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    Games, Guitar oh and my wife and 3 boys !
  1. gobsheen


    I have to work till 9pm tonight so I probably wont be on till 9.30ish. Im sure after an hour of Karzee gloating when he's in the lead you wont be to bothered about me further down the field. Looking forward to plenty of swearing and carnage.
  2. gobsheen


    Great fun last night lads. 3 hours felt like 30 mins. Hope to do it again soon.
  3. gobsheen


    Count me in if there's any spaces left. I still have some scores to settle :-) It will be great to give this a bash again. Might be on a bit later than 8pm though.
  4. You can quit the download of dc universe and turn the ps3 off and next time go to download it agian and it will resume where it left off.
  5. Code for the xbox beta if anyone is interested VXWHY-JF3GY-Y72YH-M233T-QJWKZ (one time use)
  6. gobsheen


    Sorry I didn't see this thread till today. I would have loved a few games with the old crowd. I still stick it on once a week for an hour for a quick blast. If there is any more Blur nights planned please let me know. I still have hurtful memories of Karzee and Mc Speed double teaming me on the last bend on Mount Haruna Great great game for pure fun.
  7. Kmeaw 3.55 seems to be the one most people are using and the most stable.
  8. I won't be on till the 25th April (pre order beta code). If anyone would like to add me my GT is gobsheen. Really looking forward to it. Oh and I have a spare beta code I dont need so I will PM it to the first person back here who wants it
  9. gobsheen


    Yeah I'd love to have a few games with you guys. I normally put it on at least once a week for a bit of fun. This is one game I will NEVER be letting go
  10. Sony to start banning modded consoles from PSN Source
  11. You can delete any games on your list as long as they have 0 gamerscore if you go to the achievements section.
  12. Ive had it since the start of september and played demos of joy ride, kinect sports, dance central and full version of adentures. To be honest it's not as bad as nearly everyone is making out. Joyride - utter shite, unresponsive and clunky controls and who drives STANDING UP ?? even my kids (10 & 5) thought it was brutal. Could be half decent if you could use a pad. Sports - good fun actually, versus table tennis and beers = brilliant craic, track and field events are good fun too, with the volleyball and table tennis being the highlight, though my limbs were aching the next day. Kids loved it Dance Central - I hate dancing so hardly played it but Mrs Gobsheen and kids enjoyed it immensly. Adventures - The usual launch mish mash of minigames to kind of show off the tech. Fun and different at first but grows tedious quickly. Kids loved it. We dont have the voice recognition in Ireland yet (not till early next year) so I couldn't test that. Anyone who was over in the house who is a non gamer was totally blown away by it and thought it was class. I think it will only be good for MS. Some non gamers who play it will buy it and then maybe buy some "Proper" 360 games to try them out so thats more cash for MS and some "hardcore gamers" (I hate that term) will buy it too out of curiosity or for family. Plus I can't see MS letting it sink after putting so much dosh into it. There is obviously some lag but when playing you really dont notice and it never took away from the enjoyment. I liked the way you could stand in front of kinect and it would recognise you and sign you in to your profile and in kinect adventures when there was two playing it had no problem recognising my two boys and me and changing avatars whenever people jumped in or out of the game. Video Kinect worls very well. Quality is decent but the way it follows you around the room (without the camera moving) is kind of a bit freaky. Overall very impressed with the tech and could be very interesting in the future the way its integrated into games. Dont think we'll ever see a FPS on it
  13. gobsheen


    Double Xp weekend this Halloween Weekend and a chance to play with the Developers. My link
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