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  1. I need one more piece. I've just done the puzzle with the seats. I've only ever completed one Resi game (REmake on the GC) so I'd quite like to see this through to the end. I'm astounded by how much ammo you have when I have pretty much none Are you playing on normal difficulty @Soulstar?
  2. I've played a bit more of this and unlike @Soulstar I'm constantly short of ammo as well as herbs. I'm still in the training facility but I think I've unlocked nearly all the doors now so imagine I'll be onto the next section soon. Overall, I'm still enjoying it. The resource/player swapping/management stuff kind of *is* the game which I've accepted. The controls are annoying in a panic situation (I'm still adamantly sticking with tank controls) but that's intentional and I'm ok with that too. Helps that it looks absolutely gorgeous.
  3. Camel

    This is Hip-Hop.

    Short notice but does anyone want - for free - two tickets to see Diamond D spin 45s at Chip Shop in Brixton tomorrow night?
  4. Kawasaki Super Bikes does a really good job of persuading the MD to push out Virtual Racing style graphics without the need for an extra chip.
  5. Spotted this double-pack today: I don't think they're looking to bury the original version of Lion King any time soon.
  6. Dynamite Headdy and Gunstar Heroes on Game Gear are ridiculous. Summer Carnival 92: Recca - NES.
  7. Nah. I honestly can't imagine there being no disc version.
  8. Unirally is the only one I can think of from that time. Not sure which came first.
  9. This is why I still buy discs. I feel like a dinosaur doing so, but stuff just isn't universally available and I think the situation will worsen as distributors narrow consumers' access to films.
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