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  1. Finally got to play this last night and initially it struggled to click with me a bit. Not entirely sure why, either - I wasn't keen on the Emmi thing and it felt a bit like information overload even though I've played Metroid games before. After about an hour or so, though, something clicked and away I went. I am, I guess, probably somewhere between the first and second boss and have taken down three Emmis so far. Loving it - it definitely feels a little more challenging that Metroid games of old.
  2. To be honest, 'Senna' would probably be a pretty good watch for her - it's a documentary, granted, but it really brings out the drama and raw human emotion surrounding the guy.
  3. Looks like you guys had a great time! I love Paul Ricard as a circuit - they could do with getting rid of the wavy lines and replacing them with gravel, grass etc though. Signes is a beast of a corner. Good to see ol' veteran Meers fighting at the pointy end again too! I'm currently in temporary accommodation waiting for my new place to be finished (and for solicitors to hurry up and do their jobs to get things signed) so won't be able to even practice with the ol' pad for a while, but I'll be back 'Good day and welcome to the Heineken Edam Windmill Snetterton Endurance presented by the Netherlands. Your field today consists of Meerman and others - some of whom are quicker and some of whom are slower. I will be referencing each driver as Meerminus and Meerplus for this reason. We will shortly be going over to Mrben09 for his report on the Spyker Stroopwaffel Philips Qualifying Session. However, at this time may you all rise and remove any hats'.
  4. Zelda in space isn't quite what I'd say but there's never a bad time to jump in and try the series! If you wanted to go in story order for the games similar to Dread (although to be fair, you don't really need to do this as each game kind of wraps up neatly as its own little self-explained story chunk) then it'd be: Metroid (Virtual Console)/Metroid: Zero Mission (GBA) - original game or the GBA remake, which also adds a new section and is (for me, at least) the best way of experiencing the first game Samus Returns (3DS) Super Metroid (Virtual Console) Metroid Fusion (GBA) The Prime trilogy fits in between the original and Samus Returns, though they are quite different in that they're first-person shooter/adventures rather than platformers (they do play somewhat similarly in that they rely on exploring the map to fight bosses and gain new abilities to unlock new paths, mind). Oh, and there is Other M for the Wii but that's generally considered to be not that great. But yeah, all of the above are excellent and well worth a look
  5. My Nintendo store order for the Special Edition is on the way, apparently. Hooray! I am so, so excited about this. I am currently in the middle of an extremely stressful house move/work project so what looks to be a superb new game in one of my favourite-ever video game series is going to be particularly welcome right now. Bring. It. On.
  6. It was pretty good! Couple of things I wasn't too keen on were the first bit and the last bit feature videos that last about 4-5 minutes and you kind of have to stand/sit there watching them before you can enter or leave, but they're interesting enough. The upper section deals mostly with the history of the place, why the corners are named as they are and what it was used for in the second World War. I think only myself and my partner really spent much time up here as everyone else seemed to want to get downstairs to see the cars ASAP Decent selection of cars down on the lower floor, if perhaps a few less than you'd think. They've obviously got the FW14-B, but also the 1966 Brabham. a 2000 McLaren, 2020 Racing Point (dressed up as a 2021 Aston), 2014 Red Bull, a Porsche 919 and to my nerdy delight, a Lotus 88! I spent far, far too long explaining the car's concept to my girlfriend who must have immediately regretted taking me. They have a bunch of other cars there too - reckon they've probably got about 20 in total. Also a neat little selection of non-car things such as a signed Schumi helmet, Martin Brundle Benetton overalls and helmet, and signed driver entry forms for the 1975 and 1987 British Grands Prix. Definitely worth a mosey around - think we spent a good few hours in there.
  7. My partner surprised me with a trip to the Silverstone museum today. Loads of cool stuff, my favourite being:
  8. As a long-suffering Castlevania and Silent Hill fan, I’d say you probably shouldn’t hold your breath It’ll be impossible for this to escape how poorly this launch went, no matter how good it goes on to be. DriveClub and No Man’s Sky ended up being superb games, but folks only remember how they were on release.
  9. Wow, looks close! That's a super lap, Dave. I'm really itching to get to try this with my wheel again soon Might spectate the race - looks like it's going to be really close.
  10. Oh, lovely - sounds really promising! Forgotten I'd pre-ordered this, but am very much looking forward to it now.
  11. kiroquai


    I really admire Jimmie Johnson for giving it a go, especially as for his rookie year he did the complete opposite of what his strengths would have been (i.e. did not race on any ovals). Looks to be changing for next year, though - think he's pretty much good-as-confirmed to be doing the Indy 500. Would be an amazing story if he could win it, but as he's found out IndyCars are totally different beasts.
  12. kiroquai

    NFL 2021!

    As much as I'd like the Bills to get there, I'd obviously much prefer the Browns . But if we can't, then yeah - definitely behind the Bills! Oh, and Myles Garrett got 4.5 sacks yesterday against the Bears!
  13. kiroquai

    NFL 2021!

    Amazing, isn't it? I remember being absolutely horrified when it was rumoured the Browns were going to take him instead of Mayfield. Fair play to him, too - his first year was a bit shaky, but he's gone and turned himself into the Bills' new-era Jim Kelly. The Chiefs are just a (depressing) Browns second-half implosion away from being 0-3 right now.
  14. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted Lewis to not be able to overtake the person in front of him as much as I currently don’t want him to be able to pass Lando.
  15. Meers’ purchasing of McLaren things has gotten a little out-of-hand as this picture, taken outside his actual house (background) shows:
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