars I tried and if there's a way to get a working rear view mirror I couldn't puzzle it through. Then you've got the motion blur. Nobody else seemed to be having a problem with this but at the default settings I the game looked like smeary crap, to the point that I quit out of my first race at the first corner to try and fix it. I turned off everything in visuals and it's improved but there's still some motion blur there and I find it quite distracting. Would love to know why they put motion blur on a 60fps game, but I'd settle for the chance to turn it off frankly! I really want to like the game, and I can forgive a lot of the problems if it takes on a new life online. I am really hoping that someone finds the golden pad settings and all the important problems vanish. There's a great game hidden in here somewhere I think, but it's a bit of a dogs dinner at the moment for me at least.
  25. Willei


    Good work, sounding better this time! I think I might have jumped the gun a bit because there are a few numbers missing from your Soundcloud. Here's my guesses from what's there: 1 2 5 7
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