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  1. Yeah I don’t like that change so much. Biome 1 is pretty bloody difficult as it is (or was) - the last thing they needed to do was stack the odds even further against new players.
  2. Ugh, had two runs ended by two crashes this afternoon. I love this game but think I’ll hang fire on it until tonight’s patch or a few more stability patches. Losing an hour of progress each time is gutting
  3. Cant say for anything beyond the second which is where I am, but that is significantly different
  4. I finally beat Phrike! Took me the best part of 8 fucking hours to do it, but I got there! Got a lucky roll of the dice for once and had a level 5 Carbine and a whole bunch of Integrity Resin drops but wow, what a feeling it was seeing that prick go down after the repeated beatings it’s given me! Current mood:
  5. Patch notes: - Fixed game loading issues. - Addressed various game crashing issues. - Added stability fixes. - Added game performance fixes. - Other minor fixes.
  6. There are rumblings that pace in F2 might be slightly skewed by people with deeper pockets getting fresher parts each round. I know Callum Ilott and Guiliano Alesi mentioned things along those lines earlier this year. Wouldn’t surprise me if Mazapin Jr was getting parts that contributed somewhat to his competitive performances. Not entirely, of course. You still have to be reasonably decent to win in F2. I just think he’s ill-prepared mentally and physically for what F1 requires from a driver.
  7. I know he’s got a numpty as a teammate, but I’ve been quietly impressed by Mickey Schu so far. He seems to be doing a good job in a very, very average car.
  8. I reckon Bottas and Russell will fill a Merc and Aston seat each. Not sure which way around - hope it’s Bottas in the Aston.
  9. In other news, I reckon George Russell will break his Williams points duck today.
  10. This has been kicking my arse all morning. Oddly enough, my first ‘proper’ run is actually the best one I’ve had so far! (Looks like @Hexx had similar) Got Phrike down to what I now know was its last health bar (I presumed that after the final yellow tab of the three there’d be one final bar, but apparently not!) and died. I think after that I’ve been experimenting a bit to try and find other areas and weapons. Think I’m limited to three of them at the moment which is basically two as I hate the shotgun with a passion. I read the Eurogamer review and I can understand th
  11. Canada officially being cancelled this year, which is a shame as it's one of my favourites. Turkey will be stepping in to host a race though, and I am a big fan of that place!
  12. Yeah, I am up for giving it a go. I am not entirely sure I am keen on it, but you never really get how well something is going to run until they actually run it (well, apart from that terrible elimination qualifying that happened early in 2017 - pretty much everyone apart from the teams knew that was going to be bobbins).
  13. Also good* to see that historic racing has the same awful level of stewarding as modern racing! * not actually good.
  14. I am! Good to see that Jean Alesi is still every bit a motoring acrobat
  15. Yes - on reflection it was very much a 'my parents never got me a SNES so this will have to scratch the Mario Kart itch' kinda thing. It's stiff as hell to control and the circuits are... well, they have a start/finish line and some corners. Can't remember anything else about them! It did, however, give me one of my greatest gaming moments. Myself and my friend used to live within walking distance of each other in the same sleepy Dorset village, so to pass our time outside of school we'd stroll to each others' house in the evening clutching the latest game we'd gotten. At one point
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