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  1. Well no. Also, guys. Watch the more recent video. He has a Spectrum. He loves it.
  2. Another famous Tory is Alex James of Blur.
  3. Someone should post the lightning strike video again. This guy has raided my dreams and built a house out of them. Insane. Love the X68000 stuff.
  4. Not heard of either of those before. Metal Storm looks really good. Holy Diver looks like it could be frustrating.
  5. I wasn't questioning its legitimacy, I was just trying to glean a bit of info Googling, I can see retro-bit are involved, but also there's mention of Limited Run. Are those separate things, or were both involved in the release?
  6. I don't understand. Is it a repress of an old game?
  7. Also from Ghana, Recognize Ali here on a Farma G (aka Alien Grey) track.
  8. Rocky II is also excellent. It's after that it all goes downhill. One thing I wish film makers would leave in the past: instant and consequence-free blows to the head as a way of making someone sleep for a short period of time.
  9. Jet Set Willy was famously released full of bugs. US version of Impossible Mission on the Atari 7800 is literally impossible to finish. Jak X Racing on PS2 corrupts memory cards. Card Fighters Clash 2 on DS was initially released with a bug that would prevent progress beyond a certain point.
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