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  1. Amazing logic here. Edit: actually ignore me; I see what you're saying now. If they want to sell them at full price ...
  2. Saturn is best: remove battery cover (no screwdriver required) , replace battery. I don't know why they didn't stick with this for Dreamcast
  3. Nah. While it might make sense in the context of digital licences with expiry dates, that doesn't extend to a console entirely not working. Sorry, this isn't about grandads getting with the times.
  4. Nope. Hopefully it won't. Seems precarious though. Hopefully they'll patch it. More likely, as you said, someone will come up with a hacky way to circumvent it.
  5. My CRT TV didn't stop working when analogue signals ended. I still use it to play games on. When PSN stores are shut down for PS3/Vita, I won't be able to buy anything again. Which is fine, that service ended. My PS3 not even playing the games I have on disc is bullshit.
  6. Toaster analogy doesn't work. Nobody wants Sony to fix a PS3 that has developed a physical fault. If your TV had to 'phone home' and the manufacturer of your TV switched off that response in ten years time so your TV inexplicably stopped working, would that be fair enough? Of course not. Dumpster is right (ish) in that this might never be a problem as perhaps Sony will keep running whichever service it is that keeps these authenticated. It's not just "PSN" though so it's definitely not a case of everything is roses as long as Sony don't turn off PSN.
  7. You've either misunderstood the issue or you think it's normal for a console to stop working entirely because a replaceable battery has run out.
  8. "It's a fair point that it's irrelevant whether it affects anybody right now. But it's not affecting anybody right now!"
  9. This is a pointless question. My Vita, PSTV and PS3 are fine right now. What bearing does that have on them becoming unuseable in, say, a year's time? As for them being 'dead consoles'; you're aware people play older consoles, right? I mean my Atari VCS still works.
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