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  1. It's fantastic that just by the difference in opinion that the culture books each have something that resonates. I actually really like Inversions, though Excession is essentially the pinnacle.
  2. Luca on Disney+ A respectable 3.5. but it gets bumped to an easy 4.5 after finding out my nursery-age daughter walked around the supermarket afterwards exclaiming "What's-a wrong witha you, stupido!"
  3. Ok, so I didn't even know this was a thing. I'm 38, but after that trailer I'm gonna be watching the fuck out of some He-Man next month.
  4. Of the quests to upgrade the master sword, did anyone else find the first run the hardest? I completed the second and third in one try each, but that first one took at least a dozen....
  5. I'm still not convinced that the forearm went straight to the throat with that camera angle. I'd say that it was right at the top of the chest, and the body and head angle made it seem like the neck. But it's done now, so I don't care enough to argue the point!
  6. Looking at the points difference, it's so close that there's only a hair in it being joint third.
  7. How fucking fantastic has this tournament been though? Amazing games, plenty of drama. I've not been this sucked in for a decade or more.
  8. Dulin was it? He's gonna face some shit.
  9. I would have been happy with us winning the tournament by scraping through. But I'm fucking landed with that finish. Well deserved.
  10. I just got the bit where Looking forward to tonight's attempts at that bit again. Also: I just found out that you can upgrade all your flippin' weapons, not just the pistol! Bugger. EDIT: Jesus fucking christ. There's also apparently an inventory slot on both hands, not just the bloody gun hand. Looking forward to my second playthrough without having unintentionally handicapped myself!
  11. The combat is something else isn't it? A far remove from usual FPS encounters, it's fucking nerve-wracking even with a couple of adversaries; the big bastards with machine guns are pretty bloody intimidating. I had a moment earlier where I was hiding behind a ticket booth at a train station, alternating between peeking out and getting off a few triple-bursts, and fumbling for some grenades I'd thoughtfully thrown into the area from the previous one. I had one especially panic inducing incident where I was in a firefight, and ended up smacking the controller on the living room radiator and getting caught in the curtains. My wife thought that was pretty hilarious when I started fighting the drapes and doing the soprano-scale "fuckfuckfuck" song. Talking of which, she filmed me in my pyjamas whilst I was gingerly exploring the environment. I think I encountered a head crab, and after emptying the magazine I must admit I looked pretty cool (set up and garb aside) in how smooth I managed my reload. About an hour and a half is my limit right now, after which it starts getting a bit fatiguing. Looking forward to another stint tomorrow though!
  12. Bloody hell this is something special. Picked it up whilst on offer, after intending to get it since launch. I spent ages just throwing bottles and chairs, giggling to myself. The sense of presence is the best I've yet experienced in vr, and if it wasn't for the wife huffing about me wandering in front of the telly for over an hour, I'd still be playing it now. Cracking.
  13. I've performed the mod, and my 3700x is now firing on all cylinders!
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