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  1. The E3 Xbox demo was, in my opinon, amazing. Can't wait for the full game. But then again, I'm a great big Sonic fanboy.
  2. That Xbox was designed by a total gayer. Just about every unofficial mod I've seen looks better than that!
  3. Well, it's clearly a fake, but the very prosepect of this gets me a little bit excited. It'd piss all over the N-Gage, which at the moment I am seriously considering buying. LOL!
  4. I'm sure that you could if you took apart your GBA and started hooking up a set of batteries in serial, and you could use the charger if you hooked up a set of the same batteries as the GBA uses (NiMH?). Power is power, but different batteries need to be charged in different ways...
  5. What? That's not even the easiest way to unlock the cars Penguin Lad! And besides, unlocking cars if you have the tokens isn't the most complex procedure you could come up against in the game is it?
  6. Hasn't the current GBA SP got the charge function built in?
  7. Are removable packs more expensive than built in (like the GBA SP) ones then? Well, It's more expensive to spend extra time designing, say, the method of removal of the batteries than it is to keep them permenantly in the device. Also, the mechanisms for locking a battery pack into position and maintaining connections are an added expense to design and implement. On the other hand, mobile manufacturers charge whatever that fuck they like for all their stuff, so the extra cost for a mobile battery sure as hell wouldn't be indicative of the added cost of a Game Boy battery pack.
  8. See? I wasn't lying in that other thread!
  9. Syberia is worth picking up on the cheap then? I have a friend who has a dim view of it since it calls robots 'automatons'.
  10. Yeah Beertiger, looks to me like he really loves the PC! I don't really mean to single anyone out for it though, it just seems to happen a lot in my opinion.
  11. Most of the boss battles in MGS2 were pretty good I thought. Especially Olga on the extreme difficulty.
  12. I just think it's funny that we can all laugh at fanboys for liking one console, but still a lot of people are happy to hate the PC...
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