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  1. It's Index blaming the West for not buying their products, not Atlus or video games specifically .
  2. I partially read the press release by Index this morning. It seems they're blaming the Western consumer markets for not buying their products, even after having heavily invested in these developments, leading to severe losses. The investigations regarding their round-tripping aren't over either, so who knows what else might get discovered. Index does, however, seems to be concerned about the future of its daughter companies, like Atlus. At present, the report states, Index is working on recruiting sponsor(ship)s for a business transfer. In other words, they're looking for companies able to ta
  3. Stories in Fire Emblem's have never been particularly noteworthy. Most of the conversations between the characters in Awakening are far more interesting than the overall plot. That said, I, too, am thoroughly enjoying the game. My Avatar has the habit of easily achieving new levels, making him 15-20 levels ahead of the average other unit. Just finished chapter 11, and it kind of started to break the game for me: just send it into the field, the opposing army jumps unto it yet none will survive. Playing Normal/Classic.
  4. Finished the lovely Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan this morning and just started playing Fire Emblem: Awakening, which is great thus far as well.
  5. They better change the name. It sounds spectacular for Japanese audiences and truly captures the essence of the gameplay, but I'm unsure whether they would be able to sell it to English speaking audiences like that.
  6. Great Shiki-Ouji, that one. Apt Pupil remains one of my favourite attacks. Exploiting the fusion system is fun. I managed to get Debilitate, Heat Riser, Mind Charge, Megidolean and Mind Charge on a Trumpeter - the only thing that was missing was Victory Cry.
  7. Solaire of the Sun Arcana, Lautred of the Hanged Man Arcana and Oscar of the Hermit Arcana. Of course, Tarkus would be the Strength and Logan the Magician.
  8. Last time I played was in January and (got) invaded regularly. Only getting summoned or summoning others appears to be rare these days.
  9. Too bad it's delayed, but with Fire Emblem: Awakening just around the corner it might have been delayed for that purpose. I'm currently 30+ hours into Etrian Odyssey IV and it's great. It's also the most accessible in the series thus far, not because of the Casual Mode, but because it feels more balanced than its predecessors. If you're putting off this game because you're expecting a 60 hour grind fest: don't worry. By the time you reach the boss of a particular maze, you are probably underleveled to take on the boss, but there are many FOEs on both the world map and in the labyrinths you sho
  10. Guan

    Nintendo 3DS

    Agree at all points - plus the fact that the XL is uglier, in my opinion - yet I bought an XL instead of the original 3DS a month ago. Whenever I was intensively playing on the smaller one, I'd always get this pain in my hands within a few minutes because it was just too small for my hands. The XL, however, is excellent in that regard.
  11. As I expected, the game will be released this summer in North American regions: http://www.atlus.com/smt4/index.html I'll hit the pre-order button as soon as VGP has updated its website. Although Strange Journey was superb and Soul Hackers will undoubtedly be great as well, I'm eagerly looking forward to IV. I always imagine the creation of a numbered Shin Megami Tensei as a decennial event at Atlus Japan's development studio, where other franchises just happen in between. All development is halted and the best of each development team is allowed to work on the new MegaTen. Just my imagination
  12. Raise your Social Link with *yip* the fox and the price will drop slowly. At Max toward end-game, you can go on and on in the tv world without having to worry about both money and SP.
  13. January: Platinumised Demon's Souls (PS3) - Nothing new, was the fourth or fifth playthrough. Me and My Katamari (PSP) - My first Katamari. Technical drawbacks, but still fun to play. Civilization IV (PC) - Not sure whether it's finishable, though. February: Suikoden (PS/PSP) - Brilliant. Another RPG that triumphs over Final Fantasy VII. Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (DS) - After getting Marth, Ogma, Merric, Caeda and Nabarl to Lv. 20, they could take on every mission with the five of them. Conquered the last mission within one turn. March: Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey (DS) - Started
  14. Although Mitsuda himself thinks of Chrono Cross' soundtrack as the bigger achievement, I'd have to go with Xenogears (and, of course, Chrono Trigger). Nearly every single track reminds me of a particular moment during the epic.
  15. Since Nintendo - I think - is planning to release Etrian Odyssey IV this Q2 and I've been playing it for 20+ hours now (importing a 3DS has proven to be a wise decision), I decided to bump this topic and answer some questions. Since III is considered a stand-alone instalment, you were only able to transfer your party from I to II. In case of IV, you can instruct the game to write additional data on your sd-card for "future titles," whether that be V or New Etrian Odyssey, which has been leaked/announced yesterday. Basically, going chronologically back lets your appreciate the refinements of
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