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  1. Hamilton and Rosberg was totally Mansell and Piquet all over again. One driver with unbelievable speed but a few gaps in his mental armour, and the other being not as quick but very clever in exploiting his team mate's weaknesses. In both cases the clever driver was much more popular within their team, too...
  2. How much for the Red Bull livery consisting of tens of thousands of individual mugshots from fans and staff? those look really, really good dude. That '94 Benetton one is especially sweet. Don't think the link oversteps the mark at all. It's for an excellent cause.
  3. Interesting fact about this: according to Gordon Murray and Piquet himself, his engine was pretty much fucked when that crash happened and he would have retired pretty soon after anyway even if he'd not had the crash at all. Of course, this was much more amusing.
  4. Ah if it's Spirit you're after... 1984 Jacerapagua pre-season test livery. Emerson Fittipaldi drove the car, decided he didn't like it and carried on with IndyCars. Don't think this livery ever raced
  5. You could always go ultra obscure and run the Marlboro Lights livery that McLaren ran on one car in one race in 1986
  6. kiroquai

    The BTCC Thread

    Tom Ingram is ace. Another great season. Going to try to get myself to Silvy or Brands next year; not seen the BTCC boys live since they supported the Champ Car race at Brands in 2003!
  7. kiroquai

    NFL 2019!

    Glad to see Burfect pinged out on suspension for the rest of the season. The hit he did was dangerous, unnecessary and worst of all, completely in character for the guy. Ran off the field laughing and bowing to the crowd. I’d not be sad if he never took to the field again.
  8. kiroquai

    NFL 2019!

    That's more like it, Cleveland! Walked into Baltimore and took the Ravens apart in their own back yard.
  9. I am about... 65% in after 15 hours, I think. It gets pretty tough around 50% in and to be honest one of the areas felt a little bit of a drag to get through, but it ended with what I felt was the best boss battle so far and I've now got a new area to wander about it. I know one of the comments on most reviews of this is that the combat never really feels like it evolves in a particularly meaningful way, but to be honest I am not sure it needed to. The mere satisfaction of feeling like I am getting better at parrying and dodging is enough for me. I think I am going to try to get the full 100% completion. I've got Link's Awakening waiting for me and some bloody goose sat on my Switch honking for attention too, but this still has me hooked in enough to make me want to get through it properly before I move on
  10. Pretty sure that's going to go to Nicholas Latifi. Brings quite a wad of cash with him, which Williams would welcome quite readily at the moment.
  11. Yeah this is good. Played for a couple of hours last night and found it really satisfying learning the attacks and parry opportunities for the enemies. You can kind of hack and slash your way through, but slowing things down a little pays dividends. Think the main thing they got right (as Jim Sterling says) is checkpoint placing. That and shortcut placement, too. They're just about in the right places so if you fail it never feels like a massive obstacle having to respawn at the last point you used. Atmosphere is pretty oppressively bleak and mournful but I get the feeling the level of gore is purposefully turned up to 11 to kind of offset that a little. Soundtrack is ace. Looking forward to having another go tonight
  12. kiroquai

    NFL 2019!

    FFS Cleveland
  13. Juan Manuel Correa has been placed in an artificial coma suffering from acute respiratory failure. Critical but stable. Ugh . A sausage kerb at that part of Monza was ridiculous. Thankfully Peroni’s good but the sport got incredibly lucky there.
  14. kiroquai

    NFL 2019!

    Definitely keep hold of Boyd, I’d say. Brees would possibly have a better scoring record than Brady (first time since 2014 my team hasn’t been QB’d by Brees, I feel kinda sad) Boyd is effectively going to, alongside Joe Mixon, be the main scoring outlet for the Bengals until AJ Green is back. Even when Green is back, Boyd had a great year last season and should pick you up plenty of points. Reckon you’ve assembled a handy team there . That Tyreek Hill and Saquon combo is going to rake in the points most weeks!
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