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  1. Splinter Cell on the GC made pretty good use of connectivity I thought. Basically you got a real time map/radar on the gba with yours and the guards positions on it with MGS like view cones for the enemies. The GBA also beeped when a guard came into radar range so if you were in the middle of doing something and heard a beep, you could quickly look at the gba and see where the danger was coming from. You also had other stuff like sticky bombs you could detonate at will with the gba and the ability to manually control turrets. Not amazing stuff or anything, but nice little additions.
  2. Relentless?..lol...all I've ever had to do is go round a couple of corners and the zombie pursuing me has lost interest and gone back to hammering at a wall. The game is very atmospheric but I havent found it frightening at all yet. Only a few hours in so far though. Bit dissapointed that all the reviews I've read have claimed that you have to hide from the zombies to survive but to be honest its easier just to walk straight up to them and beat them down in a lame silent hill combat style. Sure, they come back to life but by the time they have you'll probably be across the other side of the map. So far it seems that the only zombies you have to actually be worried about are the ones with rifles. And for me, being shot dead by something that you cant even see isn't scary, its just annoying. The sightjacking is fairly cool, but as others have said in this thread, its pretty useless and confusing most of the time, compared to attempting the levels in the good old trial and error style anyway. I'm probably being overly harsh, but I had really high hopes for this game after reading all the reviews and hype. At the end of the day, it is a very atmospheric and polished game (except for the dub) but it really doesn't hold a candle to Project Zero in terms of fear and seems to play like a mission based silent hill with less fear and added stealth at the moment. Hoping it gets better soon.
  3. If Prime had used twin sticks, using all of the other functions in the game would have been a pain. You'd constantly be having to take your finger off the second stick to change weapons, lock on, dodge, jump, fire missiles, fire, change into morph ball etc. Thats without even taking into into account that the GC's C-stick is woefully inadequate for precision aiming. Primes control system was excellent because you could pretty much combine any two actions at once as you only needed one stick, meaning your second hand was free to use all the buttons. You could jump through the air while changing direction, switching weapons and firing off missiles all at the same time, all without having to take your fingers away from any of the controls. For that kind of freedom, I'm quite happy to deal with the "hassle" of having to hold down a shoulder button to look around and strafe.
  4. Gamestation buy PC games? How much did you get for a game on average? Got loads of PC games from the last few years that I'd love to sell.
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