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  1. Did we do this one?
  2. Mine is completely broken by having children.
  3. Camel

    The Jazz Thread

    The late Shock G of Digital Underground.
  4. I can only find bluetooth and 9-pin DIN (MD) receivers. Do 8BitDo actually make a 2.4ghz USB receiver? EDIT: Looks like I want this guy: https://www.amazon.co.uk/8BitDo-Wireless-Controller-Genesis-Nintendo/dp/B07ZRN87LD/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=8bitdo+m30&qid=1638543271&quartzVehicle=1526-10842&replacementKeywords=8bitdo&sr=8-3 I wonder if I can just buy that receiver somewhere.
  5. Hearing Juga-Naut on the Bangas album was a nice surprise.
  6. I think it probably wins by default, yes. I love Barry McGuigan's but I love Super Punch-out and the Wii version more. Very different games though. Someone will probably go with Hajime No Ippo on the GBA but I've never managed to get into that.
  7. Judo - Uchi Mata Boxing - Super Punch-Out
  8. I haven’t played that for many years. Sounds like I should?
  9. Archery - also Hypersports. Close second: HES Games/Go for the Gold
  10. Stu Bangas album is out and a new one from Your Old Droog. Think that's his fourth album this year This is part of another album I haven't got round to listening to yet:
  11. Vita is my favourite Everybody's Golf. Skeet shooting - Hypersports.
  12. I've also never understood the praise for Psi Warrior. Always felt like I was missing something. 1942 is rubbish. I have guilty feelings associated to this one as a friend at school has bought this and was really excited about it. He invited me and a friend over to play it and we didn't hide the fact that we thought it was rubbish but he was doing his best to insist on its excellence because he'd just spent all his pocket money on it. Tact is something I obviously lacked back then. George Benson. You've mentioned him a couple of times in the podcast now and have referred to him as being like Barry White He's not. He's essentially a jazz guitarist and vocalist who later went on to release more pop/r&b-centric stuff. I guess that puts him in the same genre at times, but he's not really anything like Barry White.
  13. Camel

    Your music/band

    Thanks, that means a lot
  14. Camel

    Your music/band

    And another … https://nerdassociation.bandcamp.com/track/pat-benatar
  15. Looks a million times better in that shot.
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