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  1. What’s the best way to play you lovely people? Head into a battle hub and mention it here? Is there some other means? I will try and get some games in this evening. I don’t have a headset; I don’t even know how that works on a PS4. I’m so out of touch it’s unreal.
  2. I came back to post Maggie Cheung. Danny DeVito.
  3. Jim Carrey with the exception of Spotless Mind.
  4. I was playing ranked fine earlier, but casual matches on the cabs in the hub weren’t working for me.
  5. Got Dhalsim up to bronze yesterday. I won’t pretend it wasn’t a slightly painful experience I love his fireball options in this.
  6. How do you take part in ranked matches? All I’ve done so far is run around weirdly in the virtual arcade and sit down at a machine and play strangers.
  7. lol yep I just did this in a match. I’d link a video but I don’t know how to do that on a PS4.
  8. Yeah that trial took me forever because on the rare occasion that I managed to link the two MKs and cancel into OD flame, I’d forget what the final move was supposed to be. Bleh. Apart from menuception I’m loving this massively and I’ve only used Dhalsim so far*. * I’ll probably only ever use Dhalsim
  9. Took this online for the first time earlier in the battle hub. First two matches I was stuck with modern controls despite changing to classic in two different places. Got there in the end and got owned by pretty much everybody I think I've only changed my controls for Dhalsim though so if I pick anybody else, I expect it will be modern controls until I remember how I changed it last time. Dhalsim feels really nice in this, but also horribly unfamiliar. Sliding and throwing is all I've got so far
  10. Right I’ve been through the tutorials and oh god there’s too much to remember. I’ve also got up to intermediate 13 in Dhalsim’s combo trials all of which I’ve immediately forgotten so will never ever use in a match. Whoop whoop. It feels really nice though, much like IV.
  11. Just got this on PS4. I don’t even know how the various systems work yet as I only played the demo briefly so I won’t be letting anyone beat the living crap out of me just yet, but is it my user code that will allow me to crossplay with everyone here? If so here’s my code:
  12. Dragon: Bruce Lee but no Dragon’s Fury. What even is that list.
  13. Also, lots of angry messages. Dhalsim is so much fun to use though even if it can feel like banging your head against a wall at times (see: Yun/Yang in IV)
  14. I recently completed Donkey Kong Country on the SNES and now for whatever reason, I've decided to play through the GBC version, which is a tiny miracle but somehow even more frustrating than the SNES version. I think it's a combination of button layout, narrower screen and unless I'm imagining things, it plays a little faster, which makes those mine cart levels even more hellish. On the plus side, it saves after each level so no more desperate bids to get through five difficult levels in one go in order to reach a save point. Not sure if I'll stick with it until completion. I might give Donkey Kong Land a bash instead if I get bored of doing the same levels I already completed in the SNES version.
  15. I mean I wasn’t there, but it looks like him to me. https://twitter.com/zellieimani/status/1449834465614774276 Edit: in Scott-Heron’s book the Last Holiday he talks about that campaign. It’s a really good memoir actually.
  16. Stevie Wonder, Andy Warhol, Gil Scott-Heron, Gil Scott-Heron’s belly.
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