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  1. @Nathan Wind I think you might like Realm of Impossibility
  2. I don't know. I think there were very few games that supported it. There are apparently versions of Maniac Mansion that do, however. Also, while the Arkanoid games support it, those were much better played with a paddle. The C64 probably doesn't support analogue paddles either though.
  3. Nnnngggggg. I can see me jumping on the list for one of these soon.
  4. I hate you. How much faff was involved in building it?
  5. It's supposed to be someone from Cobra Kai making cat noises.
  6. Oh I forgot. There are also those recent Atari Activision ports. Those are really good, Frostbite especially. IIRC the others are Keystone Kapers, Chopper Command, Crackpots. Pressure Cooker is apparently still in development. There's the recently discovered official port of Joust from back in the day too.
  7. The Wii-U was home to many great Nintendo Switch games. (I love the Wii-U)
  8. I'm an original hardware type too but in this instance I would probably switch to an Ultimate 64 (an FPGA-based recreation of the C64 by Gideon, creator of the Ultimate1541) if they came as a complete unit. Instead it's just a board and I don't have the time or energy for building my own C64.
  9. Here are some modern releases that I've enjoyed, mostly through the high score competitons on Lemon64: Micro Hexagon - surprisingly good conversion of Super Hexagon Blockheads - one from our very own Carleton. I love this. The tightest controls on the C64 and excellent walljumping gameplay. Grid Pix - again, from Carleton. Very good Picross game. Donkey Kong Jr - Amazing arcade conversion. Frogger Arcade - I'm not a massive fan of Frogger, but if you wanted a really good conversion, well this is it. Knight Lore - Painstakingly converted from the Spectrum. There was a thread
  10. Can't stop thinking about this. Ending spoiler:
  11. Paradroid is still a very good game. The Last Ninja is terrible, but always was.
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