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  1. My racing seat has given up the ghost. It had a good stint and many a win was taken using it (including all my RLLMUK F1 league wins!). So, I am looking at a Playseat. My head says this: My heart, however, says this: My heart does usually win out when it comes to things like this...
  2. See, you say that, but... imagine an entire field of 20 drivers simultaneously trying to slow down on the pit straight to let their team mate through whilst also simultaneously declaring it is their year! Or watching in dumbstruck amazement as each and every one of them locks up going into the pits and smashes into the wall. A grid full of Coulthards would be the gift that just keeps on giving.
  3. Meerman confirmed for Evil Lotus!
  4. Mick Schumacher confirmed at Haas for 2021, too.
  5. Jack Aitken in at Williams too! His junior career has kinda stalled out a bit over the past few years so it'll be good to see how he gets on.
  6. A very good point indeed. There is Hulk available of course, and he has driven last year's Mercedes three times this season already!
  7. Well, firstly obviously I hope he gets through it fine like Checo/Stroll did. He'll want to come back for Abu Dhabi but I am not entirely sure he'll be allowed. As for this weekend - stick George Russell in the car, have someone substitute for him at Williams. Chance for George to shine, less of a spotlight on substitute driver.
  8. Talking of NASCAR, I do wonder what Jeff Gordon would have been able to do with a proper run at F1. He was really quite impressive when he tested a Williams at Indy in 2003 and had an offer to drive for BAR from Craig Pollock in 1999/2000, but IIRC that deal was a bit weird and required him to drive in CART for a year or two to acclimatise to open wheel cars. Given that he was breaking records and filling his bank account in NASCAR at the time, I can totally understand why he chose to not accept a weird deal in a series that was already beginning to show signs of weakening amongst
  9. Yeah that felt very off. In related news, RoGro won't be racing this upcoming weekend so Haas are going to put Pietro Fittipaldi in the car for the weekend as he's the most available of any Ferrari/Haas linked junior. Can't say I've noticed him being anything other than reasonably decent so far in his junior career but will be interesting to see how he gets on.
  10. I'm about half way through Sackboy and 6 seems to me to be an incredibly harsh score. I mean, it doesn't do anything amazingly new and outstanding, but it's a lot of fun and the vast majority of the levels fall between 'hey that was quite cool' to 'hey that was awesome'. I am playing it co-op with my partner though so perhaps that makes it all seem more fun?
  11. Meanwhile, I managed to defeat the first boss yesterday! Hooray - that's my first ever Souls boss beaten. Baby steps and all that. Think I will do as this thread suggests and mosey over to 2-1 next. I managed to find the secret vendor guy in 1-1 and with my various runs bought myself a set of the armour he was selling. It's obviously heavier and slowing me down a little, but it's not too bad and obviously now I can up my stats with collected souls. Am also looking forward to finding some more unique/cool looking armour too because at the moment my character looks like an extra in a
  12. Yeah I have to say, I was a bit perturbed at how many replays they seemed to deem necessary during the red flag period. It was an almost endless stream of various views of the crash. Like, I get it - it was dramatic, and at that stage it appeared as thought Grosjean was going to be alright - but even still. His family and friends were watching that broadcast. So were family and friends of all the other drivers. I saw Danny Ric's interview after the race and he was absolutely livid about it. Just show each view one or perhaps two times and then be done with it. Other than that, I th
  13. Every so often F1 has one of those races where pretty much everything that can go wrong does, and it’s usually an indicator that a) people are slightly taking safety for granted and b) the cars might be pushing the fringes of what safety measures can protect against. This kinda feels a bit like that, but thankfully this time lessons can be learned without the cost of a person’s life.
  14. It was absolutely crucial that Romain remained conscious and got himself out of that. Otherwise, extracting him from that fire might have been very difficult.
  15. Without the halo we’d have just lost a driver.
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