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  1. So does this run carts too then like an Everdrive?
  2. I watched Climax. It's brilliantly shot but fucking horrible. Definitely not recommended.
  3. Also you could buy a Mega Drive instead of a Mega SG which would make it cheaper.
  4. Really enjoyed series two. It's Karate Kid and keeps to exactly the same spirit. Johnny is a great actor. Has he been in much else since Karate Kid? If not, they must be chuffed at digging him up. Can't work out how 'Sam' got the gig though.
  5. Yeah that looks amazing.
  6. Photo Boy, Coryoon, Gunhed and Gate of Thunder please.
  7. Almost all. Tiger Vision games don't work because of the cartridge shape. A strange one is 2600 games on the Colecovision via an official Coleco module.
  8. I made some terrible games as a kid. This SEUCK creation: https://www.lemon64.com/games/details.php?ID=1641 And a bunch of barely working Spectrum 'games' in BASIC which I preserved about a year ago when I found the tape with them on.
  9. Sounds like two games I'd written off as ridiculously hard need a re-assessment.
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