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  1. I would happily swap you for either of those, sadly I'm based in Czechia and I reckon that would make postage a bit of a mare.
  2. Given I'm rewatching Hajime No Ippo, I'm reminded of how lacking the boxing genre has felt over the last decade. No new Fight Nights Punch-Outs or Ippo games, a couple indie games come out here and there but I miss the late 90's/early 2000's era of good arcade boxers. Same can be applied to Arcade sports games on a larger scale. Football got entirely swallowed up by FIFA, and while we do still get some nice arcade indie titles, it's be nice to see some larger budgeted stuff.
  3. To prepare for this my girlfriend and I decided to watch... Jupiter Ascending. It has honestly gotten us so excited for this. If there's one thing the Wachowskis absolutely do not do it's uninspiring mediocrity. We're getting either a great film or peak bollocks.
  4. I'd wager it's for social media platforms and mobile browsing where autoplay while scrolling is a thing. Quick snap of imagery to coax the recipient into clicking.
  5. It frustrated me that I never quite understood the love for Hollow Knight. It's far from a bad game, but I'd cap it at being good occasionally displaying flash of being very good, if not for some frustrations I had. The main bugbear for me was the Souls influence of death setting you back and losing Geo. The game is plenty challenging on its own merits, and I found being set back each time I died (I know, I know, eventually you can get an ability that deals with it) was a complete pace killer. Oddly, it meant that the ultra hard dream bosses were actually my favourite boss encounters because at least when you died it put you at most a 30 second walk from the encounter, whereas on a regular playthrough a death could mean many minutes of navigating my way back to the encounter where I might likely get my arse served up yet again. On numerous occasions I had to put the game aside, not from frustration with difficulty, but I just couldn't be bothered wandering around the world again. Which is more indicative a larger problem I had; I didn't care for the world and storytelling. Once again, the Souls influence of minimalist storytelling, in this instance completely bounced off me, and it got magnified by the world itself being entirely too large for what interests me in a Metroidvania. A common appraisal I hear is of the size of the game and the amount of content, but for my money it's at minimum 3 times larger than it really needed to be, and on average my playtime was largely spent slogging around from location to location, with my primary motivation being more of a sunk cost fallacy than genuine intrigue. I loved Pokemon Silver for the big endgame reveal of the map being larger than you thought, and Hollow Knight initially does that wonderfully. And then it did it again... And again... (Also, I hated having to find Cornifer each time to get the map for that area started. At that point I have a map and Quill, why do I need him?) I counted at least 5 areas that I flat out did not enjoy, with a number of bosses I thought superfluous, and by the end I was fully cemented in this view of less is more. Since Hollow Knight I've played Steamworld Dig 2, Guacamelee, Sundered, a few Metroids and Yoku's Island Express, and preferred every one of them. Some vastly so. I found it a shame as when it all aligns, the combat and platforming can be absolutely exemplary. Jumping feels precise with the Knight and I really grew to value the flexibility in the Charm system (Pogo-ing around is great too) and some of the endgame challenged like the Path of Pain and the Colosseum of Fools really give you the opportunity to put these skills to the test. A final bugbear is that I question how limited and uninspiring the upgrades are. They were by and large typical movement options which I recognise that many other games also initially lock away, but simultaneously there were no later abilities that completely changed how you would approach navigation. The dash should have been there from the start in my mind, perhaps the walljump too, so by the time I reached the end and found out they didn't get any more creative than that, my final sigh of disappointment eked out. Good game, far from great.
  6. Also worth considering that pretty much every first party Nintendo title on the Switch holds value, and can easily be resold at £30 (and we'll see about growth in value after the life cycle of the Switch). It's not like another platform or third parties that can plummet down to a tenner within a year of release.
  7. I will recognise that it has been a number of years since I played it, but San Andreas has a surprising amount of freeform gameplay in its approach, particularly in exploring the world. Segments of the map are locked behind progress (enforced via immediate wanted levels) but the sheer amount of available content straight out of the gate is fantastic. You can do a surprising amount of stuff before even returning to Grove Street. All of the gang tags/oysters/photography are available, you can do Taxi/Ambulance/Vigilante missions, properties are available to buy and a few other hidden side missions to build extra income are all accessible. I would have a lot of fun seeing just how much of the game I could do and how successful I could make CJ before first returning to Grove Street. Wanted to rub it into Sweet's stupid fucking face.
  8. In order to claim being anywhere near Definitive they need to maintain the radio station playlists. No exaggeration, there's absolutely no chance of a buy from me if that's been meddled with.
  9. I find it pretty funny though that their hand was somewhat forced to put Doc Ock in that trailer as Alfred Molina doesn't give a fuck and was openly talking about how he was in the next Spider-Man film a couple months back.
  10. Latest OSW? Fair play to Michael Buffer for effectively ensuring his family never have to work again off the back of five words.
  11. (Breaching Personal) Space Mountain
  12. Good. The series leaned far too hard into playing to its fans in its last two titles (though I still loved 4), I'm all for a fresh reset. I really hope they pull it off, I still hold a soft spot for Saints Row and am probably in the minority camp of hugely enjoying the directions it took for 3 and 4. If anything, the one thing they absolutely must keep is the ability to play the radio stations outside of vehicles from 4. Flying around to Aerosmith was never less than a total delight.
  13. I can't help myself now, the world of Evangelion edits is just too good:
  14. In keeping with it though, I rather enjoyed Space Dandy's dub. Regarding Eva, somewhat good timing for this thread as a few months back Mega64 put out their Sweded versions of both Neon and End Of. Both are absolutely delightful.
  15. Judgment's tailing missions were particularly egregious given the small Kamurocho map. One of the final ones was infuriatingly tedious due to the labyrinthine, poorly optimised route the suspect took, making it about five times longer than it should ever have taken. Some atrocious padding which started to creep into later Yakuza's and then kicked into a higher gear here.
  16. Yeah, I love me some Big Dave. Just a shame about Army of the Dead.
  17. First step is to get an account set up at Deku Deals, and build a wishlist there. Eshop sales can be crazy sometimes with the deepest of discounts, so it's good for keeping track of historic price drops. Second, what are you into? There's a common thread of games that get universal praise and are considered ideal to the format of the Switch (Enter The Gungeon, Hollow Knight and Into the Breach come up a lot) but if you share the style of games you're into then people will chuck forward ideas abound!
  18. Johnson is infinitely more talented than Diesel, but in a 'safe pair of hands' kind of way. You go into a film headlined by Johnson and you know what you're getting, and to date he hasn't done much of anything to challenge that and diversify. Then again, it's led to him being the highest paid actor in the world, so job's a good one. Conversely this means I find Diesel infinitely more watchable than Johnson, out of a sense of morbid curiosity. Online discourse likes to put Nic Cage forward as the symbol of bafflingly weird leading men, but have you checked out any of Diesel's vehicles over the past 20 years? They're tremendously, indulgently bad and I honestly relish every one that comes out. It seems that every couple of years he gets a big solo venture to try and remind people that he's a proper star outside of F&F, and they're regularly catastrophic. Babylon AD, Bloodshot, xXx and its revival, The Pacifier (waaaaaay more enjoyable than Johnson's equivalent Tooth Fairy, though probably not for the right reasons) and best of all, The Last Witch Hunter. A film honest to god created off the back of Diesel's own Dungeons & Dragons character, who he then plays. That is some next level tier of trash, and I live for the sheer gall of Diesel managing to get something like that made.
  19. I love me some Onimisha, but I would honestly fanboy so hard if I ever get my Shadow of Rome continuation.
  20. Give me it and the return of Onimusha and I just don't know what I'll do with all this cum.
  21. I absolutely love everything they've shown there. A celebration of the weird and wonderful when it comes to videogames. And I'll put myself out there and say I love the dock, exactly my kind of goofy bollocks. A shame about that price, and it would be nice if we could get physical demonstrations in areas so we can see how the screen and feel of the thing holds up outside of curated media.
  22. One slight wrinkle I've seen brought up is that Hemsworth is now pushing/is the face of a fitness app called Centr, so it can be argued as disingenuous to market a fitness plan as able to get you Hemsworth-adjacent when we all know that will never happen.
  23. The Grappling Hook felt revelatory and made an absolute embarrassment of traversal afterwards. Still fun as al hell though, and you had to seriously work to get it.
  24. Yeah, it was an early highlight of last-gen and holds up well. I remember booting it back up again and there was Dev update where they superpowered the dropkick for a weekend, many laughs were had belting around Harran launching infected 100m or further off the rooftops. Principally it nailed the feeling of running around its world. Lackluster quest design and bobbins story meant little to me when the base act of going from A -> B could provide innumerable approaches and emergent experiences. One of the few open worlds I regularly returned just to run around and experience it. It was also truly hard in the early game, I never dared venturing out at night and even later on I still approached with trepidation. By the time you get late game abilities that more or less make you OP it felt earned, and that power scaling felt like a rich reward for the struggle it took to get there. Some elements could still be balanced a little better (if you don't have pre-existing knowledge, some abilities are so demonstrably better than others that it's a waste to not invest in them ASAP) but again, that core engagement of being in Harran was unparalleled, with countless fun little secrets to find scattered across it. Depending on how later preiews show it, this might be the game that convinces me to jump into next-gen this year, if it can match the standard set by its predecessor.
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