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  1. Not sure that this thread is about sequels, although I realise that also partly invalidates the Jeff Minter/Tempest contribution. TxK was unofficial though I think?
  2. I think Warhawk (C64) might be slightly better than Star Force, the arcade game it was clearly inspired by. That said, I love both so it's a close call. Loads of Arkanoid clones are good, but are any better than the original or the sequel? I think TRAZ (C64) might be although a huge part of its appeal lies in the level editor. Way of the Exploding Fist and International Karate (both C64) improved on Karate Champ in my opinion. West Bank (Spectrum) plays a better game of Bank Panic than the original. All of Jeff Minter's Tempest evolutions.
  3. Front lit unless you were lucky enough to get an AGS-101.
  4. I completed the remake a couple of nights ago. It's such a perfect revamp. Niggles with the camera and controls still exist but it's such a phenomenal game that such minor quibbles barely matter. That last Colossus though nnngggg. I ciuodnt get on with the new control scheme at all. Everything fell into place when I switched back to original controls. I played the PS3 version recently too and it's leagues ahead of that. Maybe I'll actually finish all the time attacks this time.
  5. Not lightgun games but the Silent Scope games are excellent. I generally prefer them on DC or Xbox because of the floppy PS2 sticks, but YMMV.
  6. All this talk just makes me nostalgic for the days when buying retro games was a fun and easy little hobby. Then it became a thing.
  7. I think these are better songs about police brutality:
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  9. I've seen the cobbled together film they made out of the first two films for the West (Shogun Assassin) and I have a DVD box set of the whole series but haven't watched any of them yet. I forgot Criterion put that out actually, I might have to get that to replace the DVD set. Edit: as for Tarantino, don't Uma Thurman's character and the daugher sit and watch Shogun Assassin in Kill Bill?
  10. I also have the US release and I've only watched the first and the US edit so far.
  11. Stu Bangas is so underrated. The new Homeboy Sandman album is big.
  12. I know it's really obvious but 'jazz' and 'good singing' and you don't have Amy Winehouse on your list, OP. Also Sharon Jones.
  13. 'Good singing' is a bit broad but try Minnie Riperton and her otherworldly vocal range or I guess everything Aretha recorded. If you're after warm vocals for chilling, Sade always hits the spot for me - her Lovers Rock album is *chef's kiss*
  14. Probably not much appetite in the hip-hop thread for disco rap from 1979 so it's going in here.
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