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  1. Was scrolling through this thread hoping someone wouldn't say this so I could say it. Excellent film, and to be honest I found it far scarier and effective than most 18+ horror films released at a similar time. Joe Dante in general. My Dad still talks about how unexpectedly brutal Small Soldiers was when it got released.
  2. I can confirm from experience that they will effectively be the English language version (same goes for most French and Spanish packaging). I have Dragon Quest XI, Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth and Sea of Solitude in German packaging and all are essentially the same beyond that exterior packaging.
  3. I'm likely in the minority of finding the third act of the game a real whimper. While the combat remains as simplistically enjoyable as ever, narratively it took a real dive in my mind after the thoroughly enjoyable second act. Felt bolted on and really brought out the worst elements of it being a 'traditional' JRPG. If you've never played a mainline DQ before then the novelty of its old school styling in the modern era might give it an interesting angle, but ultimately I came out of it thinking it the weakest of all the numbered titles I've played (IV, V, VIII and IX). Still far from bad, but it's likely going to come down to how much of an affinity you have for the trappings of an 80's JRPG with modern production values.
  4. Lil addendum. Yes, she lied. I'm not trying to weasel away from that. Absolutely shitty thing to do, taking advantage of the goodwill and support of those that want to strive for better working conditions for her own petty vendetta.
  5. In this instance, it is a shame to see her muddying the waters of the truth (I saw no reason to doubt Schreier's reporting on the matter, he's one of the few working in the industry that can genuinely be regarded as a real journalist) and the worst part about that from what I was reading and have read over the years is that it is undeniably true that undervaluing/underpaying VA's is absolutely a thing in the industry. In the initial days there were a few VA's that shared stories of how they were offered similar low pay (Bryan Dechart who voiced/was Connor in Detroit: Become Human personally corroborated his own experience of being majorly lowballed on projects) and it's a recurring theme across the industry of companies ditching their original VA's for bigger names down the line. I think there's no greater example of that than Kojima dumping Hayter for Sutherland, but also look towards the God of War revival and Capcom's legacy with Dead Rising and Frank West's character. I don't know why Taylor would obfuscate the truth like that when there would be obvious receipts to dispute her claims, but I'm arguing that for myself (and I believe others that shared the same sentiment) I was showing solidarity based on a clear history of videogame developers and publishers undervaluing the work that their VA's bring to projects. It's no hot take, guaranteed there are plenty of other VA's right now being lowballed as they don't have the clout or capital to demand a fair wage. And arguments that those that have a more direct impact on the development of the game should be paid more? Yes! Pay them all more! Fair wages for fair work, across the entire system! This was just a particularly notable incident of it being in the limelight, and I really hope it doesn't poison the discourse for having this conversation in future, when it absolutely needs to be had.
  6. Nah, it's embarrassing seeing some people here acting like chuds and backing away from showing solidarity when it's not some easy target like Ubisoft or EA, whose games you weren't likely to buy in the first place. It's an outright shitty move from Platinum who have made some howling flubs lately, with Bayonetta 3 being the safest bet they've had in years (it's highly likely to break a million, possibly could be the best selling game of the series). They could easily pay a fair wage to the person that's provided a key part of the franchise's identity, smells to me like a double whammy of reluctance due to poor sales of previous games alongside the general attitude of treating VO artists like crap. Fuck 'em.
  7. The Eastern European (and beyond) sponsorship market is very similar to the image of Japanese advertising in the 80's and 90's, where it turns out a bunch of well known (or more likely, slightly past it...) celebrities do advertising for various brands as the commercials rarely find their way onto the American channels. Anecdotally speaking, there's a definite demand that I've seen for old school action heroes in the Central to Eastern European former Soviet states, their stars burn brighter than in their home nations. For Willis in particular, he's been the face of Hell Energy (a Hungarian energy drink company) for almost half a decade now, and the adverts never fail to make me laugh with their lazy quotes from him. Down the road from me is a Potraviny (corner shop) with a big image of Bruce hawking it in the window, proclaiming "Energy, Taste, Power!". Better yet is the quote they have on their official website, with an awkwardly photoshopped-looking Willis announcing "Now this I Like!". However, with the news of the last few months, the press release from February has aged like milk: https://www.hellenergy.com/who-says-bruce-willis-doesnt-look-good-in-red-2/ Last line - "Bruce Willis, who is still in excellent form, has recently discovered a new favorite in the HELL portfolio, FOCUS, which he says he often consumes while studying film scripts"
  8. Kiryu never left. His supposed retirement as a character lasted... 0 games. Unless you count Judgment. Which you shouldn't.
  9. Great little game, often gets discounted to sub-£2 as well!
  10. The stances of Nioh are an absolute delight, adding an essential layer to the combat that properly elevates them above all of the Souls games aside from Bloodborne with its trick weapons. Outside of PVP they're fairly simplistic in execution so the particulars are not that important (they all follow the template of tradeoffs between speed and power), you could play the game without ever changing stance if you found one that felt comfortable for your playstyle. But their addition affords you the opportunity to properly style on enemies, making the moment to moment gameplay more akin to a character action game than Souls, and this is where Nioh gets its own sense of identity, where each weapon has enough variety in approach that you frankly build an entire lesser game around each one, yet here it's just part of the ensemble. Shouldn't be a surprise given Team Ninja's legacy.
  11. Actually, I temporarily do go back to the UK. If people are ever interested I could pick up some cheaper copies of games and then mail them out when I'm within the borders? Almost always has UK PEGI packaging too!
  12. The Czech Republic.
  13. Has anyone here played Shin Megami Tensei V? Where does it stack up with the rest of the series? I have a serious backlog on Switch but I can get a copy of it for about £26 and knowing Atlus games, it's unlikely to go much cheaper. However, I do have IV on my 3DS so am looking for some opinions before committing, as I have heard IV be regarded as a highlight in the series.
  14. As much as I've enjoyed the write-ups, I've been finding the overrall top 100 fairly rote and uninspiring. Feels weirdly nice to be kinda called out on it.
  15. Given the production quality of DMC5, Capcom's general level of care and attention to their tentpole releases of the past few years, and that Senpai Itsuno is there, I am confidently putting myself into the hyped bracket. Good excuse to replay the first.
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