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  1. Oh man, I totally forgot about ‘Escape At Dannemora’.
  2. I remember really enjoying Sniper Elite 2 but never bothered with 3 or 4. Not for any particular reason, just never got round to it. The Eurogamer ‘Essential’ has certainly piqued my interest.
  3. 1. Patriot 2. Chernobyl 3. Breaking Bad 4. Legion 5. Severance 6. The Office (UK) 7. I Think You Should Leave 8. Jackass 9. The Staircase (documentary) 10. Fargo 11. Them 12. Silicon Valley 13. Squid Game 14. The Handmaids Tale 15. Curb Your Enthusiasm 16. Giri Haji 17. Community 18. Detectorists 19. Happy Valley 20. Veep
  4. Cool! My mate Al directed it, do you know him?
  5. Played on normal. As for the idea of me humble bragging about a game, it’s a pretty laughable suggestion, I’m so bad at games. I do realise this makes it seem like an even bigger humble brag though. Who knows, if people really had a problem with stamina, then maybe I’m just really good at Shadow of the Colossus without realising it. Doubtful though.
  6. Fair enough on the 20 years ago issue! I wasn’t trying to challenge you on it, I honestly wondered if you could recall the ones you had an problem finding. But this is why I’m a bit confused, and wonder if the remake changed something to make it easier, because in each of the examples you mention, I literally just followed where the light pointed to and there they were.
  7. My point is that I never felt like I needed a stamina increase. They would’ve made a lot more sense if you came across a Colossus that proved hard to complete because you couldn’t hold on for long enough, but that was never the case. Anyway, between that and not having any trouble finding any of the colossus, I’m very aware it sounds as if I’m being boastful about how great I am at games, but this is very much not the case.
  8. This certainly makes sense. There was a jump with the horse towards the end that I must've died three times to until I eventually realised I should just hold forward and let it do the rest.
  9. I certianly didn't have to Google to find any of them. The most I can say is that on maybe two occasions I went to where the light was guiding me, only to find that I was blocked from going any further, but it was then obvious that there must be another way round, which there was. Can you remember which ones you had difficulty finding?
  10. I just finished this yesterday after falling off it early twice before (originally on the PS2 and then again with the remake). I was never sure why it didn’t click as Ico and The Last Guardian are up there as two of the greatest of all time for me. Anyway, this has to be one of the strangest games I’ve ever played. It manages to be both incredible and awful at the same time. Hanging on for dear life on the back of a colossus is absolutely exhilarating and unlike anything else in any other game I’ve played. But some things just didn’t work… The camera. This is the biggest culprit and hurt the game the most. It’s so unwieldy and bizarre. There were times when I literally couldn’t move the camera where I wanted to look, it would just move back to wherever it wanted to be. I’m well aware that people had a similar issue with The Last Guardian, but I can’t remember it impeding my enjoyment anywhere near as badly. The controls. Jumping from place to place whilst hanging on would work sometimes and not others. This would usually happen when I was really high up and getting thrown about, so not ideal. Also, there didn’t seem to be any set rule about how Agro would move. I would hit the giddy-up button a few times and he’d just take a few steps forward, then other times I’d press it once and he’d gallop away. I got the feeling towards the end that his movement was contextual to the terrain he was on? Under utilised game features. The shrines for one. I get what they’re for but after the first one, I didn’t feel the need to stop at any others. Essentially they’re just collectibles. No real reason to bother with them. Same with the lizards, what’s the point outside of collecting them? These sort of things feel like half baked ideas that should’ve played a bigger part in the experience, especially in a title where there’s very little to do outside of your main objective. Maybe they’re more necessary on hard? Colossus behaviour. Baiting attacks would sometimes take way longer than they should have to the point where I figured I must have the wrong solution, only to Google it and find out that I had it right all along and the game just wasn’t playing ball. There was also a time when I had to bait a colossus over a particular environmental feature, which I did (after a VERY long and frustrating time doing so), only to find that what was supposed to happen just didn’t. Took forever to finally get it to work! Exploration (or the lack thereof). Specifically finding each colossus. I had no problem finding any of them at all, and this was a missed opportunity. I’m fine with the fact that the game is made up of just the colossi with no other enemy types, but at least make it a challenge to find them and get to them. There should have been more traversal puzzles to make each journey more challenging and interesting. Most of the time it was just running into an area and boom, there it was. This was especially surprising to me considering how well these devs make puzzle-like traversal gameplay. So overall, an intriguing and emotional story, beautiful visuals, great music, original gameplay and a haunting atmosphere. But unfortunately all that other stuff as well. The term ‘flawed masterpiece’ feels too forgiving, the experience on the whole just felt too frustrating. I can see why people love it, it has the potential to be one of greatest games ever. The most unfortunate thing is that none of its flaws got fixed with the remake.
  11. 1. Death Stranding 2. Dark Souls 3. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 4. The Last of Us 5. Half-Life 2 6. Subnautica 7. Red Dead Redemption 2 8. Inside (video game) 9. P.T. (video game) 10. Halo 3 11. Ico 12. The Last Guardian 13. The Last of Us Part II 14. Demon's Souls 15. Journey (2012 video game) 16. Destiny (video game) 17. PUBG: Battlegrounds 18. Satisfactory 19. Portal (video game) 20. Return of the Obra Dinn
  12. Only £7.99 for Resi 7 on Cdkeys at the moment…
  13. Yeah, looking forward to this. I know the guy who plays Charles and co-wrote it!
  14. Patriot is better than every one of the shows on that list, and that isn’t even just my opinion, it’s a goddamn muthafucking FACT.
  15. Ah man, carry on with it, it’s not doing any harm. Like I said, I’m just in a grouchy mood as I’ve got a headache.
  16. No, I’d assume you were still attention seeking
  17. Sorry, that was a bit snarky. I’ve got a headache.
  18. Ok, but the thread title says to rate the last film you watched out of 5? On the positive side, I suppose you got the bit of attention you were looking for!
  19. This is out today isn’t it? Can’t wait to give it a go.
  20. Everything everywhere all at once The new film from Daniel’s (Swiss Army Man). Saw this last night at the BFI IMAX followed by a Q&A with Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert. Wow, what an incredible film this is. It’s just bonkers. A multiverse hopping, martial arts comedy drama with a a heavy dose of surrealism. The cast is amazing, but of particular note is Ke Huy Quan (of ‘Short Round’ and ‘Data’ fame) who just steals the show in my opinion. Really hoping this opens more doors for him going forward. Hollywood needs to sit up and take notice. They shot it in 8 weeks on a budget of $25 million, and roped in a load of friends and collaborators to take care of all the fight sequencing, special effects and music. The whole thing is just off the charts insane. 5/5
  21. Yeah, and if you don’t like big team battle it’s basically one new map. Mind boggling.
  22. What blew my mind, and I’m sure it’s probably already been mentioned…
  23. If you consider any gameplay in Infinite that could be regarded as decent, I just feel you could just go and play a previous, better Halo game instead. I find the entire game pointless. I don’t even think the grapple helps to set it apart that much. In combat it’s overpowered, and from a traversal perspective it’s hardly ever a necessity. The only saving grace for Infinite was the multiplayer, and the amount of content available for that since day one is frankly laughable.
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