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  1. Man, the Astons have been totally BOP’d up the arse
  2. Ugh, I remember he ran some CART races in the early 00’s and really wasn’t any use even then. Believe he had a significant budget behind him. On the topic of Toyota, I don’t really bemoan their success really. They’ve tried damn hard at Le Mans for many years (the GT-One ) and this time it seems like they’re keen on sticking around. Also really interested in the Hypercar route they’re going. As marsh says, reckon Ferrari and McLaren will be up for it. Possibly Mercedes and Porsche too.
  3. To be honest, given how densely packed the release schedule is for this year I am totally cool with 2020 for AC.
  4. Wow, they’ve come out firing here haven’t they? Plenty of great games, most of them out this year. Good stuff.
  5. I'm really sad this has had such a nasty reaction on social media (although not surprised, I suppose). I hope the folks at Playground have managed to surf through the tidal waves of entitled bullshit to find that there are genuinely a lot of people - of all ages - who are really looking forward to this.
  6. This looks . The only way we can ever have a better game/toy crossover is if we get Stickle Bricks Gran Turismo.
  7. Dunno Bob, don’t think I can agree with you on this one. There is a lot of outrage, but a lot of it is also coming from people like Mark Webber, Mario Andretti etc. Proper racers. IndyCar drivers, ex F1 drivers, NASCAR... whatever kind of motorsport, it seems everyone has an opinion and I’m yet to see one that thinks it was a fair penalty. He didn’t really flounder in the middle of the track; he pretty much skated right across that grass and skidded back onto the track within a couple of seconds. He did pretty well not to bin the car and take himself and Lewis out and given how shit the mirrors are on those things there’s no way he’d have known where Lewis was. It was a mistake, sure, but they were racing each other pretty hard at the time. I think the main frustration being vented right now is that we finally got something approximating a good race for the lead for the first time in... well, forever, and it got taken away. In the old days (I hate using that phrase) it would have been a case of ‘you lucky bugger’ and they’d have just got on with it. Now any time something moderately interesting happens drivers know they can radio the team and get them to go running to the stewards. See also Grosjean’s hilarious complaint at being passed by Perez in today’s race. Didn’t mind Seb’s reaction either. He’d just been in a pretty intense race so his adrenaline was still flowing, and hey - we’re always complaining that drivers these days tow the PR line and do/say nothing of any interest whatsoever. It certainly got the crowd going!
  8. This looks great - out this week too! Already got more than my money’s worth out of Horizon 4 so imagining I’m going to get plenty more with this.
  9. There’s an easy way to make this more black-and-white, of course. A way to stop cars losing control like that and take away any grey area. That’s to do the ever-popular thing and replace the grass with tarmac.
  10. Haha, Vettel moving the numbers! Awesome .
  11. Don’t agree with that penalty at all. He didn’t consciously steer Hamilton towards the wall, he was sliding across the grass. His mistake, sure, but I fail to see what else he should have done.
  12. Stroll has been a bit this year, but I actually thought he didn’t do too badly today. Missed all of FP3, had the old Merc power unit in and was only about 0.1 off Perez. Should be a good fight for pole!
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