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  1. It flashed up that little notification in the corner, maybe I missed the actual event then!
  2. Oh, and a random WW thing: Near the beginning where someone asks you to help their girlfriend on top of a ridge.
  3. I'm having certain objects flash in on the PC version when I get within about 50ft of them. They literally flash in, appearing bright white for a single frame like a flashbulb going off or something. Anyone else come across this? Still played it for two hours without being able to drag myself away though!
  4. The game was just toying with us tonight, I've had more crashes and network problems in that one session that I have in all the 20 or so hours I've played MAG so far. When everyone left and I was playing on my own, things were fine again!
  5. Is that vague Steam trick applicable now it's out in the US? Mine hasn't arrived yet, just wondering...
  6. I like using Move a lot, but there are still times where I feel it costs me kills to have it. Particularly at long range if my opponent is standing still and I don't have a scope. I think on balance I get more out of it at close range because it's easier to keep up. The goddamn knife controls are the fly in the ointment, but there aren't any more buttons on this thing so what can you do. If you've played Metroid Prime 3, you know roughly what to expect: a more accurate version of that. I get a little better with it every time I go on I feel, playing today I got the five kill streak pump up music for the first time in a very loooooooong time! No crashes since the patch yet. I've probably played about five or six hours across different accounts without issue including plenty of Domination. Still don't have much idea about how to spend my points - I see very little difference from upgrading recoil or stability on my weapons (probably because guns don't have recoil with Move outside of scopes) and I don't see the point in going overboard with the medic tree. I've pumped some points into Athleticism which I reckon is fairly worthwhile.
  7. Really great article on the music of New Vegas up on Gamasutra: http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/6173/the_music_of_the_mojave_wasteland.php?page=1 Sounds like they've tried to go in a more interactive direction. The ambient music in Fallout 3 was fantastic, but it didn't have a great deal of variety. You would always hear the same song through the tunnels and out in the wasteland for instance. This could be a major improvement if they've got it right.
  8. It was fine in theory but Bethesda's voice acting and dialogue wasn't up to the task, and it was further sabotaged by the Gamebryo engine not handling scripted events very well.
  9. The Wild Wasteland decision sounds like it comes down to whether you enjoy a more light hearted tone to your post apocalyptic wasteland. If you're someone who played the original with the radio tuned to GNR for any period of time, don't be so quick to dismiss it. It's not going to change the mechanics fundamentally like playing as a Malkavian in Bloodlines anyway, so I wouldn't shy away from it for your first playthrough if you're so inclined.
  10. I understand the new patch came out and fixes *some* of the freezing issues, anyone got any impressions to share? I haven't been able to play since Tuesday and won't be able to get on until the weekend.
  11. Willei

    DOTA 2

    DotA is a pretty big deal, I'm surprised many people haven't heard of it.
  12. Really annoyed by the news, but this picture more or less makes it worthwhile.
  13. Private companies get to choose, publicly traded companies don't get the final say. Bungie is now privately owned, right?
  14. I've basically maxed out my medic tree now barring the resupply branch. So far the only time I've resupplied has been when I'm spamming grenades while defending an objective and before I learned that everyone can heal themselves without resupplying. You build up point so quickly as a medic it's almost better to just hang back and squirt people with your heal gun. Add in FRAGO and all the various XP bonuses and you'll be going up multiple levels every match as a beginner. Anyone have any favourite weapons or loadouts for Raven? I'm just getting to the point where I can start to afford equipment. The first thing I got was the reflex sight and then the SMG, though I hear the Raven shotty is pretty good.
  15. We had a lot of voice trouble on Saturday actually. I couldn't hear Asura when we got into a game and he had to bail after the first game we played. I played with Sellout after that for a few matches which were top fun, but we couldn't communicate with each other - I couldn't hear him and I guess he couldn't hear me! Might be some ports that need forwarding at my end thinking about it, I haven't played any other PS3 games online with my current setup. I didn't get to play on Sunday as I couldn't squeeze in a solid hour to make it worthwhile, gutted to miss out on that Happy Hour XP! Will be on tonight from 8pm again for an hour or two at least ahead of MAG night tomorrow.
  16. I'll be on from about 8pm onwards. Already played a couple of hours today, I'm getting the hang of the Move controls much more. The only place I feel at a significant disadvantage is having to thrust the thing to use the knife. Finally got enough money to buy the med kit as well which will help me level up much faster going by how much I seem to suck at killing people so far!
  17. I'll add up some folks on here, I'll be on tonight and at various points on the weekend. Just changed my sig of five years since Rllmuk doesn't seem to store online handles in profiles. I was sure it used to do that? Oh well!
  18. The patch was about 500Mb IIRC. Turning the thing on and waiting for the patches and system updates to roll in is all part of the PS3 experience anyway.
  19. That's six people interested on this page. Almost sounds like a team! Thanks for the info BTW Asura. I have literally only been playing for two days so I have no knowledge of what things used to be like. Sounds like it got killed by a poor launch. I only bought it on a whim after hearing it got a major patch and I fancied something to play with the Move!
  20. For anyone wondering how it plays with Move after the patch, I can confirm: rather well. Great video with all the details:
  21. Do people people here play on a specific faction? I picked Raven at random and then slapped my forehead when I realised the NeoGAF lot are all on SVER and you can't group between factions!
  22. Time for a stupid question; anyone else playing this since the 2.0 patch came out?
  23. I've gotta call you out on that one. If anything this game is proof that the series has been stagnant and inbred for so long that it really needed a major shake-up to get people interested again.
  24. Why, were you planning on playing it on Choddo's PC? That's a funny thing to post immediately two people have posted issues with the 360 version!
  25. I know that's a throwaway line but it's probably the truth. I also think those people are right to be intimidated. Arcsys tend to have the biggest problem with this because their character designs are all completely insane! When I played BB for the first time I had a quick go with everyone and settled on Bang as he seemed the most familiar to me. I had a go with Ragna (who I would consider the main guy in BB) and other than the dragon punch I had no idea what most of his moves would be used for! On the PAL Xbox release, a lot of the Rllmuk guys I played with were in the same boat. If I play KOF after playing Street Fighter, I can pick Iori and do a fireball, a dragon punch, and some rekkas. That's a way to control space, an anti air, and a safe way of doing damage at any range. There's obviously a lot more to KOF than doing specials, but it gives players something to grasp while they learn the system. It might be a wasted gesture when that system has six different types of jump and characters like Clark who you could play ten games against without figuring out the properties of his moves. Taking it back to the Starcraft 2 tangent (sorry, I might be in love with this game), it's not needless duality with the prequel that the single player campaign is based on the Terran. The basic units are men with guns from a barracks, tanks from a factory, and helicopters from a heliport. The basic paradigms here are instantly familiar to everyone, and it's one of the keys of it's accessibility. I don't have to put down a Forge to build a Cannon and wonder why my basic infantry unit is running in to smack people in the face after warping onto the playing field. I don't have to wonder which "lisk" can hit things in the air or whether it's worth researching a thing called "Centrifugal Hooks".
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