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  1. I... actually quite like it, now I've seen it properly.
  2. The Aston actually looks rather nice in natural light out on a circuit rather than under studio lights. Kind of wish the number was black and sat in a white circle, though.
  3. So someone has extracted the Williams livery out of this AR App that they're launching through.
  4. I'm pretty sure Haas has already decided to sell to Mazapin Sr and the reason the deal hasn't been officially signed off and announced is the whole thing about Mazapin Jr a few months back. I don't think I've witnessed many efforts as half-arsed (or half-haased) as these guys are going to be this year. They've already said they're not developing the car at all and focussing on 2022.
  5. It's amusing to note that Mazapin is currently not allowed to compete under the Russian flag but it is apparently absolutely fine for him to be sat in the middle of one with wheels on each corner.
  6. I should clarify that the above is the 2020 car with the 2021 livery - seems most people on Twitter were confused by that this morning. But yes, the American F1 team racing with a Russian flag as a livery is wryly amusing for various reasons
  7. Ladies and gentlemen, your slowest car of 2021 has arrived.
  8. Not bad. Pink certainly fits in better than I thought it would.
  9. The AMG stuff on the air intake is... not nice. I preferred the stars. I actually quite like the rest of the car. Think it looks a bit tidier, and the red that Ineos are using this season is better than last year's burgundy.
  10. Dynamics have just announced that Cammish won't be driving for them after all in 2021. Possible money problems? Don't think they have either driver confirmed now.
  11. AlphaTauri ran their 2021 spec front wing/nose/suspension today. A lot more sculpted and narrow than last year’s car:
  12. Here's the new Red Bull... which to the surprise of precisely 0 people, looks exactly identical to the 2020 car both in terms of chassis and livery.
  13. Car looks to have a notably skinnier nose. I really like it overall. Think it's the nicest looking car revealed so far.
  14. New AlphaTauri. Preferred last year's livery tbh. EDIT: That said, the above renders really aren't that great. Actual car looks decent in the flesh:
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