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  1. I'm up to chapter seven now but I'm not really liking the puzzles so far. I can't put my finger on exactly why, but they just don't seem satisfying somehow. There's no spark of realisation when I work them out, it's more like I feel daft for not noticing what to do sooner. They're not set up so you feel like you're working towards a goal, when I play them it feels like I'm doing the only thing possible until I get whisked away to the next section of the puzzle. The dialogue has it's moments and the visuals have lots of character, but judging by the comments in this thread people seem to like those things and the characters a lot more than I do. Not gonna lie, I don't think I really get this one.
  2. Amazingly I haven't played any of those three games. 999 is a pretty straight visual novel with point and click puzzle elements, the majority of the game is reading text with occasional dialogue choices. Those decisions will lead you to a certain ending, but you won't be seeing lots of game over screens for making the wrong choice like you do in Hotel Dusk. There's also much less freedom than in Hotel Dusk. It's not as action orientated as Snatcher seems to be either. I have no idea how Psychonauts compares! Hopefully you can get a better answer from the thread on the game if you're interested! It did indeed, fairly early last year with no fanfare. It seems to be holding it's value quite well but Play have it for £15.
  3. Pretty much all of my favourite games from 2010 apart from Bayonetta are unsung to a certain degree: 999: Nine Persons, Nine Hours, Nine Doors - December release, no PAL version confirmed, marginal genre. A few days after completing it I realised it might actually be my favourite game of all time next to Portal and MGS3. It's not for everyone, but people who get into it will love it. Lots of buzz on NeoGAF suggests this one could yet be a sleeper. There's no official trailer, this is the actual intro from the DS game. Only so much you can do to make a visual novel appealing! Silent Hill: Shattered Memories - It's only fault was being on the Wii. The technology wasn't holding the game back and it's the best use of the Wiimote I can think of, but it was largely passed up anyway. The way the game changes depending on your actions without outright telling you is incredible, so much so that I know people who have played and finished it without knowing what could possibly change other than the ending. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvQNVksqDlg Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon - This is a tricky one. Again it's on the Wii, but the actual gameplay was weak. It's strength was the excellent atmosphere and the simple yet touching storyline. I've grown considerably more fond of this one months after completing it as the gameplay fades from my mind! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7HFO37RtwI King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match - KOF in general will forever be unsung, but bringing out a revision to the best game in the series whilst fixing the lame backgrounds and dreadful music? At a time when fighting games have a huge amount of buzz and people might be starting to drop off from SSF4? All for a mere 800 points? This could have been KOF's time to shine! Lots of interest on release from new players, nobody cared a few days later because SNK fucked up the netcode yet again. A great game and possibly the best KOF to date (not played 13 yet) but very few will be able to experience it.
  4. I understand the visuals are based on 3D models rather then being rotoscoped. That turned out pretty well for them as they were able to re-export them at higher resolution for the iOS version. Mine didn't arrive from ShopTo either. Might I ask if you had a shipping notification? I didn't get that either which is suspicious, but I opened a ticket with them and was told that it'd been shipped. It's the first time I've ordered something and not had it arrive next working day, and the first preorder of a new release that wasn't a day early.
  5. I'd agree with that. There are a few times through the game where the writing is genuinely entertaining, but the vast majority is pretty utilitarian. It is however very well localised and there are more significant changes due to the language than you'd expect - unless you've been keeping up with the NeoGAF thread! Does it compare favourably to 99.9% of games? Yes! Would you stack it up next to your favourite book? No.
  6. Depends on how you want the car to behave when trail braking. Move towards the front for understeer, back for oversteer. A little change here makes a big difference so don't go nuts with something like 25% front 75% back!
  7. Tempted to rage! But won't. Another one of my favourite games getting that good old Edge 6!
  8. They'd be insane to announce a £6 iPhone version close to the DS one, so they haven't done it yet. I'm sure it'll come sooner or later unless the DS version just keeps selling. There was a 6 month gap between the original JP DS release and the iOS port.
  9. Just finished the final route now (yep, gotta be up for work in three and a half hours...), all I've got to say is it was absolutely incredible. After spending so many hours setting up question after question through the other routes I think they did a great job of answering pretty much all of them. It definitely took me a while to get in to, pretty much the first playthrough. While all the characters and proceedings were engaging enough it seemed to be missing a certain spark. The first (bad) ending I got pretty much sucked me in and I had to find out what was happening on the boat from that point on. Bad points have already been covered in the thread. The multiple playthroughs required to discover new paths are long winded after you've got the three common ones. No-one likes getting a repeated ending, I had four in a row before I decided to sod it and look at a FAQ. The other thing (though it's really the same thing) is doing puzzles again on repeat playthroughs really sucks. Sometimes you can go straight there with the solution (which fits nicely with the underlying theme, ohoho), sometimes you have to do the legwork. I would really have appreciated a "skip to next junction" option along with the text skipping, it's not uncommon in the genre by any means. I will say it's frequently very well written with almost no typos (I spotted two through the game) or awkward direct translations, and that's something you really can't say often about this genre. The localisation job is fantastic. I can't really talk much more about why I liked it without spoiling, so I won't seeing how only two other people in the thread posted about finishing it. The flaws I list above really didn't dampen my enjoyment or drive to continue with the game. For me the game of 2010 is a toss up between this and Shattered Memories. If you're at all predisposed to the genre or are interested in checking out a visual novel, I can't recommend it highly enough.
  10. That spot is so dumb. Not only does that crappy little alcove serve to purpose other than to trap people in, it's also got pieces of scenery that look like you'll be able to jump on them to vault the wall only for some reason you can't get on them. Treyarch! That Firing Range one looks like they almost planned for that to happen...
  11. So I managed to break my first pad in about five years last night while playing this game. I guess that means it's probably time to move on and play something else. Absurdly the pad still actually works albeit with broken plastic casing, which perversely makes up for the one I had to throw away that died without any mistreatment and the faulty one that always thinks it's got a microphone connected to it! But yeah, the shameful realisation that you need to buy a new one is in no way offset by the two seconds of satisfaction you get from venting. As above, it's probably because you got stuck hosting.
  12. I had a couple of funny instances of cars going through each other online the other day, didn't do many races in them though so just put it down to lag or someone getting the lobby settings wrong.
  13. Nah. Real answer: Which parts of the combos are you having trouble with? Generally in BB the hard part of air combos is timing the jump and the first button press afterwards. From there you'll be able to just tap the buttons just when the previous move hits. If you're having trouble after the first hit you should get used to the gatling chains on the floor before taking your combos to the air. Focus on the rhythm of the button presses. If you're having trouble getting the specials out in a combo, try to focus on accuracy over speed to begin with. Turn on the button input display in training mode to make sure you're getting the directions right and inadvertently missing one off. The game has a very generous input window, but it's quite strict about missed directions.
  14. If my experience is anything to go by you get host disadvantage in the form of massive framerate drops when there's a lot of action going or even if you're just standing in certain areas of maps. Seems to be worse on certain maps and especially bad in games of Ground War.
  15. Those were some great games, fighting games are a lot of fun when two people who can play the game go back and forth all the time. That almost never happens unfortunately! If you get hit by the chain and you're on the floor you can always be comboed if the other person sees in time. Getting hit in the air is a little more strange due to the angles, Hazama might fly past you with none of his approaches having the right angle. I don't always pick the right one anyway at the moment due to lack of experience, so I miss a lot more than I should. There's also a whole lot of character specific stuff to land a basic combo too. You probably already noticed, but if you hit with the chain from short range (less than roughly half a screen) it doesn't stun enough to get a combo.
  16. That was a lot of text to say that you shouldn't boycott games because publishers might not get the message.
  17. Solution: Pick Hazama, have 50 heat, deliver Jayoku Houtenjin.
  18. No more 214D>C after 3C for Hazama? 623B doesn't wallslam any more for Bang? If I didn't know better I'd say they don't want you getting juggles midscreen any more!
  19. That might be why it came to mind so easily! Tagernometry then.
  20. Tagernomics Arakconnaissance Carlustration (fucking thesauruses, how do they work)
  21. So I go to look at some videos to find out where I'm going wrong with Hazama, and I notice BBCS2 is out now apparently? And it's got some shitty Arcana Heart looking character in it? All of my rage Arc... What's the deal then? Is the CS getting patched (the changes look and sound pretty major) or have I been robbed again by these guys releasing a redundant game?
  22. I played Lux-Pain and didn't think much to it. When I played it and searched to find a thread to vent my disappointment after the difficulty of finding the game on release, I think the only hit was the link to his review that Rudderless had in his signature. I did not deem it threadworthy! If you want to play more visual novel style games, the bulk of them are on the PC and play on pretty much anything from the last ten years. Perfect for netbooks really.
  23. Into Kotaku? I'd leave that for now at least until they've upped their security and this all blows over. That's if you want to trust them again. Into the spreadsheet? All you're doing is calculating the MD5 of your email address and searching for it in a Google spreadsheet. You can work out the MD5 via some other means if you don't trust the linked site, and there's no reason you should.
  24. Didn't see a thread for it, so this is a heads up for people with Kotaku accounts. Apparently the full list of accounts with emails and passwords was taken, so you'd be wise to change your password if you used the same one anywhere else. Full story here: http://pastebin.com/9rRmf6W5 Gawker's response: http://gawker.com/5712615/commenting-accounts-compromised-++-change-your-passwords To find out if you are affected (credit: shagg_187 at NeoGAF) 1. http://pajhome.org.uk/crypt/md5/ 2. Enter your email address under "Input", and click on "MD5". Copy the "Result". 3. http://www.google.com/fusiontables/DataSource?dsrcid=350662 4. Click on "Show Options" and change the filter to "MD5". Paste the copied "Result" and see if it shows up on search. If ANYTHING shows up on the search result (e.g. xxxx.com where xxxx is the domain of your email address) it does then your password has been compromised and sooner or later will be hacked if they feel like it.
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