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  1. I actually completed MP2 on the Xbox last night. I agree its a good game to just pick up for 5 minutes and play. Not sure about the whole bullet time thing though, I got through the entire game without using it once. Ok, it might look cool but if it doesnt add any real benefit I don't really see the point of it. Also, theres a really bad bit of game design right near the end... Overall though, it was fun while it lasted. Would anyone recommend that I pick up the first one now as well?
  2. That'd be Drive off of Automatic for the People...
  3. Well, given it a couple of listens... It seems 'ok'. Certainly very different to the first two albums, but you can still hear the 'Bentness' in there. Might grow on me more with more listens, I always remember I wasn't that taken by The Everlasting Blink when I first heard it... Standout track for me at the moment would be 'Exercise 4' but thats probably because its the one song which sounds a little more like the older stuff.
  4. Just popped out and bought it... Will post impressions after a couple of listens.
  5. Well I'll definitely be checking it out regardless of whether they've changed the sound or not. Strangely enough I listened to Programmed to Love on the train this morning for the first time in ages, great album. Is it out now?
  6. Mystacon

    'Nice' music

    Watch it. Don't make me side with the others.
  7. Mystacon

    'Nice' music

    Fair enough, but one persons good melody is another persons bad melody surely? It's just taste. Basically some people like these bands and others don't. It isn't as if there's some irrefutable evidence out there that says "Coldplay are officially bland." I certaintly don't think they are.
  8. Mystacon

    'Nice' music

    Why do I like them? I like the melodies mostly, not that fussed about 'intelligent' lyrics, they could be singing about dustbin bags for all I care as long as the tune is good. I just dont think that music has to be pushing boundaries in order to be any good...
  9. Mystacon

    'Nice' music

    So there's a 'correct' answer as to whether or not it is?
  10. Ah, a woman of taste. First gig I ever went to. Great band.
  11. Mystacon

    'Nice' music

    I think this is all a bit silly to be honest. I bet it wouldn't be labelled as 'bland' music if it wasnt selling by the bucketload. People just seem to like to bash these bands once they become big. If you saw Coldplay, Keane, Snow Patrol or Travis play at a local club theres a good chance you'd think they were really good. They all write great great tunes, it just so happens that some of you dont like that kind of music, which is fine. But bland? Not to me. So does that make my opinion wrong?
  12. I like those YellowPages ads with James Nesbitt in.
  13. Mystacon


    Hmm... I popped into Virgin back in March and picked it up, saw it in a couple of other places to.
  14. The Stone Roses were INCREDIBLY overrated in my opinion. As was Elvis. *runs for the hills*
  15. Just noticed on Aloud.com that The Polyphonic Spree have just announced a tour for November. Just wanted to give people a heads up as they really are incredible to watch live, anyway here's the dates for anybody thats interested... 30/10/04 - Liverpool Academy 02/11/04 - Carling Academy Birmingham 04/11/04 - Manchester University 05/11/04 - Carling Academy Bristol 06/11/04 - London Astoria
  16. Mystacon


    Get with the program guys, this was released months ago I think it must've been a re-release on July 27th... I did post a thread about them a while back but it dissapeared pretty quickly. If you like this then you should also check out their first album 'United' and especially the song called 'If I ever feel better'. Pure class. Saw them live in May and they are awesome, I highly recommend getting a ticket to see them...
  17. I'm with you on this one. However, there would be complete uproar if this happened with Bond. Bond films are and always have been pretty much paint by numbers filmmaking, and I can't imagine anyone would be brave enough to deviate too far from the usual formula. I remember thinking at the start of Die Another Day where he'd been captured that it was gonna be a bit different but sure enough within 10 minutes we were back to the same old stuff. Shake it up a bit I say, but I bet no one will...
  18. Who could forget the Dead Kennedy's classics: 'I kill children' 'Kill the poor' and of course, 'Nazi punks fuck off'
  19. Mystacon

    Remixed by..

    One of my faves is the Moog Cookbook remix of Air's Kelly Watch the Stars, it's fecking brilliant, can't sit still to it.
  20. Bell X1 are fecking great. Their album Music in Mouth was definitely a highlight for me last year. The first two tracks are incredibly good, 'Snakes & Snakes' and 'Alphabet Soup'. Another vote for Gemma Hayes here as well. Supposedly recording her new album at the moment...
  21. LHB - Tell 'Em who we are A fantastic album which doesnt contain one bad song if you ask me...
  22. And apparently thats just how he acheived the effect...
  23. Saw him at the Bloomsbury theatre last year, he is pretty good live... Loved 'Here Be Monsters' but wasn't so keen on his second effort I have to say.
  24. Thought I'd bump this due to the new album being released today... One listen in and its sounding pretty cool, 'Two thousand places' stands out for me so far. Anyone else picked this up yet?
  25. I believe he stabbed himself...Although it sounds a bit suspect, if you were gonna top yourself surely you wouldn't do it like that.
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