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  1. 3 hours ago, Goemon said:

    I swear I checked both of those places yesterday! Game only had the Xbox One TE2, and Amazon just had 3rd party sellers with a hefty markup! And I teched that throw too dammit!



  2. So I had an interesting run through ranked mode today. I picked up the game on PC so I could alt+tab and do something interesting while waiting for the next game, and the record of the venerable Naruto___69 can't be carried over so I had to start from scratch. The first ten or twenty wins came quite quickly as the fact that I can now time meaties reasonably well is enough to beat the majority of bronze players. There was no achievement for ten straight wins this time around which is highly sensible, and would really make you think that Capcom realised the error of their ways with obnoxious multi achievements if not for the fact that there's an achievement for getting into gold. :mellow:


    At around 30 wins I started to encounter the dreaded rage quitters. That's right, those people who are so angry that you have a win streak that they don't even dare to play you! Before the end of my streak I had two people disconnect on the loading screen, two people do nothing at the start of the match and then quit, and one person who did a taunt and then turned his PS4 off or whatever these people do. Bloody rage quitters eh? No punishment is too great for them. I had three of these in a row at one point and I was genuinely thinking of throwing a game so I could carry on playing!


    So how far did I get? Well, I eventually got matchmade with someone outside of the ultra bronze/early silver range I was sitting at:




    And I got thoroughly blown up, one of those games where you just keep guessing wrong. After the game there was a good delay before he accepted the rematch, I like to think because he was so sure that there was going to be a mysterious disconnection. And it looked like the rematch was going to go the same way, but clearly that didn't happen or I wouldn't have bothered uploading it:



    In case you're wondering, it was +198 points for me and -160 for him. Believe it or not, he chose not to run it back. Can't exactly blame him with that much to lose and 10 points to gain.

  3. I'm looking forward to hitting ranked with Cammy and seeing how far I have to drop before starting to get wins. I know people gaming the points system get a lot of ire (and I refuse to call it rage quitting when the person who doesn't quit has to hold the rage) but the sooner you just let go of that meaningless number the happier you'll be. It's not like it means anything Gold and above anyway with cheaters being so rife.

  4. 3 hours ago, alistarr said:

    I love that Birdie is right up in the "easy to use/ease to start winning corner" as it fits with what we were saying about "week 1 top tier". Interesting to see Ken quite high on their main tier list as that's a character everyone seems to be down on and yet plenty of US players are using him which suggests they don't actually think he's as bad as they're saying. 


    I strongly agree with this assessment of Birdie. Once you play people who can punish his 35 frame grab (and it's just a matter of time before that becomes the norm, I usually jump it now even with my old man reactions) you realise that he actually has no way of applying pressure on top of having no legitimate way getting in. But that's the game at the moment in general - what's legitimate will only start to carry real weight when the standard of play (or more accurately, the level of knowledge) rises. At the same time, certain things just aren't going to be very punishable. It's great that you can mash jab after blocking Mika's stand MP to end her pressure but it's always going to be hard to do in practice.


    3 hours ago, Down by Law said:

    Ryu hard to use? Also your experience of Fang is the same as mine, really tricky to fight against the rare time he comes up.


    It's all relative. SF5 is generally a game with low execution requirements, but Chun and Ryu are still harder to use than the likes of noob crushers like Birdie and Nash.

  5. 1 hour ago, TehStu said:

    After UAC complaints in Vista, from people who obviously weren't used to needing to ask for admin privileges to do things, perhaps they'll dial UAC back up again if UWP starts to become the norm. I've got no problem with them doing that. It's perfectly possible to allow complete access to a machine without default access which undermines this.


    Getting well away from the subject at hand here, but Microsoft really should have done more to encourage people to run with non-privileged user accounts by now. It's been well known for years that the vast majority of vulnerabilities in Windows can be mitigated simply by not having local admin. If they can get to the point where UWP apps are ubiquitous enough while remaining safe, then UAC popping up can become a default no for the user and things can get better. What Mogster says about UWP requiring UAC above is also encouraging.


    25 minutes ago, simms said:

    It's seems there are no definitive answers on what is or not allowed in UWP.  Is this another MS botch in getting the message across.  


    To be fair to Microsoft, the sum total of their message to PC gamers is "there are games on the Windows Store that used to be Bone exclusive" and there's not really an issue there. Realistically the only response you're ever going to get back from that group as a collective is "when's it coming to Steam", which is not because PC gamers are stupid (or GabeN fanboys, or chasing their 6fps, or whatever else) but because Valve have the best offering in the market by far with a well established user base and ironclad lock in. While it's obvious that games on Windows Store have precisely no chance of usurping Steam in any way, I think the fact that Valve are happy for publishers to impose whatever extra crapware they want on their games (uPlay, Social Club, Games for Windows, etc) makes people want to voice their disapproval of these "competing" services where possible.

  6. 21 hours ago, schmojo said:

    It's strange how the conversation about room-scale has backfired on HTC a bit. I've seen a few places where people genuinely don't seem to be aware that the Vive performs perfectly fine in a desk environment.


    It's their own fault for making the story a bigger deal than it needed to be. Especially since it looks like both devices are as good as each other at a desk or in a full room.

    I think it's been double edged. The big advantages that Vive has over the Rift (at launch anyway) are the controllers and the front camera, both of which came about because room scale was a focus in the tech. At the same time and not to denigrate the Rift, I think when more people have tried Vive they will understand how big of a deal room scale is for immersion.


    The real challenge right now is making compelling content for both platforms. It remains to be seen whether room scale is a nice novelty or if you can build experiences to really take advantage of it.

  7. 1 hour ago, Plissken said:

    Well, lets just say I fundamentally disagree with that point of view.  If Microsoft want to introduce a mechanism that securely locks down code across thousands of apps, business programs and games so that malicious software don't have attack vectors that compromise thousands+ of machines due to third party coder incompetence, then I'm all for it, even if it is at the expense of running a old game six frames per second quicker.


    Can you consider injecting code with the user's approval an attack vector rather than just the result of a social engineering? As long as you can convince the user to run arbitrary code that results in a compromised system, there is no net difference to security unless/until UWP becomes the only means to run apps.

  8. On 12/04/2016 at 3:32 PM, Down by Law said:


    Thanks gents, +1 each. Kept trying to do the light air knee smash but her jump in is real quick, didn't realize I could just poke her out the air with standing LP. Can I do that to prevent being crossed up by Ryu/Ken? If so, that's a proper game changer right there.


    I really need to use V-Reversal more if just as a psychological tool if nothing else. It is not ok to keep wailing on me while blocking etc.


    I find the knee press trades a lot and is generally less reliable than stand jab. I assume EX is better (it was in 3S) but it ain't no DP for sure. Stand jab doesn't do much about cross-ups that I can see (though I haven't tested it extensively, there's only so many jump ins you can eat before it pisses you off even in casual matches) and a better bet would be jump back jab or something.


    To be honest I find Alex annoying to play. There's a lot of getting thrown out of command throws, getting punished for moves that are generally crappy anyway (air stampede and elbow rush), and a v-trigger that gets blown up if your opponent understands what it does. It's not like the character is outright bad or anything, just that Birdie has most of his strengths and fewer weaknesses. In exchange you get an MP that leaves him plus. #worth?


    Jump cancelled Hard flash chop is too slow to punish throws too, and I find that genuinely upsetting. :angry:

  9. Stand jab to anti air jump ins, towards fierce for neutral jumps. This Karin basically never walked in to pressured you from mid range and just won with jump-ins. Be more prepared to block in disadvantage situations and remember that you can use v-reversal rather than just trying to interrupt her pressure with buttons. Try to avoid whiffing stand roundhouse.


    Basically your offense looked fine when you got to run it, your defense was the problem here and Karin didn't really do anything clever to open you up.

  10. 18 hours ago, JLM said:

    GGs WIllei, I think my internet has just given out as that first round of the last game there was a teleporty nightmare. Was trying to come up with punishes for Birdie's towards fierce on the fly as it's -7 but nothing seemed to work. Checking the old Vframes I can actually sweep or crouching MK punish it, it just feels like you'd need to use something faster when it's happening. Also months of playing against Birdie and playing against arguably the best Birdie in the UK has still not made me any less free to Bull Revenger. I don't think I'll ever get used to it. The sequence of tick bull revenger, tick bull revenger, up chain was lovely. Felt like a right chump.

    Hey good games man. I haven't played a good Rashid up to that point so I don't really know what he's capable of yet, but the way most of those games went I wasn't really losing to Rashid tricks but by just playing too disrespectful in general - especially once you'd started to play more defensively. It's a fine line with Birdie, most of the things he does aren't solid on paper but you can steal turns with his armor moves and everyone still gets hit by Bull Revenger from time to time! If you play 100% safe it feels like you can't get in on half the cast without walking behind cans, and virtually all his buttons are minus anyway.

  11. I got to try Vive at the National Videogame Arcade earlier this week. Absolutely incredible stuff which has been posted about far more eloquently than I can manage. I was amazed by how quickly your brain accepts that you are in a different place, despite the fact that you are wearing this very obviously cabled headset while holding a pair of artificial hip joints. To the point where turning 270 degrees to avoid coiling the cable around yourself and listening to people watching you on a monitor shouting (un)helpful advice doesn't seem to interrupt the illusion!


    Now how do you cancel a Rift order?

  12. I remembered seeing this thread a couple of weeks back and forgot to post, and now the Steam sale is over and it seems kind of pointless! Anyway... I picked up a few in that very sale (and the last one) which have been good.

    G-senjou no Maou/The Devil on G-string is an enjoyable thriller with lots of twists, essentially played from the perspective of a villainous sort with his own agenda. It's the kind of game that takes tense situations and really explores them for longer than you feel like it reasonably should, but without any sense that it's being dragged out for padding. It's available from Steam with optional voices as paid DLC (strongly recommended by the way) which I could get annoyed about if voice rights hadn't stymied so many attempts at releasing these games in the west for so long. Kinda want to write more about it as I loved it to bits, but don't want to spoil anything!

    World End Economica is a kinectic novel (a visual novel with no choices) which I would summarise awkwardly as a stock market romance. Same writer as Spice and Wolf and Billionaire Girl, so something of a niche of his apparently. Two of the three parts are currently available, but the current version of episode two seems to be a bit rough around the edges. They're promising a rework once the final episode is out, so maybe not the best time to jump in. Supposedly coming out on the Vita as well at some point.

    The Fruit of Grisaia is the reason I bothered to make this post because it's on a daily deal for the next 39 or so hours. I picked this up because it's highly regarded but I didn't bother to do any other research - so I was a bit surprised when it turned out to be a nakige (much in the vein of Clannad, which is why I remembered the thread) which isn't a genre I tend to go in for. I was even more surprised that I was enjoying it anyway! It does a really good job having it's cast appear as a normal wacky group of anime cliches while seeding enough of a breadcrumb trail in their actions for things to make sense when the time comes to lift the curtain on their particular brand of crazy.

    Final piece of VN news - another Sekai Project Kickstarter just launched today/yesterday for the ridiculously titled Root Double- Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition. Fans of Zero Escape will be interested to learn it's heritage and curiously familiar premise!

  13. The in game materials are great. Novriltataki has a great series on Youtube that covers things in a more fundamental way - really good for people trying to get into anime fighters for the first time who have a bit of a background in other fighters: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLj34EySs1IeZ8GpjKW8R2T6dzI6B3GSuH

    I think I added you Spuck, I also realised after asking Jonster for his ID that he's already on my list. Durrr!

  14. Willei, you can launch people by combo-ing into Chun's V-skill and then juggle from there. Can't get more specific on what works as I've not touched Chun yet, just seen mans doing that.

    The best combo you can do from v-skill outside of v-trigger is d+MKx3 into ex hyakuretsu.

    The best combo you can do from v-skill inside of v-trigger is d+MKx3 into HK into super.

    Everyone's different, but the gap between those combos doesn't set my heart ablaze. I also don't consider being able to do a bit more damage on a punish combo a meaningful new possibility, rather a consequence of having meter to burn. The decision is "will this combo meaningfully improve my chance of winning the round or should I save the meter".

  15. I got some more games in last night, and I think I'm bored of it already. Instead of the game being shaken up with new systems such as with Alpha 3, SF3, and even SF4 to a lesser extent, SF5 after SF4 is like playing Alpha 2 after Super Turbo. It looks a whole lot more polished and there's a load of extra features, but they're so afraid of screwing it up that they've done everything possible to avoid changing the flow of the game.

    I've been playing Chun and her v-trigger gives her extra hits on her normals and better juggles. Play with it in training for a minute and you'll notice it feels like this mode does basically nothing other than looking flashy. When you look at the frame data, you'll see the extra hit stun on her normals gives her one additional link that ends in a cancellable move: b+HP into crMK. She already has MP into crMK without v-trigger which is virtually identical, and b+HP is no easier to connect with than MP. What about those extra juggles? Well Chun can't knock anyone into the air with her normals like Cammy can, so you need to hit them out of the air with a medium or heavy button. But Chun gets zero extra block stun in v-trigger so her pressure isn't any more dangerous than usual, so why would your opponent feel forced to take to the skies? The only use I can see for this mode is to activate just before an anti-air normal so you can add on a super. Great! But would you jump in on Ryu in SF4 with 2 bars and ultra?

    It's not like Chun-Li is weak or anything as a result. It's just boring. It's great that she's got an air to air that sets up a juggle, but actually it only combos into air hyakuretsu unless you hit it at the end of your jump. It's great that she's got an extra movement option in her v-skill and that's main reason I wanted to play her, but actually you can't press any buttons until Chun starts to drift back to earth. V-skill into MP could have been a really cool far anti-air option but it's too slow to work like that. You actually just use it as a slightly faster jump that makes punishing fireballs slightly easier. So what's good about Chun then? Walking forward with stand MK, anti-air b+HK, loproing jumps with crouch MP, and her fireball versus non-shotos. And of course Ryu and Ken account for 75% of netplay matches, which is yet another problem than Capcom can't realistically do anything about.

    Sleep Fighter 4 is dead. Long live Sleep Fighter 5?

  16. I couldn't get any games yesterday, I had a handful around lunchtime today, and now I'm back to getting no games again. Even in those few games I'm again sick of playing against people who just won't stop pressing buttons under any circumstance. Capcom can fix the matchmaking, but they can't stop people pressing buttons. :ph34r:

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