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  1. kiroquai

    NFL 2019!

    Titans offence beginning to look like it’s running uphill. Not over by a long shot but kinda get the feeling the Chiefs can put it to bed with one more TD on this upcoming drive. Edit: yeah this one’s in the books.
  2. I'd imagine it might just be a month for them to work on bug fixes. Can't imagine they're trying to jam anything new in there at this stage.
  3. kiroquai

    NFL 2019!

    I dunno - I am holding off on giving up on the guy until he’s had at least another year. We had some shit-tier coaching this season, a chocolate fireguard for an O-Line and both our top 2 receivers played hurt most of the season. I still hope/think he will turn things around.
  4. kiroquai

    NFL 2019!

    Oh, and apparently we’ve just fired Freddie Kitchens.
  5. kiroquai

    NFL 2019!

    Meanwhile, the Browns lost to the one-win Bengals. This, over all others, is the Brownsiest of all Browns seasons.
  6. I remember watching that 2010 match on telly. Was it Torres’ last game for us? Or almost last? He looked a shadow of himself at the time. Never really got back to top form either... ... anyway, good to win today although I do feel for Wolves given the circumstances. Very easy to see why they are fighting for a Champions League spot - they’re seriously good. Tough one coming up again with Shef Utd. Hopefully we can just keep rolling onwards picking up those wins. Still won’t believe we are going to win it until it’s mathematically done.
  7. Just stopping in to tip my hat and say that I really enjoyed these videos. It's a fantastic concept and you do a fine job putting the games/machines in context with their own slices of time. Looking forward to watching a few more! P.S. reckon you could nail an obscure F1 knowledge series as well.
  8. kiroquai

    NFL 2019!

    There were five receivers taken in the 2016 draft before Michael Thomas. He didn’t get taken until mid second round. Now he’s the all-time record holder for receptions in a single season.
  9. Blaster Master Zero 2 for £6.29 is worth a look.
  10. Ones I have seen so far that piqued my interest (or I have but can attest are good deals) Mario v Rabbids - £11.09 Hyper Light Drifter - £10.79 Sayonara Wild Hearts - £7.69 Timespinner - £10.49 Dead Cells - £15.49 Hollow Knight (it's not on sale, but EXCELLENT value at £10.99) EDIT - Collection of Mana - £17.49
  11. So I happened upon this thread the other day and everyone was so positive about it, I've picked it up. My first Dragon Quest ever somehow, despite me loving a good JRPG and having been through many a Final Fantasy/Suikoden/Breath of Fire/Tales of <Insert word ending in 'ia'> game in my time. I've not got far (as in, I am at a church just after the intro credit thing runs a few hours in) but I can already tell I'm going to really enjoy it. Kind of makes me want to dig back to some of the recent games in the series like 8 and 9 as well. Oh, and I love the west country accents most of the characters seem to have.
  12. So we (as in, Dallas Stars) fired Jim Montgomery last night but didn't give any reason other than 'unprofessional conduct. Er... interesting. Still managed to win last night's game, mind.
  13. kiroquai

    Pokemon Go

    Oh boy. For months now I have tried and failed to find a Scyther local to where I am. One of the last remaining Kanto Pokemon I had to find. This morning opened the game up just to check how close Riolu was to earning another candy and boom, there was a Scyther. I caught it. It was shiny
  14. Neither for me - I was pretty much on the tail-end of that generation of consoles when I'd discovered what gaming was so I was more a Mega Drive/SNES war era kinda kid, although again I had neither and instead had a trusty Game Boy. That said, of my friends who did have a previous gen console pretty much most of them had Master Systems.
  15. Just got to Level 25 on the Season Pass, which is as far as I am going to get this time (started pretty late). Rather chuffed though as the Exotic Engram it gave as a rewarded ended up being Orpheus Rig, which given I'm a Nightstalker is pretty handy.
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