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  1. A reminder that we're actually getting TWO Snyder films this year. Maybe one will actually be good? Oh I do make myself laugh.
  2. Death is not the setback you think it is.
  3. The DS might have the strongest library of games of any Nintendo system, as well as being a sales juggernaut. And for all the shovelware the system housed, Nintendo's first-party output on the Wii was as strong as ever. You need to try a little bit harder.
  4. I'd really like to see Boktai appear again in some form. I thoroughly enjoyed Lunar Knights on the DS and think there's plenty of scope to explore further, plus I love that sunlight gimmick in the first two. Suikoden please. Over a decade since an English language title got released, and now they're getting prohibitively expensive to acquire. At least there's Eiyuden Chronicle on the horizon.
  5. I also wonder how much merchandise sales can influence on what franchises get entries. Despite being one of the worst received films they had made up until then, Cars got a sequel off the back of its utterly gargantuan merch sales which made it a viable cash cow for Pixar and Disney (it also being Lasseter's pet project likely helped too), so I'm curious if something similar comes into play with Nintendo? Kirby is marketable to a younger audience and has a pleasant, immediately identifiable image. I've seen Kirby plushies, toys, decals and clothing, and even mad stuff like the pop-up Kirby Caf
  6. Friendly reminder that the last DLC character was Sephiroth. Truly bargain basement. I'm still all on board for Smash reveals. They often have great trailers, Sakurai is a master of openly mocking the hardcore fanbase and the way they incorporate the respective franchises into Smash is often a true labour of love. And I'll admit that I continue to get joy from those that are frustrated and wildly claim that no one is interested in Smash despite the fact the announcements and subsequent gameplay demonstration garner multiple millions of views apiece. Third best selling game on the s
  7. A lot of Level-5's games had British-flavoured localisations. The aforementioned Dragon Quest games they worked on (which appears to have continued onto XI despite that being a Square Enix developed title), Ni No Kuni and Inazuma Eleven. I'm sure parts of Fantasy Life and Rogue Galaxy from my recollection have small elements too. My personal favourite of these is Dragon Quest IX, as there is zero voice acting in that game. They've gone to the ridiculous lengths of having dialogue written in accented form, which was an absolute delight for me to vocalise internally. As this was pre-Ni No Kuni,
  8. I would unashamedly love it if Snyder took more cues from Attitude era WWF. Give me Batman dressed like HHH
  9. And an elegant shawl to complete the ensemble.
  10. I'm still not over Batman wearing a duster coat over his Batsuit. That is hilarious.
  11. Ooooh I envy you being able to go into it with a relatively fresh perspective. I still reckon Kon is leagues ahead of most filmmakers in terms of his editing, let alone animated filmmakers! The opening of Perfect Blue deftly cuts between 4 different sequences so effortlessly, it's unparalleled.
  12. I enjoyed Pattinson's personality trait of Wearing A Scarf. Almost as good as Debicki's personality of Being A Mum. Desperately dull film, what perhaps bothered me most was that it's a heist film that almost completely removes the setup and preparation stages, which are crucial to the enjoyment of the big job. I thought I must have fallen asleep at one point as Washington and Pattinson were talking about all the things they need to plan and prepare, how they need to do it as covertly as possible to avoid detection, assemble a team. And then literally the next scene is just them doi
  13. It is remarkable how relevant Perfect Blue feels. I caught it in the cinema for the 20th anniversary re-release a few years back and barring the obviously dated portrayal of the internet, the mood and tone are frighteningly accurate to modern online cultures. It's also one of the few films I can think of with an 18 certification that features very little sex or violence, but is absolutely deserving of that certificate. Genuinely unsettling and uncomfortable at times, conveying terror that many 'proper' horror films can only dream of. It's incredible to think that was his debut. And
  14. The game had a deluge of moments for me when something just clicked and made sense. Or when you notice something and it sets off a chain reaction in your head of how you can apply this thinking in other ways. Sometimes it is slightly brute forced, but it's done with a logic attached, and when a hunch pays off it feels soooooooo satisfying.
  15. Without wanting to give too many details, in scenes when shit really kicks off, it's worth investigating the fringes of each memory scene, it might give you some clues as to what happened to a number of the crew.
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