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  1. I agree it's handy, but you still need to launch everything else as well. Otherwise when you go to start a game you suddenly find out that it needs a multi GB patch.
  2. Sounds like it could be worth a go!
  3. Sounds like that mechanic is now useful. In FC5 your animal friends were pretty useless in a fight.
  4. I've still not completed the game, partly because I'm stuck in the nearly endless quest to 100% it, and partly because I don't want it to be over.
  5. The ref made some bloody odd decisions that match. Though I suppose at least he was consistently odd...
  6. The good: Go Wales! The bad: My daughter may be permanently scarred by my enthusiastic shouting. Anyone else expecting AWJ to roll all the way to to the touchline?
  7. Just bought it, cheers both.
  8. Awesome!
  9. Is this worth twelve quid? Currently on offer on humble bundle. I've enjoyed the previous ones, apart from primal which I never played.
  10. Sounds an awfully lot like depression, though I'm not a doctor.
  11. A lot of players seem unable to pull off the hook+cannon combo effectively. I'm finding it's easy to jump out of it after getting snared.
  12. The wife is out tonight, so I have to wait until tomorrow for my fix. We're in the same boat. Gave it a go after finishing a different series because we heard good things, and got hooked. What is it with TV's aversion to blinds or curtains, anyway? A lot of the scenes take place in homes that are open to the world.
  13. When did you last play? Because I have no fucking clue what I'm doing from about eighteen months ago. Bought horizons on offer earlier this week, and now I'm going through the training again. I don't even remember the button combos I originally used.
  14. Cheers dude, I'll give that a go at home later.
  15. This has probably been discussed but: how do I apply a control scheme profile? I've created one and customised it, but can't work out how to apply it...
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