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  1. Every port of Smash TV that doesn't replicate twin stick controls in some way, I just look at and think, "what's the point?"
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    It's an old region-free 360 game.
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    Oh my. Ginga Force is excellent.
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    Hip Hop And Games

    Giant Public Enemy Crabs
  5. I was listening to the excellent Ronnie Bosh album from last year and it was really bugging me: WHO does he sound like? Then it came to me. Wordsmith, frequent collaborator of Genesis Elijah: Who - it turns out - put out a new EP four years ago: On Sika records. Which led me to Omus One who has just put out this:
  6. ^ I guess you were answering my other question Thanks.
  7. Amazing thanks. I tried to dump to USB and it just hung. Then I remembered I hadn't connected my drive with a Y cable Then it turns out I ordered the wrong type of Y cable What a div. Guess I'll continue once I've got the proper Y cable rather than risk buggering it all up.
  8. Actually here's another question: Disc2App gives you the option of dumping a disc game onto external USB device rather than SD card. One you've installed your dumped game, how would you delete the dumped file from the HDD? As I understand it, an exernal HDD formatted by the Wii-U isn't readable by a PC.
  9. So I got round to doing this. It's pleasantly mostly straightforward. I've installed Haxchi without the cold boot and I've ripped my first game to the hard drive using Disc2App and WUP Installer. One question: is it safe to allow updates to be applied to any games installed in that way? Reading up on Wii and GameCube games, is it true to say I that the Wii is still the better option for those? For me, it would mean I could rip my GC games (I think you can do that right?) rather than risking downloading them on my work computer and I can plug my GC controllers and memory cards in. T
  10. It super counts being both a Driving game and a Racing game.
  11. New Jay Royale album is nice. Don't sleep on it (or the previous album, The Ivory Stoop).
  12. An old Sony 32" LCD 720p set and a Sony Trinitron CRT.
  13. Can you avoid that though. I mean, don't you have to be online to hack the thing in the first place?
  14. For now I'm planning to just rip my Wii-U games and get those running. I've just ordered an HDD and y-cable so no need to worry about using the internal drive now. Sounds like a 32GB SD card will suffice for modding it and ripping those games. More questions (sorry): Do you need to hack the virtual Wii in order to run Wii games from a hard drive? GC games would be nice, but is there a way of hooking up a GC pad?
  15. I totally forgot about the Y cable thing and my other (legit) Wii-U has a Toshiba HDD attached which seems to work fine, so that's weird. Edit: Actually this is a filthy lie. I've just checked and it has a Y cable. I don't even remember doing that. Getting old is fun. Can I WUP install to the internal drive until I get an external one sorted? I'll probably do the permanent hack. I've got a 32gb SD card; will that suffice or do I need a bigger one?
  16. Poking around it looks like i first need to follow the guide at wiiu.hacks.guide. Are people generally just installing haxchi? When it talks about relaunching each time you turn the console on, how long/how much of a faff is that? Then it seems I need Disc2App to create images from my discs. Finally, I think I need WUP installer. Do I need to do anything to a new HDD? Presumably there's a way of having the Wii-U format/configure it?
  17. I'd like to hack my Wii-U and rip my Wii-U disc games so that I can load them from a hard drive. Am I right in saying that's possible? I'll probably want the emu/GC stuff at some point in the future but not now. Where do I start and what do I need?
  18. If we've drifted (ho ho) away from Shutokou talk, I would recommend Mashed.
  19. There are converters for playing US games on a PCE (and there are older converters for playing PCE games on a TG as well as these newer ones). http://www.tototek.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=211
  20. Watched this at last and while it's very good, that police department with the single pantomime villain was a bit hard to swallow in a film about a black cop infiltrating a racist organisation.
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    There's these too:
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