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  1. That was flipping fantastic. You really want the 'hero' to win in the end, don't you?
  2. coolcoolcoolcool I've literally just finished the season, and thought it was flippin awesome. It's probably been said already, but people calling it a The Boys / One Punch Man mashup are pretty on the money. Still no news of a second season though :sadface:
  3. I'm loving how visceral the Covenant's weapons are compared to the game. Especially the needler and subsequent pink mist.
  4. From my understanding, they only classify a household as individuals living at the same physical address. So your daughter living away at uni? Pony up, please. I think it's an absolutely stupid move. We have the 4K plan, and have signed in down the inlaws' so that the kids can watch it there after school. I have no idea if this technically means we're breaking the ToS, but I can absolutely guarantee something: If they charge us more I'll be cancelling, and just grabbing shows for the kids off torrent. Suppose this is what happens when you're ultimately beholden to the ponzi scheme that is shareholders and the concept of infinite growth.
  5. Wordle 213 5/6 The wife managed it on the fourth turn after drawing up blank on the first. Her first time playing it as well.
  6. heh Wordle 211 4/6 Other than the first, my guesses were identical
  7. Heh, I missed most of that monologue because the neighbours were outside screaming at each other. Don't get me wrong, I smirked on quite a few occasions (the retreading of the free snacks thing for instance) but rarely was there a genuine chuckle.
  8. Don't Look Up - 3.5/5 Had no idea what to expect with this one. The parodying of American politics is shamelessly on the nose (nepotism and MAGA hats), with the undercurrent of desperate realism that pervades keeping things grounded. The whole notion of not wanting to upset the apple cart, along with the idea that 'someone else must know how to fix things, so I'll keep taking the blue pill', is shoved down your throat. Regardless of how you feel about the movie itself, the acting is spot-on. Streep and Hill do such a fantastic job of making you absolutely loathe them, whilst DiCaprio's panic attacks and general nervousness gave me second-hand discomfort. Few actual laughs though: The plane bit and face-eating were pretty much it from my part.
  9. Heh, I found the pair to be fairly well suited to the task. @Laine the audiobooks are definitely worth considering if you're short of time to sit down and read. I spent months listening them during my work commute - when that was a thing.
  10. I think all the changes have broken my brain. Not spoilering this as I'm confident it's not one: wondering why they still refer to Loial as being one of the Builders when there's no mention of his race building anything so far. In the books they originally built Tar Valon, for instance.
  11. As the Trine ultimate collection is eight quid right now, I'm tempted. How would the coop be for my eight year old as well as the wife who only plays candy crush and Mario kart?
  12. My gut feeling would be to say 'no way, deviating way too much there' but at this point I wouldn't bet against the theory. The Ways changing to Aes Sedai-led from being an Ogier creation (in the books, entering the Ways was a more 'mechanical' process) is something I'm interested to see the direction of.
  13. Caemlyn - get it right! By skipping that part of the books, a number arcs are potentially on the chopping block as a number of additional characters would have been introduced by now. Potentially a good thing though - adding so many people this early on would make it impossible to follow. Book spoiler: I wonder if it's safe to discuss the background to the conversation between Moiraine and Siuan. The foretelling about the Dragon Reborn that they overheard is mentioned, but there's more to it in the literature (New Spring).
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