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  1. Yeah, I don't know if it's also been mentioned in this thread but there are other areas regarding difficulty that go beyond what we view of with difficulty settings. It's been really interesting for me to see these last few months with my girlfriend who doesn't play games trying to wrap her head around dual stick first-person movement, which can immediately lock her out from an enormous amount of games as she's still coming to grips with basic movement in that manner, never mind responding to timed situations or attacks using said controls. This makes the growing discussion around accessibilit
  2. I want to give all the props to the collective scenery chewing that is the Asura's Wrath voice cast. Notably Imari Williams who gives just the right amount of flamboyant relish to Augus.
  3. I won't deny it, I liked what I saw of Ratchet. I'm hoping that there's enough meat to the other gameplay elements, as the Clank sections in A Crack In Time were lovely and I hope they properly make some good puzzles out of this. Good to see the inclusion of open areas, vehicles and arenas, they were additions to the series that were most welcome, but I'm hoping they do push a little more into the platforming which has become increasingly secondary to the action.
  4. Max abided by the golden rule of Best Characters: Suplex = King Shit.
  5. Oh absolutely. Another peak in those early seasons was the Mr Bergstrom episode. Not a scene from it but I'm going to take this opportunity to shill Dankmus, who makes some absolutely slamming jams sampling classic lines. His Bergstrom one is instrumental, but I think really captures the heart of that episode: It's real hard to pick a favourite, but I find myself going back to The Boogeyman a lot:
  6. Weapons have far more creative application and variety (Taunter, Visibomb etc) and this is largely built around the knowledge that a proper strafe isn't in the game. While I enjoy the changes made in 2 onwards to accommodate that style of action, 1 at least designs a lot of its encounters around creativity and not outright run and gun (the Tesla Claw being one of the last weapons you unlock and bypasses the need to centre on an enemy is almost like a reward in a sense). The levels have a far greater degree of openness and really push some ideas in a satisfying way. Multiple paths,
  7. The PS4 R&C was a huge downgrade of the previous games, and the PS3 titles don't quite match the bar set by the PS2 titles. Outside of visual fidelity I'd say the PS4 game is inferior to the PS2 original in just about every metric.
  8. Sadly I don't have my PS4 to hand, hence why I was using the online store.
  9. It states that the current run is until early tomorrow though. Searching individually you can still find each game as free, and even on the tore itself it lists all the titles, but clicking through only shows Horizon, while The Witness is at full price.
  10. One issue I did take with the game was that once one dungeon is completed there is very little to no reason to ever return to it. In terms of monetary value items from successive dungeons vastly exceed their predecessors, so while the core loop was engaging enough for me, it felt fairly linear.
  11. I believe today is the last full day to download most of the games listed. I've snagged them, though cannot do so with The Witness as it still lists as full price. Anyone have any idea what's happened there?
  12. Aaaaand that's the only reason I'll need to post the legendary fight scene between him and Chan in Gorgeous: If Shang-Chi can get even a fraction of that quality I'll be happy.
  13. Regarding Insomniac there are a number of Ratchet & Clank games exclusive to the PS3 that haven't seen any kind of port. Have any of the LittleBigPlanet games received remasters either? One title I'm surprised to have not been given a re-release was God of War: Ascension, though I guess that has been given the Arkham Origins treatment.
  14. Not played any of their others, but I came away from Bastion pretty underwhelmed. Lovely visuals and overall aesthetic, but something about it left me feeling a little cold. Perfectly fine game, but didn't quite understand the buzz I had heard about it for so many years.
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