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  1. For me it comes down to income earnings primarily. I'm no wealthy individual, and as much as I love games, I'm extremely hesitant to drop £40+ on any game, especially in the modern climate when eshops and indie titles have a wealth of highly rate titles available for a fraction of that cost. Like others in this thread, Days Gone was a game I thoroughly enjoyed (far more than I anticipated) but when looking at the metrics, the cost of it on day one could have gotten me both Enter the Gungeon and Hollow Knight on Switch at full price and still have almost £20 spare. In this instance, an absolute
  2. I'm generally not a fan of 'reviving' properties, it's rare that they capture the magic of the original run. However, if there was one show I would love to see get a continuation, it would have to be Hannibal. I loved all 3 seasons and was particularly enamoured with its own adaptation of Red Dragon, and would eagerly anticipate seeing that team take on both Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal.
  3. Can't be bothered bumping the eShop thread, but other forum fave title Lair of the Clockwork God is currently 70% off.
  4. I have room in my heart for both. I get a great deal of joy from big smashy monster bash, but always appreciate a flick that can offer some commentary. Shin Godzilla really excelled in the latter for me; I know it is highly specific of Japanese bureaucracy in its portrayal, but many of those traits can be found in our government and of the governments of other places I've lived. It's a film that really 'got' how to present humans in these films. scrambling around trying to reconcile how our world works with the appearance of an otherwordly presence like the G-Man. Humour being derived from the
  5. I thought Shin Godzilla was incredible. Had a double take when I saw people here poo-pooing it.
  6. Big fan of the run of 'original' Bond games we got in the 2000's. Agent Under Fire and Nightfire are solid FPS's, Everything or Nothing is a great title (and I'm glad they used that template for From Russia With Love) and I heard positive things about some of the later games that came out in the 360 era which I never played myself. There's a pretty good Youtube channel that focuses almost exclusively on tie-in games, finding ones that are surprisingly good. Fair warning, the thumbnails are pretty awful and don't advertise the content well: https://www.youtube.com/c/mini
  7. Also just classic action game finale. Build up the biggest, most extravagant spectacle, then the true final fight is minimalist by comparison but steeped in drama and stakes. That final BURST
  8. Chakravartin is peak boss design and staging.
  9. Given that Asura has a penchant for growing extra arms, I was always assuming that he and his ilk regenerated body parts
  10. See I still really enjoyed the anime shorts, however I did get them after playing the game through fully. It's also likely influenced by my love for the Animatrix, where I welcome weird creative offshoots from a property.
  11. Welcome to my life after Yakuza 0 came out. Okay, maybe not as far as shit, but massively disappointing.
  12. I say get the SF DLC. Frankly I'd recommend it purely as it's more Asura's Wrath, and scratches an itch that no other game can. If there is a bundle available you may as well get episodes 11.5 and 14.5 too. They are literally animated short films with button prompts but once again, the style is unparalleled. 11.5 in particular is an absolute visual feast. Or I dunno, Youtube them. Of course, you then miss out in the joy of yelling out BURST. :p
  13. I must say, I was surprised by just how gay the game is. Love it, all about the gay agenda.
  14. The Street Fighter DLC is a delightful post-script to the game. Some playful references and once again the scale is outrageous. There's a very fun callback to the Augus fight in the Ryu episode and the ending to Akuma's is genuinely hilarious.
  15. The loss of arcades is also the loss of mystery/surprise to me. Up until the late 90's going to an arcade (especially if on holiday) would always mean the discovery of a new game, made even more memorable if it had some unique controller setup. Ttrips I have no true recollection of, but the vague memory flashes by of discovering both X-Men Versus Street Fighter and House of the Dead 3 for the first time, mesmerised by those cabinets. A holiday to a Pontins being my first witnessing of The Simpsons Arcade. Seeing Soul Edge completely reshaping what a video game could look like to me. Not just t
  16. Yup, was thoroughly impressed by the demo, pleased to see a heavy discount.
  17. He's trying to worm his way into that industry. His site have produced and released a terrible trainwreck of a film back at the start of the year, this is his new mission.
  18. Honestly, I really miss the 'weirdness' and almost experimental nature of what used to be found in the mainstream scene. For sure the explosion of the indie market has meant we are far from being at a loss for curios and peculiarities, but that used to be a space also occupied by some of the most renowned companies in the industry. Discounting remasters and re-releases we've had two Rockstar games since 2013, now let's wind it back and see what we had from 2003 to 2009: Canis Canem Edit, Table Tennis, The Warriors, both Manhunts, Red Dead Revolver etc. Shiiiiiiiiiit man, those were
  19. I know it's gotten some favourable response here, Murder By Numbers is currently 50% off for a few days.
  20. While I'm no fan of Zach Snyder (and overrall found this cut to be just as bad, if more tonally consistent, than the OG cut), I think both MoS and this cut benefit from coming after a run of absolute stinkers. Considering that the Superman films between Superman 2 and MoS consist of 3, 4, Returns and offshoots like Supergirl, the positive qualities of MoS shine ever brighter. Similarly, it's almost universally accepted that the original cut of Justice League is a trainwreck, so there being some significant differences in this cut help put it in a more favourable light. These are films that ben
  21. I think there's some merit to holding onto physical copies of games if they have some element in the original release that's difficult to replicate. I've sold a bunch of stuff over the years but I've got a select few DS games that I'm holding onto due to the unique functionality of that system. Re-releases of The World Ends With You just cannot capture the brilliance of how it fully utilises the DS's functionality. It's also why I have a burgeoning interest in 3DS games as once again, that tech is not coming back so there is something 'special' about titles that made the most of it. I'm someth
  22. Dex is currently 90% off. I bought it when it was 70% off and had a real enjoyable time with it, a nice mini-Cyberpunk game. Some good writing and voice acting, branching paths aren't that diverse but there are options on what decisions you want to make and how they affect characters, and at 90% off it's an absolute steal.
  23. My single favourite episode (and I think it hasn't been mentioend at all in this thread!) is Homer Goes To College. It's a relentless 22 minutes of highlight after highlight: NEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRDDDDDD. Wallet Inspector. Bee bit my bottom. Don't think you won't pay. The box, THE BOX. He dropped his notes! ... and on and on it goes. The Dean is in with a shout for my favourite one-shot character, I adore his optimistic vibes and Homer's dogged pursuit to treat him like a bad guy. This is at the moment my favourite gag from the episode:
  24. I say that, and now the game has thrown me into a boss that can outright kill minimum one of my characters each turn. Up until now (which to be fair I'm fairly sure is a sizable chunk of the game) I thought it was pretty good at not having too many spiked that enforce grinding. Guess it decides to save them for later on. I've been playing a lot anyway, I'll set it aside for a couple days.
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