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  1. Patchwork Heroes had a Jp UMD release. I forgot about the Wipeout games. I get them confused but I think it was Pure that I put a huge number of hours into. Great game.
  2. Yeah, same. It’s completely soulless. We need a Nas album with Apollo Brown, L’Orange or the Czar-Keys. Or just listen to YOD; he puts out consistently better albums at a daft rate.
  3. Thanks for the write-up. Still sounds like it was worth attending.
  4. Worse were the ones you'd get back in a state
  5. Is that the gig with Romesh Ranganathan? I must admit, I cringe at that skit with him on the new album. I’d still be all over that gig if I hadn’t just moved to Wales. Let us know how it goes.
  6. Yes. Love them. L’Orange’s beats on all three albums are incredible and I love Solemn Brigham’s almost song-like delivery. Really really good stuff. Favourite tracks are Small Business, Medicated, Royal, Past Life, OG Funk Rock and Otherworld.
  7. Camel

    Your music/band

    Glad you like. I don’t know Chinese Man but checking out now.
  8. There’s a great version of SF Alpha with a really good world tour mode if that’s your bag. There’s also a surprisingly good version of Blazblue. I always found the Konami shmup collections on the system a tad frustrating as the bullets were a bit too small for my liking but you may not have that problem on a bigger screen. Darius Burst is pretty good. Brave Story is one of very few RPGs I’ve actually completed. Jeanne D’Arc is supposedly very good but it didn’t really grab me.
  9. There’s a nice port of Gitaroo Man too. Patchwork Heroes is a really fun take on Qix.
  10. Local youth club I went to from 1982 for a few years had IIRC four cabs at a time which included Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Defender, Star Wars, Asteroids. Weirdly I don’t recall them being in constant use, so it’s hard to say which was most popular. My Aunt’s pub which I visited from an earlier age had - IIRC - one arcade cab at a time but I only recall playing Mr Do! after hours. Some kind of working man’s club my parents went to a couple of times had an area we were allowed in which had a few cabs. The only one I remember vividly was Hunchback which I was obsessed with. I remember it being difficult to get a turn. Arcade encounters before I turned 11 in 83 were otherwise limited to holidays where I would obsess over the seaside arcades or local shops - chippies, cab offices etc. also they had a couple of machines in our local swimming pool, the most popular of which was either Galaga or Phoenix. I can’t remember which it was but it was massively popular. From 1983 I had access to a video store near(ish) to my secondary school that had about eight arcade machines which were changed often. The ones I remember: Yie Ar Kung-Fu, Karate Champ, Pac-Land,,Shao-lin’s Road, My Hero. The first three of those were hugely popular and difficult to get a go on. As I got older I was able to travel into central London and go to the arcades there. I remember Gradius/Nemesis being a massive deal as well as nonsense like Paperboy. I played Marble Madness whenever I came across it but my favourite games at this point were Bomb Jack and Yie Ar Kung-Fu. I started work in 1988 and was able to visit arcades as I pleased but did so less apart from the odd trip to Trocadero or visits to seaside arcades on holidays, until Street Fighter 2 came out which I became a bit obsessed with. We had a local video store at this point (a different one) which had SF2 as well as a few Neo Geo cabs. The owner used to play me at SF2 for free which was handy. I remember Space Harrier and Afterburner being stupidly popular but was never really impressed by them personally. I wish my memory worked a lot better than it does.
  11. That’s amazing. It’s not a great RZA impersonation though. Prince Paul does a brilliant RZA.
  12. Finally opened up my trackball/spinner today. It’s really lovely being able to play Arkanoid with a spinner even though it’s an absolute bastard. What I’ve enjoyed most though is Cameltry. I’ve played it a fair bit on SNES but the super responsive rotation with the spinner really makes it something else.
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