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  1. Excellent, so there would be a way around it. In that case I'll give him the option of switch or pc.
  2. Query about the bedrock edition, crossplay etc.: My son's friend has this on Xbox One. If I were to get the switch version, could my son cross-play with his mate on the xbox? Can they chat? Essentially before I spend £20, I'd like to get ahead of any gripes or downsides.
  3. The final battle is actually pretty straightforward, and probably easier than some of the divine beasts.
  4. Having a great time with this at the moment, playing with my son. I've beaten the game previously, but we're tackling it together. It's funny, because in my save I caught the giant horse and named him Ganeighn. Height of wit, I'm sure you can agree! Well my son caught wind of this and that's how we refer to the horse in his game also; I have to keep reminding myself that it isn't actually the proper name of the animal!
  5. @Rumspringa I'll take cosmic trip if it's still available, please.
  6. So my Rift S arrived, and I've played with various demos. Bought Beat Saber and got my arse handed to me. Do I buy this now at launch price, or wait for it to be reduced? I've enjoyed all previous games, and I'm loving VR.
  7. Going on my memory of the books, if you're enjoying the story then I'd go back and listen to the others first.
  8. Yeah, slow burner that, but both my wife and I enjoyed it.
  9. Australia were pretty much dismantled there. Kind of how the Welsh match should have gone if we didn't take our foot off the gas. I think the discipline shown by the whites, combined with 'stralia making some silly mistakes led to the gap widening. England are looking pretty dangerous, especially now that Farell knows how to tackle finally.
  10. fasteasyfree

    Dishonored 2

    Only tonight I completed my second playthrough, funny enough. I murdered the fuck out of pretty much everyone as corvo, so I'll be trying NG+ on complete stealth as Emily.
  11. I agree it's handy, but you still need to launch everything else as well. Otherwise when you go to start a game you suddenly find out that it needs a multi GB patch.
  12. Sounds like that mechanic is now useful. In FC5 your animal friends were pretty useless in a fight.
  13. I've still not completed the game, partly because I'm stuck in the nearly endless quest to 100% it, and partly because I don't want it to be over.
  14. The ref made some bloody odd decisions that match. Though I suppose at least he was consistently odd...
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