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  1. There will be times in this game when you've just got to block for a bit. I'm sure every character has some way of getting around beam spam no matter how ghetto. Even someone as immobile as Chris can superjump and then H gun at the right angle to smack someone who's throwing beams out brainlessly and endlessly. I just love the animation on Chris' superjump by the way.
  2. I've played it loads and I've only had to deal with endless spamming when playing against Singho.
  3. I doubt he was the paragon of paternity in the original language. It's not their job to rewrite the entire story of the games they localise.
  4. This game has made me realise that I have never had to press MP and HK at the same time before. It was very weird to have absolutely no muscle memory for an action in a fighting game!
  5. Willei

    GamesTM 106

    Good to see 999 get some recognition in a UK publication when the thread on here is deader than dead. Lord of Arcana is slightly encouraging too but I still don't think I'd be tempted to pick it up over one of the better Monster Hunter style games.
  6. I'll second that, Solder of Fortune 2 MP was incredible at the time. It also had a community that would bitch at you incessantly if you used anything other than the AK for your primary weapon, and that went double if you had the USAS in your hands.
  7. I also booted it up for about the first time in six months. I played a couple of good Adon players who trashed me mercilessly, so I guess people have actually learned to use him now! Almost everyone I played were mostly rushing down too which was the biggest surprise. I couldn't do any combos with Viper, I couldn't do anything full stop with Cody, for some reason my Ken is as good/bad as it ever was because that guy is so basic and his combos are so simple. I had about ten games with Vega where for the first five I was trying to do Bloody High Claw with punches, silly Capcom me. Won about as many as I lost, have exactly the same BP as when I started somehow.
  8. Looks like you get a third of the bar when calling her in right? I think you'll be able get a similar amount of meter when just rushing down with other assists. As demonstrated she works well with keep away tactics though. I guess it'll come down to how rushdown or keep away focussed the game becomes, in addition to how worthwhile Morrigan ends up being other than for her assist.
  9. Bit cheaper at Amazon now, it's £24.99. They previously had a standard edition picture up but updated it to the limited edition in the last day or two. I stuck my order down there a while ago because it was the cheapest, I'm not bothered about the bonus items, and I'm not even convinced that a standard version of this game is even available at launch.
  10. No pics of Shuma and Jill yet? More here, original source here.
  11. Well I thought it was an entertaining enough way to spend five minutes. Pretty good going for an advert!
  12. So you're saying it doesn't offer anything new to fans of the genre?
  13. Willei

    PS3 jailbroken

    I love NeoGAF but anything with even the potential to involve piracy instantly becomes a discussion quagmire. So many threads lost to circles of inappropriate analogies from both sides.
  14. Willei

    PS3 jailbroken

    Okay in what way? If you want to install CFW you have to accept that there's a chance you'll be banned from PSN at some point even if you keep the thing unplugged for the duration. The goalposts will always keep moving. If you mean the security implications of CFW, again there'll always be risk. If someone were to sneak in some malware with their CFW release, you risk allowing a 3rd party access to your PS3 and your internal network. I like to think the community would spot and call out anything like that very quickly though. The most baffling thing in the NeoGAF thread was that so many people were more concerned about Sony running checks before allowing sign-ins than they were about downloading random bullshit from the internet that does god knows what to your PS3.
  15. You should see how much a pint costs in Sweden my friend... That bottom one on the Belgian site is the Dutch version according to the page details. It also looks like it's out of stock too. Too bad about the UK site being the German version, someone on GAF was trying to get clarification on that but hasn't heard back yet. Nothing's ever easy is it?
  16. This place got linked on GAF, can't vouch for it personally: http://www.gamesbasement.co.uk/games-role-playing/nintendo-ds-dsi/inazuma-eleven-ds-PD-9050.html Here are another couple of places which seem to offer international shipping: http://www.gameshop.se/?page=description&id=61811 http://www.playerone.be/shop/id-126015-Inazuma+Eleven-sur-Nintendo+DS+DSi.html
  17. The 2000 was more efficient but had a smaller battery. They worked out pretty close to each other in the end. Again though, my 2000 seems to get pretty close to three playing off the UMD, I haven't been on CFW for a while so can't say what games are like from the memory stick. You've got big problems with the battery if you're only getting 30 minutes out of it!
  18. I guess you wrote "at best" there when you actually mean "at worst". My fat was usually getting on for three hours when playing UMD games and was closer to that five hour mark when CFW started letting you play games from the memory stick.
  19. According to GAF it has support for the Playstation Suite which was announced for Android, but it doesn't run Android itself.
  20. Really liking what I'm seeing here. They would have to fuck up hugely by region locking it or charging £400 to put me off having one at launch.
  21. Any details on pricing for the premium edition? I don't see it up for preorder anywhere yet...
  22. New trailer with the last thing anyone would have expected: English voice acting!
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