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  1. Tiny


    @Illyriawe've been watching this too! It's so adorable, and hilarious watching the cameraman try to keep up but also out of the way!
  2. Agreed - would recommend too. Sue Klebold is a really remarkable woman.
  3. Watched this last night and although I really enjoyed it, I felt really sad afterwards. A definite bleakness that made me want to sob in a dark room for a while. 10/10.
  4. Not sure if this frowned upon but on the back of my love for the Great Pottery Throwdown I've bought myself a pottery kit - here's a link for £5 off if anyone wants to join me! https://sculpd.mention-me.com/m/ol/gh3qj-sarah-anne-craik If this isn't allowed - mods can delete!
  5. It's cool. It was a duplicate and it didn't seem right to leave nothing.
  6. All done. Thanks so much. I dropped a ski slope wall recipe and 88,000 bells as a thank you but let me know if you wanted something else.
  7. You need an open grass area. They respawn every time you go in and out of a building and can sometimes be hidden amongst the flowers @SteveH
  8. I'm looking for a white kids tent. I've got the brown one.
  9. Tiny


    My Octopus Teacher is brilliant! Would highly recommend.
  10. Have you guys tried this? If you haven't, you should. It's really good! https://this.co/products/rashers/
  11. Tiny


    That's a shame. I enjoyed it too. I also really enjoyed Instant Hotel. Well, I enjoyed the first series. For some reason the second series feels totally different. They replaced the lovely, bland, friendly presenter with Laurence Llywellyn Bowen. Speed Cubers is an absolute gem @APMWho'd have thought a short documentary about rubix cubes could be so moving!
  12. Tiny

    The Chase

    Well......? Did he get it right?
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