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  1. I think there's a distinction between buying an item and crafting it. You can order something from the catalogue if it was a purchase, but I don't believe you can if it was something you crafted or were gifted.
  2. You are a delightful ray of sunshine, but I have no qualms with going to the back of the queue again if it's the best way to make sure everyone gets in.
  3. Yeah, I fully agree with going to the back of the line if you wish to make multiple trips, by the way. Seems perfectly fair as it's a mega payday, be grateful for what you get (hope I'm in the queue!).
  4. Is it possible to do multiple trips, @Larsen B? I reckon I have about two/three inventory loads worth.
  5. Hey! Sorry I got disconnected whilst in the kitchen, my bad. Back on now with dodo 267WR

  6. @skittles Got kicked off before I could drop the Iron Shelf recipe or Cherry Blossoms. Swapped some fossils before then.
  7. On my way. Grabbed a medley of fossils.
  8. I do! I'll check my Fossil stocks and wing you a PM, as I can bring the ones you'll need and not waste stock. I can also bring my burgeoning Apple supply with me to offlad, unless it's your native?
  9. That's cool man, I can do my busywork for the day and see if any cross the sky. I've had a bunch of Bamboo recipes but no Cherry Blossoms aside from the one Isabelle gave me. And yes, I have crafted it.
  10. Has anyone got spare Cherry Blossom recipes they'd be up for trading? Still only gotten the Picnic Set. I can trade: Bunny Day Wardrobe Bunny Day Stool Bunny Day Wreath Bunny Day Fence Stacked-Wood Wall Modeling Clay Iron Shelf Can also bring some different fruit, only missing Peaches and Cherries. Tonnes of Fossil duplicates too.
  11. Not worth doing any fishing on larger shadows for the next ten days, if it's not a Sea Bass it's a water egg.
  12. Who do I have to bribe to completely remove Black & Sea Bass from my game? The day I never have to catch one of those pricks again will be a happy one.
  13. I've taken the habit of shaking trees with the net equipped. Catch the wasps, sell for 2.5k. If using the axe I have the net to the right of it in my inventory so can quickly tap said direction on the d-pad for the quick change and catch them.
  14. I have never felt more justified in my love for Only Yesterday than seeing all this new found praise for it. Been singing its praises to everyone I meet for the past 7 years. I think it acts as a wonderful homage to older Japanese cinema as well. It's gentle pace and quiet observations are remarkably evocative of the likes of Ozu, and is something that grows in appreciation over time. It has some wonderful visual flourishes to boot, the entire scene between Taeko and Hirota in the lane after the baseball game is pure cinema. Takahata has such an incredible catalogue of work. To think how distinct his features are from one another, and most if not all are pinnacles of their style.
  15. Cheyenne

    Nintendo Switch

    Hard West is on the eshop. Sometimes gets mega discounted (got mine for £1.79). Obviously is more of a budget title but I've really enjoyed my time with it.
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