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  1. Took me ages to complete the final stage in time trial for Kunoichi. The final boss scene just becomes too chaotic after a while. Absolutely loving this game though and ready to move onto the other characters.
  2. I'm not sure that DC emulation is particularly easy.
  3. Isn't it more likely to be bought by really anal retro gaming types? Like the folk in this forum? I can see that device with a crank and monochrome screen appealing to hipsters, but this is more for the 'hmm but does it have the correct resolution for NGPC games' crowd surely?
  4. Camel


  5. True but the GBA also only has two face buttons. All irrelevant of course if it has shoulder buttons as posted above.
  6. If it does, SNES games which use the shoulder buttons won't be much cop. This looks great. Worried it looks a bit uncomfortable though.
  7. This was really tense and enjoyable stuff but
  8. They won't be pulling it out of a video stream, but from that connected instance of an emulator I would imagine.
  9. If you knock up a list of acceptable topics to be discussed in this thread, we'll stand a better chance of keeping it in line with your tastes.
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