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  1. It seems to from my brief go at Arcade yesterday, I gave it a try for the same reasons as you! The MX-5 seems like a good starting car as usual as you want to dodge the front wheel drive stuff. You can get it with your starting cash as a premium car - if it hasn't been noted already, all the cars in the dealerships are premium and the used ones are (almost?) always standard models.
  2. After it finished installing it wouldn't sign me in to PSN. Installation took maybe a minute or two short of a full hour. I quit out and signed in to accept some new terms of service (when did they come in? My PS3 already had the newest firmware), then started the game once more. Now it wants me to install again.
  3. 25 minutes later, it's telling me "approx. 15 minutes". Must be measured in Polyphony time.
  4. It was the first thing it prompted me for when starting the game, before the intro even. There was the 1.01 patch though, no idea if that or the internet connection had any effect on proceedings.
  5. Installing now... The screen told me "20 minutes approx." rather than the oft quoted 50 minutes. We'll see in 20 minutes time I guess!
  6. Well you've had 229 posts in this thread so far.
  7. ShopTo sent mine out at 2200 on Friday apparently. Maybe it'll arrive on Monday, but that would make such a mockery of the Wednesday I've got off work to play it!
  8. You'll only need the default Logitech one.
  9. The DFGT is the wheel I have for reference, the paddle type things are fine but they're very small and they don't have a very enjoyable feeling. I prefer to use the actual shifter in most circumstances. It's a really great wheel apart from that, and I can also vouch for the WheelStand Pro as being a quality piece of kit well worth the money.
  10. The G25 and G27 both have big paddle shifters you can use instead. The DFGT has tiny little buttons on the back of the wheel pretending to be paddles, so you pretty much have to use the shifter with that one.
  11. I am permanently down for PSO at any and all places and points in time. WHO'S WITH ME
  12. Who knows, damage is something it seems like they've put in grudgingly after all these years because it's so commonly requested. It's the little bit of everything approach that they've gone for in the game. I think it'll work out for most casual players who'll love to race at night and in the snow with rally cars and that sort of thing, but the rest of us already own Dirt 2, Forza 3, F1 2010, Grid, and everything else. If you compare every aspect of GT5 to these highly specialised racers, it's not going to come out on top even after six years. At the same time, GT still has a very unique flavour that millions of people enjoy. For me there's just something about the structure of the games and the handling of the cars. I've not put anywhere near as much time into single player racing in any other game as I have with every iteration of GT over the years. As far as handling and physics go, I'm still smitten with GT5:P after all this time and only more so after getting a wheel. I've not played any racing game multiplayer more than I have with Forza 3 though. According to Giant Bomb I've gotten up and put the disc in the drive more than 50 times on separate days since the game came out, and I jacked in the single player mode one week after the game came out. I'm sure I'll still love GT5 for what is it and I am massively hyped for this game, but like everyone else I'm wondering what place GT still has in this world. Enough of a place to sell another ten million copies?
  13. Days of F5ing GAF are finally over. I've double checked my pre-order, made sure my DF GT is still working properly, and I've booked the 24-26th off work. The time has come to GET HYPE and FUCK DA HATERS!
  14. The combination of action and role playing in Deus Ex has never been bettered, but Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodline got damn close. I'm going to throw in the bizarre sense of kineticism from 2D sprites in Mischief Makers.
  15. And here's the aftermath of one such hat shooting session after a group of dudes pile through the same door one after the other:
  16. I don't much care for this one. I forgot to cancel my pre-order when I realised it looked rubbish, I was in two minds about sending it back or giving it a shot. Right now I'm wishing I sent it back. The whole thing is extremely shallow and cliché filled, it's very easy to see past the smoke and mirrors of the design. All the varied (I wrote interesting there first, but that would have been a lie) mechanics are in the first half of the game, the second half is running pure stop and pop shooting. I couldn't resist skipping the cutscenes which isn't good in such a story driven game, but they're not engaging in the least. My playthrough was under four hours and that probably had something to do with it. It's even got helmet wearing enemies who can survive a single headshot at the expense of said helmet flying off. I haven't seen that old chestnut in years! It'll be a great bargain bin game six months from now if you approach it with that budget mindset. It's a bit horrifying to have paid full whack for it. I'm surprised and disappointed that Bizarre would put out a game like this.
  17. This ain't really the thread for it but the clutch is busted in F3 and provides a very significant advantage over standard manual users. Like 4WD drivetrain swaps and their effect on PI, T10 don't seem to care about fixing it.
  18. I dunno, even if it was more responsive I don't think I would be able to say it had good handling. I worked out how to drift, but it seemed like a less fun version of Outrun 2 drifting where you get stuck in a drift mode well into the next straight unless you straighten it up. I was probably expecting something along the lines of Burnout is all. The police chase mode didn't do anything for me other than remind me that I'd rather be playing Blur than mashing into cars and dropping time delayed spike strips to take people down. The handling isn't enjoyable in itself for me so I probably won't enjoy the roadster stuff either. Could just be another case of bad demo, but I didn't see anything in there that I could get excited about.
  19. Is there some trick to the controls or the handling? It's really unresponsive and heavy, even compared to Blur. I couldn't try the Roadster race as nobody on my PSN list has tried it yet. The demo makes it seem like the very worst racing game I've played since the last Need for Speed game before Shift.
  20. Willei

    Game City 3

    There's nothing at the Mogul this year is there? I call fail on the whole event as a result.
  21. Well no, because that was about mass purification. You could find plenty of purified water in the wasteland and there was even a water purification plant in Megaton.
  22. Couldn't agree with that more. "Tunnel Snakes rule!"
  23. I was having some issues with framerate in areas with lots of NPCs on the screen, but this sorted it out: http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=34778 It now runs just as well as the original did. I'm hoping the problems with anti-aliasing are fixable, it works fine if I pick bloom instead of HDR but not having HDR kills the atmosphere far more than a few jagged edges!
  24. Geez, there's holy hand grenades and Star Wars characters, and then there's Zybourne Clock. I didn't see a dead man around there though, not that it would have tipped me off! I look forward to reading a complete list when I'm done with the game anyway. Edit: I did a little research and went back to have another look. Goddamn hilarious, too bad it was lost on me the first time around!
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